Supreme Uprising Chapter 474

Chapter 474 The Yellow Dragon Is Beheaded By The Long Blade

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Although it was hard to enter the virtual world from the Cang Yuan System, the high-speed electromagnetic waves were still able to resolve most communication-based issues.

It was only a little challenging if one wanted to get connected to the outside world by using the electromagnetic waves, as the Cang Yuan System normally had a way to intercept the signals.

Hence, it was usually quite difficult to have extended communication between the Cang Yuan System and the outside world. However, on the planet, communication via electromagnetic waves was normally quite hassle-free.

"My deepest respects, Your Highness Leiming. I am Yuanfeng from the Moxia Tribe," said the Moxia Tribesman who had been laying in the main hall respectfully. Due to the poor electromagnetic reception, the screen was unable to display any images of the people they were communicating with.

Meanwhile, the person known as His Majesty Leiming bellowed, "Yuanfeng, I am in the midst of training. Do not disturb me unless there is something urgent. Do you understand?"

His Majesty Leiming was obviously not too pleased with Yuanfengs interruption.

"Your Highness, the Moxia Tribe has always respected you completely. If there was nothing serious, I would definitely not have dared disturb you! This time, something very serious has happened."

Yuanfengs tone suddenly became sad as he said, "Your Highness, three of the small teams of the Moxia Tribe were brutally murdered by the Human Tribe. We seek your help in redressing this injustice!"

"Ha ha ha! Dont you have anything better to do, Yuanfeng? Three of your teams were taken out by the Human Tribe Are you sure you are not messing with me? Are you actually making fun of me?"

The Thunder Emperors voice was full of fury.

Although they were very far away, Yuanfeng still felt some fear deep down, He knew very well that His Majesty Leiming could not be messed with. If he really got angry, he would definitely not hold back against him.

"Your Highness, these three teams were the very best teams of the Moxia Tribe. We would never joke about losing them. Even if I was 100 times more courageous, I would definitely not try to make a fool out of you!"

Yuanfeng was nearly tearing up. "We really hope that Your Highness will help us redress this issue!"

As the high-speed electromagnetic waves were connecting with the other side, there was a moment of silence. After a while, the Thunder Emperors voice was once again heard. "Alright, I will send one of my envoys down to the Moxia Tribe to conduct an investigation. If this was really done by the humans, then I definitely will not let them off so easily."

Once the call was disconnected, Yuanfengs expression turned from cowardly to fierce.

Although he did not dare speak too freely in front of the high and mighty Leiming, he was ready to vent his frustration on the people before him.

"Deka, get some people to investigate teams one, two and three right now and find out exactly what happened. If they ran into any dangerous circumstances that led to their ultimate demise, then you will erase all traces of said demise."

Then, Yuanfeng added eerily, "Remember, we have to tell everyone that the disappearance of our three small teams was caused by the scoundrels of the Human Tribe!"

Deka noted these orders and left respectfully. On his way out, he felt nothing but respect and admiration for his leader.

The leader had immediately decided not to investigate the real reason their three strongest teams had gone missing, but instead use this as an excuse to hurt the Human Tribe.

This way, even though hed lost three of his best teams, he would still harm the Human Tribe.

The difference between Deka and the leader was just too great!

As Deka was lost in thought, he suddenly felt a dark shadow flash past him. Before he could understand what was happening, a ray of light ripped through the back of his neck, literally tearing it apart.

Up until he died, all Deka saw was a black shadow. This shadow was heading towards the palace hastily.

Although he did not know who this shadow was, he didnt have a good feeling about it. Deka tried to shout and warn his companions, but he was unable to make a single sound.

Yuanfeng naturally did not hear Dekas shout. His eyebrows were furrowed restlessly and he couldnt sit still.

He would take advantage of the destruction of his three teams to frame the Human Tribe and use that as an excuse to gain the last territory of the human race.

However, the loss of his three best teams still pained him. Who could have been the perpetrator? The humans? That was not possible. Who else could it be, though?

Frowning, Yuanfeng quickly thought about the different possibilities. Unfortunately, he was unable to pinpoint one that seemed plausible.

As Yuanfeng was lost in thought, a murderous intent suddenly enveloped his room.

Yuanfeng, who was no ordinary martialist, possessed the power of the purple gemstone on his forehead. In an instant, he created a purple flame that surrounded him, protecting him entirely from anything coming his way.

