Supreme Uprising Chapter 498

Chapter 498 A Clash Of Lighting Thunder And Fire

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"Although there is a possibility that an unknown object that defies the natural order will appear, theyre all scraps of iron most of the time," Xue Qingcheng remarked casually.

She was trying to make small talk to break the ice as Luo Yunyang remained silent. Luo Yunyang understood a bit after hearing Xue Qingchengs words.

Since few people were aware of the value of this tower base, he absolutely couldnt reveal it. Otherwise, he would produce undesirable results.

Hence, Luo Yunyang sat nonchalantly on his seat, with no intention to speak. "Mr. Luo, the best things are reserved for the end of the great auction," Xue Qingcheng said quietly. "I heard that the last 100 objects are valued in terms of Primal Chaotic Source Stones."

Primal Chaotic Source Stones? Luo Yunyang furrowed his brows. He did not know what the exchange rate between Primal Chaotic Source Stones and star dollars was.

"My elder brother said that one Primal Chaotic Source Stone is equal to 10 billion star dollars. One usually cant buy one, even if one wants to. Even he hasnt seen a Primal Chaotic Source Stone before" Xue Qingcheng sighed.

Xue Tiannan wasnt a big shot, yet despite being a resourceful person, as well as the Human Tribes special envoy, he hadnt seen a Primal Chaotic Source Stone before either. Thus, Luo Yunyangs curiosity about the Primal Chaotic Source Stones increased.

Speaking of which, the Thunder Ray Tribe had compensated him with 100 billion star dollars, which were probably worth about 10 Primal Chaotic Source Stones.

While Luo Yunyang was pondering this, no one bid for the metal tower base. The host from the Demigod Tribe didnt really seem to care.

It looked like nobody wanted this item, so he didnt really try to promote it.

Time ticked past. The unknown tower base would be passed on in 10 more seconds. Luo Yunyang waited until the remaining time was three seconds, and then bid 150,000 star dollars.

This seemed like a really small amount to Luo Yunyang right now.

However, just as he thought that the silver tower base was in the bag, the number unexpectedly jumped from 150,000 to 500,000!

Someone had shockingly placed a bid. Their intention was obviously to defeat Luo Yunyang.

If Luo Yunyang hadnt recognized the tower base, he wouldnt have wasted this much energy on it, even if he had considered it useful.

After all, there were lots of treasures in the world. There was no need to get hung up on just one.

However, Luo Yunyang was so determined to get the tower base that when that person bid 500,000, he raised his bid to five million.

Xue Qingcheng stared at Luo Yunyang, who had bid decisively, in bewilderment. She was right beside Luo Yunyang, so she knew that he was the bidder.

Five million star dollars? This was a sum she wouldnt get even if the whole Xue Family was sold off. However, Luo Yunyang had forked out this money in one go.

Furthermore, in Xue Qingchengs opinion, the object he wanted to buy was a useless piece of junk.

However, Xue Qingcheng was a smart woman. Although she was shocked, she did not dare comment right now.

Luo Yunyangs bid was projected on the giant screen. Thus, anyone who was not interested in this metal tower base was also staring at the display.

Some of those people started to get tempted. After all, many of them were wealthy.

When the number on the screen once again changed to 50 million star dollars, many people gasped.

50 million star dollars was a huge sum for a third-grade tribe. If they were determined, they could afford to bid. However, nobody would spend this much money on a piece of metal of unknown use.

Furthermore, anyone who could pay 50 million star dollars was definitely not someone they could provoke.

Hence, any people who had initially thought of entering the bidding war immediately pushed this idea aside.

As Luo Yunyang looked at the item worth 50 million, he wondered whether any other parts from the Extreme Mysterious Realm could be in the other bidders possession.

However, only the 1,000-Star Auction knew who the bidder was. According to the rules, the identity of the bidders was confidential.

There was no point in dragging this out. Luo Yunyang made a move, adding another zero to the number.

He bid 500 million star dollars!

This was crazy!

Xue Qingchengs heart jumped in her throat. After all, she knew very well the sort of items that one could buy with 500 million star dollars in the Divine Union.

