Supreme Uprising Chapter 451

Chapter 451 The Six Layered Chaotic Hole

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The grinder made from the five types of Origin Source Law of the five elements, including metal, wood, water, fire and earth, gave one a feeling of invincibility during a battle.

Even the skies and land seemed like they would be crushed to bits by this grindstone of elements, let alone anyone who got caught in between.

Following the formation of this Five-Element Grind, the Five-Element Sovereign earned many peoples admiration.

Back at the Virtual Void, the Bloody Massacre Path Master watched the five-colored revolving object inside the void.

Luo Yunyangs performance had already exceeded his expectations. However, the Five-Element Sovereign, who was supposed to be the strongest person born in the past 10,000 years in the entire Milky Way and the Nine Paths, had more than lived up to his expectations.

The Five-Element Grind could obliterate the skies, the land and anyone that lived there!

Even top Nebula-Grade martialists would perish if they were to face this Five-Element Grind, let alone Luo Yunyang

The power of the five elements continued to grow and multiply as it gathered in the grinder. It would be no easy task to destroy this grindstone, which was made from a combination of the five Origin Source Laws.

It was 10 times more powerful, perhaps even 100 times more powerful

"Please stop the Five-Element Sovereign! We surrender this time around!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master told the Acute Metal Path Master after careful consideration.

Before the Acute Path Master could say anything, the Wild Gale Path Master said, "There are rules about everything, Bloody Massacre Path Master. Dont you agree? Now that the battle has started, nobody should have the right to surrender."

The Deep Earth Path Master and the Dark Shadow Path Master also agreed in unison. "Since the victor hasnt been determined yet, who is to say that anyone should admit defeat?"

Everyone present now knew clearly what the intentions of the Earth Ground Path Master and the Dark Shadow Path Master were. They did not differentiate between the many different geniuses of the different paths who had been killed by Luo Yunyang. They just hoped that Luo Yunyang would suffer this final defeat at the hands of the Five-Element Sovereign.

This sentiment was contagious. As the two masters added fuel to the fire, everyone soon became emotional and angry over this situation.

Although on the surface the Nine Paths generally worked in unison towards achieving their common goals, there was actually a lot of conflict between the paths. Watching their disciples, whom they had painstakingly groomed and trained over the years, get sacrificed in such a short period of time caused the different Path Masters a great deal of pain.

Although they might not be able to bring back the lives of their talented disciples, they would at least be able to vent the frustration they felt in their hearts. Luo Yunyang would sooner or later have to pay for what he had done!

"Ha ha ha! You heard them, Bloody Massacre Path Master. Even if I agreed, the others would never approve of this."

Then, the Acute Metal Path Master said solemnly, "We set this rule the very year that the Extreme Mystic Token emerged, so lets just stick to it!"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master felt a certain level of hatred in reaction to the Deep Earth Path Master and the Dark Shadow Path Masters words. Was the Acute Metal Path Master actually sleeping? How could he help those two hit someone while he was down?

No matter how helpless he felt, he was certain that it was too hard to change anything at this point.

After all, too many lives had been lost during this battle.

Besides, he had already personally warned Luo Yunyang before the Five-Element Sovereign had made his move.

"The Five-Element Sovereigns cultivation base will surely reach an all new height if he enters the Extreme Mysterious Realm. Perhaps he might end up being the first of our lot to attain the Celestial Domain Grade," said the Deep Earth Path Master.

"If even one human attains the Celestial Domain Grade, our status will definitely be elevated significantly in the union."

The Deep Earth Path Masters words made the other Path Masters feel some hope and anticipation. They were the Nine Paths of the Milky Way, so this status elevation was something most Galaxy-Grade entities could consider.

Becoming a Celestial Domain-Grade entity was something many people in the Milky Way had been dreaming of for many years.

Nobody uttered another word as rays of light streaked across the screen. The Five-Element Grind didnt revolve too quickly, yet cracks had already started to form in Luo Yunyangs Six-Layered Chaotic Hole.

The cracks that had formed on the continuously engulfing Six-Layered Chaotic Hole began to reach a critical point.

Once the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole collapsed, Luo Yunyang, who was in the middle of the Chaotic Hole, would have nowhere else to go.

The disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path watched in silence from the Meru Realm. In their hearts, they considered Luo Yunyang one of their own, so they definitely hoped that he would emerge victorious from this battle.

However, this situation made them feel helpless.

They could only watch as Luo Yunyang slowly started to crumble while he faced the massive, powerful technique called the Five-Element Grind.

They did not have any ideas or sufficient strength

"This is slightly unfair to Luo Yunyang. He has only been cultivating for less than 100 years, yet he is already able to create a Six-Layered Chaotic Hole. He should be considered the number one genius from our path."

"Although the Five-Element Sovereign is very strong, do you know how long he has cultivated for? I think that, considering that this match was only open to Star-Grade fighters, a shameless veteran like him shouldnt even have been allowed to participate!"

