Supreme Uprising Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Everything Is Determined By Power

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The person that had spoken out was the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy. At this point, he no longer cared about anything else.

They had lost!

Luo Yunyang’s potential value was actually really high. When his points were added to the points of the Human Tribe, they surpassed the Golden Ape Tribe’s points.

How could this be?

Unfortunately, the points displayed were undeniable proof that this had really happened. This smack across their faces was too resounding! Under the circumstances, the Golden Ape Tribe Special Envoy had no other option but to immediately call into question this evaluation.

Although Luo Yunyang’s potential value was still increasing, its speed had slowed down considerably. Even so, the Human Tribe’s total points were already over 1,300.

The female host from the Wing Tribe had gone numb. She didn’t know what to say under the circumstances either.

She looked at the highest point of this large hall, where the godly special envoy of the Demigod Tribe was. Right now, only his words were worth anything!

The Demigod Special Envoy’s expression didn’t change. A big shot from the Demigod Tribe that held so much authority over the entire Divine Union was not concerned about which tribe would be promoted to second-grade.

After all, a second-grade tribe was really insignificant. He simply didn’t care about this.

However, the potential Luo Yunyang had displayed had astonished him slightly. This fellow’s strength was extraordinary. After all, even the Demigod Tribe’s divine disciples didn’t necessarily have this sort of potential.

“God Nine, is the Human Tribe’s result valid?” asked the Demigod Tribe Special Envoy in a deep, resounding voice.

“Respected Sir, God Nine can determine that this human hasn’t cheated in any way!” a mechanical voice rang out throughout the large hall.

All the various tribe envoys knew that there was an intelligent system in this hall. When the mechanical voice was heard, the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy nearly fell to the ground.

No cheating had taken place, which meant that the Human Tribe’s results were valid. Whether the Human Tribe’s results were valid or not was a matter of life and death for the Golden Ape Tribe.

At first, the Golden Ape Tribe hadn’t been very ambitious about this tribe promotion. However, the support of the Thunder Ray Tribe and Di Motian’s appearance had made them feel as though victory had been certain.

Thus, the Golden Ape Tribe had had great expectations for this tribe promotion. They had thought that, as long as they went through the motions, victory would be in the bag!

However, just as they had been complacent and assumed that everything was under control, this shocking result had smacked them back to reality like a giant hammer.

“I suspect that he isn’t from the Human Tribe. Otherwise, why haven’t I heard his name before?” Di Motian stepped forward.

Although he could take a loss, losing to a measly human at such an important event was kind of unbearable.

Thus, he had stepped forward without a second thought.

He suspected that Luo Yunyang wasn’t from the Human Tribe? A glimmer of hope flashed across the eyes of the Golden Ape Envoy.

As long as they could prove that Luo Yunyang wasn’t from the Human Tribe, this result would be voided and the Golden Ape Tribe would still be promoted to a second-grade tribe.

“Luo Yunyang is from the Human Tribe!” the Human Tribe Envoy said irrefutably. “I’m sorry to say that there is only one explanation as to why you have never heard of him. You are ill-informed!” he said without the least bit of sensitivity.

The competition between the two tribes for the position of a second-grade tribe had already reached a point where tactfulness wasn’t worth a damn.

“Indeed! According to you, I must also be a frog in a well! Ill-informed! I only have myself to blame for this. All these years, I have set my sights on the Qianlong Register!” Di Motian wasn’t discouraged by the Human Tribe Envoy’s sarcasm. He was actually even smiling slightly.

The Qianlong Register, which was formulated by the Divine Union, ranked the young powerhouses with the most potential in the entire Divine Union. It was known as one of the Three Great Divine Union Lists alongside the Dianjiang Register and the Supreme Register.

The Human Tribe Envoy snorted. He was about to say something when his assistant walked over and whispered in his ear.

The envoy smiled before telling Di Motian, “I heard that the Qianlong Register was just refreshed. Why don’t you take a look?”

Di Motian froze. His expression became grave as he watched the smiling Human Tribe Envoy.

He couldn’t show contempt for the Human Tribe Envoy, even though the envoy had ignored everyone else’s complaints and insisted on waiting for Luo Yunyang to arrive.

At the moment, the intelligent system that controlled the entire hall displayed the contents of the Qianlong Register on the screen.

Luo Yunyang: Human Tribe

Ranking: Ninth!

Feat: Passing the first six halls of the Divine Martial Hall at the Nebula-Grade and automatically advancing to the ninth place on the Qianlong Register!

The contents were simple and vastly different from the past introductions of the people on the Qianlong Register. However, passing the first six halls of the Divine Martial Hall was an all-encompassing, sufficient validation.

Di Motian’s ranking was also displayed. However, after Luo Yunyang’s rise on the register, his rank had fallen by one.

