Supreme Uprising Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Number One

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Outside the Kun Yu Planet, the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand watched the three people with some fear in his eyes.

The joint forces of the two first-grade cultivation paths were indeed out of his league. If his Uncle-Master hadn’t sized up the situation and dodged the massacre earlier, they would have been dead by now.

He didn’t want to make a move right now. Fortunately, his Uncle-Master also felt the same way.

Although his Uncle-Master still had the same expression on his face, the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand could sense that he was somewhat disturbed by the situation.

He felt some sort of fear. A fear for Luo Yunyang and the Invincible Yin Yang Path of Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou.

A first-grade cultivation path that could crush ordinary cultivators could be 10 or even 100 times stronger when it came to combat prowess.

Did the Uncle-Master regret self-severing his cultivation now?

The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand knew that an opportunity was knocking on the door. This alliance between Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou had reached its final limit.

There were three of them, but only one Extreme Mystic Token.

They had to make their move, and when they did, the people hiding would get the opportunity to strike.

The people the three of them had killed had been just small fries. To the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand’s knowledge, all the self-severed martialists like his Uncle-Master were still alive.

Anyone capable of self-severing their cultivation to descend to the Star-Grade had to already be exceptional when they were at the Nebula-Grade. Otherwise, they wouldn’t self-sever their own cultivation.

After all, although it was extremely difficult to kill someone with a higher cultivation grade, it wasn’t unheard of either.

Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were a good example.

Come on, they had to fight and settle this quickly once and for all!

Luo Yunyang started to distance himself from Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou. There was no way he would trust the two of them right now.

Similarly, both Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou’s trust in Luo Yuyang had also diminished drastically. Now that the Kun Yu Planet was in sight, all Luo Yunyang had to do was dash towards the coordinates of the gateway and the Extreme Mysterious Realm. If he did, both of their efforts would be in vain.

Although they knew that many opponents were still eyeing them covetously, the foundation of their trust was already broken.

“Luo Yunyang, hand us the Extreme Mystic Token and we’ll keep it safe!” Qin Shuirou took the lead, speaking first with a firm tone.

Although Ke Linqi did not speak, his actions made Luo Yunyang aware of what he was thinking.

Luo Yunyang was already mentally prepared for the break-up of their temporary alliance. However, he still felt slightly emotional when he heard these words.

The two of them had done nothing wrong. If he had been in their shoes, he definitely wouldn’t have allowed the Extreme Mystic Token to be handed over to them either.

After all, the Kun Yu Planet was just below!

He had to battle with Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou and then deal with the people that would swarm them after the battle All thoughts flashed quickly through Luo Yunyang’s mind as he took out the Extreme Mystic Token.

This was the key to the sacred land of the human race and the crazy rewards hidden there.

Countless elites had died the last time the Extreme Mystic Token had appeared. Now, the Nine Paths had acted sensibly and only allowed the Star-Grade martialists of the youngest generation to fight over it. However, the battle for the Token was still bloody.

Could he just eliminate everyone in the vicinity?

As he pondered this, Luo Yunyang asked seriously. “If I give the Extreme Mystic Token to you two, are you sure that you’ll be able to take it to the correct location?”

Both Qin Shuirou and Ke Linqi were stunned for a moment. Although they had asked for the Extreme Mystic Token in a rather demanding manner, they had not thought that Luo Yunyang would agree.

However, this chap was obviously not playing by the books, as he actually took the Extreme Mystic Token out without any objections.

Luo Yunyang’s behavior was completely unexpected. When they calmed themselves down, they realized that Luo Yunyang hadn’t taken out the Extreme Mystic Token, but a scorching hot potato.

Although many of the people competing for the Extreme Mystic Token had died along the 80,000-mile meteorite corridor, they both knew that there were still many people who had not given up. Out of the enemies they had to face, Luo Yunyang was the most important one.

Killing Luo Yunyang before obtaining the Extreme Mystic Token would also be tough.

After fighting alongside Luo Yunyang, they were now well-acquainted with his strength and power. He was an invaluable partner, but also a fearful opponent.

If they succeeded, who would hold the Extreme Mystic Token in the end? It was clear that they needed an intelligent strategy and a plan to win the final battle.

“If you are not willing to take the Extreme Mystic Token, kids, then give it to me. I believe that I’m more suited to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm,” said a faint voice that came from the Kun Yu Planet.

Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou all heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this voice.

The addition of an external foe would allow their fragile alliance to last a little longer.

However, Luo Yunyang was very curious about this person, who had dared demand the Extreme Mystic Token.

