Supreme Uprising Chapter 480

Chapter 480 The Divine Martial Hall

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Although the region Luo Yunyang chose took up more than half of the safety zone where the Thunder Ray Tribesmen resided, nobody from the Thunder Ray Tribe dared show any hint of unhappiness.

Leiming was already dead!

None of the people present even had his cultivation level. Even if they had the numbers, it would be useless to resist. Luo Yunyang was just too strong. Nobody was willing to risk their life and oppose such a strong enemy.

Even the people who were displeased with this arrangement hardly dared make any noise, lest they ended up sacrificing their lives for anything they said. Hence, everyone just remained quiet.

"Since there are no objections, everyone may disperse. I will not be sending you guys off. The Thunder Ray Tribe can have its meeting elsewhere. This territory now belongs to the humans. Since this is my territory, I make the decisions. Please do not sputter on my territory!" Luo Yunyang joked as he looked at the martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe.

The Thunder Ray Tribesmen had always been hot-tempered. However, the might and aggressiveness Luo Yunyang had shown by killing Leiming had shocked them and earned most peoples respect.

"Lets go!" Miyawa pondered the situation for a bit before issuing an order and glaring at Luo Yunyang with hatred.

Her decision wasnt firm. However, it would be futile if she stayed on. After all, they were no match for Luo Yunyang. Hence, she reluctantly took her men and left the place.

"This place This place has been the base of the Thunder Ray Tribe for many years!" shouted a Thunder Ray Tribesman who sounded displeased.

However, his small protest was sneered at by everyone else. What was done was done. What was the point of harping on about what they used to have? If he had the ability, then he should fight and get it back. Talk was cheap!

The Thunder Ray Tribe left, and the other major tribes followed in succession. The tribesmen of the Bujia Tribe seemed to want to say something to Luo Yunyang on their way out. However, they eventually left without saying anything.

"Yunyang, the land and the skies here are all ours!" Tu Xiang squealed with joy as he looked at the vast lands that shone with a golden glow.

This area was a safety zone. Nobody knew how many Gold Horn Crystals they could find there. Furthermore, stealing the Gold Horn Crystals of this area would ensure that they did not have to face the threats of the wandering beasts lurking around the Cang Yuan System.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Tu Xiang, who was extremely ecstatic, and gently nodded his head. However, he knew clearly that this matter was not going to be so simple.

The purpose of his trip this time around had been to actually reclaim the territory that had belonged to the Moxia Tribe. He had never intended to become enemies with the Thunder Ray Tribe.

After all, the Thunder Ray Tribe was one of the 18 Primary Tribes. In terms of power, the third-grade Human Tribe definitely did not stand a chance.

As much as Luo Yunyang wanted to avoid stirring trouble, he had unfortunately run into the damned Leiming. That shameless guy had actually wanted to kill him in the Subduing Lightning Cauldron over the incident involving the Moxia Tribe.

That had been his way of establishing his power!

The brainless Leiming had refused to make peace with Luo Yunyang in front of over 100 martialists from different tribes.

He could have either killed Luo Yunyang, or let his reputation suffer a beating before finding other ways to kill him.

These had been Leimings only options.

Of course, by doing this, he had also forced Luo Yunyang into a dead end. Even if Luo Yunyang had chosen to run, he and Leiming would have always remained enemies. This also meant that Leiming would have always been hot on his heels from that moment on.

As long as nobody harmed Luo Yunyang, he would not harm anyone. If anyone harmed him, he would retaliate. If they harmed him once more, he would have to remove them from this world!

Although the Thunder Ray Tribe was huge and powerful, killing Leiming would affect them greatly. However, he would worry about that in the future. His priority now was to survive.

"This land is now ours. We have to find a way to get in touch with the rest of the tribe. I have an announcement to make."

It was not easy to contact the rest of the tribe while they were in the Cang Yuan System. That would require a large amount of resources.

However, right now, Luo Yunyang couldnt care less. He had already killed Leiming and had to see what the other members of the Bloody Massacre Path thought.

When the Bloody Massacre Path Master heard that Luo Yunyang had killed off Leiming and displaced the entire Thunder Ray Tribe, he was left completely speechless. He was actually unable to say anything for nearly half a day.

Luo Yunyang had been allowed to enter the Cang Yuan System to sharpen his techniques and elevate his cultivation base by fighting against the giant beasts.

He had also been supposed to use his strength to prevent the human race from declining further in the Cang Yuan System.

Yes, Luo Yunyang had done it. He had not only prevented the decline of the human race, but also allowed them to occupy a large portion of the Moxia Tribes territory.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master hadnt been afraid of the Moxia Tribe. However, right now, Luo Yunyang was just too capable. He had actually slaughtered Leiming from the Thunder Ray Tribe without any qualms!

Although both tribes were in the Divine Union, the Thunder Ray Tribe was one of the Primary Tribes, while the Human Tribe was just a tiny third-grade tribe.

There was a huge disparity between their standards.

"Let me think about this first!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master said as 1,000 thoughts passed through his mind.

Luo Yunyang was hardly surprised by the Bloody Massacre Path Masters reaction to this matter. It was, after all, a huge incident.

