Supreme Uprising Chapter 489

Chapter 489 A Mountain Thousands Of Miles Tall Can Be Formed By Accumulating Dirt

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"We would have become a second-grade tribe smoothly if only Luo Yunyang hadnt killed Leiming. That trouble-maker has sinned against the Human Tribe!" a young disciple from the Fiery Sun Path lamented.

His words quickly gave rise to resonating opinions. After all, getting promoted to a second-grade tribe had seemed easily obtainable before this hiccup had occurred.

Even though there was no reason to blame Luo Yunyang, this mood was contagious and people couldnt help but vent.

After all, the allure of becoming a second-grade tribe was just too great. For starters, if the Human Tribe became a grade-two tribe, the territory the humans would receive would bring them massive benefits.

"What shall we do now, Senior Brother Li?" a person with attractive features and slightly thin lips asked respectfully.

"What else can we do? This is already done. In my opinion, we should grasp this opportunity and find all sorts of ways to foster good relations with the Thunder Ray Tribe. Otherwise, we might be unable to ascend to a second-grade tribe even after 1,000 years."

The man known as Senior Brother Li enjoyed the attention he was getting and spoke in a deadpan manner. "The Human Tribe is a subordinate of the Thunder Ray Tribe. We cant ascend without the Thunder Ray Tribes approval, dont you agree?"

The handsome man nodded. Someone couldnt help but retort, "Unfortunately, our tribes relationship with the Thunder Ray Tribe has already reached this state"

The atmosphere became stifling when he said this. Although the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Human Tribe were not considered mortal enemies, it was still hard for the two tribes to live harmoniously.

"If we satisfy the Thunder Ray Tribe, everything else wont pose a problem," said the man known as Senior Brother Li.

This was a critical time for the Human Tribe, so Senior Brother Li wondered how he could lobby for support. Just as he was about to continue, he suddenly felt the atmosphere all around them tense up. He turned his head and saw Ke Linqi walking over slowly.

"Greetings, Uncle-Master!"

Ke Linqi had already ascended to the Nebula-Grade Realm. His status had also progressed considerably, so he was now the second-in-charge of the Fire Spirit Sky.

Due to his cultivation base, most people in the Fire Spirit Sky feared and respected him. Senior Brother Li, who had been speaking so enthusiastically just moments ago, bowed respectfully when he saw Ke Linqi.

After all, Ke Linqi could turn his world upside down with just a snap of a finger.

"You are trying to say that the Human Tribe should wag its tail and beg for mercy before the Thunder Ray Tribe in order to become a second-grade tribe?" Ke Linqi asked indifferently.

Senior Brother Li seemed embarrassed by this sudden question. He had a bad feeling about this. Thus, he struggled hard to control his emotions before replying respectfully, "I am only thinking of the Human Tribe, Uncle-Master."

"Under the circumstances, if the Human Tribe wants to rise, there is only one waywe have to be forgiven by the Thunder Ray Tribe."

Although Ke Linqi didnt comment, the corners of his lips curled up slightly. Before Senior Brother Li could feel any sense of self-satisfaction, a palm landed hard across his face.

The slap was extremely resounding. Senior Brother Li was so embarrassed that he couldnt think properly.

"You useless thing! Listen carefully! If a tribe wants to rise, it has to rely on self-improvement and personal strength. It will definitely not rise by being servile or underestimating itself!" Ke Linqi said icily. "If a tribe doesnt even have the right attitude to strive unremittingly, it can forget about becoming a second-grade tribe. Even a first-grade tribe that acted this way would only be someone elses slave!"

"Scram!" Ke Linqi snarled like a lion. As he was rebuked, Senior Brother Li nearly fell to the ground on his butt.

His heart was filled with rage as he stared at Ke Linqi. However, all this rage ultimately turned to shame.

The other Fiery Sun Path disciples that had been trying to reason with Senior Brother Li experienced flashes of understanding.

If the Human Tribe relied on others for everything, then it would be nothing but a slave of the Thunder Ray Tribe.

"Uncle-Master, this way, our road to becoming a second-grade tribe will be practically gone."

Ke Linqi glared at the disciple who had spoken and said icily, "A mountain that stands thousands of miles tall can be formed by accumulating dirt!"

As Ke Linqi left, the Fiery Sun Path Disciples present felt like a fire had been lit in their hearts. Yes, the Human Tribe might not have passed the assessment this time thanks to the Thunder Ray Tribes involvement. However, this had mainly happened because the Human Tribe lacked strength.

Practically all the disciples subconsciously made their way towards their private cultivation chambers. The young disciples currently felt a sense of responsibility.

Although Ke Linqi didnt look back, he was pleased with the reaction of these disciples.

