Supreme Uprising Chapter 453

Chapter 453 So Close Yet So Far

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Luo Yunyang was fully confident in himself. His speed and Wind Origin Source Law had been raised to the maximum.

Among the manuals that Luo Yunyang had bought, there was a book called Breezing Through 1,000 Mountains. This was a secret movement technique manual based on the Breezing Through 1,000 Mountains Chart.

This technique was widely known for its speed, which was why Luo Yunyang was executing it now.

In the blink of an eye, he had traveled a distance of 1,000 mountain ranges!

The Five-Element Sovereign wasn’t surprised that Luo Yunyang had chosen to escape. After all, it would be more of a surprise if Luo Yunyang hadn’t escaped.

However, he was also very confident in his own speed. Luo Yunyang’s escaping speed was fast, but his Five-Element Shift was faster.

He firmly believed that no one below the Nebula-Grade would be able to escape from him. Unfortunately, as Luo Yunyang’s figure flashed by, the Five-Element Sovereign started to worry.

He was lightning quick! Luo Yunyang’s escaping ability was far better than the Five-Element Sovereign had imagined.

He had originally planned to chase Luo Yunyang after two seconds, as he was waiting for him to recover fully.

However, he had no choice but to give up on this idea, as Luo Yunyang’s speed was simply too fast. In two seconds, he had already lost track of Luo Yunyang.

The Five-Element Sovereign took a step and disappeared into the void. When he reappeared, he was already 1,000 miles away.

This had all happened in the blink of an eye.

The Five-Element Sovereign was now at the last location where Luo Yunyang had appeared. However, Luo Yunyang was 1,000 miles away again.

Luo Yunyang kept moving forward. Each time his body flashed, he moved 1,000 miles away. Although when the Five-Element Sovereign took a step forward, he appeared rather simple and slow, he also appeared in a different location in the blink of an eye.

The Five-Element Sovereign was definitely better than Luo Yunyang at executing his individual movement technique.

However, Luo Yunyang’s speed had managed to bridge this gap.

The huge screen quickly adjusted the void’s scale according to where the two of them were heading. On the screen, they both looked like small black dots.

Quick, quick, quick!

The blood disciples from the Bloody Massacre Path couldn’t even see where Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign were located. All they could see were two black dots.

One black dot was rapidly pursuing the other.

The rulers of the Bloody Massacre Path were watching Luo Yunyang in shock as he traversed through the void.

His speed had exceeded everyone’s imagination. They had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would be capable of moving so fast.

The Five-Element Sovereign’s Five-Element Shift was able to borrow the power of the five elemental forces and take 1,000-mile leaps!

However, Luo Yunyang’s speed was also capable of traversing thousands of miles in a split second. The two of them took off almost at the same time, so the gap between them was about the same.

“Brother Luo is really awesome!” some blood disciples exclaimed.

The Bloody Massacre Path members were exceptionally skilled at assassinating people, so their speed was exceptional as well. However, the speed that Luo Yunyang displayed had exceeded the limit of the average Bloody Massacre Path Disciple’s speed!

Even some rulers might not be able to match his speed.

Fast, fast, fast!

“The Five-Element Sovereign is really cocky. He was really unlucky that he met Brother Luo this time! Damn it! This feels so good!”

“He’s so old and shameless! Let’s see if there’s anything up his sleeves!” The members of the Bloody Massacre Path were naturally closer to Luo Yunyang. Thus, they were all delighted when they saw his speed.

“Quick, take a look at the announcement section! Someone says that Brother Luo’s speed has reached its limit, but the Five-Element Sovereign’s speed is still increasing!”

Some people cried out in surprise in the Meru Realm as they switched over to the announcement section to see that post.

“Rubbish! The Five-Element Sovereign is the one who has reached his limit! Otherwise, he would have caught up to Brother Luo by now!”

“That’s right! The person that posted this crap must be from the Acute Metal Path. How could the Five-Element Sovereign”

As the blood disciples were talking among themselves, someone pointed at the screen and said, “Look! It seems like the Five-Element Sovereign’s speed has increased again! Look at his body!”

On the screen, the Five-Element Sovereign still looked the same. However, his handsome face seemed to have aged 10 years.

He still looked handsome. Even though he had aged, it seemed like he had become much more mature.

However, his aging appearance implied that he was moving at full capacity.

The 300 miles became 200 in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the gap was only 100 miles!

The Five-Element Sovereign would be able to catch up with Luo Yunyang any second now. Luo Yunyang couldn’t allow that to happen.

