Supreme Uprising Chapter 467

Chapter 467 The Cang Yuan System

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Ruler-level martialists had superb control over their emotions, so they were able to remain emotionless even when a situation was grave. However, the Blood Thunder Rulers expression made Luo Yunyang feel instinctively worried.

He swiftly turned on his communication device and immediately saw a piece of news on the public section of the Meru Realm.

"Luo Yunyang has displayed a cultivation beyond the limits of the human race. I think that he must have acquired some sort of godly, mystic technique from the Extreme Mysterious Realm!"

"The Extreme Mysterious Realm belongs to the entire human race, not just to Luo Yunyang. He should publicize what he learned while he was there and allow human cultivation to improve even further."

Although the content of the post was short, a thought grew in Luo Yunyangs mind when he saw it. The writers motive was appalling.

Although the person who had posted this didnt seem strong, he was able to provoke other people in the Nine Paths into making a move against Luo Yunyang.

The other Eight Paths had teamed up because of this post, which put immense pressure on Luo Yunyang.

"Rulers, what do you think?" Although Luo Yunyang was irritated, he still remembered his manners and asked the two rulers for their opinion.

"Ive already reported the matter to the Path Master," the Blood Thunder Ruler said gravely. "He says that you do not have to worry about this. He will handle it."

Luo Yunyang was stunned by the Bloody Massacre Path Masters reply. He had not thought of this.

Somewhere else, on a bustling, lively planet, a handsome middle-aged man slowly raised his wine cup.

He was a Nebula-Grade martialist from the Deep Earth Path, as well as the leader of the planet he was on. He was also considered a prominent figure in the entire galaxy.

The man was currently feeling very proud of himself. Although he wasnt acquainted with Luo Yunyang, he was very jealous of that lucky b*stard. Of course, he had also hoped to obtain the knowledge Luo Yunyang had acquired in the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

Once he was able to force Luo Yunyang to announce what he had found in the Extreme Mysterious Realm, he was confident that he would obtain a piece of that inherited knowledge. When he did, as long as he spread it

The man was burning with passion as he imagined the benefits he would enjoy.

"Sir De Yun, why are you in such a good mood today?" a lady in a light yellow dress asked gently.

De Yun glanced at the lady, feeling very pleased with himself. He smiled candidly as he said, "Something good has happened."

As he spoke, De Yun extended his hands towards the ladys curvaceous body and caressed her gently. "Sages live leisurely, while fools work hard. Do you know what this means?"

This lady was no ordinary woman. She could read body language very well. When she saw De Yuns delight, she didnt want to annoy him. Thus, she deliberately pretended to be ignorant and feigned anger coquettishly. "How would I know? I hope you will enlighten a young lady like me!"

De Yun was feeling increasingly proud of himself. The lady in front of him was a stunning, unforgettable beauty. Not only was she pleasant to look at, but she was also kind and considerate. Her every frown and smile, even her wrinkled brows, made Deyun feel like he was scratching an itch.

It was in De Yuns nature to fancy this kind of meek, helpless woman who seemed a little silly. Just as he was about to explain everything to her in detail, someone said, "Of course I understand what it means."

Startled, De Yun immediately jumped, observing carefully his surroundings before he said sternly, "Who is it? Who are you?"

"You must know my identity. Im a clan head of the Acute Metal Path. If you dare harm me, I"

"Theres no need to bring your Path Master into this. I will record a video while killing you and send it to your Path Master later."

The man spoke like he was in control of everything as he made his way forward slowly.

Although his steps seemed very leisurely, he had already approached De Yun. De Yun felt like a small bug facing a devastating opponent.

His heart was shaking, while his entire body was trembling in fear.

One could even say that he was scared sh*tless, as he had lost control of his own trembling body.

"Youre a ruler, so why lower yourself to my level? Besides, if you were planning to do anything to me, youd face the wrath of the entire Acute Metal Path, you" De Yun, who was really afraid for his life, waved his hands frantically in an effort to convince that frightening individual.

The man looked at De Yun before smiling coldly. With a gentle sweep of his hand, De Yun was instantly beheaded.

Meanwhile, an image of De Yuns corpse with his eyes wide open appeared below the post he had made in the virtual world.

The man who had murdered De Yun had no intention of hiding or saying a word.

However, the people who had originally asked the entire human race to demand that Luo Yunyang hands over the inheritance of the Extreme Mysterious Realm disappeared silently in shock.

Although De Yuns picture had been posted anonymously, every elite in the galaxy was able to rely on certain clues and trails to discover De Yuns identity.

This strong suppression made many people feel slightly more afraid deep down. They knew that if they stirred up any waves, they could end up like De Yun.

Some top-ranking martialists recognized the identity of the murderer. However, not only did they dare not expose him, but they actually humbly tried to cover this up.

Half a day later, almost all the people who had tried to use the power of the masses to pressure Luo Yunyang had stopped talking and leaving comments.

