Supreme Uprising Chapter 496

Chapter 496 The Strongest Flame Tempers The Toughest Metal

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The Giant Slab Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe, the Evergreen Tribe and five other Primary Tribes used their authority at the same time to raise the Human Tribe all the way from a third-grade to a second-grade tribe.

This advancement in status could be considered much better than slowly accumulating points to advance grades.

Compared to the normal rewards for ascending to a second-grade tribe, the compensation provided by the Thunder Ray Tribe and four other Primary Tribes was much more desirable. Actually, anyone would be jealous of such a compensation.

However, they could only feel envious as Luo Yunyang, who possessed the Celestial World Supremacys seal, curled up like a hedgehog. It was no wonder that they could do nothing to him.

The members of the Thunder Ray Tribe disappeared without a trace after handing over the compensation that Luo Yunyang had demanded.

Luo Yunyangs contribution seemed very little compared to this massive compensation, as he had only taken out the Celestial World Supremacys seal without actually using it.

"Yunyang, stay two more days here before returning to the Milky Way. The auction held every once in 1,000 years in the entire Divine Union will be happening soon. There will be plenty of good stuff there," the Human Tribes Special Envoy, Xue Tiannan, said spiritedly.

Besides his good looks, it was his popularity and intelligence that separated him from the average person and had landed him the role of the special envoy of the Human Tribe.

This time, Luo Yunyang had certainly contributed to the Human Tribes advancement to a second-grade tribe. Although Xue Tiannan felt as though he had been on an emotional rollercoaster, the final result still made him very proud.

His heart currently felt inexplicably close to Luo Yunyang. How could he ignore such an intelligent, deceitful young man with limitless potential? How could he not please him?

Luo Yunyangs heart twitched when he heard about the auction. In the past, he would never have attended such an auction, as he had always been embarrassingly short of money. However, things were different now.

The Thunder Ray Tribe had given him 100 billion star dollars. Plus, he had yet to find the ingredients required to treat Yunxis injury.

Perhaps he would find something useful at this auction that was held only once in 1,000 years.

"Alright then. I will have to trouble Special Envoy Xue and stay a few more days, I guess," said Luo Yunyang.

"Hey! Youre looking down on me if you meant what you just said! Dont act all polite with me, we are all brothers from the same tribe. Are you trying to distance yourself?" Xue Tianan said in an outspoken manner. "Stay here for a few more days. It just so happens that I have a cousin who will be joining us for the auction. However, shes here representing the Xue Family. She wants to sell rather than buy. Please look after us when the time comes, Brother Luo!"

Luo Yunyang understood the hidden meaning behind Xue Tiannans words. However, he couldnt directly refuse, as Xue Tiannan had not explicitly mentioned what he meant. Hence, Luo Yunyang simply acted dumb.

"Rest assured, Brother Xue. Your sister is my sister."

"Good, good!" Xue Tiannan laughed heartily. He was not the slightest bit awkward, even though he had been tactfully rejected by Luo Yunyang. Xue Tiannan was actually very confident about his sister.

Suddenly, a servant from the special envoy mansion walked over after gently knocking on the door. He paid his respects to Xue Tiannan and Luo Yunyang before saying, "My Lord, the invitations for the 1,000-Star Auction are here."

After speaking, he presented Xue Tiannan and Luo Yunyang with two invitations.

Xue Tiannans invitation was silver, while Luo Yunyangs was violet.

When Luo Yunyang took the violet invitation, he felt a heavy weight in his palms. Although he possessed extraordinary strength, the violet invitation was 10 times heavier than any weapon.

"This is Mysterious Underworld Violet Gold. Seems like the 1,000-Star Auction has really spent a hefty sum on these invitations." Xue Tiannan didnt even look at the invitation in his hands. Instead, he was staring at Luo Yunyangs. "These invitations are worth 10,000 star dollars each."

"Only members of the 18 Primary Tribes and some elite individuals receive one from the 1,000-Star Auction."

10,000 star dollars were enough to purchase massive amounts of good items in the Milky Way, yet a mere invitation was worth the same. This was an obvious hint of what was going to appear at the 1,000-Star Auction.

Luo Yunyangs anticipation for the auction grew as he looked at the contents of the invitation.

While he was pondering what to do if he saw any items that could treat Yunxis injuries, the Celestial World Supremacy was watching Luo Yunyang through a water screen on the deadly-looking planet he was on.

Although Luo Yunyang was very vigilant, he was still far from being able to compare to the Celestial World Supremacy.

"It seems like this so-called disciple of mine is doing rather well," the Celestial World Supremacy said nonchalantly.

"Yes, His Highness Luo Yunyang is doing well indeed," said an old man with rotting flesh and bones.

He seemed eerie as he bowed beside the Celestial World Supremacy like an old slave.

If he had attended the Divine Unions meeting, he would have stirred up a bigger storm than Luo Yunyang, even without the Celestial World Supremacys seal.

With a wave of the Celestial World Supremacys hand, the water screen faded into nothingness. Then, he said softly, "Do you think it would be possible for Luo Yunyang to pass the four palaces of the Divine Martial Halls second stage in a few hundred years just by relying on his own cultivation?"

