Supreme Uprising Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Why Negotiate When You Can Plunder?

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“Come!” Luo Yunyang shouted as he reached out to catch the flying lightning ball. However, just as the ball reached his hands, a black speck of light appeared on his palms.

Not only did the speck of light possess the power of a black hole, but it also encompassed the technique of the Great Chaotic Hole Path. By using that move, the lightning ball disappeared into Luo Yunyang’s palm instantaneously!

It disappeared completely without any trace.

Leiyuan stared in disbelief. His powerful move did not even pose any resistance against Luo Yunyang’s palms.

Could his cultivation base be at the Galaxy-Grade?

Throughout his cultivating journey, Leiyuan had advanced from the Planet-Grade to the Star-Grade, and then finally to the Nebula-Grade! The power of Thunder Origin Source Law, which he had displayed, had also been destroyed by other opponents before. However, this was the first time he was encountering this level of destruction.

It seemed completely surreal!

“Is that all? Come on, hit me if you can!” Luo Yunyang taunted Leiyuan while glancing at him, as if this entire matter was a joke. As he suffered Luo Yunyang’s carefree taunting, Leiyuan could not help but feel slightly daunted. He unknowingly took a step back.

Whatever arrogance he had felt earlier had now disappeared without a trace.

There was a similar look of astonishment in Leiming’s eyes. All Luo Yunyang had done that day was execute a single punch and reach out with his hands!

However, there had been a certain aura to his actions. Leiming’s own grandeur had also been completely reduced in the face of Luo Yunyang’s actions.

If he had known that things would turn out like this, he would not have despised Luo Yunyang’s abilities. Instead, he would have tried to use him as a tool to establish his authority.

Although he had gained the increasing respect of the Moxia Tribe due to this incident, which had benefited him, that was nothing in the face of such a strong opponent.

“According to the rules of the Divine Union, the strongest shall rule!” Luo Yunyang said as he looked at Leiming. “You Do you dare challenge me to a match?”

Leiyuan appeared embarrassed. The battle between him and Luo Yunyang had not concluded yet, but Luo Yunyang was already searching for a stronger opponent to fight against.

This was an absolute disgrace. However, as sullen as he felt, he still lacked the guts to step out against Luo Yunyang.

Although he wanted to, he was well aware that he lacked the capability to move against him.

“I admit that you are strong, Luo Yunyang. I may have underestimated you! However, don’t you think that you are flattering yourself by trying to replace the alliance formed by the Thunder Ray Tribe?” asked Leiming.

He pointed at the Subduing Lightning Cauldron and said coldly, “Today, you will turn into a pile of ashes inside the Subduing Lightning Cauldron.”

As he spoke, his body began floating slowly up until he reached 30 meters. Then, a purple light started to appear above his head.

This light formed a figure of Leiming in the void.

However, even though the purple rays were a spitting image of Leiming, they lacked his soul.

“Die, Luo Yunyang!”

Leiming made a hollering, thunder-like sound as a Lightning Dragon formed and flashed through the void.

“It is true, Leiming has really obtained the Lightning Soul Clone!” Leiyuan said, trembling as he looked at the godly figure in the void.

The Lightning Soul was created from the essence of lightning. Although that itself had no consciousness, it was considered a supreme material when it came to splitting one’s body.

However, it was hard even for members of the Thunder Ray Tribe to catch a Lightning Soul from the Lightning Ocean to aid comprehending the Lightning Soul Clone Technique

Fortunately, once the Lightning Soul Clone was mastered, its benefits were absolutely indescribable. This move could not only be used against an enemy, but also serve as a place to store one’s energy.

The most disgusting aspect of the Lightning Soul Clone was that it could be incorporated into one’s body so that the user could continue to use different techniques to create the strongest array formation in the Thunder Ray Tribe.

“You are very fortunate to be able to see the 18-Lightning Clone Form today. Vast Lightning Reservoir, go!”

Leiming’s hands moved as he spoke. Meanwhile, the Lightning Dragons swimming in the void merged and formed a large reservoir of lightning.

Boundless lightning rays covered the sky and earth.

Although the created lightning reservoir was a far cry from the real one, which was able to destroy vast expanses of space, it was still a pool of lightning.

The appearance of the lightning reservoir made the power generated seem like torrential waves that surged towards Luo Yunyang.

A sea of lightning of this size could cause an entire expanse of space to crumble!

As Leiming activated that boundless sea of lightning and glanced down at Luo Yunyang from above, a faint hint of weariness could be seen in his eyes.

The 18 lightning clones were his best move. This technique, which made use of the Lightning Reservoir to attack his opponent, was actually one he had wanted to save until he needed to resist the oppression of the younger generation of the Divine Union.

Now, Luo Yunyang had made him reveal it.

However, it would all be worth it if he could slaughter Luo Yunyang!

