Supreme Uprising Chapter 497

Chapter 497 The Thousand Sun Rose

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The VIP room at the 1,000-Star Auction certainly did not disappoint Luo Yunyang. He was sitting hundreds of feet above, overlooking the entire stage while at least 1,000 people served him.

This was a luxurious palace hall. From his position, Luo Yunyang was granted a perfect view of the auction hall, which seemed to be floating in the air.

769,800 people were in attendance!

Xue Qingcheng was curious about the number of people attending the auction. There were only 100 VIPs like Luo Yunyang, who was given an entire palace.

These 100 people were almost the entire core of the Divine Union. However, it wasn’t Luo Yunyang’s status that had landed him in a similar position. It was the Celestial World Supremacies’.

Xue Qingcheng secretly sized up Luo Yunyang countless times. This young lad, who had appeared majestically, was rather imposing. She hadn’t resisted at all when her family had assigned her this task. In fact, she had been looking forward to it.

After all, she had read up on Luo Yunyang’s performance through the information provided by her family and knew all about his potential.

She also had a cousin who was a special envoy of the Human Tribe. Hence, she was aware of the status of the Human Tribe in the entire Divine Union.

Although a second-grade tribe didn’t sound inferior, the Human Tribe was still only a small fry in the entire Divine Union. However, Luo Yunyang was totally different. He had the ability to make the four Primary Tribes of the Divine Union bow down before him, even if it wasn’t because of his own ability.

In Xue Qingcheng’s opinion, Luo Yunyang’s performance had exceeded everyone’s expectations by leaps and bounds. Actually, he had surprised every youngster in the entire Human Tribe.

Once he reached the Galaxy-Grade, he would be among the chief decision-makers who controlled the Human Tribe. For now, his influence was at the same level as the big shots of the Human Tribe.

As she thought about that, Xue Qingcheng subconsciously sneaked a glance at Luo Yunyang and her inner joy grew. He was quietly reserved, yet clearly elegant. Pleasant and refreshing from head to toe. Mature, wise, smart, and capable.

If she could marry such a person, she would definitely enjoy a high status not just among her family but also in the entire Human Tribe. Besides, she was also very attracted to him on a personal level.

“What are you going to buy this time, Brother Luo?” When she saw that Luo Yunyang was treating her with indifference, Xue Qingcheng felt secretly anxious.

Even though she was one of the four most beautiful women in the entire Human Tribe, Xue Qingcheng was not at all coquettish. Although she was habitually silent, she was no longer able to hold her ground.

For instance, she was treating Luo Yunyang rather proactively now.

“Something that would be useful to me,” Luo Yunyang blurted out quickly.

He wasn’t afraid to offend anyone, as there weren’t many people who possessed the same leverage he did in the Human Tribe. However, Xue Tiannan was still a nice person, so he didn’t want to treat him or his cousin too coldly.

Of course, his attitude wasn’t that great either.

“I forgot that you are a rich man now. I almost cried when I saw the broadcast of you fighting vigorously for the Human Tribe.”

As she spoke, Xue Qingcheng’s eyes unexpectedly turned red, as though she was deeply moved.

Luo Yunyang was silent. Instead of looking at her, he was staring into the distance and pondering deeply his cultivation technique.

His icy behavior made Xue Qingcheng start to feel that her affection was ignored. Her expression became colder as a result.

“Distinguished VIPs, the auction that happens once in 1,000 years will begin today. On behalf of the 1,000-Star Auction, I would like to express my greatest respect to all of you.” A tall, muscular middle-aged Demigod had appeared on the massive auction stage floating in the void.

The middle-aged Demigod spoke calmly. His words were exceptionally soothing as they entered the ears of the audience.

Xue Qingcheng shot a glance at the Demigod and inspected him carefully. He made her feel like an ant facing a massive mountain.

“Before the auction begins, we would like to introduce the first VIP to be added to our auction in 3,000 years.”

As he said that, an extremely bright spotlight turned on above Luo Yunyang, illuminating him completely.

Although Luo Yunyang was sitting in his huge palace, the solemn palace hall became clear and transparent instantly.

It was as if the walls inside the palace were non-existent.

The palace was still intact, yet it seemed as though someone had managed to make the walls invisible by using an unknown method. Xue Qingcheng, who had never heard of such a method, felt clearly the difference in ability between the Demigod Tribe and the Human Tribe.

The bright spotlight landed not only on Luo Yunyang, but also on Xue Qingcheng, who was sitting beside him.

However, Xue Qingcheng knew very well that, although she was dazzling under the spotlight, she was merely a small speck of dust next to Luo Yunyang.

