Supreme Uprising Chapter 455

Chapter 455 The Supreme Realm Of The Human Race

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It seemed like an instant had passed, yet it also felt like a long time. The moment the mysterious light shrouded him and he disappeared, Luo Yunyang finally felt relaxed for once.

As he was completely relaxed, he found himself within an expanse of void.

The sixth factor was extremely dense within this void. Compared to the Bloody Massacre Paths Blood Spirit Sky, it was much stronger there. As Luo Yunyang entered, a dense cloud of spiritual influence came rushing frantically towards his body.

Luo Yunyang lifted his head to look at his surroundings. What he saw were blue skies, white clouds, green trees, high mountains, and a giant golden tower that was a million feet tall.

The endless tower shot straight into the sky!

Although Luo Yunyang wasnt an ignorant, inexperienced person, this was the first time he was seeing such a tall tower.

He roughly estimated that it was a million feet tall, as he couldnt even see its top.

Was this the Extreme Mysterious Realm?

While Luo Yunyang was puzzled, he felt something scanning his heart.

A sound that resembled an alarm rang next to his ears, startling him. Then, a mechanical voice said, "Genetics scanned and verified: Human! Eligible!"

"Genetics Standard: 90% Regressive! Poor!"

"Preliminary Findings: Martial Cultivation Base, Star Boundary! Telekinetic Ability, Initial Star Boundary!"

"Due to lack of information during the scan, the Origin Source Law cultivation results are unavailable. Comprehensive results from the above findings Evaluation: Grade-H Temporarily assigned to the beginner cultivation zone!"

Luo Yunyang wanted to object when he heard the evaluation results. How could he receive a poor grade when he was considered one of the most extraordinary geniuses in the entire galaxy?

As Luo Yunyang was cursing silently, he felt his body once again get shrouded by an energy that he could not resist.


Luo Yunyang landed hard in the middle of a huge metallic pool.

The pool, which was made from a purple-gold metal, had no carvings or patterns.

If Luo Yunyang had to describe this pool, he would use the words deep and cold.

The pool was very deep, and the entire purple-gold structure was very cold.

The empty pool looked like a prison cell. Just as Luo Yunyang was pondering secretly if this was the beginner cultivation zone, a stream of liquid came pouring over his head.

In an instant, the liquid had filled up the pool while Luo Yunyang was inside.

At first, Luo Yunyang thought that the liquid was just water. However, as his body came into contact with the liquid, a feeling welled in his heart. It felt like there was a small dragon in the liquid that was constantly trying to stick against his body.

Energy! This was a form of energy made from nutritional fluid!

Luo Yunyang couldnt help but recall the nutritional fluid he had enjoyed in the Bloody Massacre Path. Over the years, that nutritional fluid had played an integral role that had contributed to his rapid cultivation base improvement.

Luo Yunyang was the number one blood disciple, so the quality of the nutritional fluid he had been given had been extraordinary. However, this was nothing compared to the nutritional fluid that he was bathing in right now.

The nutritional fluid in the pool was of a higher quality than the one provided by the Bloody Massacre Path. After realizing this, Luo Yunyang started to use his cultivation technique and began absorbing the energy.

The Star in Luo Yunyangs body had been formed with the Fundamental Planetary Source as a core. Hence, its energy absorption rate was 10 times faster than normal Star-Grades.

Waves of energy entered his body as the Star, which was already exceptionally concentrated, grew even more boundless. Luo Yunyang could even subtly feel some of that energy being nurtured in the star.

Although he did not know what this was, he sensed that it should be something good.

When Luo Yunyang felt the Star and his body struggling to absorb the nutritional fluid, he stopped cultivating.

The nutritional fluid filled the pool again. However, this time, the color of the fluid was much clearer.

"Less than half of the nutritional fluid was absorbed. Evaluation grade lowered to H-."

The mechanical voice was heard again. This time, Luo Yunyang felt confused. He didnt know whether he should laugh or cry!

He had almost been drowned by the energy of the nutritional fluid pool, yet his evaluation grade had dropped.

However, this also made Luo Yunyang more confident in the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

"Beginner, please proceed to the Drill Hall!" The mechanical voice spoke again just as Luo Yunyang had started flexing his arm, which had been regenerated after absorbing the nutritional fluid.

