Supreme Uprising Chapter 456

Chapter 456 The Supreme Parallel Cultivation Of The Four Attributes

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Luo Yunyang was slowly moving towards the center of a purple-gold cultivation room. The room was 100-feet wide, and Luo Yunyang felt his entire body shiver with every step he took.

In the end, he actually felt every inch of his muscles tear due to that extreme gravity.

With every step he took, Luo Yunyang was silently using a type of breathing technique. Thanks to this technique, Luo Yunyang was constantly relieved from the pain he felt in his body.

This type of breathing technique, which had no name, was acquired after Luo Yunyang attempted to take the constitution test.

Endure, endure! He had to endure!

Although Luo Yunyang knew very little about the Extreme Mysterious Realm, this strict setup made him understand what a rare opportunity this was.

Even though the Nine Paths were strong and had their own individual mystic realms, such as the Blood Spirit Sky, they were nothing compared to this place.

Luo Yunyang did not have access to the Origin Source Law training. However, he had a strong hunch that he would definitely be surprised once he gained access to it.

Unfortunately, even though Luo Yunyang tried his best to endure this increasingly crushing gravity, he still found it impossible to move his legs.

“One-tenth of the White Dwarf Star’s Gravity. Test unsuccessful. 1,000 points deducted!”

In the same cultivation room were 13,600 purple-gold metallic stakes arranged in a very mysterious manner. There was also a light spot on every stake.

Each light spot displayed some numbers.

These numbers represented the order of the stakes that Luo Yunyang had to cross in a single attempt. If the sequence was wrong, his attempt would be considered unsuccessful.

The requirement was 3,600 metallic stakes per second, which was only the beginner’s level.

Luo Yunyang had challenged the Five-Element Sovereign in terms of speed during their battle for the Extreme Mystery Token earlier.

At the time, Luo Yunyang had felt his speed reach its limits. However, he no longer felt that way.

Just like the previous test, Luo Yunyang had cultivated a movement technique for 20 hours prior to taking this test.

Maybe these were incoherent actions that couldn’t be considered a movement technique. However, Luo Yunyang believed that he saw some improvement after practicing those small motions. This improvement raised his existing limits.


When the mechanical voice spoke, Luo Yunyang took flight. The small actions he had practiced appeared. However, despite his fast speed, he only managed to dash past 1,600 purple-gold metallic stakes in a second.

“The Movement Technique Speed Test was unsuccessful. 1,000 points deducted.”

Compared to the previous three tests, the last power test was the simplest. Luo Yunyang blasted a hard punch against the metal ball suspended before him.

The metallic ball was a machine used to test the power of the participant, as it could determine if the participant’s strength met the requirements.

“Power Test unsuccessful. 1,000 points deducted!”

Luo Yunyang, who was used to the mechanical voice by now, had been mentally prepared for failure.

After all, it was impossible for him to execute a punch that could shatter a star without using Origin Source Laws.

He had used 300 points during each test and a total of 1,200 points for all four tests. He had then failed the tests, so 1,000 points had been deducted each time and 4,000 points had been deducted in total.

This meant that Luo Yunyang had lost over 5,000 points in total during this cultivation period.

Although 5,000 points was a small sum compared to one million points, this was just the beginning.

“Cultivator, your results during the fourth test were very poor. Based on my analysis, I suggest that you focus on your telekinetic power.” The mechanical voice was heard again.

This meant that, after analyzing all his tests, the machine had decided that cultivating his telekinetic ability showed more potential than anything else.

Focusing on one aspect seemed like a good use of his one million accumulated points.

However, after thinking this through, Luo Yunyang started to believe that this was no good.

Although this sort of cultivation would be good at first, it would be hard for him to make use of the advantage of his attribute regulator later on.

Luo Yunyang believed that the cultivation would only get tougher as it progressed. Thus, he would also receive fewer points as a result.

This cultivating opportunity would end when all his one million accumulated points were used up.

Hence, even though this type of cultivation method would be quite beneficial, it was still far from what Luo Yunyang intended to do.

The more he experienced the might of the Extreme Mysterious Realm, the more strongly he felt about the boundlessness of martial cultivation. Thus, Luo Yunyang was unwilling to give up on an opportunity that was right in front of him.

