Supreme Uprising Chapter 462

Chapter 462 A Clash Between The Strongest Rulers

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Stars of all shapes and sizes existed in vast galaxies!

Although a pure golden planet couldnt produce light, it was shimmering like the stars in the night sky just by reflecting light.

In the past, the Da Alliance would have considered this a treasure planet, as the raw metals on it were too precious.

Class-A Alloy could be forged by using the metals on this planet and be subsequently used to create higher-level weapons.

However, this planet was just hanging lifelessly in the void.

Actually, it was in a perpetual state of tranquility.

In the distance, a spaceship flew out of a space jump-node. Based on the direction of the spaceship, it seemed like it was heading straight towards the planet, even though it was still millions of miles away.

The interior of this splendid spaceship was incomparably luxurious. Three men in silver-white garments were sitting quietly next to the communication device.

"Theres no response from Master!" said a short, fat man who looked like a huge smiling flower in full bloom. His appearance was actually rather comical.

However, anyone who was familiar with this fat man knew that he wasnt someone easy to be around. Just 10 years ago, he had leveled a city to the ground because someone had badmouthed him.

The fat man had a peak Star-Grade cultivation base. Although the other two men had a similar Star-Grade cultivation, they still treated the fat man with great respect.

"Master is training in seclusion, so he cant pick up your call. I believe he is aware that we have arrived," said a Golden Dodder Clansman who had the characteristic eyes of the Golden Dodder Race. As he spoke, his eyes were beaming with the intent to please the fat man.

Although his cultivation was not much weaker than the fat mans, the Golden Dodder Clan was only a small tribe. Compared to the fat man, who was a beloved subordinate of the Five-Element Sovereign, the Golden Dodder Clan was too insignificant.

The fat man was pleased. Although he did not like the Golden Dodder Clan, he was still satisfied that this lad knew his own place.

"Yes, the Golden Dodder Clan must work extra hard on the Sin Planet. I heard that last year, there were more births than deaths there. This cannot be the case."

The fat man pointed his finger outwards and said nonchalantly, "Master doesnt want his enemies to live too comfortably! Whoever makes the enemy too comfortable is going against the masters will!"

The Golden Dodder Clansman scowled. He quickly wiped his smile as he pleaded, "Rest assured, sir. Ill inform them right away to pick up their pace! I will kill whoever dares be lazy!"

The fat man was undecided. Fortunately, the lad from the Golden Dodder Clan was quite sensible. He acted on command, and his attitude was worthy of recognition.

After carefully and cautiously coaxing the fat man with a few more words, the Golden Dodder Clansman asked politely, "Sir, when do you think everything thats happening on this planet will end?"

"How could it end? That person offended my Master and cost him an important opportunity. Even if that person dies, my Master still wont swallow this indignity!"

"Yes, absolutely!" The Golden Dodder Race Clansman and his partner hurriedly agreed with the fat man.

"My Master originally wanted to kill all the relatives of that person to wash away the hatred in his heart. However, the despicable Blood Space Ruler took them all to the Blood Spirit Sky, ruining my Masters mood."

The fat man smiled coldly. "The Blood Space Ruler must be regretting his actions by now. Not only has my Master fully recovered from his cultivation, but he has also improved. He is currently at the peak Nebula-Grade. Judging by my Masters talent, his fighting abilities must already be on par with the Rulers. I believe that it wont be long before the Rulers have to bow down before him!"

As the fat man was boasting proudly, the huge spaceship started to vibrate and the system said, "Warning! Magnetic interference!"

The fat mans expression was very calm. A peak Star-Grade entity like him wouldnt be affected even if the spaceship were to collapse. After all, his physical body was strong enough to traverse through space.

"Whats happening?" the fat man asked as the golden planet got larger and larger on the monitor until it suddenly started to explode.

As it started splitting apart, the planet began to crack and a five-colored ray of light shot out of its core, illuminating the sky.

As the golden treasure planet split into two, many people surged upwards along with a massive energy.

Suddenly, a figure flew out of the five-colored beam. Despite his small stature, massive energy erupted towards it.

As the energy shrouded the trio in the spaceship, they couldnt help but shiver in fear.

