Supreme Uprising Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Hot Temper And Fists

As they were speaking, the sound of synchronized footsteps was heard and several hundred soldiers in identical kits came rushing over, wielding submachine guns.

The soldiers stood on either side of them. Although they didn't say anything, their jet-black gun muzzles gave off a dangerous vibe.

Hot weapons like these particular submachine guns might have slowly become ineffective against D-grade or higher dire beasts, but that didn't mean that there wasn't a use for them anymore.

Luo Yunyang and the other martialists didn't have any chance of resisting so many submachine guns.

"Rioting is prohibited in Base 7. Anyone who defies the army will be shot!" a stern-looking officer who gave off an ice-cold vibe said frostily.

A lot of people could feel an intense killing intent radiating from him. This sort of killing intent made them feel unable to resist.

"Does the base not care that a senior martialist injured one of us for no rhyme or reason?" Chen Yong blurted out as he stepped forward.

"Yeah, he injured one of us for no apparent reason. The base has to give us an explanation."

The officer snorted. Although the pitch of his voice wasn't high, his tone seemed to conceal a terrifying, intimidating power.

"Swapping pointers is commonplace here!" the officer said coldly, "Getting beaten up only means that you are weaker than your opponent!"

His words infuriated the young members of the Ardent Sun Group even more. Swapping pointers wasn't prohibited, but what would a high-rank martialist bully a new recruit for?

"We don't accept this!" someone shouted.

"Yeah, we don't accept the base's explanation!"

Unsatisfied voices started ringing out once again. The Rising Dragon Elite Members on the second floor looked incomparably calm.

"I'm afraid that this rule is set by the capital. Even if you can't accept it, there isn't anything you can do about it!"

"Back when we were bullied, all we could do was swallow our anger!"

"He he They are really young and inexperienced!"

The officer didn't get angry when they argued, but his tone became even icier. "It's your right to not accept my explanation. I can hit you until you accept it, though."

A grim look had suddenly appeared on his face. His gun muzzle, which had originally been pointing to the ground, was now pointed at the members of the Ardent Sun Group.

Young people were all the same. Although they were all clenching their fists tightly, when they saw the muzzle of his gun, they didn't dare make any rash sounds.

Bai Yushui, who looked like he was watching a show, threw the toothpick in his hands aside and chuckled. "Don't you just get all angry and aggrieved Ha ha ha You all have to abide by the rules here!" Then he turned to Yang Yirui and said, "I will be breaking your other arm next time. As for the rest of you hot-blooded guys, all you have is your hot temper. Now, get out of my sight!"

As soon as he was finished, Bai Yushui broke into a grin and fixed his own hair leisurely.

Chen Yong, Qin Feifei, as well as other people like Sun Miaomiao, who weren't in the Ardent Sun Group, were vexed. They felt as if they had been crushed under a large boulder. They were unable to even breathe properly.

"We also have our fists!" Luo Yunyang stepped forward and pointed at Bai Yushui. "Let's fight for a round! Just you and I!"

Luo Yunyang's words were like a breath of fresh air for Qin Feifei, who had been feeling dejected. Although she was delighted, her heart soon filled with worry. She felt her breathing become hurried, and her beautiful face flushed as she stared at the young man in front of her.

She would be willing to die for this young man, if she could!

Yang Yirui, Chen Yong, Xie Tian and the others were all watching Luo Yunyang closely.

The disappointment they had felt in their hearts had suddenly vanished completely!

Besides their hot temper, they also had their fists!

Sun Miaomiao, who had been standing some distance away observing the situation, suddenly walked over to the group. Her expression was one of firm resolution.

Besides their hot temper, they also had their fists!

These words had struck a blow in Sun Miaomiao's cold heart, which was now burning up. Her face flushed with a bright radiance. She felt that she should be standing with that group. Only then she would be able to live according to her own principles!

A wave of silence swept across the second floor. The martial masters, who had at first been watching them for fun, were now looking at them silently.

Besides their hot temper, they also had their fists!

"Ha ha! This little kid actually challenged Bai Yu! Whoa, I'm starting to like him even more. If he wins, I will become his girlfriend!" the competent woman said dramatically.

The woman in black shook her head gently. "I'm afraid you won't get such a chance. There is simply no way he will emerge victorious. It's not like you can't understand the difference between a martial master and a martialist!"

Back inside the control room of Base 7, Chief Instructor Lu slapped his palm hard against the table. A faint smile appeared on his face as he watched the scene on the screen.

Besides their hot temper, they also had their fists!

Very well!

"This fella doesn't think things through before he acts. Although he is very fast, Bai Yu is still a third-grade martial master."

Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head before he added, "Some people say that Bai Yushui has almost reached the level of a second-grade martial master."

Xu Zhong was only a third-grade martial master. Otherwise, he wouldn't have served as an instructor for Luo Yunyang and the other new students.

In fact, Xu Zhong could have been eliminated from the previous group of elite martialists, so even he would have been defeated if he fought against Bai Yushui. However, Luo Yunyang wanted to challenge Bai Yushui.

"He is not afraid of losing and he has the courage to face such a martialist with a defiant spirit. This time, the A-grade source fluid will be handed to Luo Yunyang!"

Chief Instructor Lu's words were firm and resolute.

Although the others around him had their own opinions, when they heard what Chief Instructor Lu had said, they didn't object.

Only Luo Yunyang qualified to receive this A-grade source fluid after all.

"Ha ha ha! Did you say you wanna challenge me? Oh my! This is just too funny! Do you have any idea what you're saying?" Bai Yushui threw his head back and roared with laughter. "I will accept your challenge, though."

"This time, you will suffer a bigger loss. You will have to earn 200,000 points every month, instead of 100,000 points. This is the price you will have to pay for challenging me!"

Bai Yushui's words infuriated Yang Yirui and the others even more. Only if all of them combined their power, would they be able to earn about 200,000 points.

"If you beat me, the points will be given to you. What if you lose, though?" Luo Yunyang retorted coldly as he took a deep breath.

"Lose? How could I lose?" Bay Yushui said confidently.