Supreme Uprising Chapter 483

Chapter 483 1000 Techniques In One

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Large blade, long sword, huge ax, golden hammer, short staff, thick shield!

When that huge beast appeared, each of its hands held one type of weapon.

“Die!” A snarling voice came from the massive ape-like beast. As it roared, its body was like a flash of lightning surging towards Luo Yunyang.

Although this six-limbed ape was quick, its attacks were even faster. This flurry of attacks seemed to cover every angle!

Its blade, sword, ax, hammer, staff, and shield were of varying sizes. However, when it attacked, the area all around Luo Yunyang seemed to get sealed up.

These attacks had probably destroyed any possibility of Luo Yunyang trying to evade the beast!

However, what Luo Yunyang found even stranger about this overwhelming barrage was the power of Origin Source Laws on each weapon brandished by the six-limbed giant ape.

The Origin Source Law on the large blade was incomparably incisive, while the Origin Source Law on the long sword was light and elegant. The hammer’s Origin Source Law was thick and heavy, while the Origin Source Law on the ax seemed unstoppable

Different types of Origin Source Law that seemed messy were combined in perfect harmony. The beast actually seemed to be no weaker than Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Luo Yunyang had reached this verdict right off the bat. The techniques of this giant ape were definitely no weaker than Leiming’s, who had been killed by Luo Yunyang. Perhaps they were slightly stronger.

It was clear what sort of person Leiming, the top-ranking genius of the Thunder Ray Tribe, had been. However, if Leiming hadn’t been able to make it through the first level of the Divine Martial Hall, the entire Divine Martial Hall must have been very tough.

Although many thoughts were going through his head, Luo Yunyang didn’t react slowly. In an instant, he moved his fist towards the flurry of attacks.

The power of a black hole could engulf everything. However, its mass was extremely strong. When Luo Yunyang struck his fist out, a powerful suctioning force pulled the blade, sword, ax, hammer, staff and shield towards his fist.

With one punch, the blade shattered, the sword broke, and the hammer was sent flying

The six-limbed giant ape had never imagined that it would encounter such a powerful opponent. It was so shocked that it actually seemed to forget to make a move!

How could Luo Yunyang afford to let it waste his time? Yet another similar punch was blasted towards the six-limbed ape.

The ape found it extremely difficult to dodge that punch. Thus, when this punch struck it, it was shattered instantly.

Luo Yunyang had a strange look on his face as he watched the six-limbed giant ape disappear into specks of light.

Although beating the giant ape had been simple, Luo Yunyang could vaguely sense that he was starting to grasp something.

“Challenger, you have defeated Number 15. Now, you have two choices. You can either continue choosing or enter a higher level!”

Luo Yunyang made a decision quickly when he heard his two options. He chose to continue.

He could vaguely sense that the Divine Martial Hall had some sort of connection to the Extreme Mysterious Realm. Thus, every challenge in the Divine Martial Hall would be an opportunity for him.

Not just an opportunity to exchange pointers with all sorts of experts, but also a chance to grind and practice the powers of his own Origin Source Laws.

If he hadn’t been in the Divine Martial Hall, where could he have encountered so many different opponents?

“Number 1!” Luo Yunyang said right before a humanoid appeared in the large hall. Its body was entirely covered in scales.

This creature, which was 15 meters tall, was holding a 30-meter long pole. When it saw Luo Yunyang, it brandished the thick pole in a flurry of strikes that rained down on Luo Yunyang.

The pole strikes seemed to make their surroundings air-tight, while its movements seemed to contain a strong ominous current that rose to the skies.

Luo Yunyang didn’t throw a punch against this mountainous barrage like he had before. Instead, he shuttled through the massive storm of pole strikes rapidly.

After this creature had used this pole technique twice, Luo Yunyang threw a punch without hesitation. The unknown creature was slain instantly.

Number 3, Number 4, Number 5

It took Luo Yunyang five days to go from defeating Number 1 to defeating Number 108. There was a look of understanding in his eyes as he finally killed the last beast, a being wielding dual knives.

Although these opponents hadn’t been much of a threat, he now felt a trace of comprehension deep down. This comprehension was related to creating his own mystic arts!

Although most people had gone back to cultivating outside the Divine Martial Hall, there were also some people who were keeping an eye on the dark Divine Martial Pillar.

“He he It’s already been so long, yet no one has entered the second level!” The Elephant Man shook his head. “Seems like there’s not much hope of him making it out alive!’

“Probably no hope at all. When he entered the Divine Martial Hall, he basically sentenced himself to death!”

