Supreme Uprising Chapter 487

Chapter 487 The Divine Union General Conference

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"Supremacy, I can say that I got the item you wanted, or I can say that I didnt get it." Luo Yunyang eyed the Celestial World Supremacy as he spoke unperturbedly.

The Celestial World Supremacy didnt comment. He only watched Luo Yunyang quietly.

"I only passed the six halls of the Divine Martial Halls first stage. However, I have only recently ascended to the Nebula-Grade, so I can still train and cultivate for many more years at the Nebula-Grade boundary."

"I believe that after many more years of training, I will definitely pass the second stage of the Divine Martial Hall."

The Celestial World Supremacys gaze was like clear water. He watched Luo Yunyang without saying a word, as though thoroughly seeing through every single part of him.

Luo Yunyang felt a massive pressure emanate from the Celestial World Supremacy. Although the Celestial World Supremacy appeared amiable at the moment, he knew that if he was the slightest bit incautious, the Celestial World Supremacy could kill him.

Even though Luo Yunyang possessed the attribute regulator, he was still nothing more than an ant compared to the Celestial World Supremacy.

He forced himself to stay calm and meet the Celestial World Supremacys gaze.

"Good, good, good You are very good!" The Celestial World Supremacy clapped his hands together lightly before adding nonchalantly, "Lets talk about your conditions."

"Back then, there was a little accident in the Cang Yuan System. In order to not implicate the Human Tribe, I decided to challenge the Divine Martial Hall in the hopes of gaining your protection, sir." Luo Yunyang took a deep breath as he answered truthfully.

The Celestial World Supremacy nodded. "Alright, I know your motive now. From this day onwards, you will be my disciple. You will be the Celestial World Supremacys disciple in name!"

"I will arrange your cultivation training. You must already be aware of the dangers of this cultivation level even without me explaining. I dont groom trash!"

Suddenly, the Celestial World Supremacys voice sounded slightly hopeful. "As long as you are able to obtain the item I want from the Divine Martial Hall, you shall become an official disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy and enjoy the glory given to my formal disciples."

Although Luo Yunyang appeared dead calm on the surface, deep down he felt surging waves billowing. A disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, one of the five supreme existences in the whole Divine Union? This sort of status would allow him to fear no one in the Divine Union.

The Celestial World Supremacy didnt bother with fair fights. However, the moment the strong bullied the weak or someone abused their authority to bully someone else, he expressed the most intensely adverse reaction.

Even though the Thunder Ray Tribe hated Luo Yunyang to the core, once Luo Yunyangs status as the Celestial World Supremacys disciple came to light, they wouldnt be able to do anything to him.

"This seal represents my status in the union. It can represent me and issue an order within the union! As long as this order doesnt violate any of the nine fundamental rules of the Divine Union, the Divine Union will comply with it!"

Although the nine fundamental rules of the Divine Union sounded like a lot, having just nine basic rules to keep the vast Divine Union in check was really pretty basic.

"Thank you, Supremacy!" Luo Yunyang used his two shaky hands to accept the Celestial World Supremacys seal.

"You must have suffered plenty of wear and tear in the six halls of the first stage. This damaged planet possesses a sacred spring full of boundless vitality. Go soak in it for a bit. The benefits are plentiful!"

The Celestial World Supremacy then turned to Gold Polo. "Take Luo Yunyang and grant some of his wishes after he comes back from the sacred spring. The time limit is three years. Bring him back to see me after three years."

Gold Polo, who had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually become the Celestial World Supremacys disciple, bowed respectfully at once. "Your subordinate will comply!"

"I hope that you do not let me down!" The Celestial World Supremacy glanced once more at Luo Yunyang before his body disappeared into nothingness.

Luo Yunyangs eyes had been on the Celestial World Supremacy all this while. When the Celestial World Supremacy vanished, he realized that he wasnt able to sense the direction in which he had headed.

He couldnt even detect a faint wind. It felt as if the Celestial World Supremacy had never even appeared.

"Young Master, the sacred spring is located 300 miles away. Please come with me!" Although Gold Polos attitude was still as stiff as ever, Luo Yunyang could detect a hint of reverence in his voice.

"You should still call me Luo Yunyang, Mr. Gold. I am only the Supremacys disciple in name."

Gold Polos metallic mouth twitched. It seemed as though he wanted to laugh but couldnt.

"Etiquette cannot be forsaken, Young Master. Please do not make things difficult for me."

Luo Yunyang didnt say much more, as the journey was only 300 miles. Therefore, the two of them flew off into the distance.

