Supreme Uprising Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Lightning Obliteration

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There were many rules in the Divine Union. However, on the whole, it was still an alliance, and what was the most important thing in an alliance?

When Leiming had first been about to start cultivating, his teacher had taught him the most important lesson: Power.

Only with power would one be able to lead an alliance. Without power, even the most dominant tribe in the Divine Union would amount to nothing.

However, after all these years of fighting and risking losing his life, Leiming had realized that, besides power, he also needed something called prestige.

This could only be earned when one strived his heart out and fought!

Given the current situation, if he wanted to unite the masses and make his subordinates from the Thunder Ray Tribe and the other major tribes obey him, he had to show his ability to lead.

Luo Yunyang from the Human Tribe was undoubtedly a good opponent to display this capability against!

The Human Tribe held the top spot among the third-grade tribes, so it would be a suitable candidate for him to display his abilities. Furthermore, he had a very good excuse as to why he had to challenge them.

The excuse was that Luo Yuyang had both ambushed the Moxia Tribe and fooled the entire Thunder Ray Tribe, thus tricking Miyawa into making the wrong decision. This was completely heinous.

"What right does the Thunder Ray Tribe have to throw Luo Yunyang into the Subduing Lightning Cauldron?" Tu Xiang shouted.

Leiming scoffed as Tu Xiang stepped forward to defend Yunyang. As a subordinate, one should try to get into the masters good books. However, one should also examine ones own abilities and whether one was able to match up to the person talking!

Leiming, who was 15 meters tall, was considered the head of the Thunder Ray Tribe. Although Tu Xiang was considered one of the toughest members of the Human Tribe, there was still a stark difference between him and Leiming.

"What right? I will tell you what right we have!" roared Leiming. "Firstly, Luo Yunyang deserves to die for secretly killing Moxia Tribesmen!"

Leiming then glanced at Luo Yunyang and said, "The Moxia Tribesmen were killed by you. You cant deny this!"

Then, he asked, "Luo Yunyang, do you admit that you killed the Moxia Tribesmen?"

Luo Yunyang glanced at Leiming and nodded. "I never had any intention of deceiving you!"

Although Leiming fumed when he heard Luo Yunyangs frivolous reply, he wasnt an impulsive person. When he noticed Luo Yunyangs vigor and confidence, he didnt feel very optimistic about this situation.

Luo Yunyangs reaction had exceeded his expectations. He had predicted that, under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang would shamelessly try to lie about the situation and cover the truth.

Like most perpetrators caught in the act, he would at least strongly deny his actions or remain completely quiet.

"Alright, now that you owned up to this, I shall move on to my second point. I am Leiming, is that sufficient?"

The moment Leiming said that, the people from the other major tribes echoed back, "Yes!"

The Demigod Tribe was the primary tribe of the Divine Union and the pillar of the 18 Primary Tribes. Although on the surface there did not seem to be many similarities between them, it was not uncommon for the major tribes to take advantage of the smaller tribes.

Everyone present knew that Leiming wanted to show his authority. However, since nobody had the ability to stand up against him, nobody would object to anything he said.

Even the martialists from the Bujia Tribe did not take another look at Luo Yunyang.

"That isnt sufficient. How significant is Leiming anyway?" said a cold voice from the crowd.

Upon hearing this voice, everyone immediately quietened down. All eyes focused on the spot the voice was coming from.

Leimings eyes also darted in the direction of the voice. He had always been fawned upon, so he had never been offended this way before.

"Death is right at your doorstep, yet you still dare be rude to Master Leiming? How insolent!" a man with white wings on his back roared as he sent a kick flying towards Luo Yunyang.

The moment he kicked, a massive force encompassed the area and cracks began forming around the void, where the force was.

"Its Jin Fantian from the grade-one Qunyi Tribe!" a man in the crowd exclaimed. Jin Fantian was obviously terrifying!

As the man announced the identity of the attacker, Luo Yunyang retaliated with his own fist.

His fist didnt contain any Origin Source Law. He only used the strength he had in his body.

Hence, his punch didnt seem to contain any might. Compared to Jin Fantians kick, the difference was vast.

However, as his leg came into contact with Luo Yunyangs fist, Jin Fantian came to a full standstill in mid-air.

Although he still had that proud expression on his face, his entire body remained unmoving.

His legs, his thighs, his whole body

Jin Fantians body parts began breaking apart like chinaware, until only his skull was left. There was a look of disbelief on his face now.

Jin Fantian did not die, as his mind was spared by Luo Yunyang. However, the impact of the hit left him completely crippled.

