Supreme Uprising Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Turning Black To White

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Having a sword in hand and sweeping through everything all around was definitely a carefree feeling!

Luo Yunyang did not entertain such thoughts after becoming the leader of the Human Tribe on the Cang Yuan System. However, when he accessed their level of strength, he understood that now was not the time to act recklessly yet.

After all, he still had not broken past the Nebula-Grade boundary!

Although his training in the Extreme Mysterious Realm allowed him to easily kill most Nebula-Grade martialists, Luo Yunyang knew very well that there was still a difference between his skill level and the best martialists from some of the top tribes out there.

The main reason for this disparity was that he was still a Star-Grade martialist.

Luo Yunyang definitely had the capability to break through to the Nebula-Grade. However, he was only interested in making a perfect breakthrough.

Therefore, his plan was to acquire as many Gold Horn Crystals as he could and read all the Sky Books in the Nine Paths at least once. Then, he would mend the flaws in his current techniques before successfully breaking through to the Nebula-Grade boundary.

500 pieces of Gold Horn Crystals was definitely no small sum. Viewing one of the Sky Books would cost him 100 pieces of Gold Horn Crystals. Thus, he was still short about 100 Gold Horn Crystals.

Before acquiring these last 100 Gold Horn Crystals, he still had to deal with the repercussions of eliminating the Moxia Tribe.

Up in the galaxy, a spaceship was flying straight in a certain direction without any qualms. The spaceship reflected blue and white rays of light.

The entire Human Tribe knew that this spaceship belonged to the leader of the 18 Primary Tribes, the Thunder Ray Tribe.

Luo Yunyang had already received information from a friendly tribe regarding the arrival of the Thunder Ray Tribe one month prior to the actual arrival.

Therefore, he had already made the necessary preparations to get ready for the arrival of the Thunder Ray Tribe!

Aboard the spaceship stood a lady who was about three meters tall. Revolving around her were purple rays of light. The lady glanced condescendingly at the Thunder Ray Tribesmen, who were crouching in fear near her.

"Madam Miyawa, you have to redress this injustice! The Moxia Tribe has really suffered terribly this time! Our three strongest teams and our base have been completely destroyed by humans! This is just too much!"

Miyawa snorted and said, "Shut up! Theres no need for you to keep bawling. I have my own way of dealing with this matter!"

As the two of them were speaking, a man with a pair of wings approached Miyawa and said respectfully, "Madam Miyawa, we have arrived."

Miyawa nodded her head and issued a few virtual commands. The walls of the spaceship immediately became transparent.

Right outside was the human base and slightly over 20 waiting humans. Although these humans were the very best martialists of the tribe, Miyawa was not affected in the slightest.

She was trained in the Punishing Demonic Thunder Move, a move with a monstrous amount of power that had allowed her to gain telekinetic abilities.

If she wanted, she could finish off these 20 humans with just a snap of her fingers.

The Human Tribe was not significant in her eyes.

If the Thunder Emperor had not asked her to investigate this issue, she would definitely never have wasted her time dealing with a small squabble between these tiny tribes.

However, she was pleased with the behavior of the humans.

"Madam Miyawa, those humans are extremely cunning. You mustnt fall into their trap!" said Qiedun from the Moxia Tribe. He was the leader of the Fourth Team who was now in charge of the whole Moxia Tribe on the Cang Yuan System.

His gentle warning almost angered Miyawa. If it were not for the Thunder Emperor, she might have just exterminated the entire Moxia Tribe amid her fury.

"Are you trying to say that I am dumb?"

"I wouldnt dare say that, Madam. You are the smartest person that I have seen in my entire life!" replied Qiedun hastily.

He knew very well how powerful this lady was. Although she didnt speak much, if she got angry, not even the entire Moxia Tribe would match her powers.

"Hmph!" snorted Miyawa as she soared into the air towards the spaceship. She was tall and big, with flashes of thunder rays that made her look like a celestial being who had come from an entirely different place.

"My respects to the honorable guest of the Thunder Ray Tribe. You must act as a judge for us!" Tu Xiang said as he rushed over.

Meanwhile, he used one part of his sleeve to rub his eyes. As a spicy substance got rubbed into his eyes, he made a few different whimpering sounds. By the time he raised his head, there were already tears flowing out of his eyes.

Tu Xiang was actually very reluctant to put on such an act. However, Luo Yunyang had instructed him to do so, so hed had no choice but to obey.

He bawled loudly, tears flowing down his face as he looked at Miyawa. "Madam, the Moxia Tribe has taken half of our land. If this carries on, we might not even be able to pay our taxes in the future! Please act as a judge for us, Madam!"