"Master, your subordinates would like to pay their respects!" The trio in the spaceship flew out and kowtowed without hesitation.

The Five-Element Sovereign, whose hair had already turned half-white, seemed to emanate a much stronger deadly, desolate aura.

He didnt care much about the three subordinates in front of him. "Have you brought everything?" he asked coldly without batting an eyelid.

"Sovereign, these are 100 years worth of offerings!" The fat man hurriedly removed the interspatial ring on his finger and offered it respectfully to the Five-Element Sovereign.

With a wave of the Five-Element Sovereigns hands, the interspatial ring flew over. When his spiritual consciousness spread over the ring, a smile appeared on his face.

The man immediately laughed hysterically and said, "Good! You did well. When I absorb the Five-Element Magnet, I will ascend to the Galaxy-Grade! By then, well see if that Blood Space Fogey will be able to stop me!"

The fat man trembled in fear as he watched the Five-Element Sovereign laugh maniacally. He felt like his master had become much crazier!

As he was deep in thought, the fat mans communication device suddenly started ringing, startling him.

He had personally watched the Five-Element Sovereign mercilessly annihilate a beloved subordinate just because his communication device had rung at the wrong time.

Why had such an unlucky thing happened to him of all people? The outcome was unimaginable.

"Answer it. What is the matter?" It was unclear whether the Five-Element Sovereign was in a good mood or not. However, there was a faint smile on his face.

Actually, the smirk on the Five-Element Sovereigns face frightened the fat man even more. His Master was an emotionless man. To be honest, he had never understood his Masters exact emotions before. As the fat man put the call through, he silently cursed the fella in charge of the Blue Rain Empire, who had called him.

The communication device was silent. Only a video was being projected. On the screen, a figure was zipping around like lightning. Anyone that came into contact with this figure was instantly butchered.

The person who had called the fat man was among the casualties.

Although that figure was near his comrade, the fat man was still unable to get a good look at the blurry silhouette.

In the midst of this chaos and confusion, the fat man realized that the figure seemed very familiar.

He must have seen it before.

Everyone died instantly without getting a chance to retaliate or even squeak.

Who was this? How did he possess such overwhelming strength?

The fat man was shaking. Although he looked down on his comrades, he knew very well that his cultivation wasnt that much higher than theirs.

If his comrades were to die in such a manner, his fate wouldnt differ much either.

The only possible outcome of such a battle would be death.

As the fat man started feeling worried that the scene unfolding on the screen would enrage his Master, he heard hysterical laughter beside him once again.

This laughter sounded like a devilish wail that terrified the fat man even more. He almost crouched down on the ground in fear.

"Luo Yunyang! Ha ha ha! Luo Yunyang! Youre still alive! You came back from the Extreme Mysterious Realm! Good! Who cares if you returned? You stole my opportunity! Now Ill make sure that you have nothing left!"

"Move, move! Move out! Were heading to the Blue Rain Empire through the passageway Ive created. Proceed to the space jump-node immediately! Now! Now!" the Five-Element Sovereign barked out before he immediately entered a spaceship that was still in motion.

The spaceship started blazing towards the jump-node. As soon as the Five-Element Sovereign settled down, the fat man said respectfully, "Well reach the Blue Rain Empire in just one hour through this space jump-node."

"Got it!"

As the Five-Element Sovereigns spaceship entered the jump-node, news of Luo Yunyangs return reached the Bloody Massacre Path.

"Luo Yunyang is back! He told the Blood Space Ruler that he massacred all the Acute Metal Path Disciples in the Blue Rain Empire!"

The news spread far and wide rapidly. Soon, everyone in the Blood Spirit Sky knew about this.

Along with the news of Luo Yunyangs return, the information that the Five-Element Sovereign was rushing towards the Blue Rain Empire was also scouted out by the Bloody Massacre Paths surveillance. The two men would be meeting head-on in just one hour!

Unless either one of them intentionally avoided this confrontation!

The news about Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign was like a torrential tsunami that rapidly swept across the Nine Paths. In the Meru Realm, a simulated location chart that included the position of both Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign had appeared.

On the bottom part of the front page was a row of bright-red words "Who shall be the crowned victor? This is a clash between the strongest rulers!"

The Nine Paths and the entire galaxy were over the moon!