The Celestial World Supremacy had vanished before congealing out of thin air again. However, he seemed to have an even more indistinct aura compared to the previous time he had talked to Luo Yunyang.

"You are a little too impulsive!" said a voice that came from the mouth of a black cat that was lying on a boulder made of gold.

That boulder was indeed made of gold!

Before Luo Yunyang had left last time, the black cat and the gold rock had not appeared.

The Celestial World Supremacy didnt even turn to look at the cat. Instead, he said nonchalantly, "I didnt invest much."

"Its not like there arent any other outstanding young men in the Divine Union," the black cat said softly while stretching.

The Celestial World Supremacy nodded. "There are stronger youths amongst the young generation that the Demigod Tribe has groomed. But do you think that old fellow from the Demigod Tribe would allow them to take risks and brave dangers?

"Besides, I see a sort of tenacity in this young fellow. Thats why I gave him everything that he wants. Its not a loss to exchange all this for his life."

The black cat said nothing. It just lay down lazily on the golden boulder and vanished into nothingness.

Meanwhile, the Human Tribe and the entire Milky Way were bubbling.

Even the Da Alliance, which was considered a poor, remote place, had issued an announcement: "The Divine Union General Conference will take place in three days!"

Although these words seemed to have no rhyme or reason, all the people of the Da Alliance knew what they meant.

Thanks to the help of the Bloody Massacre Path, the Da Alliance had achieved tremendous development during all these years. This development had also allowed the Da Alliance to gain a clear understanding of the inner matters of the Human Tribe.

Even young children knew the sorts of benefits the Human Tribe would gain by ascending a tier.

There would be improvements in science and technology, in living standards, in cultivation and martial ways, in the grade of their genes

Everything that the Divine Union could grant the second-grade tribes was being highly anticipated by the entire Human Tribe!

"Miss, you have come out of seclusion!" Luo Donger walked out of her special cultivation room inside a simple, unadorned house in Donglu Town.

She had already grown into a fine lady. "Uncle Li, Ive already asked you to just call me Donger," she told the old man standing guard at the door.

"Ha ha! An old servant like me cannot call you Donger, Miss!" Uncle Li Donger said respectfully. He would never forget the big shots that had come when he had become the housekeeper of this place three years ago.

Although Uncle Li had reckoned that all those big shots had seemed like characters that existed in books, they had all rushed over in succession.

Furthermore, every one of these people had treated this young lady with extreme reverence. Some people had even said that they would be willing to take over Uncle Lis position and become the housekeeper of the Luo Family.

That was when Uncle Li had realized what the words Luo Family had implied.

However, as these three years had gone by, his understanding of these two words had become even more profound. For example, he had seen the offerings that came even when the young mistress was in seclusion

"Did anything happen recently, Uncle Li?" Luo Donger asked gently as she looked up at the bright sky.

"Uh, the Human Tribe is about to become a second-grade tribe. It is said that the Divine Unions evaluators have already performed an inspection and given an outstanding evaluation for every aspect and indicator of the Human Tribe."

"If youd come out of seclusion two days later, we would have already become a grade-two tribe of the Divine Union!"

Although Uncle Li wasnt young, he placed great importance on tribe honor. Thus, he was slightly excited as he talked about the Human Tribes promotion.

Luo Donger chuckled. Naturally, she knew much more than Uncle Li. However, she didnt want to shock him too much on this matter.

A beeping sound was suddenly heard. When Luo Donger turned to look for the source, she realized that Uncle Lis communication device had rung. "The Divine Union will broadcast the voting results of the tribe promotion, so I set an alarm," Uncle Li explained sheepishly.

Luo Donger waved her hands dismissively as she saw Uncle Li go stiff. "It just so happens that I wish to see it. Turn it on and lets watch it!"

"Alright!" Uncle Li replied enthusiastically before quickly turning on the electronic screen that took up half the wall of the Luo Familys home.

The screen depicted a vast, magnificent building akin to a celestial palace.

The building was oval, and the seats inside were arranged like a pagoda. At the top level was only one seat that was several hundred meters tall.

A colossal, 2,000-meter tall figure was sitting quietly on that throne-like seat. This figure had a supreme, dignified air about it.

It was a member of the Demigod Tribe!

Uncle Li subconsciously felt a sense of reverence as he saw the 2,000-meter tall giant.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound echoed from the electronic screen.

"The tribes standing by for ascension to the second grade this round are the Golden Ape Tribe and the Human Tribe!"