Supreme Uprising Chapter 48

Chapter 48


This explanation nearly made Bai Yushui puke blood. Strong body, my ass! You are f*cking trying to deceive me!

Bai Yushui suddenly bellowed towards the second floor, “Give me a bottle of water!”

Both the martialists on the second floor and the bunch of young martialists from Luo Yunyang’s group went blank. Do you really want to drink water right now? Do you think there is a half-time break during this fight?

However, someone who understood what Bai Yushui wanted to do threw a bottle down.

“Aren’t you fast, Luo Yunyang? I just don’t believe that you could possible be faster than my Sky Of Icy Rain!” Bai Yushui appeared really confident as he held on to the bottle.

As he was speaking, he threw the bottle into the air abruptly, looked at his palms and launched a strike.

By the time it flew out, the water had already turned azure blue.

Luo Yunyang felt an immense danger looming as he saw numerous beads of blue ice rush towards him like a sky full of icy rain.

Although a bottle of water wasn’t much, the amount of ice beads it could form was over 1,000. The beads covered the entire sky.

A cold penetrating Qi was contained within each bead. If these beads struck the body of a mere martialist, it would lead to a calamity with no hope of reprieve.

The sky was full of ice beads by now.

“Ha ha ha!” Bai Yushui’s face was extremely pale. He had already exhausted the source energy within his body.

Right now, it would not even take a martial master or a martialist to defeat him. Even an ordinary strong person could have knocked him down with one punch.

He would need to rest for a period of time after he returned home.

However, he was delighted to ultimately win this sparring match, even if the experience had been both mentally and physically exhausting.

He would need to lie in bed for at least a week, but luckily, that repulsive kid was going to be enveloped by countless ice beads.

The people on the second floor were totally silent. The majority was not able to handle the Sky Of Icy Rain, but resisting it head-on wasn’t too difficult.

“One should never overestimate one’s capabilities.” Everyone around knew exactly who he was talking about.

The competent beautiful woman shook her head and took a step back. “I thought we would get to see a good show, but it all came down to strength in the end.”

“Strength has always been the deciding factor!” the lady in black said calmly, as if she was talking about the most mundane of things.

Suddenly, the Sky Of Icy Rain descended. The clanking sound that was produced as the beads struck wasn’t pleasing to hear. Some ice beads shattered, but there were also some that penetrated the path, which was partly made of steel.

“Where is he?” someone suddenly cried out in surprise.

The person they were looking at wasn’t Bai Yushui. They were concerned about Luo Yunyang, who should have been hit by countless ice beads by now, yet Luo Yunyang had disappeared without a trace!

Bai Yushui’s smug smile froze on his face. The onlookers thought it was strange.

The sky full of ice beads had enveloped the kid, yet there was no trace of him.

Could he have vanished into thin air?

The lady in black stared at the empty space as she muttered to herself, “How is that possible?”

“Yeah, how is that possible? How could someone just vanish into thin air?”

Everyone was stunned, when a silhouette suddenly flew down from the eaves of the second floor and a huge foot stomped hard against Bai Yushui.

Bai Yushui watched as Luo Yunyang’s foot appeared out of thin air and rapidly became larger as he descended, until it was right before his face.

What he wanted to do was dodge it quickly.

However, the previous move he had used had exhausted his strength and his entire body. Dodging quickly was impossible. Even the simplest movement seemed extremely difficult to him right now.


When Luo Yunyang’s foot crashed hard into Bai Yushui’s face, Bai Yushui felt as if his face was being smashed by a huge steel plate.

It was so painful…

Bai Yushui’s body had improved tremendously when he had used the source core and become a martial master. If it hadn’t, Luo Yunyang’s foot might have obliterated him completely.

Bai Yushui was smashed against the ground in front of everyone. Luo Yunyang’s foot was pressing down hard on his face.


Luo Yunyang lifted his leg up and launched a chop kick at Bai Yushui’s arm. This time, he didn’t show any mercy.

Everyone heard a cracking sound as the kick broke Bai Yushui’s arm. By now, the number of people observing Bai Yushui’s misfortune was considerably smaller.

The majority of the onlookers had watched Luo Yunyang’s descent from the second floor.

Given the condition of their bodies, getting onto the second floor would be a piece of cake for them. However, being able to appear above the second floor in an instant amid Bai Yushui’s ice attack was something most people couldn’t do.

Chief Instructor Lu’s eyes were shining. Although this would have been an easy feat for him, the person in question was a young man who hadn’t formed a source core yet.

How fast did he need to be to do that?

If he formed a source core, then his speed would become even quicker. So quick, that…

“As I’ve said, Chief Instructor, this kid’s speed is exactly what the Wind Division needs. What do you think? Will you let him join the Wind Division?” a skinny Rising Dragon Army officer suggested rather hurriedly.

He had just finished his sentence, when a hoarse voice said, “Stop that damn bullsh*t! This kid has been cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. He belongs to the Mountain Division!”

“If you dare poach daddy’s men, Monkey Ling, daddy will kill you!”

The moment this was said, the entire control room became lively. The skinny man didn’t take this lying down. Instead, he turned to face the other officer, who looked like a giant bear. “I’m so scared! Come on, old bear. Let’s see if you can kill me!”

The two of them took turns hurling insults at each other. The onlookers didn’t try to intervene. Instead, they took delight in the situation.

“Enough! If you two say another word, you will spend a month on Mountain Pass Number One.” As soon as Chief Instructor Lu said this, the entire room grew quiet. The officers that had been making a ruckus lowered their heads.

“Play the scene once more! Slow it down 10 times!” Chief Instructor Lu commanded. The moment when Bai Yushui had made his move appeared on the screen.

However, this time it was 10 times slower.

Everything on the screen seemed to crawl. Even an ordinary person could see the ice beads form and fly out clearly.

The sky full of ice beads was so beautiful to watch at this speed, it was almost heartbreaking.

Luo Yunyang flew up in the air amid this beautiful setting. Although the image was already 10 times slower, his movements were as quick as they had been earlier.

His speed was faster than the normal speed of an ordinary martialist!