Supreme Uprising Chapter 493

Chapter 493 The Aggressive Declaration

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"Has Luo Yunyang lost his mind?" the Blood Space Ruler asked his comrade solemnly while watching from the virtual Meru Realm.

His companion, who was another ruler of the Bloody Massacre Path, replied after some hesitation, "I do not know."

The Blood Space Ruler smacked his lips and said. "When the strength of the Human Tribe rises, we definitely have to take revenge and make the Thunder Ray Tribe pay for this!"

Actually, the whole human race had the same sentiment as the Blood Space Ruler. It could be said that all humans bitterly hated the Thunder Ray Tribe right now.

The Human Tribes promotion had been thwarted by the Thunder Ray Tribe when Luo Yunyangs presence had changed the course of things. Yes, this had just happened! Why had those bunch of jerks downright tried to suppress humans?

In the vast Milky Way, many eyes were fixed on the image being broadcasted. The same thing was going on in the territories of the Golden Ape Tribe.

At this point in time, the Moxia Tribe, whose members also had their eyes glued completely on their screens, was the happiest.

They saw some hope now. They couldnt care less about the consequences after the humans were overruled.

The Moxia Tribe now had a chance to remain a second-grade tribe.

The special envoy from the Thunder Ray Tribe eyed Luo Yunyangs casual expression and thought silently to himself,"Even though you just repeated my words, everything still boils down to having power. So what exactly do you mean?"

Had this chap turned foolish from rage? Even so, why should that matter?

These envoys had no right to exercise the Primary Tribe Privilege. It was the elders of the tribes who could order the execution of the privilege through the virtual realms.

Nobody could change this!

"Luo Yunyang, consider my earlier words a gift to you and the Human Tribe. He he No need to thank me!" the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy said with a laugh.

The Demigod Envoy could only shake his head in disagreement at the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoys lack of manners.

There was really no significant meaning behind this!

"Thanks a lot!" Luo Yunyang said as he glanced at the Thunder Ray Envoy and the Demigod Envoy. "I have some privileges that I wanted to exercise here as well."

The Demigod Tribe Envoy stared blankly for a while when he heard Luo Yunyangs words. Although Yunyang ranked ninth on the Qianlong Register, which granted him a sufficient status there, this was still the Divine Union they were talking about. What kind of special privileges could he have?

"Ha ha! This is actually the first time I hear about the special privileges of the Human Tribe!" said the envoy of the Thunder Ray Tribe mockingly.

Most Thunder Ray Tribe martialists believed that suppressing and preventing the Human Tribe from becoming a second-grade tribe was no big deal.

However, as easy as it was, they had still bungled it up and had to resort to exercising their Primary Tribe Privilege.

This meant that this privilege couldnt be used again in the next 1,000 years. This alone made many members of the tribe uncomfortable.

Hence, many of them felt deep resentment for Luo Yunyang.

"Of course, I have special privileges too!" Luo Yunyang said as he raised his hands to show a seal.

This seal, which was from the Celestial World Supremacy, represented the Celestial World Supremacy himself. It could be used to overrule any decision as long as the user didnt violate any of the Divine Unions nine fundamental rules.

This also meant that if Luo Yunyang was unsuccessful in beating the Divine Union, he could use this seal to his advantage.

"This is just a metal plate. You still" the envoy from the Thunder Ray Tribe said sarcastically as Luo Yunyang took out the seal. He had never seen such a seal before.

As the envoy of a tribe, he naturally had a lot of exposure, so he had seen many other seals with varying degrees of power brought out by other tribes.

Since he couldnt recognize the seal Luo Yunyang had taken out, he just continued using mocking sarcasm.

However, midway through his sentence, one of the higher-ups of the Thunder Ray Tribe shouted at him through the virtual realm, "You better shut up!"

In terms of seniority, this elder was 1,000 times more senior than the envoy. The envoy, who immediately quietened down, seemed to be on the verge of tears.

He knew that he had probably said the wrong thing.

The special envoy from the Demigod Tribe immediately seemed to understand what was going on. Thus, he stood up and bowed respectfully. "My respects to the Celestial World Supremacy!"

Seeing the Celestial World Supremacys seal was akin to seeing the Celestial World Supremacy himself!

Almost immediately, the special envoys from the other 17 tribes rose to their feet and faced the seal before bowing their heads respectfully.

They knew very well that, despite the Celestial World Supremacys absence, he would know what was happening when the seal lit up.

The Five Great Supremacies were in charge of governing the entire Divine Union, so their word could determine if a tribe would cease to exist.

"When His Supremacy gave me this seal, he told me to use it for resolving any problem that did not violate the code of conduct of the Divine Union. Is that so, Sir Special Envoy?" Luo Yunyang said while gazing straight at the Demigod Tribe Envoy.

The Demigod Envoys expression changed completely. As soon as the seal had been presented, he had asked his superiors how to handle this situation.

Their answer had been to go ahead and assist Luo Yunyang, so long as what he wanted did not violate the fundamental rules of the Divine Union.

Luo Yunyang wasnt important, but the seal he held was.