The old man mulled this over for a moment before saying ambiguously, "According to my estimations, theres a 50-50 chance."

"Unfortunately, I can no longer wait." The Celestial World Supremacy gazed at the planet that seemed about to crumble as he said in an urgent tone, "After all, I do not have much time left."

"The toughest metal emerges from the strongest flame. Luo Yunyangs capability has already reached a certain peak. The only way he would achieve his next breakthrough would be by being pressured further. Otherwise, Im afraid it would be hard for him to improve."

The old man nodded his head. He had been by the Celestial World Supremacys side when Luo Yunyang had visited, although Luo Yunyang hadnt seen him.

"Every tribe has its own secret location where its disciples train. Although many of them are filled with massacres, these secret locations wont be very useful to Luo Yunyang."

As he spoke, the Celestial World Supremacy reached out with his hand into the void and a wilting flower appeared in his hands.

When the flower appeared, it felt as if an immense energy was transferred into it, instantly rejuvenating the flower with vitality.

In the blink of an eye, the flower flourished and bloomed into huge, beautiful petals that looked enchanting.

"Let Luo Yunyang head off to the Bloody Space River. His mission will be to amass one billion achievement points in 100 years. A possible failure will result in obliteration!"

After hearing the Celestial World Supremacys words, the elders expression changed immediately. Then, the old man said deeply, "Master, the Bloody Space River is a dedicated battleground of the Divine Union, the Demon Beast Alliance and the Metal Luster Race. There might even be some Supreme-Grade existences there."

"Luo Yunyang has yet to break through to the Galaxy-Grade. He will definitely die if he enters that place."

"If he falls, then he is useless!" the Celestial World Supremacy snorted coldly. "Luck is part of ones capabilities after all."

The old man wanted to say something, but he eventually chose to remain silent. After mulling this for a moment, he said, "Luo Yunyang should still have 30 years of cultivation left beneath the tree of the Evergreen Tribe!"

"That tree will be most beneficial to him." The Celestial World Supremacy thought for a moment before saying, "He attained the opportunity to cultivate under it on his own accord. It naturally shouldnt be stripped from him."

"In that case, head into my treasure vault and search for 100 of the best cultivation techniques pertaining to the void and let him choose one. He should be able to get some enlightenment during those 30 years of cultivation."

"Then, let him try out the training aspects of the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe after his secluded training."

"Unfortunately, theres a limit to how much he can improve by doing these things!"

"Supremacy, why not let Luo Yunyang take a trip to the Origin Source Grounds? His cultivation will definitely improve by leaps and bounds in that place!" After mulling this over for a second, the elder finally decided to ask his question.

The Celestial World Supremacy hesitated before he waved his hand and said, "If hes able to return alive from the Bloody Space River, then hell qualify to enter the Origin Source Grounds. Lets go ahead with my plan for now!"

The elder agreed respectfully. He didnt like or dislike Luo Yunyang. However, he only had one piece of advice for him at the moment: every man for himself!

After all, having the Celestial World Supremacys seal and forcing four Primary Tribes into a corner came with its own price.

This was a fair deal!

Luo Yunyang also had his own plans for the future. Even if the Celestial World Supremacy didnt plan anything for him, he was ready to seek dangerous places to venture and temper himself.

After all, he didnt wish to die and he clearly understood the might of the Divine Martial Hall. Venturing into the next four halls with his current strength would be akin to suicide.

Therefore, he had to find all sorts of ways to improve his strength and abilities.

"Brother Luo, this is the venue of the 1,000-Star Auction. Although its used once every 1,000 years, its still the biggest venue in the world," Xue Tiannan said as he accompanied Luo Yunyang into a massive infrastructure that looked like a huge tortoise.

This structure was 1,000-feet high and occupied half the surface of the Shenyuan Planet.

According to Xue Tiannan, there were countless collapsible spaces within the massive infrastructure. If everything was added up, the available space within would exceed 10 times the surface of the Shenyuan Planet.

"Brother Luo, I will have to take advantage of your limelight and experience for myself the hospitality granted to a supreme VIP!" said a graceful young woman in a gentle voice that was neither obsequious nor arrogant.

Although the young woman had a distinguished status, she was dressed rather ordinarily. There was no makeup or accessories on her body. Instead, she looked clean and fresh, simple yet stylish, like a lilac in the deep mountains. She was silent but dully elegant, without any bit of exaggerated unconventionality, which alone was enough to catch anyones attention.

"This is not a big deal, Lady Qingcheng," Luo Yunyang replied coldly. "Dont worry about it."

The Xue Family was considered an important family in the Autumn Water Path of the Human Tribe, as it controlled one-fifth of its power.

Its members possessed several dozens of solar systems in the Milky Way and had also established a rather large empire. Xue Qingcheng was basically treated like a princess.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt care about any of these things.

He knew very well what Xue Qingchengs intention for joining him was. However, he wasnt interested at all. What mattered most to him now was improving his abilities as fast as possible so that he wouldnt perish in the Divine Martial Hall.

Hopefully, there would be something that would help his training at this auction!