Supreme Uprising Chapter 461

Chapter 461 A Clear Intention To Kill

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This person was asking for directions when he was about to die?

The lady in black could not believe her ears. She must have heard wrong. What sort of person would be asking for directions at this point in time?

However, the knife in her hand seemed as heavy as a mountain. It was almost impossible for her to wield it.

Although many thoughts went through her mind, she was too disheartened to process them. "This is no longer the Da Alliance," she said. "The Da Alliance no longer exists!"

Then, the lady took a closer look at the person asking for directions. He was not tall, and he was wearing black armor made out of an unknown material.

The armor looked thin, yet it gave one a sense of sturdiness and robustness.

The man was very good-looking, and his expression was relaxed. As she was looking at him, the lady felt a sense of familiarity.

She felt as though she had met him at some point somewhere else. However, she was unable to come up with any particular memory.

"The Da Alliance no longer exists? You mean that the Da Alliance dissolved on its own?" the man asked in bewilderment.

"You seem dubious. Who exactly are you?" asked one of the martialists from the Golden Dodder Race sternly.

The moment he spoke, an icy glare flickered through the eyes of the man in black.

Although he did not utter a word, in the blink of an eye, the member of the Golden Dodder Race that had been speaking stopped completely.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" he screamed, putting his head in both hands while rolling about in the sky. He seemed to be in great pain.

"You dare" The other Golden Dodder powerhouses wanted to react. However, before they could do so, a wave of boundless energy swept through them, making it hard for them to even breathe.

This force was so massive that they felt like the person standing in front of them was not a human, but a planet.

A giant, massive planet!


The martialist who was struggling frantically suddenly blew up in mid-air. Following his death, fury suddenly filled the entire void.

This fury spread far and wide in an instant.

Everyone trembled in fear in the face of such fury!

"The Five-Element Sovereign! Its the great Five-Element Sovereign!" said the black-armored man angrily.

The ladys expression changed from fear to surprise when she heard his words.

As the leader of the resistance movement, she knew full well that the Five-Element Sovereign was the main reason for the calamities that had befallen them.

However, she only felt fear and hatred for the god-like Five-Element Sovereign.

Although she did not want to admit defeat in front of the mighty Five-Element Sovereign, she simply felt helpless.

The man in the black armor had just shouted the name of the Five-Element Sovereign as though it was nothing.

At his furious roar, tens of thousands of individuals start to rise from the ground. These people were the martialists of the Golden Dodder Clan.

The devilish martialists of the Golden Dodder Race were struggling for their lives. However, it seemed as though a mighty invisible hand in the void was grabbing them and rendering them helpless.

"What are you? I am Suoluo from the Golden Dodder Race. Our race serves the Acute Metal Path. We" said a Star 1-Grade powerhouse. Before him, the resistance forces were nothing more than annoying mayflies.

He looked just like a deeply-entrenched, giant tree.

However, although his voice sounded intense, anyone listening would be able to point out the shakiness and fear in it.

Furthermore, he was also struggling to break free to no avail.

"I am Luo Yunyang!" said the man in the black armor.

Many of the younger fighters did not know what the significance behind this name was. However, the lady in black felt a ray of hope upon hearing his name.

Just before she had become the leader of the resistance force, when she had first entered the resistance, a legend had been going around. People had believed that one day, Luo Yunyang would return.

Who was Luo Yunyang? Nobody had ever told her. However, his name had slowly become a symbol for her.

"Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang!" the Star 1-Grade martialist of the Golden Dodder Race cried in disbelief. "Did Didnt you fall? Werent you supposed to fall in the sacred land of the human race? How can you still be alive? How were you able to return right now?" The martialist shook with fear as he spoke.

As he faced Luo Yunyang, he felt as though he was paying his respects to the Five-Element Sovereign. He felt absolutely powerless.

While Luo Yunyang glared at him, many thoughts and memories popped into his mind.

"I did not die, which means that all of you shall die today!" shouted Luo Yunyang furiously as the statue of the Five-Element Sovereign rose as high as the mountains and was turned to debris in mid-air.