Most people no longer dared even have such thoughts.

When Luo Yunyang naturally saw the video, he realized that the person who had murdered De Yun was the Bloody Massacre Path Master. His respect for the Bloody Massacre Path Master intensified after this.

Luo Yunyang clearly needed such a tough, unyielding attitude. If the person who had made this move had been weaker, not only would they have failed to suppress the masses, but they could also have suffered a severe backlash.

However, because it was the Bloody Massacre Path Master who had made the move, no one dared voice their objections.

Hence, the Bloody Massacre Path Master became the limit that Luo Yunyang was about to surpass.

Luo Yunyangs combat abilities would probably be able to reach a level similar to the Bloody Massacre Path Masters after breaking through to the Nebula-Grade Realm.

With the assistance of the Blood Thunder Ruler, Luo Yunyang arrived quickly to the Blood Spirit Sky and finally saw his mother Shen Yunying and Luo Donger, who was nearly an adult now.

Thanks to the Bloody Massacre Paths spiritual medicine, Shen Yunying looked even younger than she had before.

Luo Donger, on the other hand, had ditched her playful nature. She looked much colder now.

Although she was still playfully passionate with her brother, Luo Yunyang could obviously sense that his sister had changed.

Besides doting on her, Luo Yunyang was also determined to ensure that his sister would no longer suffer any grievances.

As he thought about meeting up with the Flame Emperor and the Eagle King, he felt both sadness and joy. The Eagle King and everyone else had been evacuated by the Bloody Massacre Path in advance and had thus escaped the Five-Element Sovereigns persecution.

However, they knew very well what had happened to the Da Alliance after their departure. Although they resented these events, they felt more helpless than ever.

Fortunately, Luo Yunyang had already killed the Five-Element Sovereign, so they would be able to return to the Da Alliance after meeting him.

This wasnt really a conversation, but a good drinking session. A sentiment rose in Luo Yunyangs heart as he watched the spaceship depart. He felt that, although he was still able to hang out with the Flame Emperor and everyone else, an insurmountable gap already existed between them.

This gap kept developing as Luo Yunyangs cultivation base rose along with the changes in his status. Even if Luo Yunyang wanted to change and prevent this from happening, it would be impossible for him to do so. Luo Yunyang couldnt help but sigh. It was really lonely being at the top.

"Youre still at the Star-Grade!" The Bloody Massacre Path Master sounded emotional when he saw Luo Yunyang for the first time in years.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. He had nothing to hide in front of the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

"Good, good, good If you killed the Nebula-Grade Five-Element Sovereign while still being at the Star-Grade, your natural aptitude definitely isnt any weaker than the geniuses nurtured by the Demi-God Tribe."

When he mentioned the Demi-God Tribe, a slightly bitter look appeared in the Bloody Massacre Path Masters eyes.

Even though the Bloody Massacre Path Master was able to hide it, Luo Yunyang was still able to see it.

Doubt suddenly filled Luo Yunyangs heart. He had gradually become part of the upper level of the Bloody Massacre Path, so he knew all about certain matters regarding the Bloody Massacre Path.

The Bloody Massacre Path and the entire human race were part of the Divine Union, which was led by the Demi-God Tribe.

Thus, they could be considered a part of the Divine Union.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was not a narrow-minded person. However, the way he talked about the Demi-God Tribe naturally betrayed the extent of his hatred.

"Path Master, are we able to challenge the different paths in order to view their Sky Books?" Luo Yunyang asked eagerly as he pushed aside his suspicion.

The Bloody Massacre Path looked at Luo Yunyang and replied with a smile, "No one would be a match for you if you challenged them. However, the rules only allow five participants!"

The Bloody Massacre Path Masters words made Luo Yunyangs heart shiver. He knew that what the Bloody Massacre Path Master had said was true.

If he were to participate in the challenge along with Yang Shang and everyone else, could the others win like he could?

Would they instead be giving away this opportunity to other people?

However, after studying the various secrets of the Origin Source Laws, Luo Yunyang knew that this was also an opportunity for him to improve.

The reason he had not broken through to the Nebula-Grade was also because he wanted to read the Sky Books.

"It would not be impossible for you to read the Sky Books of the other paths. However, that would involve a rather dangerous plan."

When he saw Luo Yunyangs disappointed expression, the Bloody Massacre Path Master extended his hand and tapped his communication device. Immediately, a message appeared on the screen in the palace hall.

"This is the Cang Yuan Systems Gold Horn Crystal Collection. 100 pieces for six months of viewing the Sky Books of all the Nine Paths."

Luo Yunyangs eyes shifted a little when he read these words.

"Path Master, is the Cang Yuan System a safe place?"

"Of course not. It is actually considered extremely dangerous!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master said seriously. "Otherwise, the other paths wouldnt have been willing to give up such a precious opportunity!"

"Ill choose it then!" Luo Yunyang said right away.