Supreme Uprising Chapter 459

Chapter 459 The Chaotic Four Origin Bead

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This was a void!

The space was very small, almost three feet wide. Meanwhile, the surrounding atmosphere made Luo Yunyang feel that it was exceptionally stable.

At least it didn’t seem like it was going to be shattered by spatial turbulence.

The fact that the reward had been placed in such a space made Luo Yunyang’s expectations grow.

Although he was not ignorant, the way the treasure was stored had certainly surprised him. After all, the huge tower was already very sturdy. However, storing the treasure in a separate void would make it even more secure.

Actually, if he had not met the requirements to receive this reward, the intelligent system that controlled the beginner cultivation zone would also have had trouble obtaining the treasure.

What exactly was it?

As Luo Yunyang looked at the small space, he quickly found his target. A bead the size of a small thumb was floating in the void.

The bead wasn’t very eye-catching and it exuded no aura. However, Luo Yunyang could feel a really mysterious sensation contained within it.

Although he walked over to the bead quickly and grabbed it with his hands, there was no reaction from the bead at all.

As soon as he got hold of it, a flood of information entered Luo Yunyang’s mind!

“This is a Chaotic Four-Origin Bead!”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed. According to the information transmitted into his head, the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead wasn’t really a bead. It was an origin source that belonged to a certain type of top-tier beast that existed in the universe.

The people that had left the bead had been indeed the four Supreme Saints. The Chaotic Four-Origin Bead had been obtained by the four Supreme Saints accidentally when they’d come across a wounded Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. After joining forces to kill the most high-ranking dire beast in the whole universe, they had acquired this bead.

According to the information left behind by them, not only did Chaotic Four-Origin dire beasts possess exceptional combat abilities, but they also possessed a range of mystical powers.

This could actually be considered the most valuable treasure for external incarnation cultivation. However, it had been useless to the four Supreme Saints considering their cultivation base.

Hence, after their research, they had decided to use the Four-Origin Chaotic Hole Pearl as the biggest reward in the beginner cultivation zone, where it could only be attainable by achieving the best results.

There had never been someone like Luo Yunyang, who possessed an attribute regulator, in the countless years that the beginner cultivation zone had existed. Therefore, the bead had always remained in this small space.

Although it had taken Luo Yunyang only an instant to reach the small space, he was actually a long way from the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

It was the Supreme Saints’ method that had allowed Luo Yunyang to reach this spot.

Incorporating enough spiritual consciousness into the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead could make the bead recognize its owner and provide them with enough energy to produce a Chaotic Four-Origin dire beast.

As Luo Yunyang glanced at the grayish bead, he immediately sent a trace of his spiritual consciousness into the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead without hesitation.

According to the four Supreme Saints, the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead was priceless and the Chaotic Four-Origin dire beast that would be nurtured would have a natural Star-Grade cultivation. As long as it made sufficient effort to cultivate, its future achievements would be limitless.

Most importantly, the Chaotic Four-Origin dire beast would possess plenty of innate mystic techniques that were envied by a lot of other races.

However, there were very few Chaotic Four-Origin dire beasts in the universe. Hence, not many people were able to find one and use it as a doppelganger. Even the four Supreme Saints had only chanced upon an injured beast coincidentally.

When Luo Yunyang incorporated his spiritual consciousness into the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead, the bead, which had originally been in Luo Yunyang’s hands, appeared silently in his mind. What surprised Luo Yunyang was that he felt a life-form gestating within the bead!

Although the Chaotic Four-Origin dire beast was still developing, Luo Yunyang could already sense its aura.

This was a superb, ultimate treasure!

As Luo Yunyang was looking around the space for any other treasures that had been left behind, he suddenly felt a force spiraling around his body and bringing him back to the purple-gold cultivation room in an instant.

“Respected Honorary Emperor, are there any further instructions?” The gentle voice echoed around the room.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know when the dire beast was going to appear. Hence, after pondering this for a moment, he made a decision.

“Proceed to the advanced cultivation zone!”

“Your wish is my command!” As the mechanical voice spoke again in Luo Yunyang’s ears, a familiar energy shrouded his body and carried him away.

However, as the energy flooded his body for a while, Luo Yunyang realized that he was still in the purple-gold cultivation room.