Although his cultivation rate would be slow if four different forces were cultivated at the same time, with every improvement, the chances of him escaping danger by using his attribute regulator would increase.

Hence, Luo Yunyang replied resolutely, “I’ve decided to cultivate the four of them at the same time!”

The mechanical voice didn’t respond after hearing his decision. It seemed as if the machine was shocked.

After what seemed like a long time, the mechanical voice said, “Warning! Warning! Warning! Beginner 3,654,215, you have made a very, very wrong decision. This is very, very, very dangerous”

“I strictly advise you against this decision and hope that you will retract it. It would not benefit you. Although it would improve your capabilities, you could also end up wasting all your previous efforts and failing!”

“Out of countless cultivators, only elite geniuses have been able to pick two types to cultivate. Their genetics were better and stronger than yours by 100 times, and their constitution was 1,000 times more powerful. Their cultivation base was also better by”

A string of advice came pouring out of the machine’s speaker. The intelligent system behind the beginner cultivation zone was obviously very worked-up.

“What if I insist?” Luo Yunyang, who had made his decision, naturally wouldn’t change his mind just because of some advice.

After hearing his question, the mechanical voice became cold and indifferent. “Based on my scope of authority, I can only advise you. However, I sincerely hope that you will reconsider.”

“You only have one million accumulated points. Given your constitution, if you choose telekinesis, you will be able to reach the 10th stage of the first level. However, if you go ahead with your decision, you will only be able to reach the third stage of the first level of all four types of cultivation, maybe not even that.”

“It’s better to secure one thing than to lose everything. I hope that you will seriously reconsider!”

Luo Yunyang felt the machine’s intelligence becoming more and more human-like.

“I know what I’m doing. I think that no cultivator should be tied to a tree. We should explore our surroundings! He he Therefore, I’ll stick to my decision! However, I truly appreciate your suggestion!”

After listening to Luo Yunyang’s mischievous, unrepentant reply, the machine said reluctantly, “Beginner 3,654,215, I feel sorry for the decision you have made. However, my settings give me no choice but to respect it.”

“I am going to give you the opportunity to amend your decision within 30 days. You can find me at any time if you change your mind.”

Luo Yunyang smiled but didn’t say anything else.

“Beginner 3,654,215, your body has reached its limits after these rounds of cultivation. You can choose to recover from this fatigue by using the nutritional fluid pool. Its price is 100 points! The nutritional fluid is able to alleviate your fatigue and absorb nutritious matter to increase your cultivation base. I would advise you to use it.”

Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before he eventually agreed.

He would consume the nutritional fluid in the same pool. However, he felt that his absorption rate had increased compared to the previous time.

Both his body and mind relaxed as soon as he started soaking in that nutritional fluid pool.

It would be great if this was free.

Power: 180 (Fire: 152)

Mind: 47

Speed: 68

Constitution: 77

Origin Source Laws: 252 (Wind: 63, Earth: 61, Fire: 66, Water: 64)

After soaking himself in the nutritional fluid pool and spending 100 hours cultivating along with his nutritional fluid bath, Luo Yunyang activated his attribute regulator and realized that all his attributes had increased slightly.

His Power Attribute had experienced the biggest increase.

Cultivation, cultivation, cultivation!

Luo Yunyang, who had made his decision, was not concerned about anything else. He just traveled back and forth between the four cultivation rooms. Whenever he reached his limits in one of the rooms, he would enter another.

Failure, failure, failure!

After failing over and over, his points started diminishing more and more.

990,000, 980,000, 970,000

Although the speed at which his points dwindled was very fast, Luo Yunyang’s progress was also evident. This progress gave him the ability to manipulate the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle’s flying needles better, allowed him to stay longer in the gravity room, and

“It’s been a month, Beginner 3,654,215. You have broken a record. You’ve spent the longest time ever in the first stage. Now, you can still amend your decision if you want to. I think that you should take my advice!” the mechanical voice said patiently.

Luo Yunyang had gradually started to experience the benefits of his decision as his four attributes improved. Why would he change his decision now?

“He he No worries, no worries. It doesn’t matter if I made the wrong decision. We learn from our mistakes!”

Despite the numerous warnings of the machine, Luo Yunyang remained unmoved, smiling in a very teasing manner.

Once again, the machine went silent.