Supreme Uprising Chapter 458

Chapter 458 The Honorary Emperor

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180 years later, Luo Yunyang’s body flashed with gleams of golden light in the Godly Extermination Palace. These golden lights that were shining on Luo Yunyang made him look like a celestial being clad in golden armor.

Opposite Luo Yunyang stood a creature of similar size. However, the creature’s body was wrapped in thick five-colored scales and three horns were protruding from its head.

This was a familiar sight for Luo Yunyang!

The creature was a member of the Divine Incarcerated Race!

Divine Incarcerated Beings were widely used in the Godly Extermination Palace’s training. Their race also invoked a deep hatred within Luo Yunyang’s bloodline. Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know anything about the origin of the Divine Incarcerated Race, this situation was similar to the one he had experienced with the Mysterious Underworld Race. When he first saw this race, deep, immense hatred welled from the bottom of his heart.

It was an unforgettable, indelible kind of hatred.

As the creature covered in five colored-scales appeared, Luo Yunyang, who had already adjusted his attributes to the maximum, clashed with it.

Although this was a virtual platform, the collision felt like two massive stars smashing in the void.


An earth-shaking sound reverberated throughout the void. The massive Divine Incarcerated Being’s eyes were full of doubt and disbelief. However, in the end, it was still turned into ashes.

“Beginner 3,654,215, you have defeated the Godly Extermination Palace’s level-13 Emperor-Grade Divine Incarcerated Being. 100 million points have been awarded!” the mechanical voice said clearly in Luo Yunyang’s ears.

Emperor-Grade Divine Incarcerated Being? Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed with faint excitement!

During the past 30 years, Luo Yunyang had defeated the level-nine beings in the Mysterious Underworld Platform, the Galaxy Temple, the Godly Extermination Palace and the Desolate Heavenly Path.

This cultivation had helped him improve tremendously both his physical and mental attributes.

However, the level-nine Emperor-Grade Divine Incarcerated Being in the Godly Extermination Palace was like an unscalable mountain that hindered his progress.

In the end, after years of hard work, Luo Yunyang managed to defeat the Emperor-Grade Divine Incarcerated Being with the help of his attribute regulator.

He had finally succeeded!

“Beginner 3,654,215, you’ve completed all the courses of the beginner cultivation zone and cleared the challenges of the Galaxy Temple, the Mysterious Underworld Platform, the Godly Extermination Palace and the Desolate Heavenly Path with flying colors. You have been rewarded with 10 billion points!”

“Based on your performance, you are eligible to proceed to the intermediate cultivation zone! Thanks to your accumulated points, you have successfully earned the best reward in the beginner cultivation zone!”

“Beginner 3,654,215, you will now be receiving the human race’s honorary emperor title. Please remain modest, continue cultivating until you reach the apex and keep contributing to the continuation of the human race!”

“You’re already an honorary emperor. Thus, effective today, you’ll have the highest scope of authority in the entire training system!” the mechanical voice said in Luo Yunyang’s ears, stunning him completely.

Highest scope of authority? What was all this about?

As Luo Yunyang’s thoughts were in turmoil, he heard the mechanical voice speak again. “Respected Honorary Emperor, the training system has recognized you as the master. Do you accept this?”

How could he disagree? Luo Yunyang had put his thoughts into his cultivation ever since he had entered the Extreme Mysterious Realm. As his cultivation had improved, he had started deeply respecting the step-by-step training provided by the system.

In the beginner cultivation zone, every stage of cultivation contained a set of movement and breathing techniques. Although these techniques did not have names, they had been extremely invaluable to Luo Yunyang’s cultivation during all these years.

During his past cultivation, Power had been Power and Origin Source Laws had been just Origin Source Laws.

However, thanks to the step-by-step training provided, Luo Yunyang had realized that both offense and defense could be incorporated into Origin Source Laws.

This knowledge alone had far surpassed what he had been taught in the Nine Paths.

Of course, based on Luo Yunyang’s intuition, if the Nine Sky Books were combined into one, that book would surpass this knowledge as well.

Power: 830 (Fire: 800)

Mind: 765

Speed: 763

Constitution: 768

Origin Source Laws: 1,002 (Wind: 243, Earth: 251, Fire: 273, Water: 207)

His attributes had increased tremendously ever since he had first arrived there.

At first, Luo Yunyang had estimated that he would need to be at least at the Nebula-Grade for his Power Attribute to reach the golden figure of 800 points.

