Supreme Uprising Chapter 488

Chapter 488 A Fury Called Indignation

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According to the regulations of the Divine Union, there would at most be two tribes standing by for advancement. However, most of the time, there would only be one.

This time, based on the rules of advancing to a second-grade tribe, the Human Tribe had been first by a huge margin. The various evaluations of the Golden Ape Tribe had been way lower than the Human Tribes.

Therefore, the Human Tribe had never attached much importance to the Golden Ape Tribe, which only held a spot in the middle rankings of third-grade tribes.

However, the results had clearly exceeded the Human Tribes expectations. Among the tribes standing by for promotion, the Golden Ape Tribe had been openly placed above the Human Tribe!

"This isnt fair!" the Human Tribes Envoy, who was a refined, handsome middle-aged man, shouted exasperatedly in the huge conference hall.

This man had a Galaxy-Grade cultivation base equal to a rulers. His voice was crisp and resounding, and there was a clear hint of indignation and fury in it.

The Human Tribe had made lots of preparations over thousands of years for this advancement and had never expected that something like this would happen right before they went through with it. Even though the Human Tribe still had the preparatory advancement qualifications, it ranked behind the Golden Ape Tribe.

This meant that, according to normal proceedings, the Golden Ape Tribe would be promoted.

The chances of the Human Tribe turning this situation around were one in 100. The statistical probability could actually be even lower.

Even though speaking out loudly right now wasnt a wise choice, the Human Tribes Envoy couldnt care less!

This had been the hope and aspiration of the Human Tribe for many years. How could he not fight for it?

As the Human Tribes Envoy expressed his dissatisfaction, the Moxia Tribe Envoy, who was sitting on the second level, scowled.

According to the agreement between the Moxia Tribe and Thunder Ray Tribe, the Thunder Ray Tribe should have helped the Moxia Tribe maintain its position as a second-grade tribe.

This meant that no other tribes should have advanced to the second grade. However, two tribes had actually emerged.

Although only one tribe would ultimately advance, no matter which one did, the Moxia Tribe would lose its second-grade tribe status.

Thus, the Moxia Tribe Envoy, who had been full of confidence earlier, now pulled a long face. How could the Thunder Ray Tribe be so inhumane? Did they think the Moxia Tribe was a joke?

How could this be?

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy sat loftily in a spot in the middle of the 18 seats, one tier below the Demigod Tribes Envoy. He simply didnt care about the Moxia Tribe Envoys gaze.

To him, the Moxia Tribesmen were like ants. As long as the Thunder Ray Tribe wanted to, they could send the Moxia Tribe to hell just by raising a finger.

Actually, assisting the Moxia Tribe wasnt a big deal. However, they had helped the Moxia Tribe too many times already. If they aided them again, then the Thunder Ray Tribes reputation wouldnt look so good. Hence, the Thunder Ray Tribe had chosen to help the Golden Ape Tribe this time.

The gulf between the Golden Ape Tribe and the Human Tribe was too big. However, this sort of deficiency could be made up if the Thunder Ray Tribe wished.

"Human Tribe Envoy, do you doubt the partiality of the Divine Union General Conference?" The voice that had announced the result now sounded slightly fearsome and imposing.

Although they were separated by all sorts of screens, viewers couldnt help but feel uncomfortable when they heard this imposing voice.

When the Human Tribe Envoy spoke out about being unable to accept this result, the fire in many peoples hearts screamed.

However, this imposing voice made most of them tremble and caused the fury in their hearts to vanish completely.

"I am indeed. During the various previous evaluations, the Human Tribes results were much higher than the Golden Ape Tribes. Why has the Human Tribe placed lower than the Golden Ape Tribe?"

The Human Tribe Envoys voice was still loud and clear as ever. However, he seemed to be under even more pressure than before.

Although his cultivation base had already reached the Galaxy-Grade boundary, he had to face an entity that was far higher than him.

Furthermore, that imposing aura had already converged with the array lines in this huge palace and a majestic, boundless presence had started crushing towards him.

He couldnt back down!

As soon as hed said the first word, he had lost control over his own legs. However, he still said each word and sentence and expressed all his doubts.

With each word he uttered, a wound appeared on his body. Although these wounds werent too big, they were all immeasurably painful.

By the time he finished his last word, his forehead was drenched in sweat. However, he still had to persevere.

His expression was extremely grave.

That massive pain didnt seem like it was just on his body.

"The Human Tribe had placed above the Golden Ape Tribe up until recently. However, one hour earlier, the Golden Ape Tribe contributed a primitive source of gold ore to the community!"