Why had Luo Yunyang actually bid 500 million on some unknown piece of junk? This was just crazy!

However, Xue Qingcheng calmed down slowly. As she glanced Luo Yunyang, who was sitting on the high throne, she realized that Luo Yunyang knew what this silver base was.

Luo Yunyang did not notice Xue Qingchengs small actions, as he was watching the electronic screen. Based on the way the other party had increased their bid, Luo Yunyang could already sense their imposing manner.

What he needed to do now was squash them in an even more imposing manner.

"I bid five billion!" The changing numbers inevitably startled people.

They could not be blamed for being ignorant. They knew that Primal Chaotic Source Stones would be used for bidding at the end of the auction, but the items sold then were treasures that could rapidly improve ones cultivation base.

Who knew that this worn-out metal tower base would reach such an astounding price? This was very difficult to accept!

A third-class tribe would only accumulate five billion star dollars in 10 years!

In a grand, magnificent hall a few miles away from the hall where Luo Yunyang and all the guests were in, a young Demigod was sitting cross-legged on his throne. Although his expression was cold, his eyes were burning with anger.

Between his eyebrows was a sacred mark formed by Fire, Water and Spatial Origin Source Law.

This sacred mark looked like a sword. However, this sword was indistinct, as though it looked slightly hazy when people looked at it.

Beside this young Demigod was an old Demigod. Judging by the old mans actions, he had to be the youths attendant.

"Hes competing against me by using star dollars, huh?" the young man asked arrogantly, although his continuously shaking hands showed that he was slightly nervous.

The elder did not speak. However, there was a murderous glint in his eyes.

As the young Demigod had thought that victory was in his hands, he had suddenly realized that the current bid had an extra zero.

50 billion star dollars?

The appearance of this number brought the auction to another climax. Almost everyone wanted to know who the two parties clashing against each other were.

Although they were able to speak normally, the two young mens actions were simply insane.

The bid hadnt just been multiplied by two. The bidders were clearly just adding zeroes, not giving a care about their wealth or money.

Although Xue Qingcheng knew that Luo Yunyang would never spend money without a reason, she felt her heart beating extremely fast.

These kind of actions made her want to show her allegiance.

Luo Yunyang hadnt given her any notice. He had just increased the bid to 50 billion star dollars. If the opponent added another zero, Luo Yunyang would only be able to back off.

After all, he could not add two more zeros considering the total amount he had.

The young Demigod gritted his teeth when he saw the figure. He wanted to keep increasing the numbers, but he knew that if he showed weakness now, the two of them would be locked in a stalemate.

However, he was not willing to give up so easily.

"Have you found out who the other bidder is?" the young man asked the elder.

"Not yet, Young Master. This does not seem to be an ordinary person. Otherwise, the 1,000-Star Auction would not dare keep this information from us. Young Master, the way I see it, you should let this be," the elder advised him. "This silver base probably does not have much of a purpose. If you spent too many star dollars on it, then"

"Stop! If something happens, I will explain this to my clan," the youth said. Although his palm was on the button for a bit, he eventually pulled it back.

"Use my fathers name to find out who is trying to outbid me!" the youth said with a cold expression. "How dare you snatch whats mine! I will make sure you arent able to take what you bid on!"

While the youth and the elder were speaking, Luo Yunyang was communicating with the 1,000-Star Auction personnel via his communication device.

The bidder who had offered five billion to buy this tower base might have some other components of the silver pagoda.

Luo Yunyang had already gained a huge benefit from the silver pagoda, so he naturally wouldnt give up the chance to collect more parts of it. Thus, he had to find out the identity of this bidder.

When the 1,000-Star Auction personnel rejected his request once again, Luo Yunyang showed the Celestial World Supremacys seal.

Although he couldnt bear to use it, it was necessary to assert his authority. The auction organizers were aware of his identity anyway.

The auctions higher executive, who knew what the Celestial World Supremacys seal represented, said respectfully, "Please wait a bit, Mr. Luo. I will report this to the higher-ups."

"50 billion! Sold!" The middle-aged Demigod host pounded his hammer hard.

That silver base finally belonged to Luo Yunyang!