Supreme Uprising Chapter 491

Chapter 491 At The Pinnacle

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In the eyes of many of the special envoys in the large hall, calling Luo Yunyang over at this time was just a pointless action.

However, these envoys were no fools either. They felt slight apprehension upon seeing the Human Tribe’s resolute attitude. Could Luo Yunyang be exceptional among all his peers?

Even if he was, could he match up to the mighty and powerful Di Motian?

Di Motian was on the Qianlong Register, and his potential value had already exceeded 200 points.

This sort of individual would be extremely difficult to find even among the 18 Primary Tribes. However, the Human Tribe had already seen Di Motian’s might and had still chosen to fight.

“Look, that human has already passed 200 points!” someone exclaimed.

They couldn’t help but be astonished by this. After all, a potential value of 200 points was extremely rare in the Divine Union. The youngest generation of powerhouses in first-grade tribes was roughly around this level.

On stage, Di Motian’s expression was starting to turn sour. At first, he simply hadn’t taken this evaluation seriously.

However, the potential of this human called Luo Yunyang was still rising.

214 226 237

“Look, he has already surpassed the previous mark!” When the figure reached 252, all the humans in the Milky Way seemed to be bubbling.

Even though they had already been mentally prepared for failure, Luo Yunyang’s result made them ecstatic.

This glorious result would allow them to remain honorable despite their defeat.

They hadn’t gotten promoted to a second-grade tribe, not because they didn’t have the ability, but because some vile individuals had manipulated the process.

Even if they couldn’t close the point gap, which was nearly double, they would take back the dignity they had lost.

The Golden Ape Tribe Envoy was livid.

After all, the Golden Ape Tribe’s promotion this time wasn’t honorable. That was why they had asked Di Motian, who served as an imperial bodyguard for the Demigod Tribe, to come and represent them and show everyone the Golden Ape Tribe’s potential.

Only this way would they be able to show that they deserved this victory.

Di Motian hadn’t disappointed them. However, the Human Tribe was really strong. Its potential was simply too scary.

Di Motian was also staring at Luo Yunyang. Although he had sensed that Luo Yunyang wasn’t ordinary as soon as he had gotten on the stage, so what? He didn’t think much of this human.

Di Motian was on the Qianlong Register, so the gulf between him and some human being should be too wide.

However, Luo Yunyang had unexpectedly surpassed him. This result would surely tarnish his reputation. Besides, Luo Yunyang’s potential was still increasing.

267 279 301

The figures kept changing very quickly. This clearly wasn’t Luo Yunyang’s final potential. Luo Yunyang was still progressing at a breakneck speed.

As his potential value continued to climb, the gap between the Golden Ape Tribe and the Human Tribe changed rapidly.

Even the high and mighty Demigod Special Envoy now fixed his gaze on Luo Yunyang. He actually had a faint look of curiosity on his face.

Exactly how great could this person from the Human Tribe be?

When Luo Yunyang’s potential value reached 348 points, the Human Tribe’s total points became 1,000!

Meanwhile, the Golden Ape Tribe had 1,262 points. Although the gap was still considerable, breaking the 1,000-mark had a significant impact on the humans.

This number of points, which had seemed difficult to exceed, no longer seemed so far away.

“Come on, Luo Yunyang!” some Dark Shadow Path Disciples were shouting frantically in the Milky Way.

In the past, anyone exhibiting this sort of rowdy behavior would have been thrown into the dark caves by the Dark Shadow Path’s enforcement elder and been taught a lesson. However, the elder now turned a blind eye.

Among the Nine Paths, the Fiery Sun Path was probably the one that was on the worst terms with Luo Yunyang. After all, back when Luo Yunyang had browsed their Sky Book, he had embarrassed the Fiery Sun Path until they had been unable to raise their heads.

However, the Fiery Sun Path disciples were in a frenzy right now.

Meanwhile, shouts and yells were heard throughout the largely female-dominated Autumn Water Path. Not a single person seemed to bother maintaining the image of a virtuous lady.

In the Da Alliance, tens of thousands had gathered on the Chang’an City Plaza.

In the Blue Rain Empire, in the Tianluo Empire, on many planets

A little thing called hope filled the hearts and minds of all these people. They had seen the dawn and now felt hopeful for victory!

“In the end, this still isn’t enough!” Back in the Meru Realm, the Bloody Massacre Path Master watched the figures, who were starting to slow down.

Although the number was still increasing, the speed at which it increased could no longer compare to its earlier speed. The jumps had started to slow down as well.

After three whole minutes, the Human Tribe’s total points had only risen from 1,000 to 1,020!

This was a far cry from how the numbers had rushed up when Luo Yunyang had first touched the stone.

