Supreme Uprising Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Heaven Has The Virtue Of Mercy

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"Lei Qingbai, you have to remember this. The Thunder Ray Tribe cannot lose its position among the Primary Tribes, no matter what! Do you understand?"

In a virtual space with infinite lightning rays were dozens of thrones made of thunderclaps that were suspended in the void.

Following this roaring echo, countless streaks of thunder boomed across the skies as heaven and earth seemingly vibrated along.

Lei Qingbai was also the Thunder Ray Tribes special envoy in the Divine Union. Although he represented the Thunder Ray Tribe, he wasnt considered to be among the upper echelons of the tribe.

On the contrary, he actually had to receive instructions from the higher-ups on many matters.

The person raging at Lei Qingbai was a Thunder Ray Tribe Great Elder, a powerhouse who was considered to be in the top 50 of the entire Divine Union.

Although he ranked in the top 50, he was still miles apart compared to the Celestial World Supremacy.

However, his cultivation base was still enough to make the entire Thunder Ray Tribe surrender before his imposing aura.

Although Lei Qingbai did not dare defy the Great Elder, he carefully looked towards the thunderous throne that was only four or five positions away from the Great Elder.

The person on the throne was an important individual who had given Lei Qingbai an order and used the Primary Tribes authority.

This important individual was Lei Mings father, who held a similar level of authority in the Thunder Ray Tribe. However, he also felt uneasy with the Great Elders fury. When he saw that the matter was not going to be forgotten, he stood up hurriedly and said, "Great Elder, could you contact the Celestial World Supremacy and ask him to take the seal back from Luo Yunyang?"

"Ha! Do you think thats possible? Am I such a big shot?" the Great Elder from the Thunder Ray Tribe rebutted coldly, fuming with rage. He had initially been training in seclusion and had never thought that he would face such an issue upon finishing his training.

He knew very well how much the Thunder Ray Tribe had sacrificed back in the day in order to become a Primary Tribe.

Now, the Thunder Ray Tribe was about to be demoted by a member of the youngest generation without a warning. Once their level dropped, it would be too difficult for the Thunder Ray Tribe to regain the privilege of being a Primary Tribe.

They would actually have to sacrifice much more than they had before.

"Tell me what else you can do, Leimeng. Ive said before that its alright to do nothing because theres a limit to your abilities. However, you should not create more trouble for me! You will return to the Thunder Origin Land after this fiasco is over!"

He had stripped all authority from an important figure with just a sentence. Leimeng didnt dare say a word after hearing that.

He was too scared to even take a breath. What would happen to him if someone so high and lofty had also been punished?

Perhaps this would even warrant a direct entry to the Thunder Purgatory!

"Understood, Great Elder!" Leimeng replied respectfully, even though he was very reluctant.

"This is already a fact, Great Elder. Being angry will not solve anything. In my opinion, our priority should be to hurry up and get in contact with the Demigod Tribe. They have more Supremacies of the Divine Union on their side after all. They" Leimeng thought for a moment before speaking, as though he was trying to make up for his mistake.

"You sound like you are talking sense, Leimeng. However, youre actually very wrong!" the Great Elder replied without any restraint. "The Celestial World Supremacy of the Five Great Supremacies of the Divine Union does not usually care about everyday affairs. However, anything he decides on can never be opposed by the Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe."

"Plus, why would the Demigod Tribe help us oppose the Celestial World Supremacy?"

Then, the Great Elder turned to Lie Qingbai and said, "Tell Luo Yunyang that the Thunder Ray Tribe will show its sincerity and apologize to him and the Human Tribe! Well also allow the Human Tribe to manage a Celestial Domain!"

The Great Elders words shocked the rest of the big shots of the Thunder Ray Tribe. Someone even voiced out his opinion gravely. "No!"

The Celestial Domain was not the same thing as a Galaxy. The enormous Celestial Domain contained countless stars and planets, as well as limitless resources.

As a Primary Tribe, the Thunder Ray Tribe could only manage three celestial domains. Once one was given away, they would lose a third of their strength.

"Why not?" The Great Elder replied coldly. "If we lose our Primary Tribe status, we are going to lose at least one celestial domain. Its definitely worth exchanging one celestial domain to preserve our Primary Tribe status."

Only now did Lei Qingbai realize that this matter was so serious. His physical body, which was present at the Divine Union Meeting, glanced at Luo Yunyang with an extra trace of fearfulness.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to attack the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Bloody Massacre Path Master sent him a message through the virtual space.

The content of the message was very simple. The number-one ranking tribe among the first-grade tribes, the Mirage Origin Tribe, was hoping that Luo Yunyang would remove the Thunder Ray Tribe from the Primary Tribes.

If Luo Yunyang could do that, the Mirage Origin Tribe would give the Human Tribe a celestial domain as a reward and accept all sorts of other conditions.

These generous rewards were enough to make the Human Tribe excited. However, what triggered the Bloody Massacre Path Masters excitement the most was the Mirage Origin Tribes pledge. The Mirage Origin Tribe guaranteed that, as long as they occupied a position among the Primary Tribes, they would help the Human Tribe enter the ranks of the first-grade tribes within 1,000 years.

