Supreme Uprising Chapter 449

Chapter 449 So What If I Do?

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Back in the Meru Realm, where the nine Path Masters were gathered, the Wild Gale Path Master slammed his fist hard against a table.

The table shattered and the entire virtual palace hall immediately started shaking.

“You have to give me an explanation! If you had already decided to let the Five-Element Sovereign take action, you should have let us know earlier!”

“Lie Qingcheng is dead, and he was the Wild Gale Path’s greatest talent! If the Five-Element Sovereign never appeared, I’d admit that Lie Qingcheng wasn’t skilled enough to live. However, the appearance of the Five-Element Sovereign has rendered Lie Qingcheng’s death worthless!”

The Wild Gale Path Master was so emotional that it seemed like he would go berserk if there was any form of disagreement.

The Acute Metal Path Master looked on helplessly as the Wild Gale Path Master raged furiously.

Although he did not like to be accused in public, deep down he understood how the Wild Gale Path Master felt.

Therefore, even though the Wild Gale Path Master was speaking incoherently, the Acute Metal Path Master still said patiently, “Wild Gale Path Master, I would definitely have told you if I had known. Besides, I would have stopped him myself!”

As soon as he said that, everyone went silent. The respective Path Masters all understood the situation clearly.

Although it sounded kind of wrong for the Acute Metal Path Master to be unaware of this, it was still reasonable.

If the Five-Element Sovereign had reported everything to the Wild Gale Path Master, he wouldn’t have been called the Five-Element Sovereign anymore.

Furthermore, the Acute Metal Path Master would have surely stopped the Five-Element Sovereign if he had known that the Five-Element Sovereign was going to self-sever his cultivation base.

After all, the Five-Element Sovereign’s strength was comparable to a ruler’s.

In many people’s opinion, the Five-Element Sovereign’s cultivation base was enough for him to step into the Galaxy-Grade.

Given the Five-Element Sovereign’s qualifications and cultivation, once he ascended to the Galaxy-Grade, he would be able to match the power of the Path Masters.

If he broke through once again, then

The Dark Shadow Path Master sighed softly. “If I’d known, we would have given him all the quota directly. His intervention has rendered all the lives sacrificed so far worthless!”

All the Path Masters were equally silent. If they had been asked right from the start to give this up for the Five-Element Sovereign, they would never have agreed.

However, they had set the rules, and the Five-Element Sovereign had resolutely self-severed his cultivation base.

Their last excuse to stop the Five-Element Sovereign was gone. Plus, sending more people to fight the Five-Element Sovereign would be a complete joke.

A joke that no one would find funny.

Even if one excluded all the people who were at the same boundary as him, no individual who was at a higher grade would be his match either.

“Are you two going to move against me?” A faint voice was transmitted into the Meru Realm’s palace hall.

Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were both determined disciples of their respective paths. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have achieved everything they had so far.

However, both of them fell silent as they faced this overbearing man.

Ke Linqi glanced at Qin Shuirou without saying a word. He had liked her for a long time, but had never gotten a response. It seemed as though her cold attitude had frozen her desire to fall in love, which explained why she was always like a freezing iceberg.

Ke Linqi didn’t want his emotions to fall into a state of eternal damnation. He had waited with an eager heart, as he believed that this woman, who was so close yet unattainable, would choose him after experiencing so many perils and hardships.

Thus, Ke Linqi had every reason to believe that, even if he didn’t say anything, Qin Shuirou would be able to read his mind. He simply looked at her eagerly.

Qin Shuirou, who had always been more determined than him, watched Ke Linqi helplessly and said expressionlessly, “I give up!”

Ke Linqi wanted to speak, yet before he could, Qin Shuirou interrupted him. “Let me explain my decision. Back when he was still at the Planet-Grade, he defeated two of our senior martialists who had cultivated the Invincible Yin Yang Path.”

“How is that possible?” Ke Linqi’s voice was full of disbelief.

If someone were to say that the Invincible Yin Yang Path would be able to challenge an opponent of a higher grade, he wouldn’t have doubted it. However, he found it unbelievable that the Invincible Yin Yang Path had been challenged by someone from a lower grade.

Unfortunately, Qin Shuirou didn’t sound like she was lying.

After all, there was no need for Qin Shuirou to lie!

“Back then, the Five-Element Sovereign, who was only at the Planet-Grade, managed to defeat senior martialists who were close to our current cultivation. How could we possibly take on the Five-Element Sovereign now?”

“You must be Ying Qiumeng’s disciple. How is she now?” the Five-Element Sovereign asked softly as he looked at Qin Shuirou.

“Master is doing well. She’s preparing to break through to the Galaxy-Grade,” Qin Shuirou replied respectfully.

“The reason your master lost was because her partner was weak. Although your partner now isn’t much better, I could still let you both have a try,” the Five-Element Sovereign replied nonchalantly.

