Supreme Uprising Chapter 470

Chapter 470 The Ten Millennia King Beast

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Countless overwhelming tentacles were waving around wildly in the vast starry sky. These tentacles were very fast. Just in a matter of moments, they had already covered an area of 3,000 miles.

These tentacles were also astonishingly powerful. Even the dark meteorites in the void were crushed into fragments by the tentacles in an instant.

"Get lost!" A tall, sturdy martialist was waving a giant ax in his hands like crazy, chopping down a tentacle at least one-meter thick hard.

Amidst loud sounds of metal clashing against metal, the ax, which had the might to split the skies, was deflected back heavily.

That meter-thick tentacle sprung away into the void like a bent bow.

Meanwhile, the mighty ax had silently dissolved into nothing.

The tall, sturdy man did not have any time to take a breather. As the first tentacle was severed and thrown in the air, no less than 10 tentacles rushed towards him wildly. Every single tentacle was as strong as the one that had been chopped off.


The big mans ax turned into a ray of light that blocked all the tentacles. However, the tentacles did not fly off. Instead, they changed direction rapidly like snakes and attacked the man non-stop.

"Boss, I cant hold on anymore!" the big man shouted madly.

Near the big man was another man who was wielding double knives. Although the man wasnt tall, his entire body emitted a formidable aura. The scar that extended from between his eyebrows down to the corner of his mouth made people fear him.

"Xiong, hold on! Didnt you say that after you became a ruler, youd make Junior Sister marry you?"

"Junior Sister is still waiting for you. Her fathers cultivation base is declining. If you become a ruler, no one will stop this marriage. Dont tell me that you want to make your wife a widow before she even marries you!"

The words of the fierce man with the double knives evoked some strange chuckles. Among these sounds of laughter was a miserable shriek.

The shriek came from a man with a titan-like body. One of the mans arms had already been crushed into dust.

His body was also currently enveloped tightly by an enormous tentacle.

The tentacle was recoiling rapidly, ready to shift the lofty man in a different direction.

"King Kong, damn it! Pay more attention!" someone berated him. Countless blade wheels formed a wildly-spinning giant windmill that engulfed the tentacle.

In an instant, the tentacle was cut into two. However, the handsome man who had helped had been bound up by numerous tentacles.

"Hurry up, assemble around Young Master Liu!" the man carrying the double knives howled deeply.

In a flash, the eight martialists holding the fort gathered around the man who had activated the knife wheel.

As they formed a circle, they waved their weapons constantly, hacking away at those tentacles.

"Brothers, hold on! I have already sent a distress signal. Chief Tu will come save us!" Although the man holding the double knives was extremely tired, he still did his duty as the team leader.

"Boss, Chief Tu is great. However, even if he wants to save us, he will still be powerless. He doesnt have the ability to save us. If only I hadnt made the wrong decision This is a Ten-Millennia King Beast at the Nebula 7-Grade."

Young Master Liu, who had activated the windmill, was pale. He looked as though he had used too much of his mind power.

"While that Ten-Millennia King Beast hasnt used a final killing technique on us yet, lets still leave our final messages! Chief Tu is not far away. Lets hope that he will convey our wishes to our sects!"

Young Master Liu had just stopped speaking when the huge, bulky man roared, "I dont have any kin in this world! Damn, being able to live until now was already a miracle!"

"Speaking of unfulfilled wishes, whats been bugging me the most is that b*stard from the Moxia Tribe! Dang it! I didnt get to kill any of those people! Thats so frustrating!"

His roars evoked the fighting spirit of his gloomy comrades. Someone else suddenly thundered, "I second that! Ha ha ha!"

"G*ddamnit, if I walk out of here alive, I will kill a few more b*stards from the Moxia Tribe. How dare those f*cking sh*theads bully me!"

Although Mr. Liu did not speak, his blade wheels sped up. Meanwhile, drops of blood dripped continuously from the corner of his mouth.

As the eight of them were fighting for their lives, on a star 500 kilometers away, Tu Xiang and the others stared in silence at the Ten-Millennia King Beast that occupied half the expanse of the space before them.

Every single bulky tentacle was a python constantly flailing through the void. Although every tentacle seemed to be at a great distance from the other ones, the Ten-Millennia King Beast had a special skill that formed an absorbing force between the moving tentacles.

Hence, the moving tentacles seemed to be air-tight.