"Yes, Sir Luo Yunyang. I now represent the Divine Union and declare that the Human Tribe is a second-grade tribe!" the envoy said solemnly.

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy had an unsightly look on his face, as did the other three envoys who had supported the use of his Primary Tribe Privilege.

Although this was a direct slap to the Thunder Ray Tribes face, it did not make their supporters look good either.

The moment Luo Yunyang had taken out the Celestial World Supremacys seal, theyd had to comply, regardless of how unwilling they were.

They had no other alternative now!

The Human Tribe Envoy began tearing up as he turned to his subordinate and said in a choking voice, "This whole incident has been like a ride through the mountains. There have been so many twists and turns. Lets try to avoid such things in the future. If this happens again, I worry that my heart will not be able to take it."

His words immediately resonated with his subordinate, who shared the same sentiment. "Indeed. I wont be able to take it either."

As the two men were talking, Luo Yunyang waved his hand dismissively. "Lets forget about the promotion of the Human Tribe this time!"

"After all, another tribe has already exercised its Primary Tribe Privilege. It wouldnt look too good on the rules of the Divine Union if I overruled this decision, would it?"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others stared at Luo Yunyang. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that Luo Yunyang would have the Celestial World Supremacys seal. Knowing this reignited the hope in their hearts.

However, his decision to not go ahead with the promotion surprised them.

"What is this fellow up to?" the Deep Earth Path Master shouted. "Damn, he must be crazy to turn down an offer to promote the Human Tribe!"

At first, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others also thought that Luo Yunyang had lost his mind. However, upon seeing his expression, the Bloody Massacre Path Master said, "Lets not panic, everybody. I believe in Luo Yunyang! This lad has too many tricks up his sleeves! Perhaps he just doesnt want to let this incident slide so easily!"

Then, the Bloody Massacre Path Master said assuredly, "I believe that is the case. I know this lad way too well! He has a strong will when it comes to certain matters!"

On Earth, back in the courtyard of the Luo Familys home, Luo Donger smiled as she watched her brother on the screen.

She knew her beloved brother way too well, so she also knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

Her brother would never just let a matter like this slide.

"In that case, do you have any other requests?" the Demigod Tribe Envoy asked with an ever-solemn expression.

He was no fool. He knew that Luo Yunyang was definitely up to something. Offending such a person and not patching things up with him officially was likely to lead to even more headaches!

The envoys of the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe and the other tribes scowled. They also understood the situation. Although Luo Yunyangs way of saying things seemed roundabout, the main idea was still implied. One would be able to understand his intentions if they tried hard enough.

"I am very displeased!"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the envoy from the Demigod Tribe as he said, "The Human Tribe has spent a great deal of effort trying to get promoted to a second-grade tribe. Lets put everything else aside and just talk about the issue at hand. Right now, our score is significantly higher than the other third-grade tribes, which should make us popular candidates for this promotion. However, just because someone presented a primitive gold source ore, their contribution suddenly became much higher than ours!"

At this point, Luo Yunyang turned to face the envoy from the Golden Ape Tribe and said unsympathetically, "I do not blame you. After all, you are victims as well."

The envoy from the Golden Ape Tribe felt as though tears were going to stream down his cheeks. He had no idea what Luo Yunyang was up to, but his level of concern for them worried him. He wanted to tell Luo Yunyang that they really werent victims. They hadnt contributed anything at all.

However, Luo Yunyang was extremely unpredictable as he spoke. He was smiling one moment, yet solemn and serious the next moment. The envoy was so confused that he ended up not saying anything.

Luo Yunyang was holding onto the seal that possessed this massive authority. How could the Golden Ape Envoy dare say what he liked?

If he wanted to, Luo Yunyang now had the power to eradicate the entire Golden Ape Tribe from the Divine Union. This was an outcome nobody in the Golden Ape Tribe wanted.

The envoy from the Thunder Ray Tribe was also scowling. Luo Yunyang was essentially criticizing them openly and slapping their faces. However, they could only remain silent at a time like this.

It wasnt just him. Even the elders of the Thunder Ray Tribe could only listen to Luo Yunyangs scolding right now.

"I went to great pains to earn the points required. As if that wasnt enough, some people unscrupulously stooped down to using their Primary Tribe Privilege just to stop us from achieving our goal!"

"The Primary Tribe Privilege is really superior, isnt it? There isnt anything I can do against such authority, can I?"

The envoy from the Electric Awn Tribe, as well as everyone else, did not dare make eye contact with Luo Yunyang. Even though they were being criticized, they just listened to whatever was being said without a fight.

"I am unhappy, get it? I am extremely unhappy!" Luo Yunyang said as he raised the seal. "My unhappiness isnt a big deal. What is more important is that we all want to create a fair, equal environment for all the tribes in the Divine Union. Thus, I am going to make use of the seal that I have in my hand to overwrite the Primary Tribe Privilege used by that tribe to teach them a lesson!"

"Arent they very willing to use their Primary Tribe Privilege? Very well Then, I shall make them lose the chance to stay a Primary Tribe!"