In fact, this matter had already escalated beyond the control of the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

"Yunyang, you were not wrong in dealing with this issue," said the Bloody Massacre Path Master solemnly.

His attitude about this matter earned quite a bit of respect from Luo Yunyang. It was, after all, not easy for him to say such things at a time like this.

Whenever one of the major tribes caused trouble for the other tribes, the easiest thing to do was get criticized violently or chided badly as a form of punishment. However, in this case, even if one had made other significant contributions to a tribe, all else would be forgotten.

"Do not worry too much about the other members of the Human Tribe. Although we might be vastly different in terms of strength compared to the Thunder Ray Tribe, we are still considered one of the tribes of the Divine Union. Therefore, the Thunder Ray Tribe wouldnt dare brazenly attack us."

After he spoke, the tension the Bloody Massacre Path Master had felt was reduced significantly.

Luo Yuyang found consolation in the Bloody Massacre Path Masters words.

As a third-grade tribe of the Divine Union, it would be hard to completely annihilate the Thunder Ray Tribe, as this would put the Demigod Tribe against them.

However, it would not be hard for the Thunder Ray Tribe to suppress the Human Tribe if they really wanted to.

After all, the Thunder Ray Tribe was one of the Primary Tribes. They had a large amount of resources that exceeded the humans resources by far.

Even if the Human Tribe had had allies, they would also have slowly distanced themselves from the humans due to their relations with the Thunder Ray Tribe. This distancing would cause the humans to gradually get weaker over a longer period of time. Eventually, they might even get kicked out of the Divine Union. If that happened, they would all perish.

However, getting to that point would be a lengthy process!

Therefore, the words of the Bloody Massacre Path Master brought great comfort to Luo Yunyang, who went on to ask, "How should I go on from here, Path Master? What I mean is, do we actually have a way to prevent the Thunder Ray Tribe from suppressing us?"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master replied helplessly, "Yunyang, I think the Demigod Tribe would not want to get involved in this matter."

The Demigod Tribe was the principal decision-maker of the Divine Union. However, its members would not want to get involved in any matters related to the 18 Primary Tribes. It would be almost impossible to get them to act as the peacemakers between the humans and the Thunder Ray Tribe.

"Alright, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Do not worry too much about this for now. I will try to get in touch with the other Path Masters to discuss what we can do about this."

The Bloody Massacre Path Master hung up soon afterwards.

Luo Yunyang had no regrets about slaying Leiming. If that scenario was replayed all over once more, his choice to kill him would remain the same.

However, the wisdom and broad-mindedness of the Bloody Massacre Path Master made Luo Yunyang feel as though he had to contribute to the human race in some other manner.

Unfortunately, his cultivation base wasnt considered high among the Human Tribe. Even though he could be considered a powerhouse, on the bigger picture of the Divine Union, he didnt amount to much.

There was still the Planet-Grade, the Star-Grade, the Nebula-Grade, the Galaxy-Grade, the Celestial Domain-Grade, and even the legendary Universe-Grade!

There was a huge difference between each grade. This difference only got larger towards the last few grades.

Luo Yunyang had just become a Nebula-Grade entity. Although he was able to hold up well against most ordinary Galaxy-Grade entities, the use of the grades was useless when it came to matters that involved different tribes.

However, Luo Yunyang still felt that he had to do something.

"Fret not, Master. You should let the Path Masters discuss this matter and trust their decisions!" Badebus voice rang in Luo Yunyangs ears.

Although Luo Yunyang had brought Badebu to the Cang Yuan System, he only had limited mobility within the base. He would never have expected to hear Badebus voice in the Thunder Ray Tribes territory.

Luo Yunyang knew very well that there was very little he could do to help resolve this conflict between the two tribes.

However, he did not give up!

"Is there really no other way for me to help the Path Master?" Luo Yunyang asked Badebu.

"There is a way. However, it is just too dangerous."

Luo Yunyangs eyes flickered when he heard that it was dangerous. "Tell me about it. What is that option?"

"Do not worry yourself too much over this, Master. Even if the skies fall, you have the Path Masters to hold on to them for you. Even if they are unable to do so, there are still the old b*stards who just wont die!"

Suddenly, Badebu noticed his poor choice of words and covered his mouth before adding, "That was so scary. I forgot that we are in the Cang Yuan System and those old b*stards didnt hear what Badebu just said behind their backs. Old b*stards that just wont die How delightful!"

Luo Yunyang stared at Badebu in confusion as he asked, "Do you mean that there are actually people from the Human Tribe who have gotten beyond the Galaxy-Grade?"

"Of course! Otherwise, humans would not even have had a place in the Divine Union," said Badebu as he tapped his chest. "However, the price for suppressing this matter wouldnt be cheap. Of course, this is a problem for the undying old b*stards to mull over."

"Badebu, you mentioned earlier that there was another way. Tell me, what other way is there?"

"Master, I should probably not tell you!" said Badebu pitifully. However, when he saw Luo Yunyangs sinister eyes, he said carefully, "The plan lies in the Divine Martial Hall. I heard that there is an object that the authorities want inside this hall. They are willing to pay a fortune for it!"