Supreme Uprising Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Indomitable Youth

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The Divine Martial Hall was as vast as the sky!

This was the first thought that came to Luo Yunyangs mind when he saw the gigantic place. This hall, which stood tall in the void, was as massive as a star.

As he was looking at the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang was reminded of the eons-old pagoda in the Extreme Mysterious Realm. That pagoda had been just as huge.

"Master, this is the Divine Martial Hall!" Badebu said, sounding slightly terrified. "I heard that this hall was made from dazzling sandbar-casted steel. Badebu wonders when he will be able to make himself some clothes out of this material"

Luo Yunyang chuckled lightly at Badebus casual thought but declined to comment.

"Master, the Bloody Massacre Path Master has a message for you. He wants you to be careful with everything you do!"

Then, Badebu said, "Master, killing a member of the Thunder Ray Tribe might be troublesome. However, the Bloody Massacre Path Master has already agreed to help you resolve this problem, so why do you still want to put yourself through this? Badebu might be more intelligent than humans, but he still does not understand!"

When he heard Badebu compliment himself, Luo Yunyang laughed silently and said, "Getting through the Divine Martial Hall might be a dangerous task, but I am fully confident in my abilities."

"I definitely wouldnt have taken this risk if it had meant certain death. Besides, one needs a certain level of ability to be able to show off. Do you think it would have been appropriate if I had the confidence to resolve this problem but decided not to take the risk and let someone else do it?"

"Furthermore, so many martialists fear this and that and seem to hide and avoid danger. This is like handing your fate over to someone else! I do not regret killing Leiming or entering the Divine Martial Hall!"

Badebus body appeared sluggish on Luo Yunyangs communication device. Although he only half-understood Luo Yunyangs words, he had a feeling that, even though his master spoke with serious conviction, there was still some degree of irrationality in his words.

"Are you coming with me, or will you be waiting outside?" asked Luo Yunyang casually as he walked towards the massive pillar.

Badebu hesitated for a moment before saying, "My Great Master, Badebu wishes to follow you closely. However, I am worried that I would crumble under the massive pressure inside. I better wait for you outside!"

Luo Yunyang placed his communication device, along with a few other items he didnt need, in a small box right next to the massive pillar.

These small squares were there so that the martialists entering the hall would store their items. Except for the martialists who made it out, nobody else was able to have access to the area within these squares.

The door to the Divine Martial Hall was unbelievably massive, and a thick layer of smoke seemed to envelop the entrance. It was just impossible for anyone to tell what went on beyond those doors.

There were 36 steps, all made out of a certain type of green jade that looked like a pool of spring water. Stepping on this jade cleared ones head.

It was Heart-Cleansing Jade!

A type of really expensive jade that cost several thousands of star dollars had been used to build the steps of the Divine Martial Hall.

Just as Luo Yunyang stepped onto the first jade step, someone said irritably, "Get away from me. Do not affect my use of the Heart-Cleansing Jade!"

Luo Yunyang looked over and saw a man with an elephant head sitting in a lotus position on the Heart-Cleansing Jade steps. From the looks of it, he was cultivating.

The cultivation base of this elephant man was similar to Luo Yunyangs he was at the Nebula 2-Grade. The man, who seemed provoked by Luo Yunyang, looked ready to eat Luo Yunyang up just for staring at him.

Luo Yunyang smiled. This guy sure knew how to choose the best places for cultivation. When Luo Yunyang glanced around at his surroundings, he realized that there were hundreds of other people cultivating on this vast expanse of steps.

"I am just passing by!" Luo Yunyang said casually as he looked at the man with the elephant head.

"Oh, youre just another nouveau riche. Let me tell you something, pal. The steps above might be better, but they are way too expensive for Nebula-Graders like us. Training on the first step is good enough," the elephant man advised him.

Nouveau riche? Luo Yunyang thought to himself before shaking his head and replying, "I am here to take on the Divine Martial Hall!"

"What did you say? Take on the Divine Martial Hall? That" The elephant man stared blankly for a moment before loudly exclaiming, "Comrades! Quick, come and see! There is someone who wants to attempt to get through the Divine Martial Hall!"

Immediately, thousands of unknown figures of different shapes and sizes came charging down the Heart-Cleansing Jade steps. They all stared at Luo Yunyang with widened eyes, as if they were staring at a rare treasure.

"A member of the Human Tribe has actually dared take on the Divine Martial Hall. Ha ha ha! Am I actually seeing things?" a guy with a triangular body said with a piercing voice.

Luo Yunyang was unable to tell which tribe this guy was from. However, based on his aura, he could tell that he was at the peak Nebula-Grade.