At first, he thought that the beginner cultivation zone and the advanced cultivation zone looked similar, yet he slowly realized that something was wrong.

The most glaring evidence was the passage that Luo Yunyang had exited from, which was still in the same location.

“Refining systems, refining systems!” The gentle voice became mechanical once again.

One minute, two minutes

After half an hour, the gentle voice was heard again. “Respected Honorary Emperor, after a system scan, it was detected that the components that were supposed to be present are missing. This training facility is only able to open the beginner cultivation zone!”

Luo Yunyang had been feeling ambitious to improve even further as he approached the Nebula-Grade.

However, he had not expected that there would be a problem with the training facility.

“What is going on?” Luo Yunyang asked, sounding slightly peeved.

“Respected Honorary Emperor, after long self-inspection, the system realized that this training facility is only part of the elite human race training facility! There is some kind of corruption in the system’s memory that makes it impossible to extract a valid memory from the data. I am asking for your forgiveness, Respected Honorary Emperor.”

Luo Yunyang was dumbfounded. After experiencing the power of the training facility in the Extreme Mysterious Realm, he had never thought that he would only get to see a small portion.

The most important advanced levels couldn’t be activated. This made Luo Yunyang feel rather uncomfortable.

“Respect Honorary Emperor, the system is unable to assist you in your cultivation. If you wish to stay in the training facility, please remain in the beginner cultivation zone and make a choice. If you do not intend to proceed with your selection, please leave!”

“According to the human race’s decree, as the honorary emperor, you are required to assist the training facility in the search for the lost component.”

“Once the component is found, you will be able to activate the advanced cultivation zone and receive the higher-level training provided by the training facility! Is there anything else I may assist you with, Respected Honorary Emperor?”

Even though he felt a little disappointed, Luo Yunyang quickly accepted reality. After all, he had received plenty of benefits from the training facility.

His power was a good example. His current strength was no weaker than the Nebula-Grade and his general progress was something that ordinary Nebula-Grades couldn’t achieve.

It would be difficult for him to improve further if he remained here. Hence, Luo Yunyang decided to leave.

Based on his space-time calculations, he had spent 180 years in the training facility. Although he knew that the Bloody Massacre Path would definitely take great care of his family and he had left enough contributions points for Yunxi to exchange for the medication that would treat her injury, it had still been 180 years.

He also didn’t know how his sister, Luo Dong’er, or his family had been living for the past 180 years. Luo Yunyang felt his heart flood with warmth as he thought of his family.

Although his mother and sister’s cultivation was ordinary, he had left enough resources for them to live a long time.

“I’ve decided to leave for the time being. How will I get back here after leaving?” Luo Yunyang was reluctant to part ways with the training facility.

“You are the Honorary Emperor. You will be given a token that will allow you to return to the training facility whenever you want.”

Luo Yunyang heard the gentled voice in his ears again. “Because you are the Honorary Emperor, you also have the authority to erect three entry points in the outside world. Those points will allow you to return as well. Of course, your token will only allow you to return alone.”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. It was wonderful to be able to come and go freely. Besides, these three entry points gave Luo Yunyang some hope.

“When I made my way here, I lost plenty of weapons. Do you have any weapons or armor here?” Luo Yunyang asked just as he was about to leave.

Although the intelligent system was surprised by Luo Yunyang’s request, it didn’t dare say no. Instead, it explained, “There’s only the armor used during cultivation training and the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle. However, these are only used for cultivation training.”

“Aren’t I the Honorary Emperor? You shouldn’t be expecting any more cultivators anyway, right?”

Luo Yunyang, who was not satisfied with the intelligent system’s reply, cursed silently. He had the highest authority, so why negotiate when he could take what he wanted by force?

The gentle voice finally gave in to Luo Yunyang’s unyielding reply and a set of armor and a pair of Flaming Heavenly Shuttles appeared before Luo Yunyang.

Meanwhile, dense clouds gathered in the Da Alliance.

Countless half-naked, strong young men were tugging on a rope with a massive mountain-like statue tied to one end.

The statue was like a celestial being staring arrogantly in every direction.

A whip made from golden thread lashed viciously at a bulky man. The man, who was lying on the floor, fainted instantly.

“Hurry up and do your job, you lowly slaves!”