Supreme Uprising Chapter 484

Chapter 484 The World Engulfing Finger

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Back in the Bloody Massacre Path of the Meru Realm, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the Blood Space Ruler were sitting in a virtual palace with cautious expressions on their faces.

“The Bloody Massacre Killing Arena has indeed trained quite a few young seedlings.” The Blood Space Ruler handed over their information to the Bloody Massacre Path Master as he spoke.

These few outstanding youngsters would indeed be eyed covetously.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master took a look at them and nodded his head in satisfaction. These youngsters really were decent. If they were trained well, the Bloody Massacre Path would soon be adding a few more talented individuals to its ranks.

However, they were still lacking considerably.

“They are still way inferior compared to Luo Yunyang. However, with some grooming, they could also become pillars of the Bloody Massacre Path,” the Blood Space Ruler said softly. “Path Master, any news from the Divine Martial Hall?”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded. “None. 10 years have already passed since he tried to break through the sixth hall! Although he isn’t dead, he hasn’t come out either.”

The Bloody Massacre Path was the most anxious to hear news about Luo Yunyang. After all, Luo Yunyang was the most outstanding disciple the Bloody Massacre Path had produced in years.

When Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Hall, the entire Bloody Massacre Path had thought that he was acting too impulsively this time.

The Divine Martial Hall was really dangerous!

However, Luo Yunyang had already asked the authority of the Divine Union to do this, so even the Human Tribe was helpless to do anything.

When Luo Yunyang had charged through the fifth level, many people who knew him had jumped up in delight. Many of them had believed that Luo Yunyang would pass the first phase.

However, never had they expected that Luo Yunyang would have stayed on the sixth level for 10 years.

Luo Yunyang’s light continued to illuminate the fifth level above the Divine Martial Pillar. This indicated that he wasn’t dead. However, it also meant that he hadn’t moved up the Divine Martial Pillar.

“He must probably be the most outstanding disciple of the Human Tribe. It’s a pity that he wasn’t born in any of the influential tribes.” The Blood Space Ruler sighed after a short silence.

If someone from the 18 Primary Tribes had slain Leiming, then everything would have been done according to the rules of the Divine Union.

If Luo Yunyang had come from a first-grade tribe, even though this was no small matter, it wouldn’t have been blown up. After all, even a first-grade tribe had to treat matters concerning the rules of the Divine Union with caution.

At least some items would have been compensated.

However, Luo Yunyang was from a third-grade tribe, which meant that Leiming’s murder would not be handled in a way that most people in the Human Tribe would be able to shoulder.

Although the Human Tribe was prepared to make many sacrifices, Luo Yunyang had still ultimately chosen to enter the Divine Martial Hall. During these 10 years, the Human Tribe had been under the thumb of the Thunder Ray Tribe. However, the Thunder Ray Tribe hadn’t made any moves against the humans yet.

This wasn’t because of the Human Tribe’s reputation, but rather because they respected the Celestial World Supremacy. Even though the Thunder Ray Tribe hated Luo Yunyang to death, they didn’t dare try anything against the Human Tribe.

“Path Master, how is the Human Tribe’s ascension going?” Although the Blood Space Ruler was very concerned about Luo Yunyang, he also knew that if they continued talking, no useful information would come out of the Path Master’s mouth. Thus, he changed the topic.

After all, all the powerhouses of the Human Tribe were concerned about the tribe’s ascension.

In the Divine Union, every tribe had a different level of authority and obligations. Of course, although obligations were important, once a tribe ascended to grade two, the benefits were really great.

Just the resources alone could allow the Human Tribe to take an unprecedented leap.

Of course, if the Human Tribe ascended, another second-grade tribe would have to descend. The tribe that would fall would certainly be the Moxia Tribe.

Although the Moxia Tribe had hindered the Human Tribe in many ways, the Human Tribe’s strength had been on the uprise, whereas the Moxia Tribe had been getting weaker.

The evaluation meeting that happened once every 1,000 years would be the Human Tribe’s best opportunity to ascend to grade two in the Divine Union. Actually, some juniors who were at the Star-Grade boundary were very concerned about this matter.

After all, this was currently the Human Tribe’s priority.

As one of the chief decision-makers of the Human Tribe’s Nine Paths, the Bloody Massacre Path Master rarely revealed his intentions. However, he now told his only Junior Brother. “It should almost be done!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was a prudent person. Thus, saying the word ‘nearly’ was already difficult enough for him.

The Blood Space Ruler, who had a brilliant smile on his face, laughed heartily. “We only have one Milky Way. Human development has been hindered so much. If we were given 10,000 years, the Human Tribe would become a first-grade tribe! Then, we would be able to puff our chests out pridefully in the Divine Union!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded. “Don’t worry, the day when we will stand tall definitely isn’t too far away.”