The others also roared with laughter. One guy even pointed at the elephant man and said, "You fool, since when have you ever seen a human take on the Divine Martial Hall? The most he could do over here is just take a look. Thats all!"

The elephant man flushed with embarrassment. However, he was at the lowest level, so he had no way to resist the strong martialists teasing him.

"You You are really here for sightseeing?" The elephant man stared at Luo Yunyang furiously.

"I am really here to get through the Divine Martial Hall!" Luo Yunyang said, completely ignoring everyones laughter. After speaking a little more to the elephant man, he kept walking onwards.

"He is indeed here to get through the Divine Martial Hall. In fact, his goal is to eventually reach the second stage of the Divine Martial Hall. Over there, he will receive the Twin Void Realm Stones!" said a cold voice that stood out from the crowd.

The person speaking was a man from the Thunder Ray Tribe. He was about 21 meters tall and looked as grand and imposing as a small mountain.

As purple thunder rays gathered around him, he looked even more imposing.

His words stupefied everyone else, including the Elephant Man, who had initially thought it would be impossible for a human to even try to get through the Divine Martial Hall.

It was only after hearing the martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe that they realized that they had been wrong.

This human had actually set his sights on the second stage of the hall.

Ever since the Divine Martial Hall had appeared, a few people had managed to clear the second stage. However, those people had been rare and few between and had already become figures of authority in the Divine Union.

If a genius from the Demigod Tribe had wanted to reach the second stage, they would definitely have supported them to the best of their abilities. Now that it was someone from the Human Tribe, though

"What kind of nonsense are you uttering, Old Thunder? Are you sure you know him?" someone shouted as he looked at the martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe.

The martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe laughed grimly and said, "Of course I know him. This punk here killed the Thunder Ray Tribes genius. Now he also wants to take on the Divine Martial Hall. He certainly has a death wish!"

The martialist then waved his sleeves and instantly returned to his original cultivation spot. "There is nothing to see here. He is just going to bite the dust like everyone else."

Luo Yunyang did not care much about the sentiments of the martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe. The most important task at hand was to enter the Divine Martial Hall.

Luo Yunyang pondered whether he was being way too magnanimous. He felt that it was best to be as calculative as possible against anyone who was unworthy of his friendship. He just did not want to waste any time on people who did not matter right now.

The Elephant Man and the rest might be cultivating on the large stairway, but they definitely had their own individual prowess in the Divine Union.

In just a few minutes, many memories of that past battle returned to them. The Elephant Man exclaimed loudly, "Amazing! Even though we are at the same grade, he managed to slay a genius from the Thunder Ray Tribe."

"What a pity If only he were in the Shengyi Tribe. Then it wouldnt be a big deal even if he killed two geniuses from the Thunder Ray Tribe."

"It is way too hard for a small tribe to just rise up like that!"

"Hey, everyone! How about a small wager? Lets make a bet on the first stage. Lets see how many halls that young lad makes his way through!"

A noisy ruckus suddenly erupted. This noise did not bother Luo Yunyang much, as he was fully focused on his goal. Eventually, his feet landed on the last and highest step of the Divine Martial Hall.

Suddenly, a pillar of light shot out into the sky above the Divine Martial Hall. This black beam seemed extremely dense and thick.

"That is the Divine Martial Pillar. Everyone who enters the Divine Martial Hall will have their name written on this pillar!" the Elephant Man shouted at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at the Elephant Man and waved his hands before taking a step forward into the Divine Martial Hall.

The Divine Martial Hall was as tall as the sky and as large as a planet. The moment Luo Yunyang stepped through those doors, he noticed something light up in front of his eyes. The interior of the hall had turned gold.

The hall was so humongous that the countless lamps in it made it look like an entire sky alight with stars. The whole interior seemed extremely bright.

"Please choose your opponent, Challenger!" said a mechanical voice. Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up.

This voice was the same voice he had heard in the Extreme Mysterious Realm. It was just as mechanical, penetrative and harsh.

Numbers flashed by in front of Luo Yunyang. After a short period of deliberation, Luo Yunyang said, "Can you change your voice to something gentler?"

"Challenger, you do not have the authority to do so right now. Please choose your opponent. You have only 30 seconds left. If you do not make a decision, your attempt will be considered a failure!"

Luo Yunyang knew that the system wasnt joking. If he were to fail, he would lose his life then and there!

"Number 15!"

Luo Yunyang chose a random number. As he said the number aloud, rays of light converged rapidly before him and a 30-meter tall beast with six upper limbs and an ape-like body appeared before him!