Supreme Uprising Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Offense Is The Best Defense

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There were very few stars in the Cang Yuan System, which most of the time was a vast patch of grey ash.

Luo Yunyang was looking at information on the situation of the Human Tribe Base that Tu Xiang had sent him.

Although he did not want to become the leader of this base immediately after his arrival, his ability, performance, and eagerness to help without hesitation at the most critical moment and kill the Ten-Millennia King Beast had convinced everyone about his strength. They now all recognized him as their leader.

This establishment of trust couldnt be falsified. After all, the more dangerous a place was, the more important it was to rank people according to their strength. Since Luo Yunyang was a powerhouse, he naturally received this kind of support.

Despite the threat of the Ten-Millennia King Beast and the difficult circumstances, he had rescued the entire Squad Three.

By slaying this Ten-Millennia King Beast alone, Luo Yunyangs reputation had already reached its pinnacle.

17 Nebula-Grades, 31 Star-Grades, and a total of 31 people formed six battle squads,. The sphere of their influence ranged around 0.5 light years!

Although a sphere of influence of 0.5 light years sounded big, the area belonging to the Human Tribe was barren and full of fatal pitfalls and traps. Just a tiny careless mistake would cause a complete wipe-out.

When Luo Yunyang adjusted a star chart, the entire territory of the Human Tribe appeared clearly before him.

On the left of the Human Tribes territory was the Moxia Tribe. On the right was also Moxia territory. There was even a region above that belonged to the Moxia Tribe. The exit point of the Cang Yuan System at the bottom was also under the influence of the Moxia tribe.

It could be said that the Human Tribes range of influence in the Cang Yuan System was completely surrounded by the Moxia Tribe.

Luo Yunyang frowned. As he quickly adjusted the star chart back to 50 years ago, he realized that the Human Tribes territory had been 0.7 light years back then. Some areas had not even belonged to the Moxia Tribe.

A century ago, the Human Tribes scope of influence had been 0.9 light years!

A further 300 years back, the Human Tribes scope of influence had always been 0.9 light years!

As Luo Yunyang stared at the remaining 0.5 light years of territory range, all sorts of thoughts kept circulating in his mind.

The Cang Yuan System was huge and included an unknown amount of dangerous regions. However, after all the effort of the main tribes of the Cang Yuan System, the peripheral zones had become relatively safe.

According to the rules set by the Divine Union, invading the range of influence of these safety zones was not allowed. Meanwhile, the Human Tribes range of influence in the Cang Yuan System had shrunk almost by 50 percent.

The output of this range of influence was not great. If they wanted to get large amounts of Gold Horn Crystals, they needed to go to those dangerous areas and fight. However, this safety zone could ensure the Human Tribes annual necessary supply of Gold Horn Crystals.

The smaller the territory, the greater the shortage.

Knock, knock! There was a light rapping sound on the door before Tu Xiang walked in casually.

"Were you looking for me, Chief?" Tu Xiang asked earnestly as he looked at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded. "Chief Tu, you have put up an insurmountable obstacle!" As he spoke, Luo Yunyang pointed to the star chart of the safety zones. "Judging by the state of the safety zones, it will be difficult for us to acquire the necessary quantity of Gold Horn Crystals!"

Tu Xiang looked a bit embarrassed as he said with a pained expression, "During the past 30 years, we entered the dangerous zones six times and lost nearly 30 of our brothers. However, the number of Gold Horn Crystals we gained was far from ideal. Of course, I have a huge responsibility for this!"

Luo Yunyang waved his hand dismissively. He was not about to place blame. Instead, he pointed to the safety zones and asked, "Whats the explanation behind these ranges of influence?"

Tu Xiang glanced at the star chart and said dejectedly. "Chief, half of these domains were lost on my watch. We couldnt fight the members of the Moxia Tribe. When I appealed to Yin Lei of the Thunder Ray Tribe, he didnt pay attention to me. He said that the Moxia Tribe was just temporarily staying there and that, as member tribes of the Union, we should help one another."

Tu Xiang clenched his fists tightly. Apparently, he felt indignant at this injustice.

"All the Path Masters knew about this situation, but they could not do anything. After all, we were probably considered the strongest group of people at the Nebula-Grade boundary."

Luo Yunyang pointed to those ranges of influence. "So, these territories are still ours?"

"According to the Divine Unions Cang Yuan System safety zone distribution chart, they still belong to the Human Tribe!" Tu Xiang said helplessly.

Luo Yunyang patted Tu Xiangs shoulder and said, "Okay, got it. Maybe the fellas occupying our territory will die very soon!"

These words of consolation almost made Tu Xiang fall to the ground. The people occupying the Human Tribes safety zone were the three most powerful teams of the Moxia Tribe who had been assigned to the Cang Yuan System. Their weakest team alone was enough to defeat the human encampment there.

