Supreme Uprising Chapter 450

Chapter 450 The Five Elements Shock The Realm The Chaotic Hole Fragments The World

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“Luo Yunyang is really unfortunate. Imagine being pursued by so many people that want to kill you for your Extreme Mystic Token and encountering the Five-Element Sovereign at the final step!” a disciple from the Deep Earth Path exclaimed.

The disciples of the Deep Earth Path were not that fond of the infamous Luo Yunyang. After all, their elite genius Tian Bohu had been slain by the joint forces of Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t the one who had killed Tian Bohu, his death was still related to him.

Everyone had clearly forgotten that Tian Bohu had ambushed Luo Yunyang first.

“I think Luo Yunyang is just a treasure delivery boy. He painstakingly transferred the Extreme Mystic Token, only for it to be taken away from him like candy from a baby.”

“Everyone, someone has started a bet. They’re betting how many moves of the Five-Element Sovereign Luo Yunyang will withstand before losing! Are you guys in?”

“How many moves? This is already the first move! I’ll bet on one move!”

“Then do it. Hurry up, damn it! It’ll be sad if the results come out before you’ve wagered.”

This ruckus wasn’t only taking place in the Deep Earth Path. The situation was pretty much the same almost everywhere, with the exception of the Bloody Massacre Path.

Crack! Crack!

Cracking sounds resonated from every screen in the Meru Realm. However, just as the man’s five-colored fingers were folding up in the void, Luo Yunyang’s four-layered chaotic hole started to revolve even faster.

The vast power of the five elements poured frantically into the revolving chaotic hole before disappearing instantly without a trace.

The five elemental forces were everlasting. However, although the five elemental forces that were constantly reinvigorating hadn’t weakened much, the five-colored palm no longer had the energy to crush the boundaries Luo Yunyang had been caught in.

The four-layered chaotic hole kept revolving frantically while the five fingers were trying to contract. However, the two forces seemed to balance each other out.

Amid this deadlock, nobody was able to hurt the other party.

There was no anger or dissatisfaction on the Five-Element Sovereign’s jade-white face. Instead, he was smiling.

“What an amazing Great Chaotic Hole Path! This is indeed worthy of a first-grade cultivation path!”

The Five-Element Sovereign looked at Luo Yunyang as he added, “Not bad The power of this four-layered chaotic hole is comparable to my Five-Element Mutual Balance. I really hope that you can perfect the Great Chaotic Hole Path so that it can compete against my Five-Element Path! Right now, you’re still far from doing that.”

The Five-Element Sovereign kept speaking dryly. “The five elements both arouse and restrain one another. I comprehended this principle back when I was at the sixth-stage Star-Grade Realm. By relying on life and death, I became unrivaled in the entire galaxy!”

As he spoke, he moved his five-colored palms, causing the huge palm in the void to suddenly collapse.

This collapse was similar to the destruction of a huge dam or the crumbling sight of a sacred mountain. In an instant, the boundless energy generated was rushing towards Luo Yunyang.

Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou, who were watching the battle, scowled. In their opinion, their Invincible Yin Yang Path would have been able to block the first move of the Five-Element Sovereign.

However, the collapse of the five elemental forces, as well as this earth-breaking attack, had left them feeling numb.

If they had been in this situation, the only method they would have been able to come up with would be running away as far as they could.

Although that wouldn’t be the best approach, as they could end up losing their lives, it was the only choice they’d have.

The Five-Element Sovereign, who was like a deity, caused fear to creep up from the bottom of their hearts and erase any sense of resistance. They believed that the pace of this battle was controlled completely by the Five-Element Sovereign.

Hence, against an individual like him, they would simply have no chance of retaliating.

Luo Yunyang had overestimated himself!

The power of the Great Chaotic Hole was created by four different forces that caused the chaotic hole to devour and crush everything.

However, the Five-Element Sovereign’s reversal of the five elemental forces was also a crushing force. Despite not forming a chaotic hole, it still had a greater destructive power.

Although Luo Yunyang’s chaotic hole was able to devour such forces, Luo Yunyang knew very well that once this force was absorbed by his chaotic hole, his chaotic hole would probably be torn apart.

He could already feel an immense ripping power. Thus, Luo Yunyang conjured his Myriad Convergence Ring again without hesitation.

110,000 Star Alloy Fragments flew out of the Myriad Convergence Ring and formed a fifth and sixth chaotic hole above Luo Yunyang’s head.

Each chaotic hole increased the overall absorption tenfold. After learning the secret techniques painstakingly developed by geniuses of different paths, Luo Yunyang had cultivated his Great Chaotic Hole Path to the sixth stage.