The two other wrinkles of Source Origin immediately transformed into a long green blade and a black shield that moved against his attacker.

Although his actions were fast, his attacker was just as quick. Just as he was about to attack, he felt a cool breeze blowing right in front of him.

The Moxia Tribe was not good at close-range combat.

Suddenly, Yuanfeng saw the face of his attacker clearly. He was a young teen with very nice facial features but a strong killing intent in his eyes.

As Yuanfeng felt an ominous vibe, countless needles formed a giant ax. This ax flew in the direction of his head and swung heavily at him.

This weapon could even split open mountains!

At first, Yuanfeng relaxed a little upon seeing that his opponent was human. However, as he looked at the approaching giant ax, he hardly had any time to retaliate.

When the ax moved past him, Yuanfengs head fell to the ground. Luo Yunyang, who had hardly given Yuanfeng a chance to fight, grabbed all of Yuanfengs belongings instantly.

Then, he exited the palace quickly. Although he had killed Yuanfeng, there were still many other Moxia Tribesmen in this area.

Killing them individually would definitely be much easier than facing all of them together.

In just half an hour, Luo Yunyang managed to finish off most of the Moxia Tribesmen. Although Yuanfeng himself had been quite strong, Luo Yunyang believed that he had only been slightly stronger than the Five-Element Sovereign.

Luo Yunyangs secret raid against this tribe had therefore been an easy task.

As he began boarding his spaceship, the palace started crumbling in the distance. The items inside, which had belonged to the Moxia Tribesmen, were destroyed completely.

"You are really ruthless, Chief Luo!" said Duo Lusi as he gave Luo Yunyang a big thumbs-up.

He did not say this to deliberately flatter Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang was indeed worthy of everyones respect.

Initially, Duo Lusis plan had just been to get Luo Yunyang to teach a lesson to the Moxia Tribesmen who had invaded the human territory. Who would have thought that, after doing this, Luo Yunyang would take things a step further and raid the base camp of the Moxia Tribe!

Although the others considered Lusi courageous and fearless, he paled in comparison to Luo Yunyang.

The difference between them was just too great.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands and said, "Our rewards are bountiful this time around. For now, lets return to the base. I believe that the Thunder Ray Tribe will be carrying out an investigation really soon."

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang began to quickly browse through the knowledge he possessed.

Although the Cang Yuan System was only a small system, this system was still not considered inferior to the larger system of the wide cosmos.

This area was occupied by over 100 different tribes and races after all. These territories were separated according to the different abilities of the various tribes.

For example, the leading tribe in the Divine Union was the Demigod Race, which had the highest deciding power in this union.

Below the Demigod Tribe were 18 other tribes called the 18 Primary Tribes.

If the Divine Union was a large building, then the Demigod Tribe would be the penthouse and the 18 tribes below would form the pillars of the building.

The tribes beneath them were further classified into first-grade, second-grade and third-grade tribes.

The different tribes had different rights and responsibilities. The humans were at the top of the third-grade tribes, while the Moxia Tribe was at the bottom of the second-grade tribes.

Both the Human Tribe and Moxia Tribe existed under the leadership of the Thunder Ray Tribe. Although this type of leadership did not seem strict, the Thunder Ray Tribe had many powerful rights, such as the right to exterminate the entire Human Tribe.

According to the data, the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Moxia Tribe seemed to share close relations. Actually, the Moxia Tribe was extremely good at flattering the Thunder Ray Tribe.

Without the support of the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Moxia Tribe would never have dared take such a big part of the human territory.

"Chief, are we really not going to do anything about this?" Duo Lusi said, his level of joy dwindling by 50 percent. He now began to also feel worried about Luo Yunyangs daring actions.

Luo Yunyang looked at Duo Lusi and said, "In six months, the various tribes will have to pay a certain number of Gold Horn Gems to the Thunder Ray Tribe. Before that happens, we have to expose the Moxia Tribes deeds. You know that we have been taken advantage of for years."

"Please get the Thunder Ray Tribe to reduce the amount of taxes that the Human Tribe has to pay!"

"I am afraid that is not going to work," said Duo Lusi. He had lived in the Cang Yuan System for a long time, so he knew very well its rules and regulations.

"I know, but I still want everyone to know that the Human Tribe has been seriously bullied by the Moxia Tribe!"

Luo Yunyang smiled as he added, "Given our current predicament, do you think other people would believe the Moxia Tribe or us?"

"I understand now!" replied Duo Lusi solemnly.