Becoming a first-grade tribe had been the goal of the Human Tribe for many years. However, the Human Tribe had been working towards becoming a second-grade tribe for a very long time.

It could be said that the Mirage Origin Tribes pledge was incomparably awesome.

Luo Yunyang listened to the words of the Bloody Massacre Path and mulled this over for a moment before saying, "When do you think a fist is the most powerful, Path Master?"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master pondered this for a second and immediately understood Luo Yunyangs meaning. He suddenly gazed at Luo Yunyang with increased adulation.

"I got a little blinded by my avarice. This is your fight, after all. Youll decide on your own!"

Luo Yunyang smiled at the Bloody Massacre Path Master and left the virtual space. Then, his gaze landed on Lei Qingbai.

Lei Qingbai mustered up a sincere smile

Luo Yunyang did not speak immediately. He just flashed Lei Qingbai a smirk without saying anything. Meanwhile, Lei Qingbai felt sweat continuously flowing down his body.

"I really dont like to look up while talking." This was the first thing Luo Yunyang said. Although it seemed a bit inexplicable, Lei Qingbai was able to understand what he meant after a second.

He quickly rushed over to the stage where Luo Yunyang stood. With every step he took, his body became smaller.

By the time he got close to Luo Yunyang, he was already shorter than him. This strategy wasnt difficult to learn, but the intention behind it was obvious to everyone present.

Luo Yunyang knew very well why Lei Qingbai had done that. The other special envoys of the various tribes understood why as well.

Lei Qingbai was currently like a piece of meat on the chopping board that Luo Yunyang could dice up based on his own preferences.

"Mr. Luo, the Thunder Ray Tribe will accept any request of yours. We just hope that you wont use the authority you possess."

"Please understand that weve already punished the individuals who targeted you previously. I would also like to apologize to Mr. Luo about this matter." Lei Qingbai, who noticed that Luo Yunyang was still keeping his mouth shut and knew that Luo Yunyang could be very resentful, spoke as straightforwardly as he could.

Luo Yunyang looked at Lei Qingbai and said faintly, "I have no conditions."

When he heard Luo Yunyang speak in such a nonchalant manner, Lei Qingbai suddenly felt like he would go crazy!

No conditions? Was he trying to kill them? Did he think it was easy for the Thunder Ray Tribe to be a Primary Tribe? If he kept toying with them, then

Although he was cursing non-stop silently and knew that this situation was very compelling, Lei Qingbai was aware that he had to absolutely endure this humiliation.

"Mr. Luo, our Great Elder has said that we can allow the Human Tribe to take control of a celestial domain. We will also compensate you with 100 billion Star Dollars."

100 billion star dollars? Luo Yunyang was deeply shocked by the generous offer of the Thunder Ray Tribe. What a ridiculously rich tribe! They were really worthy of being a Primary Tribe after all!

Should he accept this offer or press on and ask for more? Just as Luo Yunyang was pondering what to do next, the Celestial World Supremacys voice was heard again. "Ask for three opportunities to cultivate in the Primal Chaotic Thunder Pool and a piece of Thunder Source Divine Metal."

As soon as the Celestial World Supremacy said this, Luo Yunyang repeated the two conditions without hesitation.

After hearing these conditions, Lei Qingbais mouth tweaked awkwardly. The three opportunities to cultivate in the Primal Chaotic Thunder Pool aside, the value of a single piece of Thunder Source Divine Metal was already on the high side.

Even an existence like him wouldnt be bestowed a piece of Thunder Source Divine Metal in his tribe, let alone some stranger like Luo Yunyang.

However, when he conveyed Luo Yunyangs conditions to the higher-ups of the Thunder Ray Tribe, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

The Great Elder responded deeply, "Okay, we will do it his way."

Lei Qingbais physical body, which was in the Divine Unions great palace, responded without any hesitation, "Okay, Mr. Luo. The Thunder Ray Tribe has accepted your conditions."

Luo Yunyang smiled gently and said nothing more to Lei Qingbai. Instead, his eyes landed on the Demigod Tribes special envoy.

"Sir, after some patient persuasion and rational words, Ive finally made this envoy and the Thunder Ray Tribe repent and realize their mistakes. We have a saying in the Human Tribe. We say that heaven has the virtue of mercy. Hence, I will not use this seal for the time being."

"Ha ha! Alright then, so be it!"

The Demigod Tribe Envoy cursed silently to himself as he watched the confident Luo Yunyang put away the seal. This lads intentions were as poisonous as a hornets nest, yet his face was thicker than a city wall. He had taken advantage of several Primary Tribes just by swinging that seal around.

The things he had extorted made the envoy feel envious.

However, considering that Luo Yunyang had still not used the seal, he replied sincerely, "Since Mr. Luo said that this was a misunderstanding, we shall consider it a misunderstanding and continue our meeting."

As soon as he finished his sentence, the Electric Awn Tribes special envoy said hurriedly, "The Electric Awn Tribe requests to use its Primary Tribe authority!"