The roiling pool of lightning streaked towards Luo Yunyang. Most people’s first thought upon seeing these surging waves of electrical torrent would be to hide.

However, the thunder waves covered a vast area, thus making it almost impossible to hide. The massive destructive power of the waves would make it hard even for a Galaxy-Grade Ruler to escape this situation.

Luo Yunyang did not falter in the face of the rolling thunder waves. The Flaming Heavenly Shuttle in his hands had already transformed into a whirling chaotic hole in the void. The black hole now powered the chaotic hole.

The surging thunder waves quickly entered the black hole and disappeared without a trace.

Although the rolling thunder waves seemed endless, the chaotic hole that had formed above Luo Yunyang’s head didn’t seem destructible.

The thunder waves above Luo Yunyang decreased in frequency, while his Black Chaotic Hole got larger and larger.

The surging thunder waves seemed to lose their momentum.

Leiming scowled. Although he still had some strength left in him to control the lightning reservoir, it would be completely useless.

Just as he was getting ready to use different techniques, he heard Luo Yunyang charging over at him and laughing. “Hey, pal! Try one of my moves!”

This human was just too hard to handle, as the technique he used was very uncommon. Leiming had a very ominous feeling as he watched Luo Yunyang laughing. By the time he managed to move his arms to defend himself, Luo Yunyang’s fist had already landed a very heavy blow on his body.

In an instant, Leiming felt a massive force that sent him flying into the air. What terrorized him was that a massive engulfing power forced its way through the lightning and entered the galaxy within his body.

This internal galaxy was Leiming’s source of power. If this source was destroyed, then Leiming would definitely die.

Leiming immediately activated the strength in his body without hesitation so that he would suppress this invasive engulfing force.

However, this force was just too strange and strong. Despite his relentless efforts to suppress it, several stars within his internal nebula were shattered.

Every Nebula-Grade martialist’s internal galaxy was their source of strength. If there were any issues with their internal galaxy, they would definitely face a serious problem.

Leiming immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, not giving a damn about his dignity. He activated the technique he had cultivated and fully channeled his internal force into suppressing the engulfing force.

He did not care what the others thought, or what he had just said earlier. If he failed to suppress this engulfing force, then his years of cultivation would go up in smoke.

The spectators watching had absolutely no idea what was happening to Leiming. However, Leiming’s actions at that point in time told them that he was not in good shape.

Leiming was the master of the Thunder Ray Tribe, a first-grade tribe of the Cang Yuan System. Seeing him get reduced to this state made everyone feel afraid.

Although Miyawa and the other Thunder Ray Tribesmen were proud, they were nothing compared to this absolute power.

Just as Leiming began channeling his internal strength towards suppressing the engulfing force, the rest of them quickly gathered by his side.

“Luo Yunyang, what are you doing? You must know that by killing Leiming, you are declaring war on the whole Thunder Ray Tribe!” Leiyuan said, trembling slightly as he saw Luo Yunyang walking towards Leiming.

Luo Yunyang glared coldly at Leiyuan. “What did you say? Can you repeat it?”

“Luo Yunyang, Senior Brother Leiming might not be in the wrong this time. He is, after all, a disciple groomed by the Thunder Ray Shrine. It would not be beneficial to the Human Tribe if you killed him. You must be aware of the position of the Thunder Ray Shrine in our tribe.”

Leiyuan calmed down after uttering these few sentences.

Behind Leiming was the Thunder Ray Shrine, while behind Luo Yunyang was the human race. The third-grade, small Human Tribe

Luo Yunyang stared at Leiyuan, who seemed relieved. Then, he transformed into a streak of light and rushed over to Leiming.

Although Leiyuan and the others seemed to be on guard, they were no match for Luo Yunyang’s speed. In fact, Luo Yunyang was so fast that they barely even had the time to react.


Luo Yunyang’s palm landed heavily on Leiming’s head. In an instant, the swirling force of the black hole wrapped itself around Leiming’s body.

Leiming, who had been suppressing and channeling the power of the thunder within his body, had not expected an attack of such magnitude from Luo Yunyang. The impact of this force instantly broke his body.

“Ah!” Leiming shouted as he exploded in the void.

His spirit formed a purple ray that attempted to flee the scene. However, its efforts were futile, as the engulfing force that had broken his body immediately swallowed his spirit as well.

Leiming was dead!

Leiyuan, Miyawa, and many other top martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe watched on helplessly. They were completely stupefied.

The strongest martialist in the Cang Yuan System and the Thunder Ray Tribe, Leiming, was now dead!

His death was simply inconceivable.

“I want this area!” said Luo Yunyang as he pointed at a region on the map right beside the Subduing Lightning Cauldron.

This area was the heart of the safety zone. Plus, more than half of it belonged to the core zone of the Thunder Ray Tribe!