Supreme Uprising Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Space Time Eye

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Power: 4,510

Mind: 891

Speed: 821

Constitution: 1,756

Origin Source Law: 2,014 (Wind: 510, Earth: 495, Fire: 751, Water: 399)

The golden figures glittered with a shiny luster on the attribute regulator. Luo Yunyang felt very satisfied when he looked at them.

After advancing from the Star-Grade to the Nebula-Grade, Luo Yunyang’s power had seen a straight increase from 800 to more than 4,000 points. His latest battles had allowed this figure to make massive progress.

His Mind, Speed, and Constitution had also experienced massive improvements ever since Luo Yunyang had reached the Nebula-Grade.

While he was in the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang didn’t know what year it was, neither did he have any inkling of how time flowed. However, he could only endure the cultivation within the Divine Martial Hall and incorporate the various laws and techniques to form his own cheat sheet. All these things benefited Luo Yunyang greatly.

The reason he could have these battles, especially after entering the sixth floor, was because of his attribute regulator.

However, even so, after defeating his last opponent, Luo Yunyang didn’t wish to continue anymore.

He wasn’t completely certain that he would achieve victory in the next four divine halls.

Although the last six Divine Martial Halls had been 10 times stronger than the previous ones, on the last level, each character had possessed 50 times the fighting strength of the same character on the first floor.

Upon entering the sixth level, the martial techniques belonging to Luo Yunyang had already taken shape. However, after each battle, Luo Yunyang still encountered countless dangers and sometimes even faced the danger of falling just after making the first move.

After all, the formation and use of each technique required honing through countless battles.

The reason Luo Yunyang had been able to walk out after each of these dangers was mainly his reliance on the attribute regulator.

“Challenger, the first stage of the challenge has been concluded. Congratulations on successfully completing the first stage of the Divine Martial Hall. Now, you can pick a treasure from the Divine Martial Hall’s storage as your reward. Please make your choice!”

Following the mechanical voice, a huge screen appeared in the Divine Martial Hall. Then, all sorts of items appeared on the screen.

“The Brilliant Gold Vine is a living plant that grows on metal planets. One vine can absorb all the metal of a planet. The highest it can grow is up to the Universe-Grade. It provides both a powerful offense and defense!”

“The Seven-Colored Heaven Plundering Dew can prolong one’s life by 1,000 years. There are no limitations!”

“The Celestial Domain Heavenly Warrior Milky Way Blade, which was forged using sand from the Milky Way, is incomparably sharp and contains the dao of stars…”

More than 1,000 items appeared before Luo Yunyang one by one. However, none of them were the item the authoritative figure wanted.

This was not unexpected. After all, the authoritative figure would not take a fancy to anything ordinary. According to the rules of the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang would have to make it through the Divine Martial Hall’s second stage before obtaining a reward.

What else did he still lack?

Wings that could enhance his speed? His speed wasn’t slow, though. Using the attribute regulator wouldn’t be very useful either.

Maybe something offensive? His Flaming Heavenly Shuttle was already sufficient in regards to Mind Power, and his World-Engulfing Finger could deal with close-range attacks.

Besides these two, auxiliary plants attracted Luo Yunyang’s attention the most. Although auxiliary plants weren’t easy to grow, the plants in here had boundless potential. As long as they were grown appropriately, they could be compared to a super bodyguard.

Finally, Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on a mystical ability in the same category. Its name was Space-Time Eye!

Luo Yunyang was tempted when he saw these words. He felt a rush of excitement as soon as he saw the description.

The Space-Time Eye was the innate ability of a supreme space monster called the Cosmic Ender Beast. Cultivating this ability was extremely difficult. If an ordinary being wished to obtain such an ability, there was only one method: a transplant.

The eyeballs of a Cosmic Ender Beast would have to be transplanted into the body of the cultivator.

According to the description, this Space-Time Eye had suffered severe damage, so its effectiveness was only limited to stopping time and space for one second.

Although many things could be done in one second, in most cases, one second wouldn’t be of much use.

However, even though this Space-Time Eye was only effective for one second, it had still found its way into this reward treasury.

After a quick comparison, Luo Yunyang decided that he wanted the Space-Time Eye. Although one second was short, it could also be of significant assistance to him.

“I choose the Space-Time Eye!”

The moment Luo Yunyang made his choice, a metal box appeared in the large hall. Even Luo Yunyang didn’t know where this box had come from. It was as if the space around had been soundlessly pried open and the metal box had been placed there mysteriously.

There were several vein-like patterns on the box. These veins seemed to form many unnamed flowers that were actually array lines. Each line possessed a mystical power.

Luo Yunyang was a little stunned as he opened the box. This Space-Time Eye was about the size of an adult’s fist!