Anger flashed across Ke Linqi’s eyes. He had just been called a weakling right in front of the woman that he liked. How could a man not get pissed off?

“I dare not try!” Qin Shuirou said firmly. “If we accepted the challenge and fought with you, it would only affect our cultivation paths negatively.”

Although Ke Linqi was unsatisfied, it would be futile if Qin Shuirou didn’t agree to fight.

His indignance quickly disappeared without a trace as a message appeared on his communication device. ”Do Not Challenge Him!”

The Pure Sun Ruler had sent this message. Ke Linqi considered the Pure Sun Ruler his teacher.

The Five-Element Sovereign didn’t ask again. Instead, he turned to Luo Yunyang and demanded, “Hand me the Extreme Mystic Token and you can leave!”

Although Luo Yunyang had been watching quietly, that didn’t mean that he hadn’t been paying attention.

He had used his communication device to quickly inquire about the Five-Element Sovereign. However, the information he had received in return had shocked him greatly.

The Five-Element Sovereign was a gifted genius!

Still, Luo Yunyang was not willing to simply give up something he had fought so hard for!

He had wielded his sword for 10 light years, filled the galaxy with blood by massacring his challengers, and even landed himself in great danger.

Luo Yunyang’s heart was full of reluctance. He was so close to acquiring the biggest opportunity of his life, yet now someone was demanding that he give it up.

He wasn’t going to give up the chance to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm, which had been enough to make the Five-Element Sovereign self-sever his cultivation. If Luo Yunyang offered this token up like an idiot, then what was the point of his own cultivation?

Furthermore, his recent years of cultivation had made Luo Yunyang very confident. Therefore, after mulling this over for a bit, Luo Yunyang raised his head.

As he stared at the Five-Element Sovereign, a smile crept on his face. “Impossible!”

Luo Yunyang’s blunt attitude surprised everyone.

Although Ke Linqi was shocked when he heard his words, his surprise quickly turned into admiration.

He would never be able to catch up with Luo Yunyang! This wasn’t just about a gap between their cultivation bases. The difference between their personalities was even more important.

Qin Shuirou looked at Luo Yunyang with a trace of pity on her face. Men died for what they wanted. Luo Yunyang was no exception.

The Five-Element Sovereign’s expression remained the same. He just stared at Luo Yunyang as he said, “Your decision has truly exceeded my expectations. Although you are definitely courageous, from a rational point of view, you are undoubtedly committing suicide!”

“I will give you another minute to reconsider. It’s not too late to take back your words. Otherwise, when I make my move, I will show no leniency.”

Back in the Meru Realm, the Blood Space Ruler, who had initially been stunned by Luo Yunyang’s foolish reply, instantly became overjoyed. He ignored the people around him and quickly sent a message to Luo Yunyang, “Change your decision now!”

As the Blood Space Ruler’s message arrived, a message from the Bloody Massacre Path Master arrived as well. As the leader of the Bloody Massacre Path, the Bloody Massacre Path Master possessed unparalleled power and capabilities, as well as the utmost authority.

“Hand over the Extreme Mystic Token and return immediately!”

In addition to these two messages, messages from Yang Shang and other people also arrived one after another. However, Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to them as he told the Five-Element Sovereign, “Of course, we were not friends to begin with anyway!”

There was no anger on the Five-Element Sovereign’s face as he studied Luo Yunyang quietly. After a long time, he said, “Well, that makes sense. We really were not friends to begin with. In that case, I will use my own method to take the things that belong to me!”

As the Five-Element Sovereign’s palms slowly extended, his spotless human fingers turned into five different colors. Green, Red, White, Black, and Yellow!

Each finger was a different color!

Then, his palm made a grabbing motion and a 100-feet-wide, five-colored palm came crashing through the void. The moment the five-colored palm descended, the void around Luo Yunyang was instantly flipped upside down.

“It’s the Five-Element Capture!” Qin Shuirou muttered when the five-colored palm descended upon Luo Yunyang.

As the top genius of the Autumn Water Path, she was no stranger to this move. Someone in her path had even analyzed this particular move.

However, as she watched the execution of the Five-Element Capture before her, she realized that the descriptions she had read and heard were miles apart from the actual thing.

The Five-Element Capture was a move able to seize an entire world within the void. The life and death of that world were in the grasp of the five-colored palm.

That insufferably arrogant idiot called Luo Yunyang was also within that seized world!

Luo Yunyang’s mind went to work as soon as he felt the pressure of this technique. He was already prepared to take on the Five-Element Sovereign. Hence, he acted instinctively when presented with such an overbearing move. The Myriad Convergence Ring flew out of his hand and formed a Great Chaotic Hole that headed towards the Five-Element Capture.

The grabbing five-colored fingers formed layers of light barriers in the void that the five-layered Chaotic Holes tried to devour.