When he saw that Luo Yunyang ranked ninth, Di Motian felt that he really couldn’t say anything.

The difference between a person who ranked ninth on the Qianlong Register and someone like him, who ranked lower than 100, was huge. This was no longer something that could be described with words.

Di Motian didn’t speak. The Golden Ape Tribe Envoy had also fallen silent. Right now, he was also vaguely aware of the pressure this rank was exerting on the Golden Ape Tribe.

Although he was unsatisfied, the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy understood that there was no longer any way for him to fight under the circumstances.

If they couldn’t even twist the facts, then the situation would just get worse by the minute.

In the end, the Golden Ape Tribe Envoy glanced at the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy. He believed that right now, only the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy would be able to help him.

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy’s expression kept constantly changing. Eventually, he said slowly, “The Thunder Ray Tribe wishes to use its Primary Tribe Privilege!”

When these words were said, the entire Divine Union Great Hall broke into an uproar.

Practically everyone turned to look in the direction of the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy in astonishment.

The Primary Tribe Privilege was a privilege only the 18 Primary Tribes possessed. However, there were massive restrictions as to when this privilege could be used.

For example, every one of the 18 Primary Tribes had one chance to use the Primary Tribe Privilege every 1,000 years. Once it was used, they could no longer use it within these 1,000 years.

Besides, even when the Primary Tribe Privilege was used, at least three Primary Tribes had to second this motion before it could be implemented.

The expression of the Demigod Envoy sitting at the top turned grave. He didn’t look at the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy. Instead, he glanced at the other 17 Primary Tribe Envoys.

“Anyone who seconds this motion?”

Although the Thunder Ray Tribe had allies within the 18 Primary Tribes, these allies felt very uncomfortable about the Thunder Ray Tribe’s abrupt use of the Primary Tribe Privilege.

However, whenever the Thunder Ray Tribe needed support, they would step forward resolutely.

“The Electric Awn Tribe seconds it!” The short Electric Awn Tribe Envoy stood up.

“The Giant Slab Tribe seconds it!” a massive man over 300-meters tall who was built like a boulder boomed.

Although the giant man’s voice was muffled, anyone who knew this powerful existence was solemn and respectful.

“The Evergreen Tribe seconds this motion!” The last to step out was an envoy with a green torso and skin that looked like tree bark.

Three tribes had seconded the motion, which meant that it was now complete. The other envoys of the 18 Primary Tribes watched everything that was unfolding quietly. The current situation had nothing to do with them. Thus, all they could do was watch the show silently.

After all, the Thunder Ray Tribe was serious. Why would they stand up against the Thunder Ray Tribe and defend the measly Human Tribe, which they’d had no dealings with before?

The Human Tribe Envoy looked terrible. Just as victory had been within their grasp, their efforts and struggles had still been wasted.

Primary Tribe Privilege!

An extremely important Primary Tribe Privilege had been used just like this by the Thunder Ray Tribe. This way, the enemies of the Thunder Ray Tribe knew that they were extremely efficient.

However, the use of this Primary Tribe Privilege would cause the Human Tribe to suffer huge losses.

In the vast Milky Way, silence spread in front of countless screens. The previous jubilant atmosphere had suddenly vanished completely.

Right now, many people were using the virtual realms to ask about the 18 Primary Tribe’s authority. Some people were even clenching their fists tightly.

“Primary Tribe Privilege is a special privilege of the Primary Tribes that has been implemented since the establishment of the Divine Union.”

“As long as the matter at hand doesn’t concern the survival of the Divine Union, the moment a Primary Tribe asks to use its Primary Tribe Privilege and receives the approval of three other Primary Tribes, the decision can be forcibly enforced based on the tribe’s discretion,” someone recited the information he had just looked up.

“Bullies!” someone else cried out furiously.

In the virtual space where the Nine Path Masters were gathered, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others all looked gloomy.

Just a while back, they had forgotten about their own statuses and started jumping and shouting in joy. However, this sudden twist had pushed them back into silence.

“The Thunder Ray Tribe has taken a big blow this time. He he… Using their Primary Tribe Privilege is tricky. They won’t be able to use this right in the next 1,000 years.” The Dark Shadow Path Master chuckled. “I wonder how many tribes are delighted over this!”

Nobody responded. Meanwhile, all the large electronic screens showed the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy, who said icily, “Our tribe rejects the Human Tribe’s promotion to a second-grade tribe effective immediately!”

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy then turned to Luo Yunyang. “Luo Yunyang, your performance was stunning. However, you must remember that everything is determined by power!”

The sides of Luo Yunyang’s lips curled upwards as he watched the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy. Then, his face broke into a nonchalant grin. “He he… You are absolutely right, pal. I totally agree with you. Everything is determined by power!”