Supreme Uprising Chapter 465

Chapter 465 The Five Element Annihilation Beam

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In the Acute Metal Path’s virtual realm, every elite disciple had widened their eyes in astonishment. Although they were fully confident in the Five-Element Sovereign, they were still shaken by his performance.

The Five-Element Sovereign still had more tricks up his sleeves!

The sword river formed by the sword-light had stunned and terrified some of them.

They couldn’t believe that a Nebula-Grade martialist could be so overwhelming. Of course, Luo Yunyang’s blade mountain was equally astonishing.

In their opinion, these two men were like unassailable mountains. However, they had never expected that the Five-Element Sovereign would discard the sword in his hand.

This was a warm-up. The surging sword river that could destroy a planet was nothing but a warm-up.

How could that be?

“The Five-Element Sovereign is indeed the greatest genius the Acute Metal Path has produced in 100 years. From the start of his cultivation until he reached the Nebula-Grade, he has always been unequaled and unrivaled.”

“He self-severed his cultivation in order to obtain the Extreme Mysterious Token. However, not only has he now regained his previous cultivation, but it seems like he has even improved! Isn’t he a perfect role model for us?”

The disciples that worshipped and adored the Five-Element Sovereign chanted their slogan while waving their hands in unison. “The Sovereign will reign, Luo Yunyang will fight in vain!”

“The Sovereign will reign, Luo Yunyang will fight in vain!”

In a moment, the slogan was already resonating throughout the entire Acute Metal Path’s virtual realm.

Although they were in the same virtual realm, the rulers from the Acute Metal Path were able to see their own disciples’ actions through the monitor.

“This bunch of kids must have gone crazy!” Although the Intense Metal Ruler’s eyes were on the virtual monitor, his mind was focused on the group of young disciples.

Even though the Five-Element Sovereign was important, these young disciples couldn’t be ignored either. Youth was a form of capital. If the Acute Metal Path didn’t have this group of youngsters, it would have no future.

The Acute Metal Path Master smiled and said, “It wouldn’t be bad to let the Five-Element Sovereign spur them on. It would be just like lighting up a candle to illuminate one’s surroundings!”

“Path Master, when you first decided to assist the Five-Element Sovereign in recovering from his injuries, I disagreed,” the Intense Metal Ruler said, as though he was criticizing himself. “Now, it seems like I’m the one with a myopic view! Your way of thinking is very forward indeed! What a brilliant plan!”

The Intense Metal Ruler was infamous for his unyielding, unbending nature in the Acute Metal Path. Therefore, admitting his mistake was no easy feat.

The Acute Metal Path Master felt very good. After listening to the Intense Metal Ruler’s words, a smile crept onto his face. However, that smile lasted for only a second before it was wiped away.

The Acute Metal Path Master said, “Okay, stop praising me. I just thought that if someone was willing to force themselves into such dire states, they must have enough courage and abilities to grab hold of all the opportunities available in order to rebound and recover from a seemingly impossible situation! The Five-Element Sovereign didn’t get here just based on his talent. His willpower and ability to comprehend also played a big role.”

“Back when he self-severed his cultivation, I had already decided that, even if he failed to obtain that token, I wouldn’t ever give up on such a talented individual!””

The Acute Metal Path Master’s eyes were serious as he spoke.

Luo Yunyang, who had been wielding his long blade, suddenly sheathed it.

In a split second, a shuttle-like weapon appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hand. “He he… I was just fooling around with you!” he said cheekily.

When Luo Yunyang sheathed his blade, various elites of the Acute Metal Path were shocked.

Although the Five-Element Sovereign had some more cards up his sleeves, Luo Yunyang, whose blade-mountain was already amazing, had also withheld his true strength.

How could that be?

“How can this be? Both of them are disgusting!” Ke Linqi blurted in the Fiery Sun Path’s virtual realm.

Just moments ago, Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign’s blade-mountain and sword-river had made them feel depressed. However, the Five-Element Sovereign wasn’t the only one who had reserved his strength. Luo Yunyang had been doing the same.

It seemed like the gap between Ke Linqi and those two had already reached an insurmountable point.

Meanwhile, all the martialists of the Fiery Sun Path had ugly looks on their faces. Those of them who had been to the Bloody Massacre Path before were holding their breath, afraid that any form of carelessness would bring about disaster.

They felt like puny flies staring at a majestic dragon.

“Ha ha ha! I knew it! I knew you were a telekinesis master and a Great Chaotic Hole Path Expert!” The Five-Element Sovereign stared at the small shuttle in Luo Yunyang’s hand as he roared with hysterical laughter.

Meanwhile, a jet-black ring appeared in his hand.

“This Myriad Convergence Ring is your most valuable treasure. Do you want me to return it to you? It’s your best weapon after all!”

He had the Myriad Convergence Ring?

Back when Luo Yunyang had fought against the Five-Element Sovereign over the Extreme Mystic Token, the Myriad Convergence Ring had fallen into the Five-Element Sovereign’s hands along with Luo Yunyang’s severed arm.

