Supreme Uprising Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Extreme Speed

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The Five-Element Sovereign felt his head spin. A mouthful of warm blood rushed up from his stomach and spurted out.

Most of his arm and two legs had crumbled in the void. However, the Five-Element Sovereign did not consider this important. What was important was that cracks had started to appear on the star within his body.

There were about four or five cracks.

If these cracks weren’t mended using the best resources, the Five-Element Sovereign would need at least a century to fully recover given his current cultivation base.

The Five-Element Sovereign had overlooked the present era for many years. When he had attained Nebula-Grade, he had already been standing at the top of the entire galaxy. Little had he known that, just as he made up his mind, this accident would occur!

Having a kid defeat his strongest offensive strategy was extraordinarily shameful and humiliating.

The energy formed by the layers of the Great Chaotic Hole was like a stellar, invincible explosion. This explosion destroyed his Five-Element Grind, a technique that could crush even Nebula-Grade entities.

As a matter of fact, judging from this alone, the Five-Element Sovereign had already failed.

However, how could he accept such a failure? He was the great Five-Element Sovereign after all. Ever since his birth, he had only looked down on the people below him.

How could he fail? How could he admit his own failure?

Besides, if he failed, his years of effort would go to waste and he would become a laughing stock.

He had been the number one martialist through the ages, yet he could not even defeat a kid who had only cultivated for a little over 100 years. This was really shameful!

A crystal-like, red medicinal pellet appeared on the Five-Element Sovereign’s hand before he swallowed it immediately.

In an instant, the limbs that had crumbled into the void grew again rapidly.

Although this process was very fast, only the Five-Element Sovereign knew how painful it was.

“That’s a Great Six-Layered Chaotic Hole Explosion!” one of the rulers of the Nine Paths gathered in the great hall exclaimed.

The Rulers of the Nine Paths had not expected this great explosion. Although the power of this explosion could not hurt them, they were stunned by its sheer amount of force.

If Luo Yunyang had a cultivation base equivalent to theirs, then

Many people gazed at the electronic screen, searching for Luo Yunyang’s silhouette. Unfortunately, the equipment used to monitor the Kun Yu Planet had also been damaged badly by the explosion. Only darkness was visible.

All they could see was a blurry fog.

“This This must be the Great Chaotic Hole Explosion!” The Autumn Water Path Master’s pleasant voice rang out in the great hall.

“Wan Yinghao also died from an explosion like this.”

Wan Yinghao was an equally famous person. Although his name was not as well-known as the Five-Element Sovereign’s, he had also been a talented individual who had astonished the Nine Paths.

This kind of talent had always been valued in the Bloody Massacre Path. However, when he had lost to the Five-Element Sovereign during a competition, Wan Yinghao had chosen to cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

He had ultimately died by losing control of the Great Chaotic Hole.

Although the Autumn Water Path Master did not mention Luo Yunyang, hearing Wan Yinghao’s name gave people the impression that even Luo Yunyang, who was albeit more powerful than Wan Yinghao, had probably been killed by the Great Chaotic Hole.

An explosion caused by a Great Chaotic Hole did not discriminate between friend and foe!

The Bloody Massacre Path Master turned pale. Although he had already expected that Luo Yunyang would inevitably walk down the same path as his Bloody Massacre Path predecessor, he felt deep regret when he saw the exploding Great Chaotic Hole.

If he had been able to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm, perhaps Luo Yunyang could have

When the screen cleared up gradually, the Five-Element Sovereign started to come into view. As he watched the Five-Element Sovereign use all his might to grow his arm and legs from infant size to adult size, the Dark Shadow Path Ruler exclaimed, “A Super Restoring Divine Crystal!”

The Acute Metal Path Master had an ugly look on his face. After all, the cost of a Super Restoring Divine Crystal was too high.

This crystal could allow a ruler to heal all their injuries instantly. Thus, it was considered a top-grade ultimate treasure in every path.

The Acute Metal Path only had three or four of these ultimate treasures in store. The Five-Element Sovereign only had one of them because the Acute Metal Path respected him so much.

“Seems like the Acute Metal Path regards the Five-Element Sovereign really highly. Not only did he self-sever his cultivation, but he also had a Super Restoring Divine Crystal. What an unfair advantage!” said the Fiery Sun Path Ruler.

His words were tinged with jealousy. In his opinion, the best outcome of this battle would be for both sides to suffer great damage. Then, the probability of Ke Linqi getting the Extreme Mystic Token would increase greatly.