Who was this person and why did they have the audacity to make such a demand?

The person who had spoken was a middle-aged man with handsome features. His cyan clothes made him look like an immortal.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t familiar with the man, yet both Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were extremely shocked when they saw him.

Qin Shuirou, who was a woman tougher than most men, felt admiration when she saw him.

Qin Shuirou had been rather at ease, even while facing Luo Yunyang. However, she now actually stared at the middle-aged guy in awe.

“Disciple Qin Shuirou would like to pay her respects to the Five-Element Sovereign!”

“Disciple Ke Linqi would like to pay his respects to the Five-Element Sovereign!”

Their respectful salutations and words showed the reverence they felt for the Five-Element Sovereign.

The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand, who was watching the battle from afar, felt his heart trembling when he heard that name.

Great fear suddenly welled in his heart. He was no stranger to the Five-Element Sovereign. His Master had actually been killed by this man.

The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand remembered everything clearly. Back then, he had still been a Planet-Grade nobody, yet his Master had been a well-known Nebula-Grade powerhouse.

However, he had watched with his own eyes as his Master had been cut down by the sword of the Five-Element Sovereign.

At the time, the Five-Element Sovereign had shot a glance at him. Although it had just been a glance, that moment had remained deeply etched in his memories. He had always felt like a venomous snake had looked at him, yet he had been afraid that he would never get the chance to avenge his master in this lifetime.

However, the Five-Element Sovereign, who could have crushed him like an ant, had left without paying any attention to him.

This had allowed him to pick up the pieces of his life. As he’d improved his cultivation base, his admiration for the Five-Element Sovereign had also grown.

He was the number one entity in the Milky Way!

This was how the Nine Paths had evaluated the Five Element Sovereign. This was also the only evaluation of him in the whole galaxy.

There were plenty of legendary stories about the Five-Element Sovereign in the world. Some people even said that, if he was promoted to a ruler, he could become the number one elite in the whole galaxy.

Most people treated such statements with tacit approval.

“You What are you doing here? The Nine Paths have decided that only Star-Grade entities can compete for the Extreme Mystic Token” Ke Linqi was composed. Although he had been flustered for a second, he had quickly calmed down.

However, when he finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed. He was surprised to discover that the Five-Element Sovereign, who was supposed to be at the peak Nebula-Grade, had regressed to the Star-Grade.

“You How can you”

The Five-Element Sovereign was a legend. Although he was from the Acute Metal Path, he didn’t cultivate the cultivation paths of his own sect. Instead, he combined the five elements, using metal, wood, water, fire and earth cultivation techniques to walk his own Five-Element Path.

At first, some people had scoffed at his Five-Element Path, thinking that this genius had already embarked on the wrong road.

However, his later performances had allowed him to achieve a legendary status.

He had dominated all other geniuses and challenged martialists of a higher grade. He had even been able to defeat a ruler at the peak Nebula-Grade.

He was already considered one of the strongest people in the Nine Paths. Once he became a Galaxy-Grade entity, he would easily be the strongest one. Even the Nine Paths would need to prostrate under his feet then.

Why would someone with so many achievements under his belt sever his own cultivation? This ruthless maniac was never lenient with his opponents. Ke Linqi couldn’t help but shudder at the thought.

Ke Linqi was doing some soul-searching. Although he was also a gifted cultivator, he believed that he would never sever his own cultivation base, even if he were one day able to achieve the same accomplishments as the Five-Element Sovereign.

“The Extreme Mysterious Realm has always been my dream. The last time it appeared, my cultivation was insufficient. This time, I won’t miss it,” said the Five-Element Sovereign faintly as he watched the passing meteorites. “If you don’t want to die, then scram!”

As soon as he uttered that sentence, a few figures appeared in the void, which had originally been empty.

Among these figures was the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand’s Uncle-Master, the beggar-like old man who had also self-severed his cultivation base.

Although his eyes seemed to be full of anger, he could only suppress his feelings. Self-severing his cultivation base had been akin to removing all paths of retreat.

He had to make it or break it!

However, this notion quickly disappeared when the Five-Element Sovereign appeared.

Why risk dying while knowing that certain death lay ahead?

He could use any means to achieve his goal, but this didn’t mean that he was the kind of fool that took risks despite being aware of the dangers.

“Let’s go!” someone said before the old man and seven other people who had self-severed their cultivation bases left the meteorite field hastily.

The surrounding area became quiet.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang felt a huge pressure crushing his body!