That imposing voice reverberated through the air. "According to the Divine Union, any party that makes a massive contribution to the Divine Union can receive additional points."

A primitive source of gold ore?

All 18 Primary Tribe Envoys widened their eyes and stared at the Golden Ape Tribe with some suspicion.

A primitive source of gold ore was something extremely rare. It was also a treasure that couldnt be omitted when crafting top-tier weapons.

In the entire Divine Alliance, there were no more than 1,000 of these primitive sources of gold ore. Half of them were in the possession of the Demigod Tribe, while the other half belonged to the 18 Primary Tribes.

There shouldnt be any primitive sources of gold ore in the territory of the Divine Union. However, the Golden Ape Tribe had actually discovered an ore that shouldnt have been found.

This situation made it easy for people to make a mental association. So many eyes were turned to the Thunder Ray Tribe now.

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy nodded faintly.

This action, which hadnt been covered up in the slightest, showed the Thunder Ray Tribes stance on this issue.

The Human Tribe Envoy was livid. The Human Tribes effort and hard work of many years would be ruined just like this.

This was no ordinary bullying. This showed a complete disregard for the rules. It was total suppression without any apprehension.

The Human Tribe envy looked up at the seats above. However, the envoys sitting there had nonchalant expressions on their faces.

They all looked imposing and indifferent

"Human Tribe Envoy, your tribes points have allowed you all to enter the second round of selection. Please prepare for the individual potential evaluation." The imposing voice echoed around once more.

The individual potential evaluation was also a type of point system. Unfortunately, this system didnt make much of a difference when it came to the promotion of a tribe.

These tribes were all third-grade tribes after all. All their individual potential evaluations would be more or less the same. If the Human Tribe and the Golden Ape Tribe were to solely be judged based on this individual potential evaluation, there would be a definite gulf.

Although this gulf wouldnt be that huge, the Human Tribe would still have no possibility of surpassing the Golden Ape Tribe.

"Alright!" The Human Tribe Envoy stared at the screens all around.

The ascension list had already been decided, so the conference would be coming to a close. However, just as the imposing voice was about to end the conference, the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy stood up.

He looked all around and said, "Youre overestimating yourselves!"

Who was the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy addressing? Everyone present knew very well, so all eyes turned to the Human Tribe Envoy.

Their gazes were full of pity, mockery, delight and disdain

When he saw these gazes, the Human Tribe Envoy didnt say anything. He just trudged out of the massive hall.

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoys eyes glared coldly as he watched the envoys of various tribes start to take their leave. He bowed to the Demigod Tribe Envoy before instructing the attendant behind him, "Spread this information. Just say that the Thunder Ray Tribe has only one reason for stopping the ascension of the Human Tribe. That reason is Luo Yunyang!"

The Thunder Ray Tribe attendant paused for a bit before replying respectfully, "Sir, I know what to do."

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy chuckled and strolled out. When he stepped out, several tribe envoys, including the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy, gathered behind him.

Although the Moxia Tribe Envoy didnt wish to suck up to him right now, he pondered this for a bit and followed him hurriedly.

The Moxia Tribe felt like the Thunder Ray Tribes betrayal had sent them from heaven straight to the depths of hell. However, they didnt have any right to resist.

In the boundless Milky Way, countless people were clenching their fists tightly as they watched the image that had frozen on the screen.

Many valiant disciples of the Nine Paths howled. They were hot-blooded, so they werent afraid to die. However, they still felt helpless in the face of this massive pressure.

In all the hopeful planets and stars occupied by the Human Tribe, the majority of the population had fallen into a seemingly deadly silence.

This silence was like a suppressed volcano on the verge of erupting.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other upper echelons of the Nine Paths were all livid. All their hard work and aspirations had been run over.

They were indignant, yet also helpless.

While they were feeling indignant and furious, a message was transmitted over. The contents of this message explained why the Thunder Ray Tribe had targeted the Human Tribe. It was all because of one person.

A person who had killed one of the Thunder Ray Tribes youngest powerhouses.

Luo Yunyang had murdered Leiming from the Thunder Ray Tribe to satisfy his own selfish desires. This was the reason the Thunder Ray Tribe had flagrantly obstructed the Human Tribe.

Although the Human Tribe hadnt completely failed, it was on the verge of doing so right now.

According to the individual potential evaluation, even if the Human Tribe were able to crush the Golden Ape Tribe, it would still be difficult for it to surpass the Golden Ape Tribe, which had 100 times more points.

How could this be possible?