However, although he was only at the peak Star-Grade now, his Power Attribute had already reached 800 points.

When Luo Yunyang had ascended to the Star-Grade boundary by using the Fundamental Source, his Power Attribute had only been like an ordinary martialist’s. He had actually only had a single-digit Power!

In comparison, his current Power was worth the Power of over 800 Star-Grade entities.

His Mind, Speed and Constitution Attributes had also increased like lightning, while the four cultivation methods had also vastly improved his Origin Source Law Attributes.

Some top-notch powerhouses believed that the comprehension of Origin Source Laws was not a daily affair. Any occasional occurrence could also improve the comprehension of Origin Source Laws.

In the past, Luo Yunyang had always doubted this saying. However, he now firmly believed in it.

During his cultivation, he had never cultivated any Origin Source Laws. Still, through the cultivation of his Power, Constitution and Mind, he had been able to comprehend a lot of things that he’d had trouble with in the past.

As a result, Luo Yunyang’s strength had improved more than a hundredfold!

“Respected Honorary Emperor, you have acquired the highest authority at this training facility. Is there anything you need?” The mechanical voice interrupted Luo Yunyang’s train of thought.

A mischievous idea popped into Luo Yunyang’s mind when he heard the voice. The corner of his mouth rose slightly into a smirk as he said, “I’m someone that likes to experience new things. I’m sick of your voice. Can you change into a different one?”

“Alright. May I know what type of voice you prefer, my Respected Honorary Emperor? You have the following optionstender and gentle like water; outspoken and straightforward; mature and charming; sweet and pleasant”

Luo Yunyang felt a little dizzy while listening to his options. They were indeed plentiful!

Although his memory was incomparably good, he was still stunned by the countless choices he had to make at the moment. Meanwhile, he was cursing silently the designer of this training facility. Damn! What a brilliant design!

“I’ll pick the first one then!” Luo Yunyang made a random decision.

“Okay, my Respected Honorary Emperor. It’s a pleasure to be at your service. If you have any other requests, please feel free to approach me,” a soothing, gentle voice said in Luo Yunyang’s ears.

Luo Yunyang breathed a big sigh of relief when he heard this. His head had gotten heavy after hearing that mechanical voice for so many years. At last, he didn’t need to listen to that piercing voice anymore.

“Where is my reward?” The first thing that came into Luo Yunyang’s mind was the reward that the system had mentioned.

“Respect Honorary Emperor, this is a reward that no one has received ever since the start of the beginner cultivation zone.”

“Although the human race is not inferior to clans like the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Divine Incarcerate Race, it’s unheard of for us to be better than them in terms of cultivation. This shows that the basic cultivation techniques left by the four Supreme Saints are undoubtedly correct.”

Luo Yunyang felt like the gentle voice was whispering in his ear. As he listened to these compliments, he sighed to himself. This had happened because of his attribute regulator, not because of the cultivation techniques left by the four Supreme Saints.

If he hadn’t managed to earn so many points with the aid of his attribute regulator, he wouldn’t have completed all the courses.

“Oh, wait! What’s the name of the cultivation techniques left by the four Supreme Saints?” Luo Yunyang was pretty curious about this.

When he had only been a beginner, the intelligent system that controlled the entire training facility hadn’t treated him very friendly. Now, he could ask anything he wanted, as he had already become the master of the training facility.

“What’s its name? It should be the Basic Potential Cultivation Technique!” the system replied after pondering the question for a moment.

What a boring name for such an impressive technique! Although Luo Yunyang wanted to criticize this choice, his urge to ask if there were any follow-up techniques was more important.

“Respected Honorary Emperor, the purpose of the four cultivation techniques is to improve the potential of your Power, Mind, Speed and Constitution. You will enjoy huge benefits if you continue to cultivate. What follows is the advanced cultivation zone. I do not know anything about it.”

This answer was basically a non-answer. Although he felt like cursing, Luo Yunyang eventually decided not to push this right now.

He wanted to see what this reward that had never been received by anyone else was. According to the system, it should be something extraordinary.

“Give me the reward!”

“Sorry, my Respected Honorary Emperor. You can only retrieve your reward by entering the treasury. Please follow me!” A rainbow-colored passage suddenly appeared in the purple-gold room.

When Luo Yunyang stepped onto the passage, he felt the lights before him flashing. It seemed like the purple-gold cultivation room around him had disappeared without a trace.

This didn’t feel very good. Luo Yunyang couldn’t feel anything. His surroundings had turned pitch-black.