Supreme Uprising Chapter 473

Chapter 473 A Slight Intent To Kill In The System

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A few men from the Moxia Tribe were chatting on a planet about the size of the moon. The members of the Moxia Tribe looked like horses did on Earth, except that besides having four legs, they also had four arms.

Thats right, they had four arms.

However, their source of strength wasnt their arms or legs, but the gems on their foreheads.

Every member of the Moxia Tribe was born with this gem. The size of this gem, as well as its color, would determine the status and standing of an individual within that tribe.

Most of the gemstones on the foreheads of the chatting Moxia Tribe members were blue, while only one of them had a purple gemstone on his forehead.

Although the cultivation base of the person with the purple gemstone might not be the greatest amongst this group, his standing in the tribe was still the highest.

Right now, he was enjoying the privileges that his status afforded him, while everyone crowded around him and chatted happily.

"We only managed to make 300 gemstones in the span of 10 years. Damn it, this excavation process is sure taking long!" said the purple-gemstone leader with dissatisfaction.

"300 might be considered a little low given your honorable status. However, although the scattered concentration might be a little bad, this land has always been consistent."

"As long as we dominate this land, we can ensure that the Moxia Race will have one more stable source of resources. If we get this result, I am sure that the elders will reward you handsomely."

A Moxia Tribesman with a lofty expression patted the shoulder of the guy who was speaking and said, "Although you have a point there, this location makes us feel extremely panicky!"

"We actually do not have to stay here. The human race is just a bunch of weaklings. Why would they even bother provoking us?"

"As far as I know, theyre lucky that we are not causing them any trouble. Its really unlikely that they will muster up the courage to try and provoke us!"

The purple gemstone on his forehead lit up a little as he said fiercely, "If they dont let us go into battle during the next year, I will definitely invade Star 13 of the Three Stone Region!"

Star 13 of the Three Stone Region was the human races last cultivating area with Gold Horn Crystals in the Cang Yuan System. If that area was occupied, there would hardly be any more areas left for the human tribe to cultivate with Gold Horn Crystals.

A few of the Moxia Tribesmen who had green gemstones on their foreheads believed that this matter was quite risky. However, they did not dare confront and advise their comrade rashly.

After all, the purple gemstone was not just a symbol of status. It also represented a force stronger than theirs.

"Its a pity that you wont get such an opportunity!" A monstrous voice suddenly rang in their ears.

Upon hearing that voice, the tribesman with the purple gemstone immediately stood up. He knew the person who was speaking.

"Humans, how dare you" The purple gemstone lit up, forming a circular purple ray as he spoke.

The circular ray carried a strong power of law. Although it was not perfect, it encompassed a large expanse of space.

This was the strongest technique in the Moxia Tribe. By using the strength of the Origin Source to incite the ring of light, one could use the different rings of light for different purposes. However, one thing that these lights had in common was that they were all extremely strong.

Even a martialist three grades above a Moxia Tribesman would find it difficult to face such an attack.

Even though this attack seemed very rampant, he was still very cautious about approaching.

Although the ring of lights began enveloping a large area, there was nothing amiss in its perimeter.

Not even a single enemy was detected.

As the Moxia Tribesman was slightly terrified, a golden blade converged before him.

His skull was split into half by the golden blade instantly.

The wielder of this extremely sharp blade was a black-haired man from the Human Tribe.

"You You killed Master Qinmo!" some green-gem tribesmen cried out in disbelief.

"I am going to kill all of you too," Luo Yunyang said indifferently while looking at the Moxia Tribesmen.

"You wouldnt dare! You wouldnt dare kill us! Who gave you the nerve? Do you know that youd be basically committing suicide by doing this?" one of the tribesmen shouted. However, the golden blade that Luo Yunyang was wielding took another form while the tribesman was still shouting.

In an instant, the tribesmans brains were sliced open.

The remaining tribesmen, who had already begun to sense the severity of the situation, immediately activated the gems on their foreheads. Countless swords and blades immediately began rushing out of the gemstones.

Although these blades had different colors, they all carried a strong Origin Source Law power.

These tribesmen were definitely the strongest of the tribe. Otherwise, they would not have been sent to the Cang Yuan System on a mission. If it had not been for Luo Yunyangs earlier sneaky attack, they did not believe that one of their own would actually have been defeated so quickly.

