Supreme Uprising Chapter 469

Chapter 469 The Heart Of The Strong

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Luo Yunyang believed that this human base could only be described with one word: law-abiding.

The base was set up three kilometers within a plain-looking planet with no special features. Once the entrance was sealed, this planet would not betray any trace of the people living there. As Luo Yunyang walked out of the spaceship, he saw two men in silver combat attire talking.

One of them was a lofty man with a full beard. When Luo Yunyang walked out, the man glanced sideways at him.

His sharp gaze showed that he was very dissatisfied with Luo Yunyang’s arrival.

“Fourth, it’s not like you don’t know how dangerous it is here. Why did you allow a pretty boy to come along? I’m telling you, we’ll hand over those Gold Horn Crystals in 10 years!”

“Right now, we don’t even have half the Gold Horn Crystals required. You can tell the Masters of the Nine Paths as much and ask for some top powerhouses to come over.”

“If we don’t hand over enough Gold Horn Crystals, three galaxies will be taken away from us!”

The man’s voice was clearly filled with anxiety. He patted his head as he said, “The Five-Element Sovereign has a lot of potential. I know all about his cultivation base. If he joins us, our chances of obtaining Gold Horn Crystals will be enhanced greatly.”

The man everyone called Fourth was a scrawny guy. Although he was tiny, he gave off a fierce vibe.

As he heard a buff man who was taller than him by two heads complain, that guy said, “Luo Yunyang just killed the Five-Element Sovereign.”

The bulky man looked as if he had just stuffed an egg into his mouth. After appearing momentarily awkward, he asked, “Really?”

“Why would I lie to you?” the scrawny man answered in a deep voice.

“Ha ha ha! That’s great! We have at last brought a powerhouse with us. Luo Yunyang, I’m Tu Xiang. You can call me Lao Tu. I’m the person in charge of this base for now. I’m also from the Deep Earth Path.”

Tu Xiang stretched his hand out towards Luo Yunyang, looking very happy to meet him.

When he heard that he had killed the Five-Element Sovereign, Tu Xiang seemed to regret not meeting Luo Yunyang earlier. Luo Yunyang found this funny. Tu Xiang immediately made a good impression on him.

Given Tu Xiang’s cultivation level, Luo Yunyang believed that he was a Nebula 6-Grade. A powerhouse of his level was usually a commander-in-chief in the Milky Way.

“Hello, Chief Tu. I’m new here, please treat me kindly.” As the saying went, kindness was always returned tenfold. Luo Yunyang held out both hands and shook Tu Xiang’s hands.

As he held the other man’s hands, Luo Yunyang felt a great force coming from Tu Xiang’s palms and rushing towards him.

Powerhouses like Tu Xiang preferred to understand things themselves rather than trust hearsay. Thus, Tu Xiang had just made a direct move on Luo Yunyang.

This was just a test of his power.

In the Cang Yuan System, only powerhouses at or below the Nebula-Grades could conduct themselves in this region of the universe.

The most powerful individuals were the Nebula-Grade powerhouses.

When Tu Xiang had been younger, the Five-Element Sovereign had not risen to power yet. He had been in the Cang Yuan System for a very long time already.

After watching some videos of the Five-Element Sovereign’s battles, Tu Xiang had concluded that he was not as good as the Five-Element Sovereign. However, this didn’t mean that he lacked the courage to fight.

On the contrary, Tu Xiang loved challenging powerhouses.

As he held his own arm and exerted force on it, Luo Yunyang watched the honest, bearded Tu Xiang.

He did not move an inch. He did not even move to turn the power around!

When he saw that Luo Yunyang did not even have to use any strength, Tu Xiang realized that he had underestimated his opponent a little. In the Cang Yuan System, both cultivation base and combat awareness were essential.

If one’s combat awareness was not strong enough, one would become prey and get killed.

As the person in charge, Tu Xiang believed that he should show Luo Yunyang the harsh reality of this place. Thus, he did not weaken the strength in his hands. Instead, he pushed more power into them.

In an instant, Tu Xiang’s power increased by 30%.

This kind of power could crush the highest grade of Star Alloy into powder. However, as this power was used against Luo Yunyang, Tu Xiang realized that something was wrong.

Although Luo Yunyang was not using much power, his arms were like two hard pieces of steel. No matter how much power Tu Xiang used, Luo Yunyang simply did not react.

Could he have used too little power? No, Tu Xiang knew his own body well. He did not plan on letting Luo Yunyang off easy.