The sixth stage was 100 times more powerful than the fourth stage.

The rotating chaotic hole absorbed the vast five elemental forces frantically. Although the five elemental forces were exploding unceasingly within the chaotic hole, the rapid revolution of the six chaotic holes was able to obliterate the power of the five elemental forces.

As he stood beneath the chaotic holes, Luo Yunyang looked like a celestial being. With a thought, the huge chaotic holes rose immediately and a massive absorbing force headed towards the Five-Element Sovereign.

From the very beginning, the Five-Element Sovereign had been suppressing Luo Yunyang as if he was an ant he could crush whenever he wanted.

However, the Five-Element Sovereign’s offense had now been completely negated by Luo Yunyang’s six-layered Chaotic Hole!

Ke Linqi’s face started turning pale. The two of them had feared the Five-Element Sovereign. However, they had always imagined that they would be able to defeat Luo Yunyang by using their Invincible Yin Yang Path.

Unfortunately, after seeing Luo Yunyang’s six-layered chaotic hole, any trace of haughtiness they might have had vanished completely.

They had no choice but to admit that, if the Five-Element Sovereign had not appeared and intercepted them so suddenly, they could have died at Luo Yunyang’s hands.

They might indeed have died without any chance of resisting.

As the six-layered chaotic hole rotated, the raging vortex seemed capable of engulfing everything. Luo Yunyang, who was controlling the vortex, didn’t give the Five-Element Sovereign a chance.

“His six-layered chaotic hole is indeed powerful!” All the Nine Path Masters who had gathered were watching Luo Yunyang’s great chaotic hole closely.

Although his chaotic hole was currently about 100 feet wide, they all knew that Luo Yunyang was deliberately restricting its size.

If he pulled back this restriction, the surface of the Chaotic Hole would weaken. If there was excessive dispersion due to the growing surface, its ability to slow down Star-Grade martialists would weaken as well.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path Master was happy, deep down he was also a little rueful.

In the entire history of the Great Chaotic Hole Path, the most talented genius had only cultivated up to the fifth stage.

The fifth stage had already been very dangerous.

When the Bloody Massacre Path Master had been young, he had witnessed the death of a senior who had been devoured by the Great Chaotic Hole.

He had died without leaving a corpse behind.

Therefore, the Bloody Massacre Path Master sincerely hoped that Luo Yunyang would try to comprehend the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

If Luo Yunyang was hasty, he would be putting his life on the line.

“Luo Yunyang is indeed a genius. A rare genius! Unfortunately, he chose the wrong opponent,” the Acute Metal Path Master said emotionally.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master didn’t like what he heard. Although he had never carried his emotions on his sleeve, he was unable to hold back any longer. “Could the Five-Element Sovereign still have something up his sleeves?” he said unpleasantly.

“You must have heard what the Five-Element Sovereign said. His Five-Element Collapsing Technique was created back when he was at the Star-Grade,” the Acute Metal Path Master said indifferently. “When he self-severed his cultivation, he was at the peak Nebula-Grade.”

His words silenced the respective Path Masters who had gathered in the hall. All they could do was look solemnly at the Acute Metal Path Master without speaking.

Actually, even if the Acute Metal Path Master had never said anything, they would have still known that the Five-Element Sovereign had more aces up his sleeves.

Although Luo Yunyang had shocked them by unleashing his six-layered chaotic hole, they now hoped that the Five-Element Sovereign would also do something spectacular.

“What an amazing six-layered chaotic hole! If I’d met you when I was younger, I would surely have surrendered. However, you unfortunately ran into me now!” The Five-Element Sovereign didn’t even budge an inch, despite the crazy suction of the Chaotic Hole.

Five powers of different colors gathered all around his body, converging and condensing into a huge, mountain-like mass.

As this mass of power glowed, the Five-Element Sovereign slowly extended his other hand. This hand was no different from the previous one. The only difference was that the corresponding colors on this hand were the exact opposite.

“The five elements can mutually arouse and restrain one another. When these two forces are combined, a giant grinder is formed, crushing all forms of life.”

The Five-Element Sovereign sounded extremely unsympathetic as an unceasing power formed by five different colors of light appeared above Luo Yunyang. Suddenly, another wave of five-colored destructive energy appeared below Luo Yunyang.

Although these two forces were separated by about 3,000 meters, when they appeared, a mysterious connection was formed.

A connection that was present yet invisible to the naked eye.

“Five-Element Grind, go!”