Supreme Uprising Chapter 47

Chapter 47


“Bai Yushui, what a disgrace!” A cold voice game from the second floor. The person who had spoken was a young martialist in a dark green Rising Dragon Army uniform.

As soon as the young man spoke, Bai Yushui’s expression changed and his face flushed in something that looked like fear.

His fear for this young man seemed to come from deep inside.

This young man was no stranger. He was the group’s second in rank expert, Lin Changjian!

He was the person Bai Yushui feared the most.

“Do you have a death wish, kid?” Bai Yushui frantically leapt up and pushed his palm against the ground hard before he flew into the air.

His move looked cool and casual. It was a body technique known as the Flipping Earth Dragon!

The moment he used this move, lots of senior students shouted out. Despite what had happened, they still supported Bai Yushui.

They were all members of the same upper elite class after all.

“This kid is still trying to show off! Doesn’t he know that pretentious people get struck by lightning?” The short-haired woman’s words were as sharp as a knife.

Her friend in black didn’t say anything. She just looked up with a faint smile.

Suddenly, everyone witnessed an astonishing sight.

When one performed the Flipping Earth Dragon they flipped their entire body before landing on the ground. However, the instant Bai Yushui flipped his body, a foot stomped hard against his chest and kicked him to the ground.


Bai Yushui looked like a fish out of water as he smashed against the ground.

“He found the right opportunity to do this!” Chief Instructor Lu clapped his hands together. “His posture was excellent.”

All the upper elite class members watching from the second floor had expressions of unimaginable shock on their faces.

Bai Yushui had used the Flipping Earth Dragon Move in an effort to regain some of his dignity, yet he had been trampled down instead. How unlucky could he be?

Bai Yuming, who had been the one to ask Bai Yushui to do this, felt the impulse to smash his head against the wall. His uncle’s cultivation base was very high. How the hell had things turned out this way?


The members of the Ardent Sun Group were cheering jubilantly. Even Yang Yirui, who had had his arm broken, was applauding loudly. It seemed as if all the pain in his body had vanished.

Bai Yushui, who was still on the floor, seemed to be on the verge of exploding. This was the first time he had been beaten into a doggy position by a young man with an inferior cultivation base. His dignity had hit rock bottom.

He had decided to use an extremely cool move to regain some of his dignity, yet he had been trampled down by that guy instead!

One defeat was forgivable, but two…

That was unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable!

Bai Yushui hadn’t suffered any serious injuries. Although Luo Yunyang’s strength made him feel uncomfortable, he possessed the power of a source core, so the pain in his body had already been reduced to half.

Bai Yushui, who felt both humiliated and angry, didn’t say anything else. Instead, he slowly stood up and charged straight at Luo Yunyang like a crazy tiger.

“Watch my fists!”

Bai Yushui opened and closed his Frost Palms. Although they could not hurt people from a distance, when his power converged on his palms, a white fog started to appear in a three-meter radius from him.

As this white fog rose up, frost started to form in the air and drift down.

Finally, the fired-up young martialists truly got to see how formidable a martial master was. As they imagined the consequences of being enveloped by this frost, each of them couldn’t help but worry for Luo Yunyang.

“This is no ordinary frost. It is the result of a convergence of frost power. Any martialist without a source power to protect them would slow down and become enveloped in this frost until they freeze,” Guan Wanli, who had walked over to Sun Miaomiao’s side, said softly.

The two of them came from similar backgrounds, so Sun Miaomiao knew just as much as Guan Wanli did. Thus, she knew exactly what Guan Wanli meant.

Although what he said was true, Sun Miaomiao didn’t want to listen to him at this crucial moment.

“Luo Yunyang’s speed hasn’t been reduced!” Sun Miaomiao retorted, as if she was holding a grudge against him.

When he noticed Sun Miaomiao’s expression, Guan Wanli didn’t try to explain. Instead, his own expression became even grimmer.

“Luo Yunyang will not be able to hold on for much longer. His speed will only become slower and slower amid that frost,” Lin Changjian said indifferently from the second floor.

Although the competent woman didn’t like Lin Changjian, she didn’t question his words.

This was unfortunately a fact that could not be disputed.

“Watch my palm!” Bai Yushui shouted. He looked like a fish jumping up and smashing hard in Luo Yunyang’s direction. His palms transformed into three shadows in the air.

This move exceeded the limits of a martialist like Luo Yunyang.

By the time his palm struck out, a silhouette was already flying down. Some people sighed when they saw it.

It was over!

This farce of a match between a low-level and a high-level student was over!

Although Luo Yunyang’s hot-bloodedness had impressed many people, there were things that could not be accomplished just by having a hot temper.

Quite a number of people were finding this difficult to bear. However, cries of alarm suddenly rang out once again.

“It’s Bai Yushui!”

Bai Yushui!

The person who had fallen on the ground once again was Bai Yushui!

This was the third time. Although this was a sparring match with a low-class student, he had been thrown to the ground thrice. This was really embarrassing.

“I knew that our leader would not be defeated!” Chen Yong roared with laughter.

Qin Feifei and Sun Miaomiao clasped each other’s hands tightly. It seemed that these two had already become sisters.

“You are trash! If you can’t even beat a martialist, what the hell are you still doing in our elite class? Why don’t you go back to raising pigs?” Lin Changfeng’s voice sounded like a snarl.

Other students from the upper class started hurling abuse at Bai Yushui as well. Their cultivation bases were higher than his, so they didn’t feel any pressure as they cursed at him.

Trash, trash, trash!

Bai Yushui’s face was bright red as he stared at the person in front of him. Although Luo Yunyang’s face appeared to have some traces of frost on it, his expression was as calm as it had been before.

“Should Shouldn’t your speed have been affected by my frost Qi? How can you be even faster than before?”

Although Luo Yunyang’s entire body was chilly, whenever he cultivated the Ape-Dragon Blueprint’s seventh diagram, his body worked like a well-oiled machine. The frost Qi was indeed unpleasant, but it didn’t pose too much of an obstacle.

“I have a strong body!”

When he was done speaking, Luo Yunyang flashed a smile. He was grinning just like a kid.