Now it was time for them to recoup everything they had lost earlier!

However, just as they were about to attack, the giant Flaming Heavenly Shuttle suddenly transformed into a whirling black hole that enveloped the attacking Moxia Tribesmen.

A moment later, the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle flew back to Luo Yunyang. The Moxia Tribesmen who had been attacking earlier had dissipated completely.

Only a few broken pieces of gemstones remained within the void.

Although this looked like an easy battle for Luo Yunyang, he knew very well that he had already exhausted his capabilities in order to finish them quickly and prevent them from spreading the news.

It felt especially exhausting as he was killing the last few Moxia Tribesmen. Thus, he ended up actually having to activate his Great Chaotic Hole Technique.

As soon as Luo Yunyang ended the battle, Duo Lusi and the others came rushing towards him from all directions, cupping their hands in respect.

They were expressing their heartfelt gratitude!

It was hard to understand the sentiments of the oppressed unless one had actually struggled to live in the Cang Yuan System. These people had finally gotten rid of all their problems.

However, among the people who had moved were three injured individuals, including one with serious injuries.

As Luo Yunyang looked over, one of the martialists, whose heart was wounded, smiled and said, "Chief Luo, even if I were to die now, it would be completely worth it!"

Luo Yunyang nodded and looked at Li Youmeng. Although Duo Lusi had a higher cultivation base than Li Youmeng, it was the latter who was the leader of the third small team.

"You killed a total of 10 strong Moxia Tribesmen, Chief. We also stole about 400 pieces of Gold Horn Crystals from them!"

Li Youmengs eyes lit up as he mentioned the 400 Gold Horn Crystals.

Duo Lusi and everyone else were also in high spirits. The reason they had worked so hard in the Cang Yuan System was so that they would be able to acquire more Gold Horn Crystals.

In the past, it had normally taken them several decades just to accumulate a total of 100 to 200 Gold Horn Crystals. Right now, they had actually managed to steal what they could not earn even in a few decades just by killing these Moxia Tribesmen. Thus, their joy was understandable.

Luo Yunyang was also shocked by the amount of Gold Horn Crystals that had been looted. In the past, he had killed the Nebula-Grade Ten-Millennial King Beast and only been rewarded with several dozens of Gold Horn Crystals.

By just killing a small team of Moxia Tribesmen, he had actually managed to reap bountiful rewards.

"Chief, unless Im wrong, this small team must have accumulated these gems over the last century."

Li Youmengs eyes lit up again as he said, "I think that the number of Gold Horn Crystals of the other teams should be quite significant as well. Lets"

Although Li Youmeng did not complete his sentence, his intentions were extremely clear.

He knew exactly what Li Youmeng was thinking about when he noticed his elated appearance. Thus, he smiled and said, "Pack your things. We are going to pursue the retreating enemy and advance forward!"

Five months later, on a planet filled with mechanical palaces, a Moxia Tribesman with a green gemstone on his forehead rushed towards a palace in a state of terror.

"Halt!" Just as he was about to rush into the palace, he was stopped by two Moxia Guards. One of the guards actually had a strong killing intent.

"Gentlemen, please inform the leader that the dispatched team has some very serious news to tell him."

When the Moxia Tribesman finished speaking, he heard someone from inside the palace say, "Come on in, Deka!"

The Moxia Tribesman known as Deka walked hastily into the palace. Inside the palace, a Moxia Tribesman with a purple gemstone on his forehead lay on the throne.

The Tribesman on the throne did not look any different from the Tribesmen who had been killed by Luo Yunyang. However, after a closer look at the purple gemstone on his forehead, one would notice three distinct wrinkles.

Anyone who was familiar with Moxia Tribesmen would know that one wrinkle symbolized one type of Origin Source Law. Having three wrinkles implied that one had been acknowledged by at least three types of Origin Source Law.

Anyone who could be acknowledged by any Origin Source Laws was considered a rare individual even among gifted individuals.

"Master, we have lost contact with teams one, two and three," said Deka without wasting any time.

The leader, who appeared to be lazy, stretched at first. However, his eyes lit up upon hearing the news. "Do you know who did this?" he said in a serious tone.

"This" said Deka as he began to perspire around his brows.

"This was definitely done by humans," the leader said with certainty. "Go help me contact His Majesty Leiming from the Thunder Ray Tribe. I want to redress this injustice!"