This size had clearly exceeded Luo Yunyang’s expectations, as he had a slightly awkward look on his face. Even though Luo Yunyang knew that aesthetics were secondary compared to power, wasn’t this Space-Time Eye a little too big?

Fortunately, some information was transmitted from the box into Luo Yunyang’s mind. After finding out that this Space-Time Eye could actually automatically adjust its size in conjunction to the host’s body, Luo Yunyang let out a huge sigh of relief.

Fusing the Space-Time Eye wouldn’t be too difficult. Luo Yunyang immediately followed the instructions and incorporated the huge Space-Time Eye between his eyebrows.

Actually, according to the directions that came together with the Space-Time Eye, Luo Yunyang could have fused the Space-Time Eye with any part of his body. However, for aesthetic reasons, Luo Yunyang ultimately decided to temporarily put the Space-Time Eye between his brows.

This wasn’t very painful. Plus, after fusing the Space-Time Eye, Luo Yunyang realized that when he used the Space-Time Eye to look at things, his vision was even clearer and more defined than when he used his own eyes.

Of course, he was also more able to point on the intrinsic nature of things.

There weren’t currently any opponents, so Luo Yunyang couldn’t use the Space-Time Eye much. After all, he felt that his experience wouldn’t be too good when he wasn’t in combat.

Just as he was about to follow the instructions, use the Space-Time Eye and shut the Space-Time Eye, he suddenly thought of his attribute regulator. He wondered if the power of the Space-Time Eye would appear on the attribute regulator.

Power: 4,510

Mind: 891

Speed: 821

Constitution: 1,756

Origin Source Law: 2,014 (Wind: 510, Earth: 495, Fire: 751, Water: 399)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1 (Space-Time Control: 1)

The purple letters of the Origin Source Mystic Ability made Luo Yunyang’s eyes glow. Although he had seen mystic abilities in the past, the methods of those abilities had disappointed him slightly.

Luo Yunyang immediately felt relieved when he saw the words Origin Source Mystic Ability. Even though he didn’t know what kind of concrete changes had taken place yet, this Origin Source Mystic Ability would definitely be stronger than ordinary mystical abilities.

Could his Origin Source Mystic Ability be raised?

Luo Yunyang immediately started to adjust the figure of his Origin Source Mystic Ability. When he tried to convert his Power, Constitution and other base attributes, he discovered that there had been no changes to his Origin Source Mystic Ability.

Power wouldn’t do. What about Origin Source Law? When Luo Yunyang converted 1,000 Origin Source Law Attribute Points into Origin Source Mystic Ability, the number of the Origin Source Mystic Ability went from 1 to 2.

1,000 Origin Source Law Attribute Points could only make his Origin Source Mystic Ability rise to 2 points. That meant that his current Space-Time Eye could stop time and space for three seconds.

A time freeze of one second could make a difference between life and death under many circumstances. A pause of three seconds could tilt the scales of victory in his favor.

Luo Yunyang was secretly elated. Although he had at first doubted this Space-Time Eye’s worth, he had seen a big improvement thanks to the attribute regulator.

“Challenger, will you continue or will you leave the Divine Martial Hall? Please make your choice!” The mechanical voice rang out next to Luo Yunyang’s ears again.

This time, Luo Yunyang didn’t hesitate. Although he had obtained the Space-Time Eye, he knew that, given his current strength, his chances of successfully taking on the four divine halls of stage two of the Divine Martial Hall were just too few.

Plus, he had already achieved his own objective. Thus, Luo Yunyang chose to leave!

“Respected Challenger, you have already passed the first stage. Therefore, as long as your cultivation base doesn’t ascend any higher, you have the right to challenge the four divine halls of stage two in 500 years.”

The mechanical voice had just finished speaking when Luo Yunyang saw a bright flash of light and appeared outside the Divine Martial Hall.

When he stepped out of the Divine Martial Hall, the sixth hall lit up as well.

When the six glows converged, a dazzling, hallowed glow rose up into the sky.

The beings from the various tribes, who had been sitting in a lotus position, all stood up and stared at Luo Yunyang with strange expressions.

“It’s Luo Yunyang! He is out!”

“His challenge was successful!”

“No, he failed. He was supposed to take on the four halls of stage two. Only that way would he have completed the mission. However, you can see for yourself that he only completed the six halls of the first stage.”

“Luo Yunyang has come out of the Divine Martial Hall! He has successfully passed the first stage, but he didn’t take on the second stage!” The Thunder Ray Tribe martialists sent this information back to their own tribe immediately. Even though they felt sorry, they also felt a little pleased at the same time.

Although many people were disappointed that Luo Yunyang had not died, considering his original purpose, he had still failed!