However, he had not expected that, before his own disciple could succeed, the deranged Five-Element Sovereign would use a Super Restoring Divine Crystal.

This was simply outrageous!

The Acute Metal Path Master naturally had to pour out the unhappiness he felt in his heart. Luo Yunyang, who had the Extreme Mystic Token, was no longer a contestant.

Luo Yunyang’s injuries had to be worse than everyone’s, as he had triggered the explosion of the Six-Layered Chaotic Hole. His soul must have already been scattered into pieces.

“Luo Yunyang!” The Dark Shadow Path Master suddenly pointed at the screen in shock.

The existences around him possessed high levels of cultivation, they wouldn’t be fazed much even if the sky fell.

However, Luo Yunyang’s strange appearance was extremely startling.

As the Dark Shadow Path Master uttered Luo Yunyang’s name, many gazes turned in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

A figure was rapidly stabilizing itself in the void. Although this figure looked battered and exhausted, everyone present could recognize it.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t actually died!

Luo Yunyang hadn’t died! This was great!

Luo Yunyang It was really Luo Yunyang. He had not died even under these circumstances. This man really defied nature’s order!

Each Path Master had different thoughts on this event. However, unlike the Path Masters, almost all the blood disciples in the Meru Realm were excited.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t died! He had actually survived the pressure of the Sovereign! Luo Yunyang actually hadn’t died! The Great Six-Layered Chaotic Hole had exploded, yet he had not died!

“Ha ha ha! I knew that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t die! Damn, let’s see how you’ll bully us now!” someone shouted loudly, his tone full of glee.

“Enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm! Enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm!”

The loud shouts of the blood disciples did not make the rulers of the Bloody Massacre Path feel uncomfortable. Delight was also evident on the various rulers’ faces.

Luo Yunyang was a disciple they regarded highly. Plus, they were well aware of the importance of the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

What did Luo Yunyang’s survival mean? It naturally meant that the Bloody Massacre Path still had hope!

As the rolling dust disappeared quickly, Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign appeared clearly in the void. Although the Five-Element Sovereign had fully recovered, his face was completely ashen.

His expression as he looked at Luo Yunyang was filled with murderous intent.

The Blood Sky Ruler’s eyes flashed dimly before he immediately contacted the Blood Thunder Ruler. “If possible, you must help Luo Yunyang survive. I don’t care if it costs us the Extreme Mystic Token!”

The Blood Thunder Ruler’s reply was simply one word. “Understood.”

“I must admit that I fell for your trick this time, kid. However, I don’t believe that your Great Chaotic Hole can explode again!” the Five-Element Sovereign said as he stared at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at the Five-Element Sovereign with a tranquil expression. His body had also sustained serious injuries.

Out of his 176 Power Points, Luo Yunyang could only use about 30 in his current condition.

In other words, he had lost one-fifth of his combat power.

However, this loss wasn’t too severe for him. He still had an attribute regulator. Plus, Luo Yunyang had landed 3,000 meters away from the Kun Yu Planet.

The Kun Yu Star was right in front of his eyes. Luo Yunyang had already confirmed the right coordinates for entering the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

Most importantly, there was a distance of about 100 miles between him and the Five-Element Sovereign.

All these factors were Luo Yunyang’s greatest weapons. Thus, he did not pay any attention to the Five-Element Sovereign. The moment the Five-Element Sovereign spoke, he quickly made some adjustments by using his attribute regulator. The attribute regulator’s numbers changed drastically based on the thoughts in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Power: 176 (Fire: 152)

Mind: 10

Speed: 166

Constitution: 10

Origin Source Law: 252 (Wind: 252, Earth: 0, Fire: 0, Water: 0)

When the conversions were completed, Luo Yunyang rose into the air and rushed in the direction of that particular point of the Kun Yu Planet.

“Luo Yunyang escaped!” someone cried out in disbelief and surprise in the virtual world. Apparently, this person had been hoping that Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign would have another face-off.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had escaped, which made him feel a hint of regret.

Meanwhile, in the great hall where the Rulers of the Nine Paths had gathered, the Wild Gale Path Master said mockingly, “He chose to run away! That’s ridiculous. Does he not know that the Five-Element Sovereign’s Five-Element Shift can give one the fastest speed in the world?”

The Five-Element Shift could indeed give one the most extreme speed in the world!

How could the Bloody Massacre Path Master not know this? Although he started to worry, Luo Yunyang seemed to have no other choice.

“I think that he should just face him. Even if he dies, he will at least seem more heroic!” the Deep Earth Path Master said unenthusiastically.