Supreme Uprising Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Rising With The Wind

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Luo Yunyang floated lightly in the sky. Although his cultivation base still hadnt reached the Nebula-Grade, his breathing had become calmer and steadier.

Breaking through to the Nebula-Grade had always been just a thought to him. However, 10 years had passed and Luo Yunyang still hadnt broken through.

Although he had already accumulated enough experience through cultivation, he did not want to just break through hurriedly.

He had used the Gold Horn Crystals to view the Sky Books of the Nine Paths, so he had a sufficient understanding of the different Origin Sources Laws to break through to the Nebula-Grade.

It could actually be said that his level of experience had already surpassed most peoples. However, Luo Yunyang still felt that there was some room for improving his cultivation level.

Was he satisfied?

When Luo Yunyang glanced 500 kilometers away from his spot, he spotted a small black hole.

Although he had only noticed this black hole by chance, when he looked closely, he saw a Nebula-Grade space beast getting swallowed by the hole.

Even the best fighters would avoid this type of black hole. However, it was hard for Luo Yunyang to suppress his restlessness.

Although observing the black hole would put him in great danger, he decided to go ahead without a second thought.

For quite a number of years, Luo Yunyang had been toying with the idea of observing the black hole. However, every time this thought popped into his mind, it would get suppressed by his rational self.

Observing the black hole was just too dangerous!

However, it was hard to suppress ones desire. If the hole helped him light up a spark, it would quickly help him gain a better understanding! Hence, despite knowing how dangerous this was, Luo Yunyang found it hard to stop himself from observing the hole.

He believed that the reason he was unable to attain the Nebula-Grade even under perfect circumstances was mainly the imperfections of his Black Hole Technique.

Even though he had read various records and descriptions of these black holes written by top powerhouses from the Human Race, they were all proven false.

"Go!" Luo Yunyang finally made a decision.

Although the black hole seemed like a deadly trap to most people, Luo Yunyang saw it as an opportunity to further improve himself.

As long as it helped him perfect his technique, his potential would be limitless in the future.

He believed that not having sufficient power in this galaxy was another form of danger, considering the battles he would have to fight against his other enemies. Hence, it was worth taking a risk in exchange for a more perfect technique.

For example, this would come in handy while killing members of the Moxia Tribe, or when the lady from the Thunder Tribe decided to kill the martialists of the Moxia Tribe as well. The list could go on and on

Luo Yunyang slowed down as he approached the Black Hole. The suctioning power of the hole was so strong that he felt an uncontrollable restrictive force coming from the hole even as far as 500,000 kilometers away.

Most martialists would have retreated against a black hole with this amount of power. After all, pitting oneself against something lifeless wasnt worthwhile.

However, Luo Yunyang remained undeterred in his quest to reach the black hole.

500,000 meters, 250,000 meters, 150,000 meters

As Luo Yunyang approached the black hole, he began to feel the heavy forces acting against his body. It felt really strange.

He suddenly had the impulse to just speed up and charge into the small black hole despite all the attractive forces on him.

As Luo Yunyang got within 25,000 meters of the black hole, droplets of blood began appearing on his body.

In the Extreme Mysterious Realm, his body had been considered way harder than gold steel. It would be hard to injure him even if a Star-Grade martialist hit him with their full strength.

However, blood was now oozing out of Luo Yunyangs entire body. There were also visible pull marks on some areas of his body.

Although it was hard for him to use his Mind Power by this point, he was continuously reminded that what he was attempting was extremely dangerous. If he continued, there was a possibility that he might just perish!

15,000 meters, 5,000 meters, 2,500 meters

As he approached, Luo Yunyang began to find it hard to balance and stand properly. The body armor he had acquired from the Extreme Mysterious Realm began bending and changing shape. Even his armor seemed to have reached its limit.

As Luo Yunyang got closer, he began to feel that he was getting closer to success. He had this strong feeling that as long as he was able to approach the black hole, he would be able to perfect the path he wanted to take.

The black holes power was like a boundless whirlpool with a large continuous suctioning power.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyangs legs were like a pair of nails that held onto him firmly as he stood approximately 10 meters away from the black hole. Due to its massive amount of suctioning force, his entire body began making creaking noises.

