Supreme Uprising Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Breaking Chains And Soaring Like A Dragon

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As Luo Yunyang’s eyes were turning red, the cracks on his body were causing him excruciating pain.

He was just 300 feet away from heaven, yet also 300 feet away from the hell of the Five-Element Sovereign.

Of course, Luo Yunyang did not want to go to hell. He had made up his mind the moment he had decided to hold on to the Extreme Mystery Token.

Now that success was only a step away, Luo Yunyang knew that he couldn’t relax at all.

Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate!

He kept accelerating frantically! Luo Yunyang forced himself to use half the normal amount of time to cover this distance, which took him one-tenth of an instant.

This also doubled up the number of cracks on his body.

As cracks kept appearing on his body, Luo Yunyang felt his constitution weaken. The Star in his body was on the verge of exploding.

Luo Yunyang didn’t feel too good, as his body kept suffering the backlash of his decision.

Usually, when this sort of backlash occurred, Luo Yunyang would simply increase his Constitution Attribute. However, this wasn’t important right now.

Rush! Rush! Rush!

“Get back here!” The Five-Element Sovereign stopped pursuing Luo Yunyang, as he realized that he wasn’t going to catch up with him.

Even if he managed to reach the entry point along with Luo Yunyang, he would have no way of entering the Extreme Mysterious Realm without the token.

Therefore, when he and Luo Yunyang were as close as possible to one another, he chose to stop. His palm then transformed into a Five-Element Chaotic Hole in the void.

The suction of the Five-Element Chaotic Hole enveloped Luo Yunyang’s body when he was only three meters away from the entry point.

Three meters! Three meters!

The entry point was just three meters away. He would win the battle over the Extreme Mystery Token if he entered through the entry point, which was just three meters away. The strange, fascinating Extreme Mysterious Realm was just three meters away.

Just as he was about to cross this distance, his body was pulled back by the suction of the Five-Element Chaotic Hole.

Although Luo Yunyang had always been an expert on the devouring ability of chaotic holes, this time, he was facing the Five-Element Sovereign.

Under the circumstances, he knew that the Five-Element Sovereign would easily catch up to him if he hesitated for even a moment.

This was the most critical moment for both him and the Five-Element Sovereign, as they had gone all out.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t stop now. He couldn’t give up this opportunity to the Five-Element Sovereign.

His brain was working overtime. He knew that increasing his Speed would be no use now.

There were only three meters left. Thus, Luo Yunyang made a decision.

The reason the Five-Element Chaotic Hole had been able to suck onto Luo Yunyang was because of his power. Hence, in an instant, Luo Yunyang converted all his attribute points into Constitution and Power Points.

Then, he transferred all his Origin Source Law Points to the Earth Origin Source Law.

The Earth Origin Source Law was as heavy as a mountain. Thanks to the increase of his Constitution, his body rapidly healed the cracks while also reducing the restriction caused by the Five-Element Chaotic Hole.

Even though he adjusted his attributes to deal with the inertia, Luo Yunyang’s speed wasn’t reduced much.

The Five-Element Sovereign was still advancing furiously as he executed the Five-Element Chaotic Hole to slow Luo Yunyang down.

In the blink of an eye, the Five-Element Sovereign advanced 300 meters forward. However, at the same time, Luo Yunyang had managed to move three meters away.

Three meters was an extremely short distance. However, it had allowed Luo Yunyang’s body to reach the entry point. His hand was now holding on to the Extreme Mystic Token, which was already half-way into the entry point.

When he noticed this, the Five-Element Sovereign hurriedly stretched out his arm to grab onto Luo Yunyang’s shoulder.

He was quick enough to catch Luo Yunyang’s arm in a split second.

The Five-Element Sovereign was delighted. His heart was finally able to calm down. He had at last caught up with Luo Yunyang.

Everything he had sacrificed and worked for had paid off. Meanwhile, a deep respect for Luo Yunyang grew within him.

That young man could actually

Just as the Five-Element Sovereign felt overjoyed, an extremely intense premonition formed in his heart.

The Five-Element Sovereign urged forward his powers through his arm without hesitation in an effort to control Luo Yunyang’s body.

He could still feel the weight of that arm. It was completely under his control

The arm separated from Luo Yunyang’s body and exploded violently in the Five-Element Sovereign’s hands.

The boundless energy generated from this explosion spread towards the Five-Element Sovereign. However, this wasn’t important.

Luo Yunyang’s body was currently shrouded by an invisible power. Although the Five-Element Sovereign could sense this power, the power was also repelling him.

