Supreme Uprising Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Moving Forward Even When The Going Gets Tough

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"Honored Envoys, the individual potential evaluation between the Human Tribe and the Golden Ape Tribe will begin now. According to the current evaluation of various aspects, the Golden Ape Tribe has 1,001 points while the Human Tribe has 652 points!" a lady with a pair of golden wings said in a clear, loud voice. She appeared to be from the Wing Tribe.

The large screen that took up half a wall also displayed the figures 1,001 and 652.

These two numbers represented the total points the two tribes had.

"The gap is really big!" a representative from one of the tribes lamented. "With such results, is there still a need to compete?"

"In terms of combat strength, the Golden Ape Tribe isnt in any way inferior to the Human Tribe. Now that Di Motian is taking the individual potential evaluation, this gap will only grow. Unless a divine disciple from the Demigod Tribe takes the stage"

As people were discussing, the clear voice added, "Next, the Golden Ape Tribe representative Di Motian will step forward to take the evaluation."

A golden pillar of light suddenly appeared in the huge hall. A 30-meter tall martialist seemingly clad in a full glow stepped forward beneath the pillar.

Although he was being watched by millions of people, Di Motians expression didnt change in the slightest. Right now, he was the epitome of calmness.

When Di Motian took the stage, the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy stood up overtly and waved at the people looking over as though the Golden Ape Tribe had already won.

Meanwhile, the Human Tribe Envoy had an anxious look on his face.

"Hasnt Luo Yunyang arrived yet?

"Reporting, Envoy. We have just been in touch with him. It will take him 10 minutes to reach the Shenyuan Planet. He should make it in time," a subordinate answered.

The middle-aged man nodded. Meanwhile, Di Motian had already placed his palm on a golden stone.

This golden stone, which was a treasured part of the Divine Unions individual potential evaluation, was called the Divine Sight Stone. As long as the people taking the evaluation placed their palms on the stone, it was able to measure their potential.

"10, 20, 50"

The digits rose sharply the moment Di Motian placed his palm down. In the end, after an explosive shout from Di Motian, the digits were finally stabilized.


Many people had looks of disbelief on their faces when they saw this. This figure wasnt normal for a third-grade tribe.

Even powerhouses from the 18 Primary Tribes would only get a result around the 250-mark when taking this evaluation.

As the figure appeared, a roar was heard from the area where the Golden Ape Tribe was. This roar had come from the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy.

Although many eyes turned to the envoy, not a single person criticized him.

After all, for many of these tribes, getting promoted was something worth going crazy over!

The Human Tribe Envoys expression was calm as he turned to the somewhat dumbfounded subordinate behind him. "Where is Luo Yunyang right now?"

"Sir, can we still use Luo Yunyang?" The subordinate looked kind of terrified. "Should we give up?"

"Give up? Why? Even if we fail this time, there is still another opportunity in 1,000 years!" the handsome envoy added. "One failure is nothing to be afraid of. Ten failures are also nothing to be afraid of. We neednt be afraid even of 1,000 failures!"

"As long as we are able to move forward, one day we will not be swept aside or obstructed."

The winged lady from the Wing Tribe approached Di Motian with a slightly adoring look and said, "Let us congratulate Di Motian. His potential has astounded us. His final result is 251. We shall now add 251 points to the Golden Ape Tribes score."

As she said this, the figure representing the Golden Ape Tribes points became 1,252 and the disparity increased once more.

"What point is there in competing? Even if a divine disciple from the Demigod Tribe showed up, Im afraid the humans still would not beat the Golden Ape Tribe!" an envoy from a second-grade tribe said solemnly. "We have to take note of this in the future."

He was especially serious as he mentioned taking note of this. Based on his words, it was obvious that this second-grade tribe envoy considered this a threat.

After all, all the second-grade tribes wished to be promoted to first-grade tribes. The Golden Ape Tribes promotion meant that yet another strong opponent had been added into the fray.

A few second-grade tribe envoys that were at odds reached a unanimous agreement immediately. They would join forces and stifle the Golden Ape Tribe during the following days. No matter what happened, they couldnt allow the Golden Ape Tribe to surpass them.

"Human Tribe Envoy, please get your representative on the stage!" The lady from the Wing Tribe glanced over at the Human Tribes area.

The golden pillar of light inclined over in the direction of the Human Tribes position.