"Doesnt this kind of Nebula-Grade Ten-Millennia King Beast only roam about in the depths of the space systems? Why did it appear here?" Duo Lusis eyes were filled with horror and disbelief.

Tu Xiang did not speak. As he watched the gigantic Ten-Millennia King Beast, his eyes were red and his fists were clenched tightly.

"Prepare your receivers. See if they left any other messages."

Luo Yunyang projected the information on the Ten-Millennia King Beast in his mind as he observed the beast. The Ten-Millennia King Beast was a tyrant-level vicious beast that lived in the Cang Yuan System.

Although there werent many Ten-Millennia King Beasts, they were experts in group fights. Their 1,008 legs hid the sky and stretched out for miles. Meanwhile, they could also blockade and seal off a 500-kilometer radius of space.

If one wanted to kill this Ten-Millennia King Beast, chopping its tentacles would not have much of an effect. Only breaking its body into pieces would kill the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

"Ill go kill it!" Luo Yunyang said in a deep voice as he glanced at the Ten-Millennia King Beast, which had already begun to rope in its tentacles

Before Tu Xiang could speak, Duo Lusi said coldly, "Look carefully. This is a colossal Nebula-Grade beast, not a little Star-Grade Ten-Millennia King Beast. If you go, you will not be able to save them. You will only sacrifice yourself. Dont be such a disgrace!"

By the time Duo Lusi had spoken, Luo Yunyang had already leaped into the air and dashed into the area enveloped by the tentacles.

"Luo Yunyang, I order you to come back right now!" Tu Xiangs expression changed as he yelled furiously at Luo Yunyang.

Although he knew that Luo Yunyangs cultivation base was way above his, he would still never allow Luo Yunyang to act in a fit of rage and put himself in a dangerous position.

However, as he spoke, Luo Yunyang was already surrounded by 10 tentacles

"You Can you just shut up? D*mn it! Stop saying discouraging things. Just shut up!" Tu Xiang pointed at Duo Lusi and scolded him angrily.

Duo Lusi had a remorseful look on his face. Although he disliked seeing Luo Yunyang being regarded so highly by Tu Xiang despite his young age, he was also a member of the human tribe like Luo Yunyang, so he did not want him to die in vain in the hands of the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

"Hes unable to accomplish anything and liable to spoil everything!" someone hollered disappointedly.

As everyone was speaking, a wizened man suddenly said, "Look, Luo Yunyang is advancing!"

Tu Xiang turned and stared at Luo Yunyang at once. Luo Yunyang had already gotten within a 50-kilometer radius of the giant bundled tentacles.

That was fast!

This was Tu Xiangs first thought. He actually mostly thought that this was pure willfulness.

Those 50 kilometers were the Ten-Millennia King Beasts restricted area. The defense there was extremely tight. The Ten-Millennia King Beast could sweep every area of the void at a frequency of 20 times in a snap.

The Ten-Millennia King Beast was incredibly cautious as it defended itself. Thus, the best method would be to crush it with power and attack forcefully from every direction.

Pulling a fast one or fighting the root of the problem directly was just a pipe dream!

"He can no longer retreat!" a gloomy man said, his voice full of regret.

Meng Tian and Josephs, who came from the Bloody Massacre Path, looked worried.

Although everyone basically took care of one another in the Cang Yuan System, the relationship between people from the same path was still different.

Besides, Luo Yunyang had been the Bloody Massacre Paths only hope during the past several years.

"Hes still advancing!" Jurus cried out in surprise and disbelief. Luo Yunyang was already within five kilometers of the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

This area was a dangerous region for the Ten-Millennia King Beast, as any enemies in this area could threaten its life.

Its omnipresent tentacles were so fast as they recoiled that they converged and formed an inescapable cage.

When the tentacles bent in spirals, they enveloped the whole cage, which was made of layers and layers of tentacles.

Everyone in Squad Three had prepared themselves for death. However, just as they felt like they could not hold on anymore, the tentacles unexpectedly recoiled.

These people were veterans who had fought in the Cang Yuan System for many years. Thus, they knew very well what they should do at the moment. They all retreated immediately without hesitation.

In just 10 seconds, they had already retreated 50 kilometers and met up with Tu Xiang and the others.

"Chief Tu, I thought I wouldnt be able to see you again!" The man holding the double knives laughed.

He felt delirious after escaping from this beast alive!

Tu Xiang did not say a word. As his gaze was locked onto the rapidly-recoiling cage, there was only one thought on his mind: It was done for!