Leiming had watched closely as Jin Fantian had attacked Luo Yunyang. He had not been worried about anything happening to Jin Fantian. Instead, he had been worried that Jin Fantian would accidentally kill Luo Yunyang in the process and his goal to burn Luo Yunyang in the Subduing Lightning Cauldron would not be realized.

He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually break Jin Fantians body with just one punch.

This insane, monstrous strength left Leiming feeling slightly apprehensive deep down.

Leiming was left with no options. He had already brought out the giant cauldron, so there was no taking it back now.

He could either boil Luo Yunyang alive in the cauldron and establish his authority, or he could just become a laughing stock.

Leiming definitely did not want to become a laughing stock. Thus, he had to boil Luo Yunyang alive in the cauldron.

The rest of the martialists from the other tribes, who had been about to attack, immediately quietened down. Their expressions changed completely as they looked at Luo Yunyang.

Just a moment ago, Luo Yunyang had merely been a tool for Leiming to establish his authority. Now, he had become a strong contender who had the potential to actually stand up to Leiming.

Leiming might be strong, but the skills Luo Yunyang had displayed were one of a kind.

The simple punch he had thrown earlier had frightened all the people watching. Most people began to realize that a massive disparity existed between their abilities and his.

Only the strongest would rule in the Cang Yuan System!

This was what the Divine Union had promised the Cang Yuan System. Actually, many tribes found this promise abundant, as it only seemed to state the obvious.

Among all the tribes in the Cang Yuan System, the strongest one was the Demigod Tribe. However, there were also the 18 Primary Tribes, who had the strongest fighters and biggest population. Hence, they were the ones ruling.

However, the very man Leiming had wanted to use to establish his own authority had just displayed a shocking amount of strength.

"Is there anyone else who wishes to throw me into that cauldron?" asked Luo Yunyang as he glanced around. Then, his gaze fell on the Thunder Ray Tribe.

There were approximately more than 10,000 people in the Thunder Ray Tribe within the Cang Yuan System. Just based on their numbers and abilities alone, they already outpowered humans by more than 100 times.

Most of them knew that His Majesty Leiming had wanted to boil someone from the Human Tribe to demonstrate and establish his power and authority in the region.

However, they did not know much about this whole matter. In fact, some people among them had helped plan this whole episode, even though they had been unclear about the situation.

From their point of view, although the humans were their allies, killing one of the chaps who had tried to move against them in secret was just like killing a slave. It wouldnt make much of a difference.

They had been the ones to spread the news about killing and boiling Luo Yunyang. Some of them even remembered the arrogantly confident attitude with which they had spread the news.

However, they didnt know where to hide their faces now.

"You really think that no one can oppose you after defeating just one martialist? He he I will show you that there are people in this world who are capable of being completely tyrannical And you arent one of them!"

"Today, I, Leiyuan will bury your corpse right in this ground!" a man who was a meter shorter but slightly bulkier than Leiming said as he walked over slowly.

Leiyuans appearance helped save Leimings image. After all, Leiyuan was the second strongest powerhouse of the Thunder Ray Tribe in the entire Cang Yuan System.

Luo Yunyang watched callously as Leiyuan strode over. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly before he said calmly, "Shall you both join forces and attack me?"

Luo Yunyang was pointing at Leiming.

By asking Leiming and Leiyuan to join forces against him, he was basically mocking the entire Thunder Ray Tribe.

Leiming saw red. He had never had to experience such humiliation and shame before!

"You must have a death wish!" Leiyuan hollered. A purple lightning ball formed on his hand as he walked towards Luo Yunyang. Although the lightning ball was small, the surrounding sky and land seemed to gather and gravitate towards it as it was being formed.

"Yunyang, this is the Lightning Obliteration Technique of the Thunder Ray Tribe!" Tu Xiang shouted.

As far as Luo Yunyang could remember, the Lightning Obliteration Technique, which had many different names, was a top-notch technique of the Thunder Ray Tribe that used different sacred bolts of lightning as its base.

Although it was not too challenging to use this technique, a vast amount of control was needed to wield it.

Most of the Thunder Ray Tribesmen were unable to control this sort of technique.

The lightning ball was small, yet the force contained within it sealed up the void, leaving no place for anybody to hide.

"Die!" shouted Leiyuan as he threw the lightning ball in Luo Yunyangs direction. The lightning ball traveled at a high speed and reached Luo Yunyang in an instant.

The members of the various major tribes immediately backed off, with fear etched on their faces. They were afraid that the power of the Lightning Obliteration would ricochet onto them as well.

Luo Yunyang did not hide when he saw the lightning ball. Instead, he raised a hand as it approached.

A cruel smile appeared on Leimings face as he watched Luo Yunyang raise his hand. This chap obviously did not understand the sheer force of this technique, or what death really meant!