One of the disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path made an angry post on the forums of the virtual Meru Realm.

He felt so unhappy that he even added an extra phrase he called the Five-Element Sovereign a shameless veteran!

Before this post was uploaded, many people from the Nine Paths had actually deeply admired and revered the Five-Element Sovereign.

After all, there was hardly anyone who could train to such a level and then self-sever their cultivation base.

Doing this would waste many years of hard work and cultivation. However, as soon as this comment was posted, it began to get a lot of approval from the masses.

"Ha ha You have a point there. By right, this battle should only consist of Star-Grade martialists like us. What is a Nebula-Grade martialist who has cultivated for so many years trying to imply by participating?

"Hes indeed a shameless veteran Well said!

"He is really shameless. Luo Yunyang should be considered the only true genius for being able to use the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole to sweep everything before him!"

"Even though this old man self-severed his cultivation to become a Star-Grade martialist, he is still a veteran. Its a disgrace that hes even trying to bully others given his abilities!"

This whole matter sparked a huge debate, causing many people to utter unkind words. Although these words distressed the disciples of the Acute Metal Path greatly, at this point in time, they also started to question the intentions of the Five-Element Sovereign.

They did feel closer to the Five-Element Sovereign than they did to Luo Yunyang. However, they also believed that the Five-Element Sovereigns deeds were debatable.

That was why most of them remained indifferent to this criticism.

Luo Yunyang, who had no idea what was going on in the virtual world, was currently fully focused on defending himself against the Five-Element Grind.

Although his Six-Layered Chaotic Hole kept absorbing the crushing forces produced, these forces seemed to multiply continuously, making it impossible for him to get out of the bind he was in.

Furthermore, the two different powers formed a disk-like encirclement around him, making it difficult for him to escape.

Although the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole was devouring them at a rapid rate, due to the continuous barrage of the Five-Element Grind, cracks still started to appear on the Chaotic Hole.

Many marks had already begun appearing, especially on the first layer of the Great Chaotic Hole. Luo Yunyang knew very well that if the first layer of the Chaotic Hole crumbled, the subsequent layers would soon follow as well.

What should he do?

Luo Yunyang, who was in a slightly panicked state, thought about using his attribute regulator and immediately opened it, tweaking the attribute numbers carefully.

Power: 176 (Fire: 152)

Mind: 45

Speed: 66

Constitution: 75

Origin Source Laws: 252 (Wind: 63, Earth: 61, Fire: 66, Water: 64)

All these years of reading the various secret manuals created by different geniuses had allowed Luo Yunyang to improve vastly in terms of different types of attributes.

This improvement was particularly great when it came to the Fire and Wind Origins. That was the main reason Luo Yunyang had been able to create the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole!

However, in contrast to the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole, the strongest technique created by Luo Yunyang was actually one that would produce no winner.

During his battle with Ke Linqi many years ago, Luo Yunyang had used this very technique. Everything had happened so suddenly that hed just not had any better way of fending off his opponent.

All these years, Luo Yunyang had improved a lot in terms of skill. Thus, hed no longer had the intention of using this double-edged technique anymore.

However, he also had not wanted to just give up on such a powerful technique. Hence, before giving up on this foundation, he had decided to conduct more detailed research on this technique.

He had never thought that such a shameless technique would actually come into play at this point in time.

"Five-Element Sovereign, did you not want to obtain this Extreme Mystic Token?" Luo Yunyang waved the Extreme Mystic Token, which was in his hand, before he added, "Perhaps in your next life!"

He did not care about what the other man would think when he said this. Luo Yunyang immediately adjusted the attribute regulator.

His Water Origin Source Law immediately dropped to zero!

Every single layer of the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole required Water Origin Source Law. Without Water Origin Source Law, the other three Origin Source Laws that converged together would crumble instantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Six-Layered Hole crumbled in space while a boundless wave of energy flew forth.

This infinite power headed explosively in every direction like a collapsing star.

After making these adjustments, Luo Yunyang quickly converted all his Power Points to Constitution Points. He had already done his research regarding this sort of explosion. Therefore, as he did so, he tried to find a safe spot to hide as fast as he could.

The Five-Element Grind, which had been spinning, was immediately blown away by the power of the explosion caused by the collapse of the Great Chaotic Hole.

The Five-Element Sovereign, who had been conjuring the Five-Element Grind, felt a mighty force surging towards him.

The impact of this force blew the Five-Element Sovereign immediately back several thousand meters. The mighty force then moved in the direction of the meteorite-laden void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless meteors crumbled at the impact as that power continued to expand towards the boundless space.

Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou, who had been using the Invincible Yin Yang Path to defend themselves, were also blown back several thousand miles.

In an instant, everything went black!

Although the Kun Yu Planet was only slightly affected, this powerful force made mountains crumble and rivers go dry!