Miyawa had never liked the Moxia Tribe much, as its members had looked completely different from her in terms of appearance. Thus, as she looked at the pitiful Tu Xiang, she became more inclined to rule in their favor.

Miyawa also knew very well the differences in strength between the humans and the Moxia Tribe. The humans had never had any reinforcements. This situation had been entirely caused by the Moxia Tribe!

Miyawa believed that the disappearance of the Moxia Tribesmen had been staged by the Moxia Tribesmen themselves.

Their main goal was to steal the small part of land that still belonged to the humans.

"Get up! I will definitely judge if there are any problems," said Miyawa in a relaxed tone. Saying this made her feel extremely comfortable.

After all, as one of the strongest individuals in the 18 Primary Tribes, it brought her great joy to be able to redress the wrongdoings of the smaller tribes so that they felt grateful for her contribution.

"Madam Miyawa, you have been fooled by them. They finished off three of our best teams and exterminated the people on our land. They" Qiedun rushed over in an agitated manner.

It had never occurred to him that these despicable humans would actually make false allegations and portray themselves as the victims!

The Moxia Tribe had lost three of its best teams and its entire base. He was very confident that the humans had done this.

These shameless fellows had actually dared falsify information and manipulate it to their advantage!

"If you keep speaking, I am going to kill you!" said Miyawa as she glared at Qiedun. Her eyes were glittering with flashes of electricity. She was not joking about this. If she really wanted to, she could finish him off easily.

"Madam, if you look at this map, you will see that our territories have actually been occupied by them for about 100 years!" said Tu Xiang as he presented an electronic map before Miyawa. The map clearly indicated the territories stolen from them.

There was no need to falsify this, as it had always been true.

Miyawa scanned the map before her gaze landed on the area where the human base was, in the external part of the Cang Yuan System.

This area was a node that controlled the Human Tribes returns.

According to the map, this territory was now in the hands of the Moxia Tribe. This meant that the humans were being pushed back by the Moxia Tribe.

"Are your people still in this region?" Miyawa asked Qiedun coldly as she looked at the map.

Qiedun was sure that his people were still in that region, as he had been communicating with them just a while ago.

Judging from the expressions of these humans, he began to think that perhaps the extermination of the three teams and their base had actually not been initiated by the humans.

After carefully analyzing this issue, he finally concluded that, whether it had been the Human Tribe or not, he was still going to put the blame on them. He wanted to do them in once and for all!

He had just not expected that the humans would bring so much evidence along.

"This This"

As Qiedun was trying to think of ways to deal with this matter, Miyawas palm came flying towards him and landed with a heavy blow.

"How audacious! You actually dare treat us like your weapons. How dare you fool His Majesty Leiming! You should go ahead and die!" Miyawa said as her palm fell heavily on Qieduns body.

Although Qiedun was no weakling, the difference in terms of strength between him and Miyawa was just too great. Furthermore, he just did not have the guts to retaliate.

Sounds of rolling thunder were heard as Qiedun turned into a charred corpse, his eyes still wide open in shock.

Tu Xiang and everyone else watched Miyawa with terrified expressions. Miyawas power had just shown them the huge disparity between them and the strong fighters of the Thunder Ray Tribe.

When Miyawa calmed down a while later, her gaze fell back on Tu Xiang. "Now that I know about this, you may take back the land that used to belong to you! I will instruct the Moxia Tribesmen who are still occupying the area to retreat and return the lands to you. Alright, all of you should return now."

When she finished speaking, Miyawa soared into the air and boarded the Thunder Ray Spaceship, leaving before even entering the human base.

Half a minute after Miyawas spaceship left, Luo Yunyang walked out of the crowd with a look of admiration on his face.

Miyawas level of cultivation was much higher than his own. Of course, this was mainly because Miyawa was a Nebula-Grade martialist.

"Will we ever be as strong as the Thunder Ray Tribe?" Tu Xiang whined enviously.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Tu Xiang before he said solemnly, "We will. One day, we will definitely surpass the Thunder Tribes power."

"Are you saying that Miyawa was fooled by the Human Tribe?" His Majesty Leiming asked coldly as lightning flashed all around him.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Based on my findings, the most plausible perpetrators behind the crimes against the Moxia Tribe are the humans and only the humans!" said a dark shadow solemnly while kneeling before the Thunder Emperor.

"Alright That small tribe must be very audacious to actually try to fool me. I am going to show them what the price of deceiving me is!"

Then, the Thunder Emperor murmured to himself, "I am in seclusion right now, I have no time to bother punishing them. Wait till the day I am done. I am going to teach them a lesson. Its about time these people were given a warning!"