Supreme Uprising Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Five Elements Up High

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“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The young man, who had been beaten sore, had curled up like a boiled prawn and started shrieking in pain.

Strips of bloody scars kept appearing on his flesh as it was lacerated from the whipping. When the whip fell again, a piece of flesh came flying off and drifted along with the whip.

“Sir, he is young and ignorant. Sir, please be magnanimous. Just let him off this time!” a tanned young man said while kneeling and kowtowing.

Before the young man could finish speaking, the whip had already lashed out at him. A foot-long scar appeared on his face instantly.

A thuggish man wearing an unbuttoned shirt that revealed his chest hair glared with cold purple-red eyes.

“Cheap bastard! Where do you get this logic? So what if I whipped him a few times? I don’t care if he’s whipped to death!”

The thug, who was still pissed, kicked the man who was curled on the ground, eliciting a miserable scream from him.

“All of you are cheap slaves! You bastards are just slaves of the great Five-Element Sovereign. I can smack any one of you till you drop dead if I want to.”

The thuggish man, who looked a little tired after his fit of rage, pointed forward. “Goddamnit, keep a close eye on the progress for me! You better move at least 30 miles today! I will make sure that anyone that skives off dies a tragic death!”

As soon as he said this, he stomped heavily on the young man lying on the ground, instantly squashing him into human pulp.

Hooting laughter was heard repeatedly as everyone trembled in fear.

The silent memorial was held on a vacant plot of land at night. There were no offerings, just faces full of hatred and despair.

“He He was just a little slow” said a frail, helpless voice.

There was no response. Almost everyone was completely silent.

A whimpering sound reverberated around the big night sky, as if the sky was crying in their stead.

“The resistance army How is the resistance army?” someone said courageously at last.

There was still no response. However, when the resistance army was mentioned, everyone’s eyes lit up.

The resistance army was their only hope!

“The resistance army has been defeated. It’s It’s unclear if the Great General was able to escape,” said an honest young man. Although he only had one arm, his eyes were beaming with determination.

Everyone’s eyes quickly shifted onto him. He felt eyes full of anger, suspicion, and resentment

“You’re lying!’ someone blurted out, not caring if he was too loud.

“I have no need to lie. I was captured by them yesterday! Those pieces of trash from the Golden Dodder Race captured me,” the young man said hatefully.

“Was the Great General able to escape?” someone asked worriedly.

“He should be fine. The Great General has an exceptional cultivation base. Those ordinary pieces of trash from the Golden Dodder Race cannot catch him. I heard that speed is his specialty.”

Some people nodded their heads immediately, as if by nodding their heads they would help the Great General, who they had entrusted their hope with, escape.

Only the young man who had spoken was worried. When he had been captured, the Great General that he revered had already been injured.

The Great General’s injury had been very serious, while the cultivation base of the people who had attacked him wasn’t any lower than his.

“You You are from the Resistance Army? Can you tell us why people from the Golden Dodder Race are always bullying us around?” asked a skinny young man around 13 or 14 years old.

The honest young man hesitated for a moment before mumbling, “I can’t explain this clearly either. It seems like it’s because of a crime committed by an important individual.”

As soon as he said that, he pointed at the huge statue and said, “There! That is the important individual.”

The statue, which had been carved out of a mountain, depicted a familiar face. Many of the people present had been seeing that statue ever since their birth. Furthermore, countless people that were suffering like them were constantly dragging the statue forward by day and night.

They didn’t know where the statue had come from, or who it was, but they knew that it was the source of their misery.

“The Great General said that the Golden Dodder Race is able to humiliate us because we are weak!”

The honest young man’s words made many people ponder.

The young man didn’t speak again. Although he had complete faith in the Great General, at the moment, he felt a little desperate. The resistance army troops had been getting smaller by the day, while their enemies

“Black Band Thief! You cannot escape now! Surrender immediately! Our governor said that if you surrender, we will spare your life!” A cold voice was suddenly heard in the night sky.

There was surprise on the honest young man’s face when he heard the words Black Band Thief. He stood up abruptly, disregarding the danger that he was in.

Meanwhile, many more people turned their gazes in the direction of the voice.

Up in the night sky, dozens of light shadows flew straight in from a distance. Thanks to the illumination provided by these lights, a figure in black was seen desperately running forward.

Although the speed of the black figure was very fast, based on the way it flew, it seemed like the figure had been injured.

This had to be a really serious injury.

“It’s the Great General!” The honest young man wanted to fly away. However, before he could muster up any energy, immense pain filled his body, making him collapse like a puppet on the ground.

The source core within his dantian had already been destroyed, rendering him unable to muster up any power to fly into the sky.

“It’s impossible for both of us to exist together. Even if I were to perish today, the Da Alliance would avenge me and chase down all of you Golden Dodders!” a resolute voice said amid that dark, gloomy atmosphere.

It was the voice of a woman, which shocked a lot of people.

They had never thought that the revered Great General would actually be a woman!

“Well said, Black Band Thief. Do you believe what you just said, though? The might of our Golden Dodders could even turn an empire into dust! Besides, we are fulfilling the Great Five-Element Sovereign’s orders!” The man who had taken the lead stepped onto a disc that was flying in the air. He was fast and his words were confident.

Meanwhile, his subordinates surrounded the woman in black. Each of them had a disc under their feet. Their discs soon converged into a huge circle.

This circle was the famous weapon of the Golden Dodder Race called the Tianluo Ring!

According to the legend of the Golden Dodder Race, no one could escape after being encircled by the Tianluo Ring.

“The Five-Element Sovereign So what? Just wait! Once that person gets out of the sacred land, the Five-Element Sovereign will pay for everything!”

The man standing on top of the disc snorted and said coldly, “When that person gets out? Ha ha! You are really ignorant. Do you know what the record for the longest time spent in that sacred land is? Let me tell you It’s one damn year!”

“That person has already been gone 100 years. Do you realize that? 100 goddamn years!” Then, he added, “I heard that the flow of time there is different than it is here.”

“The scale is 1:1.8, which means that he has already spent 180 years there. Think about it. How could he still come out of that place?”

The woman’s face turned gloomy as she heard this. Although she knew what was being said, she just refused to accept the truth.

She didn’t want to accept that the person in question was dead. She didn’t want to lose hope.

However, she was now at the end of the line. She had nowhere else to go. The last bit of hope in her heart seemed on the verge of crumbling

All sorts of thoughts circulated in her mind. As she watched the slaves rounded up by that group of savages, her hopes dimmed.

“Kill!” the woman shrieked as she wielded the long blade in her hands and transformed into a streak of blade-light.

The blade, which was 10-feet long, contained her immense anger and fury.

As she unleashed the blade, the woman realized that this was the strongest move she had ever executed.

Unfortunately, it exhausted all the energy in her body.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” After a cold snort, the discs below the men’s feet began to transform into a wall of light about 100-feet tall.

Compared to that wall of light, the woman’s blade looked extremely insignificant.

She had no more strength or power to strike again. Instead, she pointed the blade at her own neck.

The eyes of the people watching the battle suddenly filled with shock, sadness, unwillingness and pain

Most of them were extremely frightened as they instinctively shut their eyes.

However, a finger suddenly rested on the long blade. When the finger was pulled back, a voice said, “Excuse me, is this the Da Alliance?”