Supreme Uprising Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Battle Of The Strongest

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“Long time no see, Ke Linqi. ope you have been well!” Luo Yunyang glanced at Ke Linqi as he teased him. “How does it feel to be holding a maiden’s hand? Do you feel like you are 18 again? Or perhaps you’re reliving the joys and sorrows of your life all over again?”

The countless people watching felt their convictions crumbling. Luo Yunyang, who was like a divine being shrouded by a chaotic hole, had suddenly teased Ke Linqi in a contemptuous manner.

This was the exact opposite of how a big demon king should be acting!

The hero who had wielded his sword for 10 light years, he who had killed countless people throughout space, had now become Wait, what was this exactly?

Ke Linqi’s face was rigid from awkwardness. It was true that he had feelings for Qin Shuirou, but he had never confessed them to her.

He believed that he had kept this secret pretty tight. However, little had he expected that Luo Yunyang would guess his thoughts correctly.

He didn’t care about Luo Yunyang’s sarcastic remarks. What would Qin Shuirou think, though? Suddenly, the urge to pull back his hand crept into Ke Linqi’s mind.

“Don’t be fooled!” Qin Shuirou’s voice was heard the moment that Ke Linqi got distracted.

He was no fool. In an instant, he understood Luo Yunyang’s intentions. After cursing softly to himself, he stopped.

It seemed like Qin Shuirou had prevented Ke Linqi from pulling back his hand.

“Oh, Ke Linqi Seems like I’ve accused you wrongly. I thought that you were the one that made the first move, but it seems like someone liked you first.”

Luo Yunyang shook his head before saying, “It’s easy for a woman to go after a man, but tough for a man to go after a woman. However, even though a woman has it easier, it’s hard for her to push aside her pride. I must say that the lady from the Autumn Water Path is truly special.”

“This b*stard is really sarcastic!” A ruler laughed hysterically. There had been some issues between the Autumn Water Path and him. Hence, he was rather delighted.

All the elites of the Autumn Water Path had extremely distasteful looks on their faces. Some of them even decided that if they had the opportunity, they would definitely kill this chap.

“This chap is full of crap! However, although he just keeps sprouting nonsense, I actually like him!” the Blood Space Ruler chuckled with satisfaction.

All the other rulers, as well as the Bloody Massacre Path Master, were smiling wide.

“Being able to come up with this tactic at such a critical juncture to disrupt his opponents’ state of mind has probably increased his chances of escaping the meteorite field slightly.”

While some people laughed, others raged. Qin Shuirou said coldly, “There’s no need for such comments. You should be well aware of your position. Hand over the Extreme Mystic Token and you can leave!”

Qin Shuirou, who was calm, didn’t seem at all affected by his comments.

When Luo Yunyang looked at the composed Qin Shuirou, he realized that his teasing tactic had started losing its charm.

After mulling this over for a bit, he said coolly, “Sure, I can hand over the Extreme Mystic Token, but only one person can enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm. How are the two of you going to split the token? Are you going to fight it out here?”

Luo Yunyang’s words addressed the main issue directly. However, Qin Shuirou didn’t take the bait. Instead, she replied, “That’s none of your business. What we are asking right now is whether you are going to give up. Are you going to?”

Why would Luo Yunyang, who had traveled 10 light years, just give up the token? He glanced at Ke Linqi, who seemed to have recovered and cursed to himself before saying, “I do believe that you both have feelings for each other. Aren’t you worried that someone is going to take advantage of the situation?”

Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou exchanged a look before Qin Shuirou said calmly, “Someone is going to take advantage? Who is this ‘someone’? There’s only one thing that I’m sure of. You are the one in possession of the token, so you will definitely get in deep trouble!”

“Hand it over to us and you might have the chance to be the person who takes advantage of us. How about that?”

Luo Yunyang glanced in surprise at Qin Shuirou, who was still extremely calm.

What a troublesome woman!

Handing over the Top Mystic Token was akin to turning from hunter to pray. However, once the token left one’s hands, it would be extremely difficult for it to return.

“Ke Linqi, this type of woman is too troublesome. Listen to my advice and let me take over. You cannot tame her given your personality!”

Luo Yunyang, who had made his final decision, did not mince his words. He didn’t know that countless people were watching the broadcast.

“Shameless! So shameless!” someone posted on the Meru Realm’s forum. “But I like it!”

“Fortune favors the bold! Ha ha! He has such thick skin! However, I think that he’s more suited to join the Deep Earth Path!”

“No! The members of the Deep Earth Path do not have such thick skin. It’d be an insult for him to join us!”