If the best way to attack someone personally was to humiliate them, then the Myriad Convergence Ring in the Five-Element Sovereign’s hands was undoubtedly Luo Yunyang’s biggest humiliation. What the Five-Element Sovereign wanted to do most was cut the crap and humiliate Luo Yunyang directly.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t too bothered that his Myriad Convergence Ring was in the hands of the Five-Element Sovereign. All the years he had spent training in the Extreme Mysterious Realm had made his mind cultivation exceptional.

“You can have it! It has already successfully fulfilled its mission by sending me to the Extreme Mysterious Realm.”

When he mentioned the Extreme Mysterious Realm, the Five-Element Sovereign’s expression became ugly again.

The Extreme Mysterious Realm was a painful memory that lingered unwaveringly deep in his heart.

“Still talking big when you’re about to die, I see! Are you hoping that the Bloody Massacre Path will rescue you? They won’t make it in time! Now, have a taste of my Five-Element Annihilation Beam!” The Five-Element Sovereign waved his staff as he spoke, causing a five-colored ray of light to shoot directly towards Luo Yunyang.

Although the ray of light was extremely thin, as it wavered, it transformed into 10, 100, 1,000 rays…

Countless light rays shrouded the void, encompassing everything in an instant.

The planet, which had originally been badly damaged by the blade and sword-lights, was decimated as soon as it came into contact with those five-colored rays of light.

“The powers of the five elements can complement and oppose one another. Once they converge into light, the power produced is amplified multi-fold.” The formerly calm Bloody Massacre Path Master now appeared slightly concerned.

He would definitely have found a way to deal with this if he had been there. What would Luo Yunyang do, though?

Although he knew that Luo Yunyang must have improved a lot in the Extreme Mysterious Realm, the seemingly overwhelming Five-Element Annihilation Beam still made him feel uncomfortable. He would inevitably have nowhere to hide!

By the time the Bloody Massacre Path Master spoke, the overwhelming Five-Element Beam was already blazing towards Luo Yunyang.

Suddenly, a tiny chaotic hole started to appear from Luo Yunyang’s back. As he stood in front of the chaotic hole, Luo Yunyang didn’t seem very concerned about the impending Annihilation Beam. He obviously had no intention of dodging it.

He didn’t even intend to make a move.

As the seemingly endless ray of five-element light was surging towards Luo Yunyang, it was devoured by the layers of the chaotic hole.

Although the chaotic hole that had appeared behind Luo Yunyang was very small, it had already reached the eighth layer. This was also the strongest state that the person who had designed the Myriad Convergence Ring had reached.

The Five-Element Sovereign, who was unfazed by Luo Yunyang’s chaotic hole, snorted and waved his staff. The light rays, which had at first spread far and wide, suddenly converged.

As they did, the void and everything else in it seemed to freeze in time.

“Ah! Why does it feel like I’m unable to move?” a woman from the Autumn Water Path who had been spectating the battle said in surprise.

This was a very strange feeling. It was so strange that she didn’t know what to do about it.

While the woman was talking, a number of her friends around her shared the same sentiment.

They all turned to look at Qin Shuirou, who was sitting in a corner. They believed that only Qin Shuirou might be able to solve the mystery of this strange sensation they were experiencing.

Although Qin Shuirou was silent, there was a strange look in her eyes. The Five-Element Annihilation Beam alone was very strong. However, when it converged, it even managed to suppress the flow of time.

It seemed like the power of the beam had increased tenfold.

“Interesting… However, I’m not afraid of this!” Luo Yunyang’s hands moved quickly as he spoke. Meanwhile, the needles of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle quickly transformed into the ninth, tenth, and eventually the eighteenth chaotic hole!

The 18 rotating chaotic holes turned the area behind Luo Yunyang into a pitch-black mass. The five-colored elemental beam of light seemed to freeze in the void because of the chaotic holes.

“Is this the sort of power Nebula-Grade entities like us are supposed to have?” a Nebula-Grade martialist asked with a sigh.

Even a ruler-level martialist would find facing these two men unimaginable. Some rulers even looked a little worried.

They were worried indeed! They were concerned about Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign. Although the two of them did not pose much of a threat to them right now, once they reached the Nebula-Grade, they would be unstoppable.

While the Blood Space Ruler and the Blood Thunder Ruler were rushing towards the battle scene, they were still able to get updates on the situation through their communication devices.

“Seems like we don’t have to rush. They currently appear to be in a deadlock,” the Blood Thunder Ruler said as he watched the display on his communication device. “Luo Yunyang seems to have undergone a massive transformation!”

As the Blood Space Ruler nodded his head, he received a message from the two rulers of the Acute Metal Path, who were rushing over as well. They were basically letting them know that there was no need to rush.

“Luo Yunyang has started attacking!” the Blood Thunder Ruler, who was watching the match, exclaimed disappointedly. “This isn’t smart. His chaotic hole technique is exceptional in defense, but if he attacks now…”

As the Blood Thunder Ruler was speaking, Luo Yunyang took flight and started charging towards the Five-Element Sovereign.

What stunned the Blood Space Ruler and everyone else was that the ever-unpredictable Luo Yunyang had actually stopped using his Great Chaotic Hole Technique!