Luo Yunyang strolled casually towards the metallic door he saw in front of him.

The purple-gold nutritional fluid pool gave Luo Yunyang a deep, cold feeling. However, as he entered the Drill Hall, he realized that he had used these two words too soon.

The Drill Hall was also made from purple and gold metal. However, it was thousands of feet tall and occupied a big area.

"Grade H- Beginner, youre the 3,654,215th cultivator. Therefore, your serial number is 3,654,215!"

"You have a total of one million points. When your points are depleted, you will be expelled from the beginner cultivation zone. Of course, you could gain points in the beginner cultivation zone by cultivating."

"Now, please confirm your cultivation program: Telekinesis Cultivation, Power Cultivation, Movement Technique Cultivation or Constitution Cultivation?"

Luo Yunyang was a little dumbfounded as he heard his four choices. What was happening? Why were the four options in the Extreme Mysterious Realm similar to the attributes in his attribute regulator?

After pondering this for a moment, Luo Yunyang made a decision. He chose telekinesis.

"Please enter Passage Two!" The mechanical voice echoed as a long passage appeared in the massive hall.

Luo Yunyang could sense that Passage Two was very long before he even entered it. However, as soon as he stepped into it, he realized that he was already inside a secret chamber.

The secret chamber was only 100-feet wide. When Luo Yunyang entered the chamber, the mechanical voice said, "3,654,215th Beginner, your first mission is to control the first form of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle! Please complete this mission within 20 hours. The required points are 300!"

The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle was a weapon shaped like a weaving shuttle that was about one-foot long. As Luo Yunyang held the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle in his hands, an introduction chart appeared in his mind.

The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle was composed by 33,000 flying needles. The first form it transformed into was a war blade.

However, the needles that formed the war blade were all different in shape and size. Actually, it could be said that the position of each flying needle inside the war blade was different.

Luo Yunyang only had one thought after seeing the first form of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle. He was clueless about the type of mind power required to control the shuttle.

The appearance of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle was followed by hundreds of instructional diagrams on its first form.

Luo Yunyang memorized these diagrams in his mind, yet he didnt follow the instructions. Instead, he used his mind power to try and control the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle.

The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle alone already had a higher value than the Myriad Convergence Ring.

"Up, down Left, right" Luo Yunyang was using his mind power to move the shuttle in all sorts of positions. Although it was rather easy at first, as he progressed to the 300th attempt, the concentrated flying needles suddenly crumbled.

Even though Luo Yunyang had used his mind power to prevent this, it was no use. The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle was like a mischievous kid.

Failure, failure, failure

After failing consecutively for 10 times, Luo Yunyang began to follow the hundreds of instructional diagrams in an effort to control the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle.

300 flying needles, 500 flying needles, 1,000 flying needles

As the number of flying needles that Luo Yunyang controlled kept increasing, Luo Yunyang felt his telekinetic power increase as well.

Most importantly, he felt his telekinetic power advance.

If an ordinary telekinetic power was represented figuratively by an ordinary man, then his current level of telekinetic power was akin to an elite with years of training.

Although an ordinary person and an elite might be similar in terms of physique, the gap between them was really wide.

As Luo Yunyang was indulging into this cultivation, the mechanical voice was heard yet again. "Your cultivation period has ended. We will now proceed with the test. Please manipulate the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle into its first form!"

Luo Yunyang was speechless. How was he going to take this test when he hadnt even controlled half of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle?

He felt slightly irritated as he attempted to manipulate the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle. He had to take this test, no matter what.

Luo Yunyangs manipulation forced the Flaming Heavenly Shuttles flying needles to start transforming into a blade. However, this transformation was only half-completed, as another half of a section was missing. Just as Luo Yunyang was trying hard to complete the blade, it crumbled completely.

The instant the blade crumbled, Luo Yunyang realized that his mind power was completely exhausted.

"Failure. Test unsuccessful. 1,000 points will be deducted!"

As he realized how weird the Extreme Mysterious Realm was, Luo Yunyang took a deep breath.

He had always been proud of his telekinetic ability. However, this test had knocked him out until he had ultimately failed.

This outcome made him expect more from the Extreme Mysterious Realm, as he believed that his decision to fight for the Extreme Mystery Token had been a wise choice!