“Not bad, Chief Tu!” Luo Yunyang’s arm suddenly broke free from Chief Tu’s control and patted Tu Xiang hard on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Tu Xiang was perspiring. As he glanced at Luo Yunyang, his whole body shivered. Although Luo Yunyang had used his palm, Tu Xiang felt like a giant piece of iron meteorite had smashed hard against his back.

This fellow was insanely powerful!

It was no wonder that he had killed the Five-Element Sovereign. Tu Xiang knew that he was rather lacking compared to Luo Yunyang. The difference between them was not small.

Tu Xiang secretly regretted his rashness as he grabbed Luo Yunyang. “Brother, it’s so great that you’re here. Let’s go meet everyone. From this day on, you’ll be our chief. You can’t say no!”

The man called Fourth, who had been paying attention to the bickering Luo Yunyang and Tu Xiang, looked at Tu Xiang and said, “Remember, the toll this time was one Gold Horn Crystal. Luo Yunyang has to contribute one-third.”

Although Tu Xiang looked a little sullen, he still said in the end, “Okay, I’ll pay Brother Luo’s share.”

Fourth nodded and went back into the spaceship.

Luo Yunyang followed Tu Xiang to the base’s great hall. Although the hall was three kilometers underground, the virtual reality function allowed people to view the sky.

As long as Tu Xiang and the others desired, they could change the surrounding environment into a cloudless sky or a cloudy beach.

Over 10 martialists were sitting in the great hall. Some of them were having a conversation, some were resting, and some were playing games on their communication devices.

“Everyone, let me introduce you to Luo Yunyang, a martialist from the Bloody Massacre Path. I just fought against him and realized that I was no match for him. Actions speak louder than words. Thus, from this day on, he’ll be our chief.”

Tu Xiang’s introduction was very simple. In just a few sentences, he gave up his position as chief.

Luo Yunyang, who had come to this place for the Gold Horn Crystals, had no interest in being chief.

“Thank you for your high praise, Chief Tu. Chief Tu and I were evenly matched. It was basically a draw. Ha ha… I just came here, so I don’t understand the situation well enough. I think it would be better for Chief Tu to remain in charge.”

More than 10 people were sizing up Luo Yunyang as he spoke. Two of them smiled at him. When he looked at their smiles and compared them to the data he had seen, Luo Yunyang realized that they were the two powerhouses of the Bloody Massacre Path who had entered the Cang Yuan System.

Meng Tian and Josephs were both at the preliminary stage of the Nebula-Grade. However, judging by their imposing manner, they were much stronger than the average Bloody Massacre Path Nebula-Grade martialist. It was no wonder that, in the entire history of the Bloody Massacre Path, all rulers had basically been trained in the Cang Yuan System.

This place wasn’t just perfect for earning Gold Horn Crystals. It also allowed people to raise their cultivation base.

“Ha ha! Chief Tu, I was actually a little unconvinced when you became chief. Dang it, you just gave your position away to a child. Do you think we are fools?” said a big, tall man with eyes as clear and blue as a puddle of water.

The moment Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on this man, he realized that his most powerful technique was his pair of eyes.

“If you are unsatisfied with me, Duo Lusi, then just come for me. Let’s fight over the position of the chief. You don’t have to brag all the time.”

The two men glared at each other as if they were about to fight.

However, Luo Yunyang felt that there was no deep hatred between them. Everything was fair and square, which he rather liked.

Although Duo Lusi’s emerald eyes flashed, he did not speak immediately. Instead, he turned towards Luo Yunyang and said, “You said that you were inferior to him. If I defeat him, will I become chief?”

Tu Xiang had just opened his mouth, when a beeping sound rang throughout the great hall. The sound made the squabbling crowd appear horrified.

“Reporting! Squad Three is in danger! Squad Three is in danger! Rescue needed urgently, rescue needed urgently!”

The robotic voice sounded hurried. Squad Three was obviously in great danger.

“This is a red level-three rescue operation. Seems like Squad Three came across something big. They are in the range of the Si Ku Planet. Let’s head over now.” Although Tu Xiang had just modestly given up his position as chief, he took responsibility immediately.

As soon as Tu Xiang spoke, everyone stood up. Even Duo Lusi, who had been impolite to Tu Xiang, obeyed.

Luo Yunyang sensed a spirit of camaraderie among this diverse crew.

“Hey, didn’t you want to be chief? Let’s compete and see who rescues the most people!” Duo Lusi told Luo Yunyang loudly as they headed out.