In a split second, the energy had disappeared completely along with Luo Yunyang.

Everything had remained as it was. The mountains, the breeze, the Kun Yu Planet

However, Luo Yunyang had strangely disappeared along with the Extreme Mystic Token that had been in his hands.

After self-severing his cultivation and joining the battle for the token in a bid to achieve greatness, the Five-Element Sovereign had achieved nothing in the end

This pathetic, miserable feeling made the Five-Element Sovereign livid. He felt like killing someone, yet he could do nothing. He had to keep this all to himself.

A sound suddenly rang out, waking the Five-Element Sovereign up from this fit of madness. When he lowered his head, he saw a black ring on the ground. It was Luo Yunyang’s Myriad Convergence Ring.

The Myriad Convergence Ring had caused him plenty of problems during his fight. However, the ring had fallen onto the ground as Luo Yunyang’s arm had exploded.

There was a resolute look on the Five-Element Sovereign’s face as he picked up the Myriad Convergence Ring.

Hundreds of miles away in the void, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were standing silently, their eyes glowing slightly in admiration.

Both the Five-Element Sovereign and Luo Yunyang had possessed a cultivation base far greater than theirs.

The Five-Element Sovereign’s performance had been based on years of cultivation. What about Luo Yunyang, though?

As they recalled what Luo Yunyang had done during his battle with the Five-Element Sovereign, they realized that the gap between them and Luo Yunyang was too big. Luo Yunyang had seemed completely distant and terrifying.

Even if the Five-Element Sovereign had never appeared, Luo Yunyang would still have won. Not only because he possessed strong moves, but because his speed was also a massive advantage.

When the Five-Element Sovereign turned to look at the two of them, Ke Linqi suddenly felt his knees go weak.

Unprecedented fear crept into his mind while he felt like he was about to collapse.

He knew that if the Five-Element Sovereign went crazy right now, he and his beloved Qin Shuirou would not stand a chance.

Hence, they both cupped their hands in salute towards the Five-Element Sovereign.

The Five-Element Sovereign remained silent. After a quick glance, he turned around and left with Luo Yunyang’s Myriad Convergence Ring.

The Bloody Massacre Path’s Meru Realm was boiling with emotions. The Five-Element Sovereign’s pursuit had made many people’s hearts skip a beat.

Most of them had been looking forward to seeing Luo Yunyang win. However, this final display of power between the two contestants had left everyone feeling uncertain.

Luo Yunyang had ultimately managed to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm without an arm after winning a hard-fought battle that had lasted five years.

“Senior Yunyang is really formidable!” Someone created a huge banner with these words in the Meru Realm.

This banner was like a dignified declaration that Luo Yunyang had won the battle on the Bloody Massacre Path’s behalf!

According to the Meru Realm’s rules, a banner like this would cost thousands of contribution points.

In the past, the blood disciples had been very thrifty with their contribution point spendings. However, this time, they were willing to splurge on such an expensive banner. Meanwhile, all kinds of fireworks were exploding all over the Blood Spirit Sky.

“That kid!” The Blood Space Ruler could not find the right words to describe his feelings. Luo Yunyang had surprised him and made him really proud.

How could the Blood Space Ruler not be proud of such an exceptional disciple like Luo Yunyang?

As the Bloody Massacre Path was boiling with emotions, the Acute Metal Path and all the other paths were in a solemn mood. When the Extreme Mystery Token had appeared, everyone had acted as though they had been injected with amphetamines. However, the dust had now settled.

The other Path Masters all turned to the Bloody Massacre Path Master. Their eyes were filled with envy and a slightly congratulatory intent.

“What an unexpected outcome That young man was pretty wicked!” The Deep Earth Path Master’s voice resounded through the huge palace hall.

However, the Acute Metal Path Master replied coldly, “It may seem like Luo Yunyang won, but he is actually a sinner of the human race! Everyone must have seen the Five-Element Sovereign’s qualifications. Do any of you think that Luo Yunyang can surpass him?”

“The Extreme Mysterious Realm is the sacred land that contains the supreme inheritance of the human race. How much of it can Luo Yunyang hope to obtain? If the Five-Element Sovereign had entered instead, he might have been able to acquire the biggest part of that inheritance. However, Luo Yunyang will just waste these resources!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master glared at the Acute Metal Path Master and answered without any hint of politeness, “That’s utter rubbish!”

Then, the Bloody Massacre Path Master disappeared from the palace hall.