All sorts of mocking comments resonated everywhere. Meanwhile, Ke Linqi was fuming with anger. He had always thought that Luo Yunyang was a good opponent, yet now it seemed like he was simply a shameless, despicable person. There was no way to reply to his question, as he had no sense of shame!

As Ke Linqi was fuming with anger, four layers of chaotic holes appeared with a wave of Luo Yunyang’s hands. At the same moment, Ke Linqi’s Golden Sun Blade and Qin Shuirou’s Moon Sword were drawn.

Although both their sword moves looked ordinary, the gold and silver radiances contained an astronomical amount of power.

This sort of power seemed able to tear apart the void.

The void trembled as the blade-lights and the Great Chaotic Holes collided. Luo Yunyang felt tears appear on his four-layered chaotic holes when that wave of immense energy struck.

However, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were also shocked by what had happened.

The combination of the Fiery Sun and the Yin Moon gave rise to the Invincible Yin Yang Path. According to the ancestral records, the overwhelming energy produced would allow both martialists to amplify their powers tenfold.

The two of them had just started, so they naturally wouldn’t unleash their full powers immediately. However, this probing move had proved that they didn’t hold an advantage. Hence, they now both took this battle much more seriously.

“Nothing is impenetrable when the Yin and Yang exist in the sword!” Qin Shuirou bellowed as she took flight with her sword in her hands and drew a small circle in the void. Ke Linqi, who was standing beside her, swung his sword hard.

Ke Linqi’s sword-light was incomparably bold and powerful. As he brandished his sword, a thin strip of Yin Yang containing abstruse mystery formed in the midst of the void.

Everything in the way of the Yin Yang line was separated instantly. Even the meteorites that had stopped in the void for ages were separated quickly by the force of the Yin Yang line.

The four-layered chaotic hole was the Yin Yang line’s ultimate target.

Luo Yunyang was still composed. even though he could feel the power of the Yin Yang line. He was also extremely confident in his Great Chaotic Hole.

The years he had spent reading had increased his knowledge on the Great Chaotic Hole Path by leaps and bounds. If he were to face Ke Linqi alone now, he would be able to finish him with just the four-layered chaotic hole.

“You came at the right time!” Luo Yunyang bellowed before the four-layered chaotic hole suddenly spewed out 50,000 Star Alloy Fragments and formed a fifth layer.

Its ability to devour everything doubled as the chaotic hole rotated.

When the chaotic hole and the Yin Yang line came into contact, they seemed to be in a deadlock. Although the Yin Yang line had managed to crack the chaotic hole a little, Luo Yunyang’s five-layered chaotic hole was also crazily devouring the Yin Yang line.

“That’s a five-layered chaotic hole. He was actually able to conjure a five-layered chaotic hole!” The Bloody Massacre Path’s elites were all flabbergasted.

Although they didn’t cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path, they had a pretty good understanding of it. The first and second layer were extremely difficult. The third was the limit, so once a cultivator reached the fourth layer, their achievements in the Great Chaotic Hole Path would exceed most people’s.

However, Luo Yunyang had just unleashed a five-layered chaotic hole!

The might of the five-layered chaotic hole was stunning, yet the danger behind it made everyone apprehensive.

Once one of the five types of Origin Source Law was unable to remain balanced, the five-layered chaotic hole would most likely collapse.

In that case, the explosion caused by the collapse would be astronomical and mean certain death for the person who had conjured the great chaotic hole.

The energy conjured by both Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou was increasing as well. Similarly, the devouring capability of the great chaotic hole was also getting faster and faster.

Countless meteorites came pouring into the great chaotic hole. Some lifeforms hiding in the meteorites were unable to escape being devoured by the great chaotic hole, as they were too slow to hide.

“Look, it seems like Mie Po is nearby!” While watching the battle, some people were checking if there was anyone in the vicinity.

“Not just Mie Po. Elites from the Deep Earth Path and the Green Wood Path are near the battlefield too!”

“There is a total of 23 people nearby. It seems like someone is going to profit from the aftermath of this battle!”

“Two of the ultimate cultivation paths are in a deadlock. There’s no stopping them!”

As the discussions and comments increased, more and more people gathered towards the location of this great battle. Even though they made no moves, they all had the same intention.

“Let me give you a hand, Luo Yunyang!” As soon as this bellow was heard, a huge hammer appeared in the void. When the hammer struck, the void behind Luo Yunyang began to tremble.

Amid that trembling motion, the power of the huge hammer increased.

“This is the Mountain-Cleaving Ninth Strike of the Profound Heavy Path!” someone shouted loudly before the hammer landed heavily on Luo Yunyang’s back.

Actually, everything within a 10,000-feet radius around Luo Yunyang was covered by the strike of that hammer!

As the hammer landed, the space fractured and everything was turned to powder.