This meant that Luo Yunyang’s potential had more or less reached its peak. A potential value of more than 370 points was a number that could make people tremble in fear.


Someone read the figure aloud in Chang’an City. Although this started softly, it slowly became louder and turned into a chorus of loud roars.

Even though everyone knew that their shouts wouldn’t help Luo Yunyang, they still couldn’t help but yell. They wanted to shout and express all the hope they felt for him!

Countless voices converged into individual numbers that encapsulated the entire Human Tribe’s hopes.


In the Divine Union’s large hall, the Golden Ape Envoy heaved a huge sigh of relief. He actually laughed faintly at himself.

Of course, this laugh stemmed from anxiety. Luo Yunyang was very good indeed. Having a potential value close to 400 points was already very impressive.

Could he have a potential value of more than 600 points? Could he rely on the points of the individual potential evaluation to obstruct the Golden Ape Tribe’s promotion? Suddenly, his expression became ugly. He had lost some of his self-control!

The Thunder Ray Tribe’s powerhouse stared at Luo Yunyang with a furious expression. He felt furious indeed. In his eyes, Luo Yunyang was a bane.

This fellow’s potential was so great that they definitely had to think of a way to make him disappear.

As he was standing before that divine stone, Luo Yunyang could also notice the diminishing increments of his potential. He knew that solely relying on his own potential would still make it very difficult for the Human Tribe to be promoted.

However, he wasn’t worried. He still had a secret tactic he had yet to employ. The potential evaluation mainly assessed the strength of his constitution and mental powers. However, his speed couldn’t be assessed.

Luo Yunyang still had some attributes that could be adjusted.

At the thought, he immediately opened the attribute regulator in his mind.

Power: 4,615

Mind: 923

Speed: 955

Constitution: 1,810

Origin Source Law: 2,014 (Wind: 510, Earth: 495, Fire: 751, Water: 399)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1 (Space-Time Eye: 1)

After soaking in the Celestial World Supremacy’s sacred spring, Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base had improved significantly. Although the individual potential evaluation made it difficult for him to use or adjust three of his attributes, there was still his Speed Attribute.

Converting his Speed to Power made his Power rapidly rise to over 5,500 points. Following this increase in his Power Attribute, Luo Yunyang’s overall potential value started to rise rapidly again.

“Quick, look! It’s changing again!” someone exclaimed loudly in the quiet Divine Union Hall. There had been no need for him to blurt this out, as most eyes in the hall were already fixed on Luo Yunyang. They were all waiting for his final result.

Everyone present had already sensed that Luo Yunyang’s potential had been more or less consumed fully. By now, his force should have been spent.

However, just as they thought that the dust was about to settle, the potential value that had halted started changing frantically once again.

1,101 1,150 1,199

The Golden Ape Tribe Envoy had already stood up. He couldn’t stay calm right now. After all, the rapid changes to Luo Yunyang’s potential value kept shrinking the gap between the two tribes.

They were less than 100 points apart now. This was a very dangerous gap.

The Demigod Race took two steps forward, but was stopped by the Demigod Guardians tasked with maintaining order. The envoy seemed to be in a daze as he stared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief.

This was really difficult to believe!

Although the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy remained in his seat, he still scowled. After all, the Thunder Ray Tribe had just brazenly suppressed the Human Tribe. If they failed under the circumstances, then the Thunder Ray Tribe would become the laughing stock of the 18 Primary Tribes.

However, he was unable to stop the figure representing Luo Yunyang’s potential value.

The figure was still changing rapidly. Luo Yunyang also found this change slightly unexpected. After all, he had thought that converting 1,000+ points of Speed would more or less allow him to catch up to the Golden Ape Tribe. He had never imagined that his potential value would increase even quicker after the adjustment.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know that when one was at the very end of their potential, increasing it just a little was extremely difficult. Thus, in the end, the changes to his potential value were different than they had been at first.


By the time this figure showed up, the entire Milky Way had already fallen silent. Practically everyone was holding their breath, afraid that the figure wouldn’t change anymore if they so much as exhaled.

Just two more potential value points. As long as Luo Yunyang’s potential value increased by two more points, the Human Tribe would become a second-grade tribe. They were on the verge of enjoying the preferential conditions the Divine Union conferred on second-grade tribes!

There was anticipation, prayers, apprehension

While all sorts of emotions and feelings filled the place, the figure changed once again. This time, it jumped to 1,253 straight away!


The huge figure was etched in everyone’s eyes. Many people couldn’t help but break out in jubilant cries of joy!

“Stop! I suspect that this evaluation is faulty!” someone shouted loudly in the Divine Union Hall the moment Luo Yunyang’s potential value became 1,253 points.