When Luo Yunyang said the word die, every member of the Golden Dodder Race crumbled apart.

The Star 1-Grade powerhouse was the last to die, as his cultivation base allowed him to struggle futilely against Luo Yunyangs move for a moment longer.

"The sovereign isnt going to let you off. He has regained his cultivation base. He wont let you get away with this!" the Golden Dodder powerhouse shouted.

However, those were his last words before his body crumbled silently in the void.

The lady in black stared at the unbelievably strong man. She just couldnt believe that all of this was real.

However, what she had just witnessed told her that this was undeniably true. She just could not believe that someone as strong as a mountain was still alive.

"You are Luo Yunyang?" she asked, sounding slightly afraid.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the lady, who was breathing heavily in her black robes, before he nodded. "I am indeed Luo Yunyang."

"You" the lady seemed to have a lot to say to him. However, she couldnt find the right words at the moment.

"Watch over them well. I am leaving!" Luo Yunyangs consciousness had wrapped around the entire Da Alliance. Everything that had happened had been clearly etched in his mind.

"What are you going to do?" shouted the lady as Luo Yunyang rose into the air.

From her point of view, Luo Yunyang looked like a lamp that brightened her spirits and gave her hope during a desperate time.

Luo Yunyang looked her in the eye and said, "Kill someone!"

By the time his reply reached her ears, Luo Yunyang was already thousands of miles away. Although the lady had great eyesight and could see very far, Luo Yunyang had turned into a small black dot in an instant.

"Ha ha ha! The wretched Golden Dodder Race is finally dead. Ha ha ha! Brothers, revenge has finally been served! There is hope for us. We no longer have to go through such arduous days anymore. We can finally live!"

"Mother Mother, can you see this? Our tough days have come to an end!"

All sorts of cries, exclamations and shouts rose, forming a collective voice across the land.

The lady in black watched the euphoric crowd joyously. After letting out a deep sigh of relief, she moved quickly in the direction of the crowd.

After all, there were still many things she had to do. She did not want to disappoint the person who had entrusted her with this job.

As he flew higher, Luo Yunyang activated his Blood Crystal Spaceship. After getting on board, a slightly more peaceful expression formed on his face and his previous killing intent faded away.

The Five-Element Sovereign!

Luo Yunyang slowly recited this name. During his 100 years of cultivation, he never would have thought that the Five-Element Sovereign, who had once fought with him over the Extreme Mystic Token, would actually do such a thing.

If the Five-Element Sovereign couldnt take revenge on Luo Yunyang, he would seek revenge on his family. After Luo Yunyangs family had sought shelter with the Bloody Massacre Path, he had taken control of the Blue Rain Empire and rained calamities and chaos down on the Da Alliance.

Luo Yunyang started to fume as he watched the memories he had extracted from the members of the Golden Dodder Race.

Although his friends and family were sheltered by the Bloody Massacre Path and were already in range of the Blood Spirit Sky, Luo Yunyang felt a raging fire burn in his heart as he recalled those appalling, cruel images.

"Kill, kill, kill!" a voice kept saying in Luo Yunyangs heart. As these angry thoughts filled his brain, the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead that had been gestating in his mind started to churn furiously.

The Blood Crystal Spaceship was traveling at a great speed. Suddenly, a familiar voice said, "My beloved master, your humble servant Badebu is at your service."

When Badebu completed his sentence, Luo Yunyang felt as though he had traveled back in time to the moment Badebu had first joined him.

"Destination: Imperial City of the Blue Rain Empire!" Luo Yunyang ordered.

As soon as he gave this order, Badebus voice rang out in his ears.

"Respected master, you have an unread message!"

"My noble master, you have an unread message!"

"Master, you have an unread message!"

Badebus voice kept going on until there were about 10 voices speaking at the same time.

Luo Yunyang waited until Badebu had finally stopped reporting before saying, "Open them and go through the contents one by one."

His expression turned solemn as he gave this order.