Supreme Uprising Chapter 466

Chapter 466 A Single Crushing Blow

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Most people thought that Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole Path was a defensive technique that was effective in large-scale battles. On the other hand, the Five-Element Sovereign’s Five-Element Annihilation Beam was an offensive technique.

The two techniques were evenly matched. If this deadlock went on, the victor would be uncertain. However, Luo Yunyang had decided to turn his defense into offense.

This surprised the audience. Actually, even the Five-Element Sovereign found it inconceivable.

Based on his understanding of Luo Yunyang, although his opponent was young, he also had deep foresight. This bewildered the Five-Element Sovereign, as he was unable to comprehend why Luo Yunyang acted so impulsively.

What was even more unimaginable was that, as Luo Yunyang took flight, he actually withdrew his chaotic hole, which was supposed to protect his body as he flew towards the Five-Element Sovereign.

What Luo Yunyang was facing wasn’t the Five-Element Sovereign, but his Five-Element Annihilation Beam.

“He has a death wish!”

The Five-Element Sovereign smiled as he watched Luo Yunyang flying towards him. As he drew a circle in the void with his staff, the overwhelming Five-Element Annihilation Beam instantly shot towards Luo Yunyang like a raging tsunami.

Unrelenting waves were followed by an unceasing torrent!

Luo Yunyang, who was surrounded by the Five-Element Annihilation Beam, was like a slippery fish constantly darting about in the ocean.

Every time he darted, he managed to slip between the Five-Element Extinction Beams. Although the Five-Element Extinction Beams were very close to hitting him, Luo Yunyang was somehow able to escape unscathed.

The Five-Element Sovereign was unfazed by Luo Yunyang’s constant maneuvers.

In his opinion, the Five-Element Annihilation Beam controlled by him covered too large of an area. Hence, it was normal for such gaps to exist.

However, the elemental rays covered a 50-mile radius around him.

Once Luo Yunyang entered this radius, the overwhelming Five-Element Annihilation Beam wouldn’t have any more gaps or holes.

It was impossible for anyone to break through such dense, concentrated Five-Element Annihilation Beams.

The Five-Element Sovereign waited patiently like a seasoned hunter. He was controlling the Five-Element Annihilation Beam and restraining its power so it would not scare Luo Yunyang off with its might.

Luo Yunyang felt like a fish swimming against the current as he pushed through the streams of Five-Element Annihilation Beams. 50 miles, 30 miles, 10 miles…

This sort of gap was something Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign could cross in the blink of an eye. Just as Luo Yunyang got within 10 miles of his opponent, the Five-Element Sovereign waved his staff once more. This time, the small staff transformed into 10,000 staff-lights that descended towards Luo Yunyang.

These lights were like a rampaging avalanche. Luo Yunyang had nowhere to escape now.

When the overwhelming staff-lights appeared, Luo Yunyang suddenly accelerated and his body flew straight into the avalanche of light.

The Five-Element Sovereign smiled when Luo Yunyang entered the mass of light. He concluded that his overbearing barrage of light had injured Luo Yunyang the moment he had entered it.

Although it wasn’t a direct hit, the light must have touched Luo Yunyang. Even if Luo Yunyang wanted to escape, he was confident that he would suffer for his mistake.

However, the Five-Element Sovereign had gotten ahead of himself. As he was preparing to make his next move, Luo Yunyang appeared in front of him.

Instead of brandishing his blade or using the shuttle, Luo Yunyang crashed towards the Five-Element Sovereign like a massive boulder.

The Five-Element Sovereign had not expected this. While he was puzzled by how Luo Yunyang was able to accelerate so quickly, he still felt no fear. He was a Nebula-Grade martialist after all. There was absolutely nothing scary about Luo Yunyang dashing towards him.

He didn’t evade him, not because he didn’t want to, but because Luo Yunyang was too darn fast.

In an instant, their bodies collided, When they knocked into each other, the Five-Element Sovereign felt as if he had been rammed by a White Dwarf Star. His spiritual consciousness buzzed for a moment before blacking out slightly.

Then, he felt like he had been sent flying. Everything in him was suddenly obliterated by that impact.

The moment the Five-Element Sovereign’s physical body broke apart, Luo Yunyang conjured the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle. A stream of rotating chaotic holes appeared immediately and frantically devoured all the Five-Element Sovereign’s belongings.

The Five-Element Sovereign’s staff and his interspatial ring were now in Luo Yunyang’s possession.

The Five-Element Annihilation Bean had disappeared completely, and the Five-Element Sovereign was nowhere to be seen on the video broadcasted through numerous communication devices.

“How… How is this possible?” The Acute Metal Path Rulers who had been rushing over were stunned and flabbergasted.

This sort of thing was not supposed to happen to a ruler-level martialist! However, it was actually a reality!