The Thunder Ray Tribe martialist said disdainfully, “He is trying to use this self-harming method to make the Thunder Ray Tribe forget about him slaughtering Leiming. However, that vile being has caused too much trouble. His Highness Leiming was”

Although the Thunder Ray Tribe was overbearing, some people didn’t care about them. As the Thunder Ray powerhouse was shooting his mouth off, someone interjected. “No matter how exceptional Leiming was, he was still killed by a being from a small tribe! There’s no need to look down on others. At least he is still alive and well! Look, he’s survived so far on the first level.”

The Thunder Ray powerhouse glowered at the person who had rebuked him. However, he felt helpless to do anything, as the person who had spoken was from one of the Divine Union’s 18 Primary Tribes.

“Do you all remember who cleared the first level in the shortest time?” Someone changed the topic.

The Elephant Man didn’t want two primary tribe powerhouses to argue, as that would put him in a tough spot.

“I remember. It must have been a peak divine disciple from the Demigod Tribe who swept through in a short time.”

A few Demigod powerhouses seemed pleased upon hearing the Elephant Man’s words. The lead Demigod Tribesman said with a chuckle, “It was Sir Su Mo. Now, this old master is one of the tribe elders.”

“This human being might break the record for the longest time spent in there!” someone remarked scathingly.

The Elephant Man didn’t say anything, even though he rather liked Luo Yunyang.

So what?

Only death would await him if he was unable to exit the Divine Martial Hall.

“I was really foolish. I should have bet on him not passing a single level. Why did I wager on him dying on the second level?” a being with a body covered in scales and a single horn on his head said with a moan.

He had just spoken when a circular ring of light lit up at the bottom of the Divine Martial Pillar.

When this ring of light appeared, the horned man who had just spoken exclaimed, “Just Just like this!”

The Elephant Man glanced at the first segment of the pillar of light that had started glowing. He hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would actually pass the first hall either.

The Thunder Ray Tribesman sneered. “So what if he passed the first hall? Trash will always be trash. Do you all think that he can make his way past the other halls of the Divine Martial Hall? He he That’s just wishful thinking.”

“I bet you all that he won’t make it through the second hall. I wager one solar system!” the Thunder Ray Tribesman said with contempt.

Nobody took this bet. Although many people were triggered by him, nobody dared joke around with their own fortune.

He had wagered a whole solar system after all.

Luo Yunyang naturally didn’t know what was going on outside. Upon entering the second level, he started to pick the challengers in sequence. However, when he picked Number 1, what appeared was a creature that looked exactly like the Number 1 of the first hall.

It was a 15-meter tall creature covered in scales that was wielding a long pole!

There was no difference in terms of outer appearance. However, when Luo Yunyang moved against it, he realized that although this being’s cultivation base wasn’t higher, the use of its pole seemed 10 times more intensive.

Although this mountain of pole strikes might be 100 times smaller compared to the Number 1 in the first hall, its might was 10 times stronger.

Even though Luo Yunyang could not handle these torrential pole strikes easily, he didn’t feel too threatened either.

As he faced this storm of poles, which was 10 times stronger, he felt his own potential slowly get squeezed out.


A short while later, Luo Yunyang blasted out a punch again. The body of Number 1 crumbled upon meeting Luo Yunyang’s fist art.

“Number 2!”

Time slipped by slowly. Six months passed in the blink of an eye. The Elephant Man and the other cultivators, who hadn’t paid much attention originally, started to sneak glances at the Divine Martial Pillar as they cultivated.

The Divine Martial Pillar was divided into 13 segments in total. By now, the bottom four segments were already lit up. This signified that Luo Yunyang had already passed those four halls. He was currently still in the fifth large hall.

The martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe who had mocked Luo Yunyang in the past now focused wholeheartedly on his cultivation without saying a single word.

After all, each and every word of his could be used against him. He no longer found any joy in saying anything. He felt so bad that he could no longer raise his head proudly.

“He has already been on the fifth level for three months!” someone exclaimed while looking at the Divine Martial Pillar. “Now I’m really starting to believe that this human isn’t just throwing away his life by taking on the Divine Martial Hall!”

The Elephant Man nodded. He didn’t think that Luo Yunyang had blindly entered the Divine Martial Hall to throw his life away either. After all, anyone that could clear the fifth hall had to be an exceptional individual.

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t passed the fifth level yet, he had already persisted for three months.


A familiar booming sound rang out. Following this noise, the fifth segment of light of the Divine Martial Pillar lit up!