Supreme Uprising Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Boiled

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10 years was considered a short period in the Cang Yuan System.

For the human race, not much had changed over the last 10 years. There had been no imminent threats or any bountiful harvests of Gold Horn Gems.

Many others considered humans a small third-grade tribe that could only stay in the safety zone most of the time.

“Chief Luo, you…” Tu Xiang greeted Luo Yunyang as he entered the Cang Yuan System.

He had known Luo Yunyang for many years and been very close to him. Thus, Tu Xiang rushed over to embrace him warmly.

However, just as he was about to reach Luo Yunyang, he sensed that something was different and stopped terrified in his tracks.

Luo Yunyang was still Luo Yunyang. He had the same old calm expression and the same old smile. However, something about him had changed. He just seemed really scary. This fear could penetrate one’s bones!

“You… What happened to you?” stammered Tu Xiang as he pointed at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled and teased him. “Don’t start worshipping me. I just followed a fable and broke through to the Nebula-Grade.”

“You… Weren’t you at the Nebula-Grade before?” a well-built martialist asked as he walked over.

He was a martialist from the third small team who owed his life to Luo Yunyang. As far as he could remember, given Luo Yunyang’s prowess, he had to easily be a high-ranking Nebula-Grade fighter.

He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would only advance to the Nebula-Grade now!

As he looked at the well-built martialist, Luo Yunyang laughed and said, “I just broke through!”

“Ha ha ha! That’s so sick!”

Everyone knew that there was hardly any difference between the time Luo Yunyang had entered the base 10 years ago and now.

“Chief, I have known and acknowledged your power for many years. However, I’d always thought that you were at the Nebula-Grade. I would never have thought that you would belong to the younger generation!” a middle-aged man exclaimed.

The middle-aged man, who came from the Phantom Mirage Path, was one generation younger than the Phantom Mirage Path Master. However, he was one generation older than Luo Yunyang.

The strongest person was always the most highly-respected in the Cang Yuan System. That was why Luo Yunyang had always been known as the Chief.

Luo Yunyang laughed and exchanged pleasantries with Li Youmeng and the others before turning to Tu Xiang and asking, “Why does the Thunder Ray Tribe want to redivide the territories?”

“I am not sure, but His Majesty Leiming gave direct orders, so we’ll have to obey,” replied Tu Xiang.

As far as Tu Xiang was concerned, the Thunder Ray Tribe was not a tribe to mess with. Thus, it would be best for them to follow whatever orders they were given.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Tu Xiang before nodding. Although he did not know the intentions of the Thunder Ray Tribe, he decided that he would wait and see. After all, he had already broken through to the Nebula-Grade. As far as this land was concerned, he had nothing too great to worry about.

Although the re-division of the land was an important matter, according to the rules set by the Thunder Ray Tribe, the humans would only send 10 people for the event.

After some discussion, Luo Yunyang decided to bring along Tu Xiang, Li Youmeng and eight others when he went to the Lightning Ray Tribe’s domain. Meanwhile, Duo Lusi and the rest would stay behind to guard the land and mine more Gold Horn Crystals.

Although the Cang Yuan System included Galaxy-Grade existences, there was still a wormhole connecting the two different lands.

Throughout the journey, Luo Yunyang and his companions rode the spaceship and jumped through a total of seven different wormholes before eventually reaching the land of the Thunder Ray Tribe.

This land had a lot of mountainous regions and boundless plains with lots of sixth factor. Although there were not many opportunities if one lived there, the presence of this huge concentration of sixth factor showed that this was a land that took its cultivation very seriously.

However, what really captured everyone’s attention were the streaks of gold flashes on the mountain peaks.

According to the experiences of the human miners, these gold flashes meant that this place would definitely have Gold Horn Crystals. If they mined this region, they would find at least one Gold Horn Crystal.

The continuous gold lights flashing above showed that this area contained at least several tens of thousands of Gold Horn Crystals.

This meant that the humans would have the opportunity to go through the Sky Books at least 100 times.

As Luo Yunyang’s spaceship entered the Thunder Ray Region, a lofty voice said, “Which tribe are you guys from?”

“Greetings, sir. We are representatives of the Human Tribe,” said Li Youmeng respectfully.

Although the person speaking was not an important employee of the Thunder Ray Tribe, that tribe had always been high and mighty. The human race had never dared offend them.

“Human Tribe? He he… You may enter!” said the voice with a quick giggle before going completely silent.