The loss of his power attributes had resulted in his inability to resist the Five-Element Sovereign.

Hence, he now had to dash into the Extreme Mysterious Realm’s entry point as fast as possible and enter by using the Extreme Mystery Token.

Power: 176 (Fire: 152)

Mind: 10

Speed: 166

Constitution: 10

Origin Source Law: 252 (Wind: 252, Earth: 0, Fire: 0, Water: 0)

The attributes on the attribute regulator had already reached their limits. His Power Attribute, which he could adjust, was still recovering. He had to maintain his speed as well, which made it difficult to subtract any attribute points from it.

The only attributes that could be adjusted were his Mind and Constitution!

Luo Yunyang clenched his teeth resolutely as he decreased his Mind Attribute to 0.5 points. To ordinary people, 0.5 points may have seemed like a huge number, yet it was far from what Luo Yunyang had wanted.

This made Luo Yunyang feel like he had hit a new low.

When he could no longer decrease his Mind Attribute, his speed increased a lot. However, the gap between him and the Five-Element Sovereign was still shrinking!

50 miles, 40 miles, 30 miles

The Five-Element Sovereign realized that Luo Yunyang’s speed was increasing. He also noticed that the entry point to the Extreme Mysterious Realm was on a mountain peak just a few hundred miles away.

Although the entry point was really evident, the Five-Element Sovereign, who was determined to get his hands on the Extreme Mystic Token, had done his research long ago.

He had to hurry! Such an opportunity for instant success couldn’t be handed over at the final moment!

10 miles, 9 miles, 8 miles

Luo Yunyang could feel the crazy man on his back without even turning his head. The Five-Element Sovereign’s speed was still faster than his, which meant that he would catch up with him before he reached the entry point.

No! He had to increase his speed!

Spatial dimension laws couldn’t be adjusted. Thus, after looking at all the numbers on his attributes regulator, Luo Yunyang made a decision.

If his Power Attribute could not be adjusted, he would adjust his Constitution Attribute!

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to take action, all the Path Masters of the Nine Paths that were seated in the palace hall suddenly stood up. The current situation had exceeded their expectations.

They had originally thought that the Five-Element Sovereign, who possessed the fastest speed, would be able to catch up with Luo Yunyang very soon. However, they had never thought that Luo Yunyang would be even quicker.

Unfortunately, the Five-Element Sovereign still lived up to his name. After exhausting his capacity, the insurmountable distance had decreased and he had almost caught up with Luo Yunyang.

“There are still 1,000 miles left. Based on their respective speed, this will only take an instant. However, I’m afraid that things will be difficult for Luo Yunyang!” Although a thought suddenly appeared in the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s mind, he remained quiet.

One step could make a huge difference. It could determine whether one succeeded or failed. One step could

“Luo Yunyang has accelerated!” someone said deeply.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master didn’t care who had spoken. His eyes were glued tightly on the screen as the distance between the two black spots shrank rapidly.

The gap between them was only 10 miles now. The Bloody Massacre Path Master, who had been feeling uneasy, suddenly felt hopeful.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t let him down after all. However, as he watched Luo Yunyang through the screen, he realized that Luo Yunyang’s body was starting to crack.

Luo Yunyang was wearing clothes, so the Bloody Massacre Path Master was only able to see the various cracks that formed on his neck.

There had to be more on his body!

Luo Yunyang was getting closer to the dimensional entry point! The distance kept decreasing 800 miles.. 500 miles.. 300 miles

The dimensional entry point was in sight, while Luo Yunyang had taken out the Extreme Mystery Token. Once Luo Yunyang entered the dimensional point, he would be able to use the token to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

The Five-Element Sovereign was getting anxious. He had sacrificed almost everything for that token. It would be a massive blow if he wasn’t able to catch up to Luo Yunyang or enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

However, even though he had already used all his energy during the pursuit, the distance between him and Luo Yunyang kept increasing. They were also getting closer to the entry point.

100 miles, 80 miles, 30 miles

If this went on, he would only be able to watch helplessly as Luo Yunyang entered the Extreme Mysterious Realm. This was something he didn’t want to experience. Hence, when the gap between them closed a little, he started to move at full capacity again.

At the moment, the gap was only 300 feet. Luo Yunyang’s distance from the Extreme Mysterious Entry Point was also 300 feet.

300 feet A distance that was merely a step for both of them.

However, this was an extremely important step!