Supreme Uprising Chapter 49

Chapter 49


“This kid has the natural talent of a member of the Wind Division!” the officer who looked like a skinny monkey argued indignantly.

The other officer, who was called Old Bear, stared at him fiercely. Although he wasn’t pleased, he couldn’t deny that what the other man had said made sense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the scene cut to Luo Yunyang lifting Bai Yushui up with one hand and smashing him hard against the ground.

His throw had a herculean might to it.

“Stop! Stop right there!” the elites watching from the second-floor balcony and the officers that had come to maintain the order shouted.

Bai Yushui was dizzy as he lay quietly on the ground, looking as if he were dead.

“Why are you still hitting him when he is in this state? Do you have to be so vicious?” an upper-class elite in a uniform said coldly.

As soon as he said this, everyone else joined in the heckling. There were even some people that shouted loudly, “This kid is too vicious! We have to kick him out of the Rising Dragon Army!”

Luo Yunyang stared at those people with a sneer. “What would have become of me if I had been hit by those ice beads? You say that I am vicious, yet my brother, who didn’t do anything to provoke Bai Yushui, had his arm broken for no apparent reason!”

“Why should the lower class pay 100,000 points in taxes every month?”

“Why don’t you stand up for justice? Who are you to call me vicious? Your words are nothing but farts!”

Luo Yunyang’s blunt words made the upper-class elite who had initiated the heckling blush.

“Well said!”

“Well said, Big Brother Yunyang! The fella who bullied us for no reason should be beaten!”

“He clearly wanted to do this for laughs, yet now he is shamelessly waving the big flag of righteousness! All it takes is one look to tell that he isn’t a good person!”

The members of the Ardent Sun Group were delighted to vent the frustration and anger in their hearts loudly. They no longer had to remain silent.

“Well spoken, indeed. You aren’t my equal yet, so I will wait until you have formed a source core before I teach you a lesson,” an indifferent voice said dryly from an open second-floor window.

A man was looking out of the window as if everyone else was beneath him.

His name was Lin Changjian. He met the gaze of Luo Yunyang and the other members of the Ardent Sun Group before he closed the window casually.

When they made eye contact, some people shuddered unconsciously. A few martialists with inferior cultivation bases felt afraid when their eyes met.

“That is Lin Chanjian. You have to be careful with him,” the officer in charge of maintaining the order told Luo Yunyang softly.

Lin Changjian. Luo Yunyang muttered the name to himself silently.

As soon as Lin Changjian closed the window, the upper-class students stopped moving.

They were all looking at Luo Yunyang as though he was a dead man.

As Bai Yushui was dragged away for treatment, the purple-gold ginseng full of sixth factor landed in Luo Yunyang’s hands.

“Thank you, Big Brother Yunyang!” Yang Yirui said as he struggled over to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang patted Yang Yirui’s shoulder. “It was something I had to do. I have to protect you guys! You have to have the best medicine when you visit the hospital. Use my points!” As soon as he said this, Luo Yunyang turned to head back to his own residence.

As he was leaving, all the members of the Ardent Sun Group moved silently to the sides and created a path for their leader. Their eyes were full of adoration as they watched Luo Yunyang leave.

Luo Yunyang had already become the backbone of the entire Ardent Sun Group.

Back on the second floor, the short-haired woman’s eyes were gleaming as she mumbled, “If only the sun was setting, or there was a light drizzle in the background, this would have been brilliant. He is totally my type!”

“You better give some thought to that little lover of yours. Although getting challenged by Lin Changjian is a huge honor, you are aware that there are also consequences,” the woman in black replied dryly.

A look of worry appeared in the short-haired woman’s eyes. Even she could not beat Lin Changjian.

When he returned to his place, Luo Yunyang felt his whole body go limp. In order to avoid those ice beads, he’d had to adjust his Speed to the max, which was 35 points.

This amount of attribute points made Luo Yunyang extremely quick. However, after a while, his entire body became weaker.

He now felt a sort of tearing pain all over his body.

Was this a result of overloading? When Luo Yunyang took a deep breath, his gaze landed on the purple ginseng.

It was a purple-gold ginseng containing huge amounts of sixth factor that cost 1,000,000 points! As he thought about what he could buy with that amount of points and looked at the ginseng, whose smell gave one a comfortable feeling, Luo Yunyang realized that making a decision would be very difficult.

One bite. He would just have one bite!

Luo Yunyang was a glutton, so all reason was eventually replaced by his urge to eat. He picked the purple-gold ginseng up and took a big bite.

When the bite of ginseng entered his mouth, Luo Yunyang felt an intense heat rise in his body. Everything suddenly started to boil over. In an instant, he felt as if every inch of his muscles was moving.

Luo Yunyang took a couple more bites and swallowed the entire ginseng without hesitation.

Once the purple-gold ginseng was in his belly, the heat became even more intense. Luo Yunyang felt as if there was a powerful current surging through his entire body.

He immediately used the seventh diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Move!

Although he would still make progress every time he cultivated the Ape-Dragon Blueprint lately, this progress was becoming smaller and smaller.

However, when the energy of the purple-gold ginseng entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt as if the rate he was used to was changing.

His bones were changing, his muscles were tightening, and his five viscera were becoming stronger, but most importantly, he felt every single cell in his body become even more powerful.

The purple-gold ginseng was good stuff!

Power: 26

Speed: 5

Mind: 3

Constitution: 22

The figures displayed on the attribute regulator made Luo Yunyang’s eyes shine particularly bright. During the past few days, his attributes had been rising much slower, yet all it had taken was one purple-gold ginseng to boost them up to this level.

The total sum of his attributes was now 58!

It had increased by over 10 attribute points.

That goddamn purple-gold ginseng had lived up to its reputation. As soon as he had arrived at the Rising Dragon Army Headquarters, Luo Yunyang had started to understand a lot more about items and cultivation.

The further one walked on the martial path, the harder it became!

Based on his current Constitution, even if he was given a vial of grade-two body-forging medicine, it would be very difficult to improve his strength.

Although Luo Yunyang had been consuming C-grade and higher grades of dire beast meat every day, their use had been becoming less effective ever since the first time.