Supreme Uprising Chapter 494

Chapter 494 A Desire To Stamp On Faces

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Luo Yunyangs blatant flip-out had clearly been a way to earn himself some benefits. The words he had thrown out had sounded resonating and forceful. He was so shameless. This wasnt about whether he was happy or not. He just wanted to show his power and fairness!

So what if people saw through his motive? Right now, he was just being pompous and making them sing along to his tune.

The face of the Electric Awn Tribes Envoy had turned green in no time. He had originally thought that this whole thing would just be a passing farce, yet never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that this farce might result in paying a tremendous price.

It wouldnt be just him paying the price, but the entire Electric Awn Tribe. The only thought currently on his mind was how not to agitate Luo Yunyang.

The envoys of the Giant Slab Tribe and the Evergreen Tribe didnt look good either. Luo Yunyangs open scolding was not the problem.

Actually, the problem was the seal in his hands. They absolutely couldnt let their tribes lose their Primary Tribe status.

Once the Primary Tribe status was lost, they would have to suffer for at least 1,000 years, whereas the first-grade tribe that got awarded a promotion to a Primary Tribe would use all its power to completely suppress a revival.

Rising back up would be no simple task.

They immediately all glared at the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy as though he was their greatest enemy.

"Mr. Luo Yunyang, your seal can only allow one tribe to lose its Primary Tribe status." The mechanical voice rang out in the Divine Union Great Hall once again.

This was the voice of God Nine, who controlled the hall. Upon hearing this, the envoys of the Electric Awn, Evergreen and Giant Slab Tribes finally felt some relief. They all looked slightly better now.

If only one tribe could fall, then the one to fall would surely be the Thunder Ray Tribe. This no longer concerned their own tribes.

The Giant Slab Envoy subconsciously wiped away his perspiration-laden forehead as he was secretly rejoicing. That had been a close call!

Meanwhile, the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy was thoroughly stumped. If Luo Yunyang had tried to bring down four Primary Tribes, there would have been some kind of margin to redeem things.

However, he would only be targeting the Thunder Ray Tribe. Their bad luck was already set in stone. Who knew how many years of effort and blood the Thunder Ray Tribe had spent climbing up from a first-grade tribe to a Primary Tribe!

Now, because of a small issue, they would be losing their Primary Tribe status. The envoy believed that all the big shots of their tribe were racking their brains right now.

"Mr. Luo Yunyang, the Thunder Ray Tribe is in the wrong. Our Our tribes elders say that they will give you a satisfactory answer." Although the Thunder Ray Tribe was unwilling to do so, he had no choice but to speak to Luo Yunyang with nothing but fear and reverence.

Luo Yunyang stared at the Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy, who had lowered his head, as though this didnt mean anything. He then turned to the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy.

Although the Electric Awn Tribe Envoys cultivation base was above Luo Yunyangs, at the moment, he felt like a poor fellow being eyed by a demon king.

"According to a saying, every man is for himself and the Devil takes the hindmost. From this point of view, selfishness can be pardonable!"

"However, anyone who wants to harm others without benefiting themselves, anyone who throws rocks when others are done, anyone that takes the side of the oppressor, and anyone that helps a villain do evil lacks even more moral sense than a selfish person and is less liable to be pardoned! Special envoy, could you tell me what sort of picture these fellows are trying to paint? I didnt study a lot, so dont lie to me, okay?"

Countless vulgarities formed on the tip of the Electric Awn Tribe Envoys tongue when he heard Luo Yunyangs truculent question. He knew what Luo Yunyang was trying to imply!

If he said anything wrong, this youngster might use the tribe relegation on the Electric Awn Tribe. He would rather die than see that happen!

He had just done the Thunder Ray Tribe a favor. He simply hadnt sought instructions. He had just taken the initiative. Now, he could only remain silent and focused as he was criticized. If the entire tribe lost its Primary Tribe status, then

The consequences would be simply unimaginable!

The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy was scared witless by Luo Yunyangs question. Suddenly, he received a message on his communication device.

When he saw the contents of the message, he felt like crying. The final instruction from the elders of the tribe was to not become the scapegoat of the Thunder Ray Tribe, no matter what.

Although deep down the probability of that happening was very small, he wasnt absolutely certain that it wouldnt happen.

If this relegation was applied to the Electric Awn Tribe, it would be too late to even cry.

"We were wrong, Mr. Luo. We conceded that we were in the wrong!" The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy then looked all around and proclaimed loudly, "We are admitting we are wrong and offering to take full responsibility. The Electric Awn is willing to join the five Primary Tribes and strongly recommend that the Human Tribe becomes a second-grade tribe!"

A strong recommendation was one of the methods that a low-grade tribe could use to ascend. However, this method was even more difficult to pull off. A Primary Tribe Privilege was a right that could be used once every 1,000 years, whereas a strong recommendation meant that five Primary Tribes would lose their Primary Tribe Privilege.

Therefore, although the Divine Union had set this rule, no tribe had been strongly recommended before.

As Luo Yunyang watched the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy, he felt pleased. Meanwhile, his thirst to raise his own cultivation base intensified.

If he had the cultivation base that the Celestial World Supremacy had, would he even have to strive so hard and put his life on the line for any issue that involved the Human Tribe?

One of these days, he would have to move to the summit and control this absolute power!

"He he Your words make sense, envoy. However, why dont you think about it? If I wasnt polite and gave you a few slaps instead before crying and apologizing, would you find it fun?"

Although Luo Yunyang sounded like he was kidding, the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy started trembling even more.