"I still cant accept this!"

As he was mumbling to himself, Ke Linqi took out his communication device. Although the Human Tribe basically had no hope of winning the final individual potential evaluation, he still wasnt willing to give up until the last moment.

He wasnt afraid, as he already knew what the final outcome would be.

"To think that you are actually from the Golden Ape Tribe, Di Motian!" Ke Linqis heart shuddered when he saw the message on his device.

Although Ke Linqi knew that the outcome was hard to change, he still held onto some hope in his heart.

He believed that the Human Tribe could bounce back at the last moment and turn things around.

However, when he saw the large Golden Ape in the golden armor wielding a bronze pike, Ke Linqis expression stiffened.

He wasnt unfamiliar with the name Di Motian. This individual ranked 107th on the Divine Unions Qianlong Register.

This position was considered very low. The Qianlong Register was a list that ranked the powerhouses younger than 500 years old within the entire Divine Union.

The people on the Qianlong Register were considered talented individuals with limitless potential.

Although the powerhouses of the Human Tribes youngest generation constantly tried to make the Qianlong Register, no one had been able to do so yet.

Therefore, other than some of the strongest young powerhouses, most people didnt know much about the Qianlong Register.

Di Motian had been born by a servant of the Demigod Tribe. All along, many people had thought that Di Motian was from the Demigod Tribe.

However, his identity had now been verified. He was a Golden Ape that had become the disciple of a Demigod powerhouse who had taken a fancy to him from a young age.

As he read the detailed information on Di Motian, Ke Linqi realized that it would be really difficult for the Human Tribe to compete with him.

Ke Linqi sighed. He was about to turn off his communication device and go cultivate when his device started ringing.

Ke Linqi suddenly froze when he put the call through. He had never imagined that his communication device would project the figure of someone he hadnt seen in many years but could never forgetLuo Yunyang! He had actually seen Luo Yunyang!

"Luo Yunyang, what what was it like in the Divine Martial Hall?" Although Ke Linqi had always thought that he would have a lot to say to Luo Yunyang, he felt a little tongue-tied right now.

Luo Yunyang smiled. "Not too bad. Long time no see. I hope you have been well, old pal!"

Old pal? This term made Ke Linqis heart pause for a bit. Meanwhile, many thoughts flooded his mind.

"Im still good. Ive ascended to the Nebula-Grade." Ke Linqi flashed a faint smile at Luo Yunyang through the screen. "You must have ascended too, right?"

"Ive never liked keeping a low profile while doing things. I couldnt help but ascend as well!" Luo Yunyang chortled like a ruffian. "I am currently rushing to the Shenyuan Planet, mate. Lets catch up when I return to the Bloody Massacre Path."

The Shenyuan Planet was an important planet that belonged to the Demigod Tribe. It was also the place where the Divine Union General Conference was held.

"What are you rushing to the Shenyuan Planet for?" Ke Linqi could already guess as he said this. Luo Yunyang was probably rushing to the individual potential evaluation.

"Are you going to represent the Human Tribe at the individual potential evaluation? Are you confident about winning?"

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "When I go all out, I can do two peoples jobs. Just wait for the good news!"

After the call ended, Ke Linqi was somewhat excited. The fact that Luo Yunyang would be participating in this individual potential evaluation made him feel optimistic. Maybe the Human Tribe would win this time!

Even though their opponent would be Di Motian, and the Human Tribes points needed to surpass Di Motians considerably to achieve victory, Ke Linqi believed that as long as Luo Yunyang was there, the Human Tribe still had some hope!

He didnt know when it had begun, but he had already started believing that Luo Yunyang was someone who did the impossible.

Luo Yunyangs speed was very fast as he rode on the Celestial World Supremacys spaceship. The journey from the Celestial World Supremacys place of cultivation to the Shenyuan Planet would only take a few days.

Of course, thanks to the Celestial World Supremacys spaceship, he had a clear path straight to the Shenyuan Planet, which was the biggest factor.

Countless tribes in the Divine Union were paying attention to this tribe promotion. The obstruction the Human Tribe faced from the Thunder Ray Tribe had already become the focal point of this Divine Union General Conference.

It seemed like the Golden Ape Tribe had an overwhelming advantage.

The Golden Ape Tribe had the valiant Di Motian, who was on the Qianlong Register!

Di Motian would be representing the Golden Ape Tribe at this individual potential evaluation. The Human Tribe was bound to fail this time.

The promotion candidate had been set and the Human Tribe was going to fail.

As all sorts of rumors flew around, it was announced that the individual potential evaluation was starting. The golden-clad Di Motian was escorted by a group of Golden Ape Tribesmen as he entered the large hall where the Divine Union General Conference was held.