In the face of this bright glare, the Human Tribe Envoy said, "Our individual potential evaluation representative is still rushing over. He will be here in five minutes."

"Honored Envoys and Gentlemen, the Human Tribe Envoy says that they are asking us to wait five minutes." As the host, the lady didnt have the right to decide. Therefore, she carefully reported the problem upwards.

"Stop wasting everyones time already!" said a being who was only a meter tall. Although his outer appearance seemed similar to a humans, he had sharp ears and a lightning mark between his eyes.

He was sitting on the spacious seats in the area reserved for the 18 Primary Tribes. The image was a little comical, as he didnt seem to fit in that spot.

However, nobody dared laugh at someone from one of the 18 Primary Tribes. The Electric Dawn Tribe was a race of beings born with an innate affinity for Electricity-Based Source Laws.

"Sir Souloutou is right. Is there a need to waste so many peoples time?" an envoy from a first-grade tribe grumbled loudly. "Time is precious for all of us. In my opinion, we should just announce the result right away!"

"Right, this isnt even a contest!"

As several envoys made noisy remarks, the stately large hall became slightly chaotic. Suddenly, the envoy of the Demigod Tribe sitting right at the top coughed. Although he didnt say anything, the Wing Tribe lady understood his order.

"Human Tribe Envoy, a gentleman is asking if you insist on waiting for five minutes."

Although the Wing Tribe lady didnt say the gentlemans name, everyone present knew that the gentleman in question was the envoy of the Demigod Tribe.

Although all the people present were also special envoys, they werent the highest policy-makers in the Divine Union. There was only one person among them able to do so, and that was the Demigod Tribe Envoy.

"I insist!" the Human Tribe Envoy said without hesitation.

Just as some people were about to berate the Human Tribe Envoy, the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy stood up and said. "Sir, I think that we are able to give five more minutes of our time."

"The humans like to accept things wholeheartedly. I think that we should give them the chance to accept this wholeheartedly too."

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy had actually asked a favor on the Human Tribes behalf. Some people wondered if they had heard right. How could the Thunder Ray Tribe actually support the Human Tribes request?

However, when they heard the part about accepting things wholeheartedly, they burst out laughing. The Thunder Ray Tribe had adopted such a generous stance so it could rub salt on the Human Tribes wounds.

Did everyone wish to continue this charade? In that case, they would let the Human Tribe accept it wholeheartedly!

The Demigod powerhouse sitting at the top nodded indifferently. "Alright, then lets do it this way!"

Many humans throughout the Milky Way were livid when they saw this broadcast. However, they didnt say anything. They just remained angry in silence.

Some people had suggested not broadcasting this and just announcing the results.

Ultimately, this had been up to the Nine Path Masters, who had wanted to broadcast this event and show it on all the main pages of the various virtual realms.

A competition could be lost, but their spirit couldnt be stifled!

A five-minute wait seemed like an eternity to most humans. However, not a single person showed any sign of impatience during this anxious wait.

The golden beam lit up again abruptly!

Under this dazzling beam of light, a black-clothed Luo Yunyang strode in slowly.

He didnt look at the person sitting highest in the hall, neither did he glance at the Human Tribe Envoy. What he focused on were the two figures on the screen.

The Wing Tribe host didnt know why, but she felt her insides tremble when she saw Luo Yunyang.

This was a tremble born out of fear!

Although the Wing Tribe host wasnt special in terms of cultivation base, she had come across many big shots before.

This insignificant person, who was rumored to be hated vehemently by the Thunder Ray Tribe, had actually entered the area leisurely and steadily, making her feel dread. She didnt have a good feeling about this.

"Lets begin!" Luo Yunyang told the dumbfounded female host nonchalantly.

Many eyes scrutinized Luo Yunyang as soon as he appeared. The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy actually sneered when he saw him.

Luo Yunyang, who was detested by the entire Thunder Ray Tribe, had actually appeared before them.

This time, he wanted to see what Luo Yunyang would do compared to the massive mountain that lay before him.

The female host remained dazed for a bit before saying hurriedly, "Alright, lets start now. Please place your palm on the Divine Sight Stone!"

Luo Yunyang placed his palm on the Divine Sight Stone gently. Instantly, the figures representing Luo Yunyangs potential started to change rapidly.

10 50 127