By now, Luo Yunyang felt the suctioning power increase several times with every step he took.

He was not going to allow himself to waver, though. He quickly opened his attribute regulator and adjusted his Power, which had originally been set at 100 points, to the maximum.

As he continued to advance, about 10 meters away, his legs began bending in a peculiar way.

When he was three meters away, he felt as though his whole body was bending due to the amount of force exerted on him.

He was only one meter away now! Luo Yunyang was going to persevere!

As he took the next step, he heard a loud cracking sound come from his bones.

The massive force had broken his bones. However, Luo Yunyang smiled faintly at the thought of being able to become one with the suctioning power of the black hole.

His knowing smile matched the pain he was suffering.

"Ha ha ha!"

Luo Yunyang did not retreat immediately. As he stood near the black hole, he now had a better understanding of how it worked.

When the black hole emitted a wave, Luo Yunyang swallowed it. As this wave amalgamated with his body, he felt both delirious and determined.

He had already made the necessary preparations and he knew exactly which path he wanted to pursue. The Nebula-Grade was now within his reach.

However, his Nebula-Grade level was different from other levels.

In just a moment, the star created by the Fundamental Planetary Source in his body began crumbling at a rapid rate. As the star crumbled, Luo Yunyang also felt the universe within him crumbling.

Everything began falling apart after the injection of that wave.

Huge lacerations began to form on Luo Yunyangs heart. He suddenly felt as though his body was going to fall apart completely.

All he could do at the moment, besides hold on to the ray of hope in his heart, was sturdily support his body to avoid getting absorbed into the black hole.

Although the powerful ripping forces on the internal part of his body came from his insides, the powerful tearing forces on the exterior of his body came from the black hole.

The two massive forces began to create a strange equilibrium in Luo Yunyang.

A high level of willpower was necessary to maintain this frail force equilibrium. As Luo Yunyang stood before the spinning black hole, he was supporting his Star-Grade evolution and using his willpower to maintain this force equilibrium.

As time passed, the star created by the Fundamental Planetary Source began crumbling rapidly. In just a moment, the star that implied that Luo Yunyang could become a Nebula-Grade powerhouse disintegrated completely into a black dot.

The black dot, however, did not fall apart like the star. Instead, it began tearing rapidly at the internal part of his body, as though it was about to swallow him from the inside.

Luo Yunyang was aware that when this internal swallowing process was completed, his outer body would be next. Therefore, his attention was focused on his interspatial storage ring.

Many different types of treasures, both named and unnamed, started to fly into his internal universe quickly before getting rapidly swallowed by the universe and being converted into the purest, strongest of powers, which were then integrated into the small black hole.

Luo Yunyang had to persevere and amalgamate all these different resources into the universe in his body.

These were resources that Luo Yunyang had prepared for himself so he could break through to the Nebula-Grade Realm. After all, the Nebula-Grade required a reconstructed star and a large number of valuable resources.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang felt as though he had woken up from some kind of mechanical slumber. The Black Hole that had been pulling at him earlier now seemed to have disappeared without a single trace. As he stood where it had been, Luo Yunyang felt as though he was in the middle of an ordinary starry sky.

Suddenly, he felt boundless amounts of energy radiating from the internal parts of his body.

This amount of strength was so limitless that he felt like he would be able to destroy even the black hole in a single move if he wanted to.

Success! There werent any celestial bodies or even a single speck of dust in the nebula inside his body.

What he saw was a black hole right in the center of the nebula. This black hole could give Luo Yunyang unlimited strength, as well as help him acquire black holes with unlimited absorption power.

Without further delay, Luo Yunyang began rising to the sky and moving away from the black hole. While he rose, he let out a roar.

As he traveled 500,000 meters away, his communication device began ringing. He was able to get a signal, as he was now out of the Cang Yuan System.

"Yunyang, I just heard that His Majesty Leiming from the Thunder Ray Tribe is getting ready to redivide the safety zones!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master said. "You should take a trip down there and represent the Human Tribe!"

Luo Yunyangs mind began racing upon hearing about the re-division of the safety areas. He immediately agreed. "Alright, I will make my way over there right away!"