If she hadn’t been sitting with Luo Yunyang in the palace hall, she might not even have had the opportunity to be seen by the audience.

“I believe everyone should be familiar with His Highness Luo Yunyang. On behalf of the 1,000-Star Auction, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to His Highness for coming.”

The words ‘His Highness’ weren’t used carelessly in the Divine Union. The reason Luo Yunyang was given this title was solely because the Celestial World Supremacy had supported him.

Many people looked at Luo Yunyang under the spotlight. Some were friendly, some were jealous, while others were staring at him with resentment or reverence.

However, no matter the reason, they couldn’t stop looking at him.

Luo Yunyang, who couldn’t care less about the attention he was receiving, wasn’t annoyed by the 1,000-Star Auction’s flattery either.

“Now, our auction shall begin officially. The first item we’re presenting is the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings! The starting bid is 10,000 star dollars!”

As soon as the Demigod spoke, a pair of scarlet wings appeared on his back. Their blazing radiance contained countless mysterious patterns.

These patterns were constantly absorbing spiritual essence from the void and channeling it into the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings, making that blazing radiance burn stronger and more intense.

“This is an extremely valuable treasure! In the entire Human Tribe, there’s only one extremely valuable treasure like this, and that’s in the Nine Paths!” Xue Qingcheng looked at the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings as she spoke excitedly.

Although Luo Yunyang did not lack 10,000 star dollars, the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings wouldn’t be all that useful to him.

Hence, he did not intend on acting immediately.

In just 15 minutes, the price of the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings had swelled from 10,000 star dollars to five million star dollars. Eventually, the wings landed in the hands of one of the VIPs, who was sitting in a palace similar to Luo Yunyang’s.

The sky-high price of the first item of the auction naturally made many people anticipate what was to come.

However, although the items that followed were also considered rare treasures, they still could not compare to the Flaming Heavenly Evasion Wings. Their prices ranged from 10,000 to 100,000 star dollars.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the item 301 of the auction are 10 Thousand Sun Roses worth 10,000 star dollars!”

Although the Demigod described what was coming up, he did not elaborate further on the characteristics of the Thousand Sun Roses.

Luo Yunyang, who had been listening closely as all sorts of items were presented, felt his eyes light up when he heard the name of the Thousand Sun Rose.

The Thousand Sun Rose was an extremely rare treasure that could treat Yunxi’s illness.

Luo Yunyang chose to bid without hesitation. He pressed directly the button that was in front of him to place his bid.

He was actually the first to bid, so below the price tag of the 10,000 star dollars was his inscribed tag, Number 000000211!

Luo Yunyang was confused when he saw this tag. After all, no one’s tag had appeared during the course of the auction.

Why would his tag number appear on the bidding screen?

When Luo Yunyang’s tag number appeared, no bids were placed. The large auction hall became extremely silent.

No one was competing!

As Luo Yunyang was struggling to comprehend what had happened, Xue Qingcheng said softly, “Brother Luo, this is your first bid since the start of the auction, so everyone isn’t participating out of respect for you. Otherwise, the 10 Thousand Sun Roses would have cost you at least one million star dollars. After all, such an extremely rare treasure does not come cheap.”

“The 1,000-Star Auction made your tag number appear deliberately. They are obviously warning everyone not to compete with you.”

As Xue Qingcheng spoke, the Demigod proclaimed loudly, “Congratulations to His Highness Luo Yunyang for winning the 10 Thousand Sun Roses!”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly at Xue Qingcheng to express his gratitude for her explanation. He was very satisfied with the auction, as he had wanted desperately to find a treasure that could heal Yunxi and had finally found one.

In a short while, an attendant brought over the box containing the flowers that Luo Yunyang had won, even though he had yet to pay. This was one of the privileges he enjoyed as a VIP.

Luo Yunyang’s interest in the auction grew slightly as he stored his purchase away. However, the next items that were presented weren’t really useful.

Hence, he could only watch as other people bid.

After a long time, Luo Yunyang decided to use a bit of his consciousness to pay attention to the auction and focus the rest of it to contemplate his own battles in the Divine Martial Hall.

Just as he started getting fully immersed into this cultivation, he suddenly felt something within his storage bracelet shake fervently.

It was the token he had acquired in the Extreme Mysterious Realm!

As Luo Yunyang extracted the token, he heard the Demigod say in a deep voice, “Unknown silver metallic tower base. Metallic properties unknown, function unknown, difficult to handle. Starting bid: 150,000 star dollars!”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard this.

This was a component of the huge silver tower in the Extreme Mysterious Realm!