He knew that this treacherous man couldnt be trifled with. This was public extortion, yet even so, the envoy could only accept it wholeheartedly.

"Mr. Luo, due to the negligence of the Electric Awn Tribe, we are willing to compensate the Human Tribe. For example, we could offer you supplies. If you ascend to a second-grade tribe, your territory will have to expand. Our tribe is willing to compensate the Human Tribe with a territory at least the size of a galaxy."

A whole galaxy wasnt a small area!

Obtaining territory the size of one galaxy was akin to doubling the Human Tribes current domain.

As Luo Yunyang blinked and pondered this, the voice of the Human Tribe Envoy rang in his ear. "Fame can be a double-edged sword. Receiving too many things can easily make us the target of other tribes. A galaxy is more or less good enough. We should quit while we are ahead!"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Human Tribe Envoy who had spoken to him. Although he felt that it would be a pity, he also understood that getting even more wouldnt necessarily be a good thing.

After all, the owner of this seal was the Celestial World Supremacy!

"Although I cant stand helping the Thunder Ray Tribe do evil, the Human Tribe has always been magnanimous. Based on this principle, we are willing to accept this compensation. However, since Ive done so much, shouldnt I receive a salary for my services?" Luo Yunyang told the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy impolitely.

Giving up a galaxy wasnt something that would hurt the Electric Awn Tribe gravely. When Luo Yunyang accepted their compensation, the Electric Awn Envoy heaved a huge sigh of relief. He felt like he had just escaped death.

As for the benefits Luo Yunyang wanted for himself, although the envoy found it difficult to accept this, after careful consideration, he concluded that it seemed like a normal request.

"How about a precious piece of treasure?" The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy threw caution to the wind and immediately offered a treasure.

They would need to haggle over this. Just as Luo Yunyang was about to ask for more, he heard a voice in his head again.

"Ask for the Magnetic Pole Yin Yang Rings and a chance to bathe in the Eon Quintessence Electric Light."

This was the voice of the Celestial World Supremacy. Luo Yunyang exhaled sharply when he heard it. The reason he had agreed to the Electric Awn Tribes conditions was because he knew that the Celestial World Supremacys consciousness would surely be there.

If he went overboard and asked for stuff for his own benefit, the Celestial World Supremacy wouldnt just remain an onlooker. After all, karma would ultimately bite him.

"I want the Magnetic Pole Yin Yang Rings and a chance to bathe in the Eon Quintessence Electric Light," Luo Yunyang declared, following the Celestial World Supremacys instructions.

The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy was flabbergasted. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually understand their tribe so well.

These two items werent something the Electric Awn Tribe couldnt afford to give. However, if these items were brought on the table, giving away a galaxy would be even more unbearable.

Although the universe was boundless, there was only a limited amount of top-tier items. The chance of bathing in the Eon Quintessence Electric Light was something that could happen thrice in 10,000 years. Thus, the competition each time was extremely fierce.

As the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy hesitated, Luo Yunyang chuckled. "I just heard that your tribe has these items. I hope that you wont be petty enough to disappoint me!"

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang waved the Celestial World Supremacys seal in his hand.

The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy understood instantly. Even the Human Tribe didnt know about the existence of these two treasures that belonged to the Electric Awn Tribe, let alone Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs words naturally implied that the unparalleled Supremacy had warned him.

As he was about to make a decision, the Electric Awn Tribe big shots in the virtual realm ordered the Electric Awn Envoy to accept these terms right away.

After all, compared to losing their Primary Tribe status, these conditions werent that big of a deal.

The Electric Awn Tribe Envoy felt his legs go weak as he said, "I accept." He definitely wouldnt dare do such a thing again if the same situation occurred in the future.

Damn it! This was completely terrifying!

Luo Yunyang then turned to the Giant Slab Tribe Envoy. Because of the experience of the Electric Awn Tribe Envoy, the Giant Slab Tribe Envoy wasnt as flustered. When Luo Yunyangs gaze fell on him, he immediately said, "Mr. Luo, the Giant Slab Tribe was deceived this time. We would like to sincerely apologize to you."

"Besides using our right alongside the Electric Awn Tribe to strongly recommend the Human Tribes promotion to a second-grade tribe, we will compensate the Human Tribe with a galaxy. To show our sincerity, we would also like to give you a treasured defensive armor. This armor can increase your defensive capabilities tenfold."

A treasured armor had always been more precious than any weapon. Luo Yunyang knew that the Celestial World Supremacy was watching. Thus, he didnt dare ask for too much.

As he was about to reply, the Celestial World Supremacys voice was heard in his mind once again. "Ask for one Wanzai Sacred Rock Fruit!"

Luo Yunyang announced the terms of the Celestial World Supremacy right away.

The Giant Slab Tribe Envoy, who didnt even look uncomfortable, agreed at once. Soon, the Evergreen Tribe also agreed to a similar compensation. When the Celestial World Supremacy once again expressed his request, Luo Yunyang asked the Evergreen Tribe for a cultivation period of 30 years under their tribes Ancient Star Tree.

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy felt even more worried as he watched Luo Yunyangs exploitive methods. Although he wasnt afraid of Luo Yunyangs extortion, he was terrified that this vicious man would demote the Thunder Ray Tribe. If that really happened, where would he end up?

They would be losing their authority as a Primary Tribe after all!

The Thunder Ray Tribe Envoy felt as though he had swallowed 25 rats that were all busy clawing away at the insides of his stomach. Although he felt panicky, he raised his head and coincidentally met Luo Yunyangs incomprehensible gaze!