Supreme Uprising Chapter 464

Chapter 464 A Sword River Of 1000 Streams Crushes A Blade Mountain

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“Quick, retreat!” the fat man who followed the Five-Element Sovereign yelled at his Golden Dodder Clan comrade.

The Golden Dodder Race Elite was also at the Star-Grade, so he was slightly annoyed by the fat man’s cautiousness. He was a beefy man with the guts of a small rodent!

They were still inside the spaceship, several hundred miles away from Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang shouldn’t be able to do anything to them, even if he was very strong!

“Do you think that I’m making a big fuss over nothing? I know what kind of sh*t you are up to! Damn you, you ungrateful b*stard! I wouldn’t give a damn about you if we weren’t in the same spaceship!”

The fat man, who got angry when he realized that his comrade was paying no attention to his instructions, slapped the Golden Dodder Clansman on the face.

The Golden Dodder Clansman, who felt humiliated and furious deep down, could only swallow his anger and explain hurriedly, “How could I dare question you, sir? I’m just”

As the Golden Dodder Clansman was speaking, the Five-Element Sovereign and Luo Yunyang took flight at the same time. Their killing intent immediately filled the atmosphere and shot up into the sky like an arrow!

“Die!” the Five-Element Sovereign shrieked. As he waved his long sword, a blade-light with a silver river trailing behind appeared in the void.

The silver river, which contained immeasurable strength that extended thousands of miles away, moved directly towards Luo Yunyang.

The river destroyed everything in its path. Even countless meteorites of different sizes were not spared. Instead, they disappeared when the river swept past them.

The Golden Dodder Elite was sweating by now. Although he wasn’t the target of the river, the power contained in the silver river was enough to make him shiver in fear.

He felt like an ant in the face of that immense, overwhelming river that emanated a powerful sword intent. If their spaceship had retreated any slower, they would have been sliced into two along with the spaceship.

As he sweated profusely, he now looked at the fat man with much more respect.

Earlier, he had been silently cursing the fat man. However, it now seemed like the fat man’s rude warning had somehow saved his life.

Unfortunately, as he unconsciously turned to look at the fat man, he discovered that the ever-proud, boastful fat man was sweating buckets just like he was.

Although the fat man realized that the Golden Dodder Elite was watching him, he didn’t bother hiding the awkwardness he felt. He had just experienced a brush with death, so he couldn’t care less about losing face!

At the moment, he was watching Luo Yunyang. The fat man had complete faith in the Five-Element Sovereign, who had not only recovered from his injuries, but also improved. However, he expected a lot from Luo Yunyang as well.

Luo Yunyang wouldn’t fall with just a single move from his master.

Although he didn’t know why he thought this way, this was indeed what was going through his mind.

Luo Yunyang watched the surging sword river coldly. As it crashed towards him from above, it looked both long and wide.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t been to the Extreme Mysterious Realm, his best plan would have been to use his speed to try and escape as far away as possible.

If he had not cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path or comprehended the thousands of secret techniques created by the geniuses of the Nine Paths, he would have had no chance of surviving this silver path of death.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang did not evade the sword or hide. He didn’t even use his Great Chaotic Hole Path. In an instant, the long blade in his hand moved and thousands of wind-based mystic techniques were executed.

A green mountain of blade-light appeared in front of Luo Yunyang and collided with the silver river.

The mountain and the sword-light river were made of Metal and Wind, two original sources!

After that devastating clash, the star below Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign began to crack. In a second, a crevice thousands of feet deep appeared, revealing the core of the star.

It felt like the planet was about to split into two at any moment.

“The Five-Element Sovereign is really crazy! Even a Nebula-Grade entity would find it difficult to form a river with just a sword technique!”

“Luo Yunyang is very strong too! That green-blade mountain isn’t any less impressive than the sword-river!”

“Yeah, back when the two of them had been competing for the Extreme Mystery Token, Luo Yunyang had felt a little inferior. However, it now seems like they are equally matched!”

“Looks like Luo Yunyang has already become a Nebula-Grade powerhouse!”

“If he advanced to the Nebula-Grade in just 100 odd years, he must be a genius!”

“If only I could enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm. Who knows, perhaps I could become a ruler-level powerhouse too! Imagine if the Five-Element Sovereign”

Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign’s communications devices allowed the virtual realms to broadcast the battle between them in real time.

Naturally, the people who were able to watch the battle were all at least Star-Grade elite martialists. They also had to pay a fee to watch.