Otherwise, given Tu Xiangs personality, how could he possibly have put up with this humiliation and acted like an ostrich?

"Chief, you should still"

Luo Yunyang, who knew what Tu Xiang wanted to say, waved his hand. "I know."

After sending Tu Xiang off, Luo Yunyangs gaze landed on another table. This table listed the Human Tribe and Moxia Tribes rankings in the Divine Union.

The Human Tribe ranked first on the third grade, while the Moxia Tribe ranked last on the second grade.

A lot of things could be guessed just based on these rankings.

Although Luo Yunyang had come to the Cang Yuan System mainly for his own cultivation, he could not ignore this kind of problem that plagued the Human Tribe, especially when it was within his power to solve it.

As he thought about this, his gaze fell on the easternmost side that the Moxia Tribe occupied. Since an attack was necessary, it could start there!

There was no virtual realm in the Cang Yuan System. Thus, they could only ask for help via the most ordinary electromagnetic communication waves. Although this kind of help was effective against the fierce beasts in the Celestial Domain, once they met any intelligent races that could block the electromagnetic waves, it would be useless.

After picking his plan, Luo Yunyang summoned double-knife warrior Li Youmeng, Tu Xiang, and the others.

Although Tu Xiang had sensed that Luo Yunyang was going to make a move when he had asked about the safety zones, hearing Luo Yunyangs decision to make a move on the Moxia Tribes first squad still made him nervous.

"Shouldnt we wait a little more, Chief Luo?" Tu Xiang reminded everyone. "Im not afraid of death, but this is a very serious matter."

Luo Yunyang did not chat and laugh with Tu Xiang like usual. Instead, he said seriously, "Weve already lost half of our territory, Old Tu. Now, we even have to pay a toll fee just to contact the Milky Way."

"If we tolerate this any longer, they might become even bolder. Then, we would be left with nothing!"

"F*ck! I support you, Chief Luo! D*mn it, Ive been looking forward to this day for so long!" Duo Lusi slammed his palms hard against the table.

Luo Yunyang had thought that Jurus was calm and cool-headed, so this agitated reaction surprised him.

Suddenly, Li Youmeng spoke up. "Duo Lusis younger brother was killed by the Moxia Tribe."

"Okay, lets organize ourselves! Me, Li Youmeng, Duo Lusi and the entire Squad Three will remove the Moxia Team occupying our safety zone. Meanwhile, Tu Xiang will guard the base."

When he heard Luo Yunyangs words, Tu Xiangs face turned red immediately. "Dont belittle me, Chief Luo!" he said urgently. "I did not oppose waging war because I am a death-fearing coward! Im just afraid of causing a huge shock. However, now that you are our leader, I will participate in the battle Ive been anticipating for so long!"

Luo Yunyang smiled at the agitated Tu Xiang. "Of course I know that youre a good person. However, someone has to keep watch here while Im away, and you are the best candidate."

Although Tu Xiang still wasnt very eager, he eventually nodded after glancing at the crazed Duo Lusi.

Everyone else also believed that, besides Luo Yunyang and Duo Lusi, there was no other suitable person to hold the fort.

Duo Lusi felt a deep hatred for the Moxia Tribe. Although he had never said that he wanted revenge, his determination to avenge his brother was well-known.

Duo Lusi would definitely fight anyone who tried to take this opportunity away from him.

If Luo Yunyang hadnt been present, the humans wouldnt have been able to take revenge against the Moxia Tribe, let alone exterminate a small Moxia Squad.

"Okay then. I wish you guys instant success!" Tu Xiang was someone who accepted both rewards and losses with equanimity. Thus, he agreed coolly after thinking through the reasons behind this arrangement.

Luo Yunyang smiled. "This is not a big deal. Dont worry, well be back soon."

"Chief, I think we should first take care of the fellas on the path back to the Milky Way. Just looking at them makes me angry," Li Youmeng said in a deep voice.

Luo Yunyang knew who Li Youmeng was talking about. Those people were the ones who had collected a third of the toll from him.

However, Luo Yunyang kept smiling. "Let them remain there for now. Dont be anxious, well deal with everyone slowly."

As he noticed Luo Yunyangs confidence, Li Youmeng suddenly realized that Luo Yunyang gave them a peace of mind.

After this decision was made, Squad Three quickly set off, following Luo Yunyangs lead. This time, they took a battle spaceship that belonged to Squad Three. This spaceship was faster than Luo Yunyangs Blood Crystal Spaceship.

"I wish you all the best, Chief Luo!" Tu Xiang said loudly as they were boarding the spaceship.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Tu Xiang and stepped aboard the spaceship.

Sending off Luo Yunyang were only a few prime leaders from the bases, including Tu Xiang. As Luo Yunyang and the others left, they all had solemn looks on their faces.

After all, Luo Yunyangs move implied that they had already fallen out completely with the Moxia Tribe of the Cang Yuan System!