While the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the Blood Space Ruler were discussing the Human Tribe’s ascension, in a galaxy filled with lightning and thunder, two other people were also discussing this topic.

One of them was from the Thunder Ray Tribe, while the other was from the Moxia Tribe.

The Moxia Tribesman, who was kneeling on the ground, didn’t seem young. However, he simply didn’t dare show his cultivation base at this point in time.

“Great Thunder Source Sky Monarch, your wisdom is a candle that illuminates thousands of miles!” the Moxia Tribesman said respectfully. “The Human Tribe brazenly slayed His Majesty Leiming in the Cang Yuan System. It seems like they don’t intend to show any reverence to the mighty Thunder Ray Tribe.”

“The Human Tribe is quite a valiant race. 10,000 years ago, the Moxia Tribe had 10 times their strength, yet they have already surpassed us in terms of comprehensive strength.”

There was a hint of fear in the Moxia Tribesman’s voice. “If the Human Tribe were allowed to continue developing, just being a little second-grade tribe wouldn’t satisfy their ravenous appetites.”

“Their goal would be to become a first-grade tribe and one of the 18 Primary Tribes!”

When the Thunder Source Sky Monarch didn’t show any hint of anger, the Moxia Tribesman added, “If we don’t stop them before they become a second-grade tribe, I fear that one day the Thunder Ray Tribe will follow in the footsteps of the Moxia Tribe. If that happens, mighty sir”


The Moxia Tribesman who had been speaking was sent flying and his face smashed hard into the ground. Then, a foot stomped on his face.

In just a moment, his well-maintained face was turned into a bloody mess and a crater appeared in the ground, which was made of Thunder Iron.

“Are you trying to use indirect means here? How dare you try and show off your petty, vile intentions before me! You must have a death wish!”

“You better remember this. All the Moxia Tribe has it owes to the Thunder Ray Tribe. Even if you fought your hardest, you wouldn’t be able to retain anything if we decided to take it away. Similarly, if we treated you with respect, others would do so as well. You got that?”

The man stamped on his bloody face once more before leaving.

The member of the Moxia Tribe got up with great difficulty. Although he was completely covered in blood, he wasn’t the least bit angry. There actually seemed to be a faint smile in his eyes.

He had already achieved his objective. Even though the outcome had exceeded his expectations, he was still extremely satisfied.

“The Moxia Tribe’s position isn’t something you can just take as you wish, humans! HA HA HA!”

Meanwhile, in the sixth hall of the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang was currently facing his 396th opponent, who was a Thunder Ray Tribesman. Although his stature was smaller than Leiming’s, who had been slain by Luo Yunyang, the Thunder Ray Tribesman’s aura was really overwhelming.

Layers of thundering power gathered and formed two wide wings on his back. Below these wings appeared a tempest intent.

On the fifth floor, Luo Yunyang had already come across this sort of opponent. Thus, he knew that this opponent cultivated the Tempest Path, which was rare in the Thunder Ray Tribe. His wings, which were formed from electricity, weren’t just used for speed. They could also be used as a blade.

Without saying anything, the martialist from the Thunder Ray Tribe took to the air and charged over at Luo Yunyang.

Although he was very quick, the moment he rose in the air, black glowing lights that looked like halos of a chaotic act emanated from Luo Yunyang’s body.

These halos formed a black screen of light all around Luo Yunyang.

The layers of light screens were dazzling and innumerable. It was impossible to discern how many light screens or halos there were.

The Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouse, who was like a streak of lightning, realized that his speed had already dropped to 1% by the time he flew within 300 meters of Luo Yunyang.

Although ordinary martialists wouldn’t find this slow at all, it was really slow for a powerhouse like Luo Yunyang.

“3,600 layers of chaotic hole light waves, each layer with a thousandfold weakening effect. You shouldn’t have encountered me now.” Although he knew that the Thunder Ray Tribesman lacked consciousness, Luo Yunyang still told him this.

Ten continuous years of attacking had made him extremely lonely. Saying this was a method to eliminate his loneliness.

The Thunder Ray powerhouse was silent. His wings beat frantically while the thundering blade-lights rushed in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

Unfortunately, when these blade-lights came in touch with the layers of chaotic hole light waves, they were all absorbed by the light waves.

By the time they got close to Luo Yunyang, all that remained were a few scattered traces.

“Take this move! World-Engulfing Finger!” Luo Yunyang pointed his finger at the Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouse from a distance of about 30 meters.

A speck of black light flew towards the Thunder Ray Tribesman. The Tribesman, who had already sensed the danger, urged the power of his tempest. However, that black speck of light suddenly swelled up 10 times and engulfed the Thunder Ray Tribesman.

In just an instant, the boundless black light turned into a black speck once again and vanished without a trace.