The Five-Element Sovereign, whom they had considered almost unbeatable, had been defeated and killed by Luo Yunyang!

The two rulers exchanged a look. Both of them were momentarily speechless. They’d only had one mission: to prevent the Bloody Massacre Path from intervening as the Five-Element Sovereign took Luo Yunyang’s life.

However, they felt completely lost now. They just didn’t know what to tell their Path Master.

“We didn’t fail,” one of the rulers told his partner after pondering the situation for a moment.

His comrade nodded his head lightly.

“I never expected that Luo Yunyang would be so powerful. Do you think that the Extreme Mysterious Realm really has the ability to make someone get reborn?” the other ruler, who didn’t care much about their responsibilities, asked.

“It must be a mysterious technique.”

Meanwhile, the many people watching the live broadcast of the battle were stunned by what had just happened.

“Am I seeing things? What happened? How did the Five-Element Sovereign lose? No, no, no… How did he die?” Luochuan asked in shock back in the Fiery Sun Path.

In his opinion, Luo Yunyang should have gotten a beating when he’d moved against the flow and rushed towards the Five-Element Sovereign.

He had also believed that when that massive sea of staff-lights had flown over at Luo Yunyang, it would have at least skinned him alive, if not killed him.

However, he had never thought that Luo Yunyang would kill the Five-Element Sovereign in just a split second.

Luochuan’s comrades didn’t answer. Instead, most of them looked at Ke Linqi.

Ke Linqi mulled this over for a second before saying, “I didn’t manage to see what happened clearly either.”

Although many people were disappointed with Ke Linqi’s reply, they also found it very normal.

In the Autumn Water Path, Qin Shuirou and the others were replaying the image of Luo Yunyang taking the Five-Element Sovereign’s life. Although they had already slowed it down 1,000 times, Luo Yunyang’s speed was still exceptionally fast.

Of course, the staff wielded by the Five-Element Sovereign had also been as fast as lightning. However, they were only able to see the staff-light of the Five-Element Sovereign.

The gaps between each staff-light were very small, yet Luo Yunyang had still been able to flit from one gap to another.

Once, a staff-light had nearly grazed Luo Yunyang’s body, but he had still been able to escape.

“See that? Luo Yunyang relied entirely on his battle instincts. Although this is no mystic technique, facing such an opponent is truly dangerous!” said an old woman with a grim expression. After giving a thorough commentary on Luo Yunyang’s actions, she took a deep breath and said, “You must all remember that, while it’s important to cultivate mystic techniques, one’s basic techniques and foundation must also be solid. Understand?”

Qin Shuirou and the others didn’t say a word, as their eyes remained glued to the last scene.

The distance between Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign was already minuscule, and the gaps between the staff-lights were air-tight!

Even a needle would find it hard to slide into a gap.

Luo Yunyang did not dodge. As the staff rained down on him, he used his body to shield himself against the hundreds of blows of the Five-Element Sovereign.

After that flurry of blows, Luo Yunyang accelerated again. The Five-Element Sovereign failed to react in time before Luo Yunyang came crashing into him.

In an instant, the Five-Element Sovereign’s body crumbled. Thanks to the slow-motion replay, everyone was able to see the fear and disbelief on the Five-Element Sovereign’s face.

“Flexible responsiveness, powerful impact, and a defensive ability that sparks fear in everyone. These are the reasons Luo Yunyang was able to kill the Five-Element Sovereign,” the old woman lamented.

Qin Shuirou wasn’t paying attention to the old woman’s words. She actually felt a little terrified as she watched Luo Yunyang’s actions.

The fear she felt rose from the depths of her heart!

Admiration also accompanied that fear. This admiration made her willingly acknowledge Luo Yunyang’s strength.

Luo Yunyang, who had just killed the Five-Element Sovereign, naturally didn’t know anything about Qin Shuirou’s evaluation of his victory. When he killed the Five-Element Sovereign, his communication device started ringing. On the other end of the line was the Bloody Massacre Path Master. “Return to the Blood Spirit Sky immediately!”

Luo Yunyang knew that his battle with the Five-Element Sovereign had landed him in the center of public criticism. Hence, after agreeing, he summoned his Blood Crystal Spaceship and flew towards the Blood Spirit Sky.

Half an hour after his departure, he met the Blood Thunder Ruler and the other people who were supposed to receive him.

“Great job, Yunyang!” the Blood Thunder Ruler said joyfully after patting Luo Yunyang on the shoulder gently. “The Five-Element Sovereign deserved to die!”

Luo Yunyang was deeply grateful that the Bloody Massacre Path had shielded and protected his family when the Five-Element Sovereign had threatened them.

As he smiled and greeted the two rulers, the Blood Thunder Ruler’s expression suddenly changed. “Yunyang, look at your communication device!” he said.