The virtual realms controlled by the Nine Paths were much more overbearing than normal.

Almost everyone in the Blood Spirit Sky clenched their fists tightly when they saw the trail of the sword-river approaching Luo Yunyang.

Yang Shang and the other blood disciples were very nervous. They actually even looked a little sad. When the Five-Element Sovereign’s cultivation base had regressed after being self-severed, some of them had considered overtaking the weak Five-Element Sovereign during their cultivation journey.

However, the Five-Element Sovereign’s display of power blew them away and made them feel very depressed.

When Luo Yunyang’s blade mountain appeared, they let out a sigh of relief. In their opinion, this wasn’t just Luo Yunyang’s victory, but also theirs.

“Ha ha! What a great blade mountain, Luo Yunyang! Seems like the time you spent in the Extreme Mysterious Realm was worth it!”

“However, if you only have small tricks like this up your sleeve, the Extreme Mysterious Token was wasted on you!” The Five-Element Sovereign’s eyes turned bloodshot. “It should have been mine! It should be mine!”

“You You stole it from me! You took away my opportunity! Now, go to hell!” the Five-Element Sovereign roared hysterically as he swung the long sword in his hand once again, unleashing five different sword-lights that expanded as they traversed through the void.

They were red, green, yellow, black, and white!

The five sword-lights transformed into five trails of sword-river and scattered in five different directions. However, as they descended, they had the same targetLuo Yunyang!

While the five trails flashed through the void, waves of vast sword intent sealed the endless void momentarily.

The moment the five trails of sword-river appeared, the audience became solemn. Even ruler-level powerhouses grimaced as they watched the Five-Element Sovereign.

Each and every trail of sword-river controlled by the Five-Element Sovereign was comparable to a top-notch Nebula-Grade attack. Meanwhile, the power of the sword-river was complemented by the five sword-lights, thus doubling its offensive capabilities.

It could be said that, at the moment, the five-colored sword-lights had increased their attacking strength several times.

Even ruler-level entities would have to face this attack head-on if they had to deal with this river of sword-light.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up as he stood beneath the overhanging sword-river.

He suddenly moved the blade in his hand, using all the mystic techniques that he had mastered.

Green blade-light, yellow blade-light, red blade-light, black blade-light

Four blade-lights converged to form a blade-mountain four times larger than the previous one. This mountain shrouded Luo Yunyang’s head.

When the surging sword-river collided madly with the blade-light, the boundless energy of the blade and the sword-lights instantly filled the entire void.

A blade-light that was deflected during the collision landed on a small moon at least 1,000 miles away, shattering it instantly.

The countless meteorites orbiting around the nameless planet were shattered during this collision, while the nameless planet looked as though it had suffered an incredibly devastating assault. Its surface was littered with thousands of craters and potholes.

There was a massive gorge, a mountain penetrated by the sword and blade-lights, and a mountain peak that had been completely flattened.

Everyone watching the battle had no doubt that if Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign wanted to, they could thoroughly destroy that nameless planet in an instant.

The blade-light and the sword-light continued to clash as voices discussed this battle in the various virtual realms.

“At first, I had been doubtful when the Meru Realm had claimed that this was going to be a battle between the strongest entities below the rulers. However, I’m completely convinced now. Damn it, what a display of might and power!”

“The Five-Element Sovereign is indeed the strongest person at the Nebula-Grade. Those five sword-lights are devastating! I’m also at the Nebula-Grade, but if I had to face that sword-river, I would not be able to parry a single one.”

“Luo Yunyang’s blade-mountain is equally amazing. It seems like the two of them are the strongest geniuses among the human race.”

“Unfortunately, ice and fire cannot coexist!”

All sorts of comments flooded the Meru Realm as the blade-light and the sword-light clashed for 10 more minutes before dissipating.

The Five-Element Sovereign was now the epitome of calmness. He stared at Luo Yunyang arrogantly, full of self-confidence.

“Seems like you did learn something in the Extreme Mysterious Realm. But so what? Today, I’ll let you have a taste of my true power!” As he spoke, a five-colored staff appeared in the Five-Element Sovereign’s hands.

Although the staff was very small, as he held it in his hands, a suffocating, pulverizing aura emanated from his body.

This image stupefied all the spectators, who suddenly realized that the Five-Element Sovereign was going to execute his ultimate move.

Everything that had happened so far had only been a warm-up!