Li Youmeng did not have a good feeling after hearing that laughter.

“Chief Luo, why do I sense that something is amiss this time?” Tu Xiang asked. Although he might appear carefree on the exterior, Tu Xiang was a seasoned veteran who had experienced many battles. Thus, he was very sharp when it came to detecting changes in any situation.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He wasn’t very apprehensive, as he had now reached the Nebula-Grade, which made him very confident about his abilities.

“It’s fine!”

Tu Xiang stopped talking after hearing Luo Yunyang’s reassuring words. Suddenly, an enormous mountain that spanned thousands of miles appeared before their eyes.

The huge mountain seemed to have a lid on its peak, which rose high into the air and above the clouds.

“Master, this must be the Thunder Ray Mountain!” Tu Xiang said enviously. “I heard that there are at least 100,000 Gold Horn Crystals buried under this mountain peak!”

100,000 Gold Horn Crystals buried under just one mountain peak?

After all these years of collecting, Luo Yunyang had only managed to accumulate about 700 Gold Horn Crystals. By using them, he had barely managed to take a look at the various Sky Books of the different paths once. Who would have thought that beneath this mountain peak would lie so many Gold Horn Crystals? The very thought tempted Luo Yunyang!

He gulped silently before studying the enormous mountain peak.

Top martialists from various tribes had already gathered on the summit. However, what really attracted Luo Yunyang’s attention was a giant cauldron.

The cauldron in question was at least 33-meters tall, while its body was painted completely red. Although there was no fuel under it, it seemed as though it was ready to raze the lands at any moment.

Luo Yunyang had a sudden thought as he glanced at this giant cauldron. He had a strong feeling that this giant cauldron was meant for them!

“Chief, that’s the first-grade Bujia Tribe. We have friendly relations with them. Maybe we can garner some support from them,” Tu Xiang said while pointing to several human-like figures who wore sparkling armor as they flew past them in their spaceship.

The Bujia Tribe might have a comical appearance, but they were no fools. They were actually extremely strong.

The Human Tribe had relations with the Bujia Tribe mainly due to a coincidence that had happened about 1,000 years ago.

As Luo Yunyang approached the Bujia Tribe, some of the talking tribesmen shot him an irritated look.

Besides irritation, Luo Yunyang also sensed a level of fear in the eyes of one of the Buxia Tribesmen.

This fear hadn’t been caused by him.

“This place is a gathering point for first-grade tribes like ours. You guys should go back to where you rightfully belong,” a middle-aged man from the Bujia Tribe said.

“Sir Bufeng, we…” Tu Xiang acknowledged one of the heads of the Bujia Tribe right before someone else berated him. “The Bujia Tribe does not recognize lower-grade tribes.”

This embarrassing situation attracted the attention of the crowd, who studied Luo Yunyang and his companions with strange expressions.

Some people even used this chance to add, “Are you already trying to climb the ranks? You just got here. You should perhaps take a look at your own abilities. He he he…”

Although Tu Xiang was simple-minded, he immediately flushed with embarrassment. After all, it was absolutely shameful to get berated so intensely in front of so many people.

A flicker of killing intent caught Luo Yunyang’s attention. However, just as he was about to take action, the shadow of a figure came striding in from afar.

This figure, which came from the void, landed onto the giant mountain peak. Two rays of purple and white merged, giving this figure a sacred aura.

Although the figure did not say anything, a strong force was exuded from his body in every direction.

The pressure of this force made all the strong martialists of the major tribes bow their heads in respect.

Some martialists even prostrated on the ground.

“Are you Luo Yunyang?” the 15-meter tall man from the Lightning Ray Tribe asked.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed. The power exuded from this man made him feel a strong desire for battle deep down.

Upon meeting this man, Luo Yunyang finally affirmed that the decision he had made earlier had been the right one.

If he had not stubbornly insisted on perfecting his technique by training in the black hole, he would definitely have been no match for this martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe.

“Yes, I am.”

“Ha ha ha! How audacious! You have some guts! Men, overpower Luo Yunyang and throw him into the Subduing Lightning Cauldron!” the tall man from the Thunder Ray Tribe commanded.

At his command, hundreds of guards came rushing towards Luo Yunyang from all directions.

A few martialists from the Bujia Tribe looked on sympathetically while the rest just sat back to watch the show.

Meanwhile, some people looked at Leiming and the giant red cauldron in terror!